Sola Scriptura I

The Only Lawful Guide for Christian Church Doctrines


          Because of recently certified evidence, it is now possible to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God which contains absolute truth on all subjects it addresses, including the historical and scientific subjects.


            This level of proof comes from identifying certain facts about the claims of today’s Theoretical Science Establishment (TSE) and from History.  When one has fully confirmed these facts, all arguments used to deny the absolute inerrancy of the Bible’s teachings from Genesis through the Revelation will have been exposed as deceptions.  The burden will then be on each individual to align himself/herself with the Deceiver or the Revealer.


            In context with the relevant Historical Facts, there are links to Scientific Facts which strip bare all claims of the TSE which tell the world that the universe, earth, and mankind have evolved over a period of billions of years. 


There is no factual evidence that macro-evolution has ever occurred:


            The most obvious proof that there is no factual evidence rests on the inescapable conclusion that if such factual evidence existed the argument would be over!!  This truism drives another nail in evolution’s coffin, namely; since all evolutionism rests on assumption-supported hypotheses, it cannot be labeled “science” by definition.  Any dictionary will give the Latin root of the word “science” as “scire”, i.e., “to know”.  No hypothesis, nor any theory “is known” to be factual, indisputable truth, and therefore cannot be “science” by definition. 


            The problem for evolution’s claims becomes even more unbridgeable when it is demonstrated that not only is every one of those claims readily falsified by qualified non-theoretical scientists, but the very premise behind all evolutionism is falsified by two iron Laws of True (i.e., factual/known) Science:  1) The Law of Biogenesis, i.e., life comes only from life.  2) The Law of Increasing Entropy (the Second Law of Thermodynamics) offers all of history as a record of its unfailing truthfulness.  Nothing escapes these Law’s devolutionary effects!

 Evolutionary “Evidence” Is Based on Assumptions and Fraud


            Assumptions which contradict all observational, experimental, and logical evidence are behind every terrestrial and extraterrestrial concept that “evolution science” offers as “scientific” truth.  There are no exceptions. (HERE - HERE - HERE).  Consider one of the seven assumptions in that first link, viz, the fact that the moon’s observed direction had to be reversed to accommodate the rotating earth model:


            Think about it: a) Eclipse calculations are known to have been made with remarkable accuracy in many ancient cultures dating back as much as 4000 years.  Those calculations were based on a non-moving earth with the sun and moon going around it every day in a clockwise fashion as observed. b) Even today, solar eclipse calculations are based on the same stationary earth cosmology because they work. c) The Copernican heliocentric model had to “invent” a mathematical model that would account for moon phases, the Zodiac, and would accommodate all that we see even in a solar eclipse. d) In order to accommodate what we see, this contrived mathematical model must incorporate those assumptions, all of which--including reversing the moon’s direction--deny and defy the observational evidence


                This link with pictures exposes another indispensable, contra-scientific assumption regarding the stars which the TSE must retain (HERE).


            Moreover, there is an incredible level of fraud and plain deceit that has gone into computer programmed telescopes, cameras, and data of every sort which has produced a Virtual Reality Universe that is ripe for exposure.  It’s worth your time to know the Truth: (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).


            Now add this factual frosting to the cake: ALL of modern man’s evolution-based “knowledge” is rendered baseless (HERE) if  ALL “evolution science” is exposed as an alternate “creation scenario” of the Pharisee Religion which is derived concept for concept from “holy writings” in the mystic Kabbala.  That exposure is now complete and available to everybody. Bottom line: “evolution science” is not religion-free “secular science” as the whole world has been led to believe. 


            Various Court cases in the USA--from District Courts to the U.S. Supreme Court--have consistently overruled challenges to teaching evolution in the Public Schools.  All of these Court decisions have rested on the conclusion that these challenges had a religious agenda, and to allow them to be taught with taxpayer’s money would constitute a violation of the “Establishment Clause” of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. (HERE - HERE - HERE)


            In all of these Court Rulings “evolution science” was considered to be strictly “secular science”, i.e., without any religious agenda, and therefore was not affected by the strictures of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.


            Once evolution’s religious roots are authenticated, however, the urgent burden now upon the Courts--at least in the USA--is to expand their rulings to include the prohibition of public funding of the Pharisee Religion’s “creation scenario” resting on “evolution science”. (The Humanist Religion Ruling in ’61 does not equate with the culpability of the Pharisee Religion (HERE).


            The much exercised Constitutional fact about what is “secular” and what isn’t means that all teaching and promotion of any of the concepts of “evolution science”--e.g., through education, space programs, Foucault Pendulums, markers in caves, parks, all media, etc., etc.--must now be viewed in its true light, namely: The government is financing the Pharisee Religion’s evolutionary “creation scenario from the public treasury.  In the USA this is strictly forbidden by Federal Law. (again: HERE - HERE - HERE)


            So, simply stated: Courts in the USA--and doubtless other countries--cannot condone the use of taxpayer’s money to fund the teaching and promotion of the Pharisee Religion’s evolution based “Origins/Creation Scenario” derived from the “holy book” Zohar/Kabbala any more than such funding for the Christian Religion’s non-evolution based “Origins/Creation Scenario” derived from the Bible can be publicly funded under Federal Law.


            Once the magnitude of the Pharisee deception--and its clear motivation to destroy Bible credibility from Genesis to Jesus--becomes known, the scales are going to tilt suddenly toward validating all Biblical teaching as inerrant.  Think of it!  The supposed altruistic secular “evolution science” is now, and has been, a dastardly lie that has been programmed into generations of children all over the world and paid for by the taxpaying public!  Instead of funding and virtually idolizing “Evolution Science” as the indispensable backbone of “science”, let its true Religious mission be understood by one and all


            With that lie exposed, those who love the Truth as well as those who don’t will know that a spiritual event of unparalleled importance which cannot be recalled or ignored has impacted the whole world. Every school, university, and library in the world declares that the cornerstone of modern man’s “knowledge” has been embedded for generations in the “secular scientific fact” that the earth rotates on an “axis” daily and orbits the sun annually.  To suddenly learn that this concept is not secular science at all, but is but one of a half dozen contra-scientific assumptions supporting the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm of an anti-Christ Religion, reveals not only monumental deception, but monumental motivation as well


            When all of the ramifications of high-tech fraud, political, economic, and religious complicity involved in this grand deception are understood, no reasonable doubt can remain that the Bible--which repeatedly teaches a non-moving Earth (HERE-HERE)--is infallible on every subject it addresses and that nothing man can do will alter what the God of Biblical Creation has spoken on any subject ! The Bible is inerrant.  You can trust It!  Sola Scriptura!            


            So it is then, that long-hidden but now readily available Historical Facts reveal the source of all of the interlocking concepts which make up today’s cosmological video game of a Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm built on a 15 billion year old and 15 billion light year thick universe.  Lest anyone doubt the inseparable religious parallels between today’s evolutionary cosmology and Kabbalist “science”--or the availability of that information--note these statements:  First, about astrophysicist Dr. Howard A. Smith, “a traditional and observant Jew”, and comments about his book, Let There Be Light:


            “...this extraordinary book investigates the intriguing parallels between the Big Bang theory and biblical images of creation as developed in the Kabbala....”  (adv. blurb: emph. added)


                “Read this book if you want to discover how religion and science can ancient Kabbalah and modern cosmology intersect....”  Daniel C.Matt, author of God and the Big Bang.)


                “...a...mind-blowing synthesis of Jewish mysticism and the science of astrophysics.... [Smith] also deeply religious....”  Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, author of: Kabbalah: A Love Story.)


                “A profound and perceptive discussion of science and religion....”  Charles H. Townes,  Nobel laureate in physics...U. of  C., Berkeley.


            Morris Engelson’s book, The Heavenly Time Machine: Essays on Science and Torah makes the Kabbalist argument that the 6000 years of Genesis is really billions of years.  “...using parts of hidden knowledge that have since been revealed” his calculations for the age of the universe given on p.150 produce the figure 16.4 billion years.


            Kabbalist physicist Gerald L. Schroeder is probably the most noted expositor of the long-secret Kabbalist teaching that the Biblical “evening and morning” literal 6000 year old universe involving no evolution is really 15+ billion years of evolution from the very start His formula is that the First Day was really Eight Billion Years; the Second Day was half of that, viz., Four Billion Years; the Third Day is halved again to Two Billion Years; Day Four=One Billion Years; Day Five=1/2 Billion Years; Day Six=1/4 Billion Years.  Total: 15.75 Billion Years. (More details about all this can be seen HERE - HERE - HERE.)


            These kinds of confirmations (and plenty more!) prove that “evolution science” and the Pharisee religion’s “holy” writings about the Origin of all that exists are now connected in a way that no one can disconnect them.  All that remains is to get this huge fact out to a deceived world and let it take its course in the Courts, in academia, and in all religions.  (Confirmation of Bible inerrancy--Sola Scriputra--will follow!)


            In this counter-revolution to end all counter-revolutions the full scope of the ramifications of this world-deceiving, non-secular “evolution science” will be revealed.  There is an invidious and labyrinthine design in the Historical interplay amongst religious, technological, cultural, linguistic, political, economic, and geographic entities which have been secretly gathered under the Theoretical Science Establishment umbrella.  


            In 1543 the launch of the Copernican Revolution with a Mathematical Model of a rotating, orbiting earth gave birth to the TSE...and knocked a big hole in the Sola Scriptura banner of the then burgeoning Protestant Revolution which vigorously denounced that Model. This Mathematical Model was the critical theoretical science component required to connect the century’s old evolutionary concepts embodied in the recently revealed Kabbalist “creation scenario”.  Kabbalist Isaac Luria--a contemporary of Copernicus--is counted as the greatest “sage” of all by many because he connected the dots from those past secret and mystical writings.  Those dots were concepts embedded in earlier Kabbalist writings (Including heliocentricity 300 years before Copernicus) which make up mankind’s textbook cosmology today.


            No one in religion, politics, economics, or any other historical agency knew anything about the anti-Bible, anti-Christ, alternative “creation scenario” hidden in the Kabbalist writings until some books and the Internet began spilling the beans some 12-15 years ago.  Those beans can not be put back in the can. 


            Those concepts have made it possible for a TSE--armed with the utterly factless, Bible torpedoing Copernican Model--to gain control of virtually all of academia and the media over the centuries. (No one can argue with that historical progression!)  With the Copernican Revolution steadily paving the way, the Darwinian Revolution (also totally bereft of the first fact than and now) supplied the next big piece of the huge ersatz “creation puzzle” that the TSE was putting together.  Copernicanism allowed for the age and the size of the universe to grow steadily until the Kabbala’s parameters of c.15 billion years and a 15 billion light year radius were reached.  (Scientists are permitted to quibble over a couple billion, plus or minus.)


            This giant puzzle depicting today’s textbook Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of evolutionism did not get to its present stage of global acceptance of all those concepts in the Kabbala by sheer chance.  That would be statistically and spiritually impossible!  Remember: Satan is the g’d of this world (II Cor. 2:4).  Go figure...


            The Kabbalists themselves tell all who can read or hear that each of the major components which complete their alternate “creation scenario” was written many centuries ago in their holy writings. The first five of these seven components--15 billion years of evolution; heliocentricity, relativity, “big bang”, expanding universe--have become textbook “facts” proclaimed everywhere by the TSE. The last two Kabbalic mysticisms--parallel universes, superstrings--are presently gaining traction in academia and on TV, of course, as “theories” rapidly evolving into "facts".  


            Except for one “creation scenario” being totally open through the centuries and the other being totally secret, the situation facing everyone now is much the same in one important way when the Biblical “creation scenario” is compared with the Kabbalist “creation scenario”:

 Both are religious to the core..... 


            One of these religions trumpets its openness and invites all people everywhere to follow an obviously all-powerful and loving Creator God and His Inspired Word as completed in the “better” and “faultless” New Covenant of Jesus Christ (Heb. 7:22; 8:6,7,13) in the 1st century.  The other religion has kept its “creation scenario” hidden from all except its mystic adepts until very recently, as noted. 


            Though all of the seven concepts above were already in the Kabbalist writings by the time of Copernicus (and Isaac Luria had secretly connected the dots by 1572), “science” didn’t  really “activate” those connections until Kabbalist-friendly Arno Penzias’ “discovery” of “background radiation” from the Big Bang in 1965. Now--well over 40 years later--the TSE is all set to put the Biblical God of the six day creation out of business for good.  Oh, you can believe in some other g’d if you must, is the offer, just not the Biblical One Who used no evolution at all.


            Since this is a winner-take-all battle between two mutually exclusive Religions, there can be no compromise.  It’s evolution or no evolution. Period.


            Kabbalists are also Talmudists, and both writings are anti-Christ by definition, a fact even nominal Christians should learn (HERE). Yet, this is a fact turned on its head by Christian Zionists (many of whom are Creationists!) who blindly strain every nerve to destroy the very Biblical Christianity they claim they are championing (HERE), by refusing to tackle and bring down the vulnerable Copernican Keystone holding up the whole evolution paradigm (HERE).  It is crazy; but it’s going to change.  The Biblical God long ago put Satan’s alternate “creation scenario”, now idolized globally, on a path to exposure (Acts 15:18; Rev. 12:12; 14: 17:14...).  


            Rebbes and Rabbis and Kabbalist-friendly scientists and authors, etc., go to great lengths playing word games whereby they claim to show that the Biblical six day ex nihilo Creation Account is really a 15 billion year Big Bang produced Evolution Account (e.g., above & HERE - HERE).


            This secret Pharisee cabal to destroy the Bible’s credibility by destroying its opening page of a literal six day “evening and morning” Creation has taken many forms over the centuries, but none equals the establishment of “evolution science” as the present-day foundation of all “knowledge” (HERE).  With this one deception the Biblical God of Creation and His entire plan through Jesus has been rendered untrustworthy because the Evolution Idol rules even in most churches, and the Copernican heartbeat of that Idol rules in ALL OF THEM!


            But all this now reveals that the unmistakable direction toward a Global Government ruled by blasphemers of the God of Biblical Creation is precisely the fulfillment of what was penned over 1900 years ago in the Bible!! (Rev. 13: 5. 6). That fact alone certifies that the Bible is supernaturally inerrant and trustworthy on every teaching in it.  Sola Scriptura!


            Sola Scriptura was the goal the Protestant Revolt against the Roman Church which began in 1517.  Although the Copernican Model was not formally introduced until 1543, it is now well documented that Copernicus was advocating a rotating, orbiting earth before 1514.  Various Catholic Church leaders urged Copernicus to publish throughout those three decades and when it came out in 1543 it was dedicated to the reigning Pope, Paul III who did not object. 


            Indeed, in 1545, on the heels of the publication, the Vatican convened the first of three Councils which lasted until 1563 (The Council of Trent).  Under three popes this pow-wow formalized the centuries old practice of recognizing Church Tradition as coequal with Scripture, and the sole right of the Roman Church to interpret the Bible was codified. In short, Sola Scriptura was officially rejected by the Catholic Church.


            By way of contrast, Martin Luther and other early Protestants not only vigorously opposed the Copernican claims on Scriptural (as well as scientific) grounds, the goal of the whole movement was based on expunging man-made traditions and interpretations from the Church and making Sola Scriptura the basis for doctrines.


            These are facts well known and accepted in The Roman Church which--unlike the early Protestants--has never accepted the Sola Scriptura concept as God’s only source of Truth under which Christ’s Church was to operate.  Given this rejection--officially hardened at The Council of Trent--it is to be expected that any movement toward establishing “Bible Only Christianity”--i.e., Sola Scriptura-- has always been--and will always be--perceived as a direct threat to the Vatican’s dominance of the entire Christian enterprise.  (While it is true that Cardinal Bellarmine and Popes Paul V and Urban VIII challenged Galileo’s lies with Scripture in 1616 and beyond, it is equally true that this fleeting support of the Scriptures came only after two generations of virtual non-resistance to Copernicanism.)


            The Protestants too, of course (even those claiming to be in “Bible Only” churches) have long since abandoned a host of plain non-moving earth Scriptures and embraced the false science Idol while blindly refusing to stand behind all known science.


            So, the Bible stands alone in all Christendom and elsewhere as the only unswerving advocate for a stationary young Earth at the center of the universe with all else going around just as observed.  All Christian Churches have Bibles on their podiums which declare this non-moving Earth. All have rejected those declarations and have replaced Bible teaching with the factless Copernican model (I Tim. 6:20,21).


            For three reasons, this wholesale rejection and distortion of plain Bible teaching by all Christian Churches must come under God’s Judgment which is slated to “begin at the house of God” (I Pet. 4:17,18; HERE): 

1) The Bible teaches plainly and repeatedly that it is the sun and not the earth that moves (HERE-HERE).   God warns about changing His Word.... (Deut. 4:2; Rev. 22:18: HERE).

2) There is no scientific proof for the heliocentric model of a rotating, orbiting earth.  Each and every concept involved in that model is one of seven interdependent assumptions which violate all observational science. Hard proof of computer-programmed virtual reality simulations, redshift lies, etc., reveal a level of fraud employed by the TSE that dwarfs all other known frauds (e.g., HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE).

3) The Pharisee Religion has tricked the world into worshipping a false science Idol which demands loyalty to a Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm in which a rotating, orbiting earth concept is the Keystone (HERE).


            Once one grasps the facts which certify the Bible’s inerrancy sufficiency, and infallibility, that person is ready: a) To smoke out all false doctrines, beginning with heliocentricity; b) Stand fast  on “Scripture Only”; c) Trust it’s power (Heb. 4:12) to bring all of Babylon’s false teaching down; d) To “receive a love of the truth” (II Thess. 2:10) ; e) To heed God’s promised call to “come out of Babylon” (Rev. 18:4).  


Churches: The time for Sola Scriptura is at the door.  All else is lies.

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