The Size and Structure of the Universe

According to the Bible and Non-Theoretical Science

Part IV

Star Trails:

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

"Star Trails in Northern Skies" (

These two time-exposures show the paths traced by the stars as they swarm around the Pole over a period of about eight hours. As the nearest bright star to the Pole, Polaris appears as the small bright crescent in the center of the images.



Lest anyone wonder how these stars can be going around the earth viewer every 24 hour day as the time exposures plainly show, there is the usual heliocentric explanation under this picture: "As the Earth turns on its axis, the stars in the sky seem to turn around the North Celestial Pole."

The familiar saying about a picture being worth a thousand words was never better illustrated than in the cosmological phenomena depicted above. Hundreds of photographs showing this phenomena with varying lengths of time exposure are available on the Net. Here is another one with what looks like an exposure of an hour or more:



If you can do so for a few minutes, just lay aside the Copernican indoctrination that accompanies such pictures and take a good hard look at these photographs of something that really, really happens every single night.

Do you see what I see? I see all the visible stars in the northern skies going around the North Star in perfect circles. In other words, I see all the stars which these time exposures have recorded actually going around that navigational star that God put there for us in the Northern Hemisphere. Remember: the first two pictures are eight hour exposures. Again, look closely and you can see the third of a circle in the center and in the next star trail or so. This means that each star circles in one 24 hour day (i.e., 23 hours and 56 minutes). (The same thing is captured in circumpolar photos taken in the Southern Hemisphere....)

You see that too, you say, but you "know" that this is really an illusion caused by the Earth rotating West to East ccw every 24 hours. Right? The stars are really not going around the Earth, you want to tell me (as if talking to a seven year old child). It just looks like they are moving because the Earth is rotating around its polar axis, and that rotation gives us the illusion that the stars are actually going around... as any fourth grader will explain to you. If you doubt that is what is really happening, just read under the pictures, for Peteís sake! Most will tell you the same thing, and the others donít bother because practically every literate person in the world knows that this is what is happening! mumble, mumble....

Well (...that failed attempt at levity aside), this universally accepted explanation for this phenomena that we can watch with our own eyes and record on our own film is always the same. That is to say, we are assured that what we see and record with our cameras is an illusion caused by the Earth rotating on an axis in an East to West direction at an equatorial speed of c. 1040 MPH.

This universally accepted "explanation" is pure assumption! It is an "explanation" without the first piece of indisputable evidence to support it...and it is in denial of the plentiful evidence that rejects it!

The untouched photos themselves plainly and precisely "explain" what happens to the stars every 23 hours and 56 minutes, namely: They go around a stationary Earth! What weíve all been taught is an "explanation" is--in fact--just one of seven interdependent assumptions which all interact to uphold the moving Earth mythology (HERE and HERE).

It is immensely important for those who donít like being deceived to step back and decide for themselves which is an illusion and which is the truth about this observable and photographable phenomena! One of the chief reasons why it is immensely important is that this whole business about the stars having to go around the Earth every night is what makes or breaks either the Biblical Model or the Kabbalic Big Bang Model of the Universe. Both models are totally dependent on the truth or falsity of the "explanation" for what we can see and what the photographs show.

So, which is the illusion?! Is what you can watch and see with your own eyes--and record photographically with your camera--an illusion?

A trick of your eyesight? A delusion? Something imagined...not real?

Or, is what you are told by the Theoretical Science Establishment upholding the Kabbalist Model of the universe... by a single thread, i.e., this very issue of a daily rotating Earth!...the unsubstantiated illusion- delusion -deception??

What will it be? Will you trust your eyes (and your camera!) to record the truth of the matter? Or will you trust the anti-Bible Kabbalist religionís model of the universe? That Model stands or falls on its ability to keep the world believing that those star trails are caused by something all observational and experimental and pictorial evidence denies, i.e., a daily rotating Earth. Take another look:


This is a two hour exposure taken in bright moonlight.

Here is one more example which also appears to be about a two hour exposure. To forestall any questions, it is entitled: "Star Trails as Earth Rotates!"  (This is indoctrination, not science, not education!)


An important part of the message below this picture tells us to:

"Notice the difference in the colors of the stars!" O.K. Thatís good advice. Now apply that thinking to the optical facts involved with the whole spectrum of colors being reflected off of the crystalline dome specified in the Biblical Model of the Universe! (HERE - HERE - HERE).  Is that Biblical Model of the Universe not perfectly designed to produce these observable colors in this star trail photograph?! And, doesnít this phenomena provide us with yet another reason to reject the phony redshift claims (HERE) which never deviate from pre-programmed computer models which are locked into all the calculations upholding the Big Bang Expanding Universe Paradigm of the Pharisee Religion??

Trust your eyes and your cameras! They have no reason to deceive you about whether the stars are going around nightly! Then get it in your mind: This single fact surrounding star trails that has been photographed thousands of times and cannot be denied must be explained away by the Theoretical Science Establishment. All of the factless allegations--a rotating and orbiting Earth; billions of light year distances to the stars; a 15 billion year old universe; the whole Big Bang Paradigm; all of the alleged evolution of the universe, earth, and mankind; ...that is to say: all of modern evolution-based cosmology controlling "knowledge" today...all of it... is completely undone if the stars are doing what cameras show they are doing, namely, going around the Earth nightly...

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