The Size and Structure of the Universe

According to the Bible and Non-Theoretical Science

Part I

Star Reflections in The Biblical Model

    Some twenty five years of investigating claims that the Earth rotates on an axis and orbits the Sun, and that the universe began evolving 15 billion years ago and is 15 billion light years thick, have left me without the slightest doubt:

    a) That The Earth Is Not Moving;

    b) That the Bibleís repeated declarations that it is the Sun that moves and not the Earth (HERE - HERE) are absolutely accurate;

    c) That the Big Bang Model ruling todayís cosmology is handcuffed to the Copernican Heliocentricity Model;

    d) That both of these Models are built solely on contra-scientific assumptions held together by occult mathematics (HERE) and fraudulent use of computerized technology (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).

    e) That those deceptive and vulnerable assumptions now under gird the entirety of modern manís "knowledge" (HERE).

    f) That both the Heliocentricity and the Big Bang Models represent the fulfillment of a "creation scenario" of Kabbalic Judaism masquerading as "science" (HERE - HERE);

    g) That the purpose of this hidden religious agenda has been to destroy the "creation scenario" of the Bible and thereby destroy the credibility of the rest of the Bible right on through Jesus and the New Testament to Heaven....

    h) That the time for all who love truth over deception to give this issue their most careful and prayerful attention is now.  This is especially true for all Christians who realize that their religion stands or falls on the the restoration of the absolute credibility of the BibleThis Biblical non-moving Earth issue alone can force that restoration and expose all the lies now connected with evolution-based false science (I Tim. 6:20,21).   


    The Scriptural portrait of the size and structure of the universe that will be presented in this series of discourses involves many heretofore neglected Bible passages...and exposures of unfounded claims from the science community. As will be seen, these two factors combine to downsize the universe way beyond "dramatically". Indeed, this scriptural portrait downsizes the universe to a thickness that is absolutely unthinkable to all of our minds which have become so thoroughly indoctrinated into Kabbalist Kosmologyís Big Bang Model. That Model--with its billions of galaxies, trillions time trillions of stars in a 15 billion light year thick universe...swarming with evolving extraterrestrial life and still expanding at tremendous speed--is what we are bombarded with relentlessly in all media outlets. It is always called "science" and never called "religion", and we believe it and trust it.

    In contrast to all those claims and the worldís acceptance of them, it will be demonstrated in this Series that the Bibleís description of the universe is backed by well-understood optically observed facts. Those facts and those Scriptures combine to shrink the size of the universe from the 15 billion light year thickness mantra of the Kabbala-derived Big Bang Paradigm to a radius of less than one light day.

    We have already seen that not only is the Moving Earth Model constructed entirely of assumptions, but so also is all of modern cosmology that is built upon that Model (HERE). More, we have seen that the Big Bang Paradigm now in firm control of modern cosmology is the fulfillment of an anti-Bible "creation scenario" taken from a "holy book" of the religion of Pharisaic Judaism. We have seen, in short, a religion disguised as "science" that has established a "creation scenario" which is well on the road to destroying Bible credibility and with it Christianity, the real enemy of Talmud/ Kabbala rooted Judaism (HERE -HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).

    The only real obstacle to exposing this duplicity is the current computer-programmed Virtual Reality Technology (HERE) upholding the Big Bang Expanding Universe Model. The speed required in that Model for getting the stars around the Earth every night is the only thing preventing a revolt against this mountain of deception masquerading as "science"...and forcing a return to the Biblical Model.

This new optically supported Biblical Model presented in the series of essays beginning here has the capability of removing that obstacle. See why this is so....

***The Size & Structure of the Universe According To The Bible***

    The current cosmological fantasies of billions of galaxies extending out billions of light year distances from the Earth can be replaced with a model of the universe that has the happy capacity to satisfy both Geocentric Bible Scriptures and non-theoretical science.

    With minimal commentary, letís begin with some of the neglected size and structure mandates that the Biblical Model of the Universe authorizes. Then, once these are understood, we can bring in more evidence in Parts II thru VII. Taken together, this evidence will end any substantive reason for denying the Scriptural Model and will present a clear choice to all who hear of it.

    Aside from anti-Copernican and anti-evolution information stressed throughout this web page, a great part of everything any of us need to know about the Biblical Model of the Universe can be found on its first page. Accordingly, before going on to less familiar and rarely considered verses, letís make a very careful study of the word meanings found in Genesis I--particularly verses 1, 2, 6-10, 14-18,& 20--which describe the structure of the Universe...and see what they tell us:

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created

the HEAVEN and the EARTH.

NOTE: In Strongís Concordance the Hebrew for HEAVEN (#8064) is: "lofty, high, exalted", and EARTH (#776) is: "firm land, ground...".

Genesis I:2

And the EARTH was without form, and void;

and darkness was upon the face of the DEEP.

And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the WATERS.

NOTE: DEEP (#8415): an abyss (as a surging mass of water), deep...sea....WATERS (#4325): "water"....

Genesis 1:6

And God said,

Let there be a FIRMAMENT

in the MIDST of the WATERS,

and let it [the firmament] DIVIDE the WATERS

from the WATERS.

NOTE: FIRMAMENT: #7549 (7554) - "an expanse...apparently the visible arch of the sky." Also #7554 - to overlay...stretch. MIDST: #8432 - "middle - between - half". DIVIDE: #914 - "separate".

Comment: So, the Firmament, i.e., the expanse we call the visible arch of the sky, is located in the middle, between "the waters" and separates "the waters...."

Genesis 1:7

And God made the Firmament,

and Divided [separated] the Waters [covering earth, v.2]

which were UNDER the Firmament

from the Waters which were

ABOVE the Firmament:

and it was so.

NOTE: UNDER #8478: "below...underneath...beneath...."

ABOVE #5921: "above...over..." Can mean "against"...("yet always in this last relation with a downward aspect") [i.e., the Firmament can be "against", but only on the bottom side of those Waters.]

Comment: Again, we notice three distinct entities, namely: 1) the "Waters" on the earth (v.2) which are specifically located UNDER the Firmament; 2) the "Firmament" itself which is the expansive visible arch of the sky, and; 3) the "Waters" which are ABOVE the expansive arch of the sky, i.e., ABOVE the Firmament.

Genesis 1:8

And God called the Firmament HEAVEN....

Comment: Heaven is located in the Firmament, i.e., Heaven IS the Firmament; the Firmament IS Heaven. HEAVEN (#8064)--as noted in verse one--means "lofty, high, exalted". Scripturally, the two words are interchangeable as far as designated location in the structure of the universe goes. (Psalm 150:1: "Praise God in His sanctuary; praise Him in the firmament [expanse] of His power.")

Genesis 1:9

And God said,

Let the Waters under the Heaven [firmament]

be gathered together into one place,

and let the dry land appear:

and it was so.

Comment: This verse confirms that the Waters UNDER the Heaven/Firmament is a reference to the water that covered the EARTH totally, and which was then "gathered" (#6960 - "bind together - collect") so that the land appeared.

Genesis 1:10

And God called the dry land Earth;

and the gathering together of the Waters

called He seas;

and God saw that it was good.

Comment: Another affirmation that the Waters under Heaven (the firmament) is a reference to the Waters on the Earth. [Verses 11,12,13 speak of the creation of grass, herbs, fruit, trees...and the emphasis on the seeds and everything "after its kind" (an unbroken botanical--and biological--law, nullifying evolutionism...)].

Genesis 1:14

And God said:

Let there be LIGHTS [#3974 - luminous bodies]

in the Firmament of Heaven

to Divide the day from the night,

and let them [the lights] be for signs and seasons

and for days and years.

NOTE: LIGHTS: #3974: "luminous bodies"....

Comment: So, these luminous bodies (lights) are set inside of and restricted to the Firmament where there is Water both beneath and above. These lights serve specific purposes, all for mankind alone.

Genesis 1:15

And let them [the luminous bodies] be for lights

IN the Firmament of the Heaven

to give light upon the earth:

and it was so.

Comment: Confirms the location and purpose of the "lights", viz., they are IN the Firmament/Heaven, and they are there purposefully to give light upon the earth.

Genesis 1:16

And God made two great lights;

the greater light to rule the day [the sun],

and the lesser light to rule the night [the moon]:

He made the STARS also.

Comment: Three sources of Light are created and situated in the Firmament, namely, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.

Genesis 1:17

And God set them [all three sources of light]

IN the Firmament of Heaven

to give light upon the Earth.

Comment: Lest there be any doubt, we again see that these three sources of Light (sun, moon, stars) are specifically located IN the Firmament/Heavens and have the specific purpose of giving "light upon the Earth".

Genesis 1:18

...And to rule over the day and over the night,

and to Divide the Light from the Darkness:

and God saw that it was good.

Comment: The specific purpose of the different Lights (sun, moon, stars) is again stressed. God uses the Lights to dispel the Darkness (which He also creates: Is. 45:7) in the daytime with the Sun, and to illuminate the Darkness at night with the Moon and the Stars. All three Light sources are situated inside the Firmament/Heaven.

Genesis 1:20

And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly

the moving creature that hath life,

and fowl that may fly above the earth

in the open firmament [expanse] of heaven.

Comment: Here we see that the firmament/expanse of heaven comes right down to where the fowls of the air fly, and they fly right down to the earth to snap up a rodent or a fish donít they? So the "waters below" fit the Hebrew connotation of "below" (#8478) which is: "below, underneath, beneath", i.e., they are underneath this 1st part of the firmament/heaven.


    Thus, regardless of speculations and interpretations, the six rudimentary Biblical facts about the structure of the universe given in Genesis I are:

1) The Earth is the focal point of everything...the first created part of the structure of Godís Creation of the Universe. (Since the universal acceptance of Copernicanism, of course, cosmologists have relegated the Earth to the status of an infinitesimal speck of cosmic flotsam indebted to the sunís fortuitous proximity for its ineffable array of plant and animal and human life and all that goes with it. Copernicanism re-activated a not-so-subtle form of Pagan Sun-Worship and we call it "science".)

2) The second part of the structure of the universe is the space--and its components (the atmosphere where birds fly, the clouds, magnetosphere, Van Allen Belt, ozone layer, etc.)--between the Earth and the limit of its gravitational and/or electromagnetic influence. This distance is said to be 216,000 miles, just 5000 miles short of the Moon at perigee or 36,000 miles at apogee.

3) The third part of the structure of the universe is the one that starts where the Earthís influence ends, i.e., basically the Moon, and also includes the sun and all the way to the end of the accepted accepted influence of the sun (the heliopause)...which is the (recently demoted) planet Pluto. This third part of the Biblical structure of the universe is the second of three regions or zones of what the Scriptures call the "Firmament" and the "Heavens". Scripturally, there are three "heavens" (II Cor. 12:2), i.e., three parts to the "firmament". This part--the moon, sun, and planets--constitute the second part of the firmament...or the second heaven.

4) The fourth part of the structure of the universe is the realm of the stars. Scripturally, as we shall see, the stars are in the 3rd Heaven of the firmament.

5) The fifth part of the structure of the universe according to the Scriptures is a zone above the stars where Godís temporary Throne and all His activities are located (Is. 66:22; 65:17; Jn. 14:2; Rev. 21:1, 3; etc.). This is still the 3rd heaven (II Cor. 12-2), i.e., it is still the 3rd part of the firmament where the stars are located... but is it is above and beyond the last star in that zone.

6) The sixth and final part of the structure of the universe according to the Scriptures (explained just ahead) is called "the waters above the firmament". (This sixth part is the outer limit beyond which the existence of no other entity is indicated).

    Thatís it. That is a verbal description of a static cut-away view of the physical structure of the universe from the Earth outward, according to the Bible. (Graphic descriptions of this and related schematics are given in the seventh essay...after all the written information and explanations have been furnished.)

    We begin here with some very interesting details which flow from these six rudimentary Biblical facts,

details which tell us much more about size and structure. For example:

1) The Moon --as weíve seen--is described as being inside the Firmament/ Heaven (Gen. 1:14-17). Since the Moon at Perigee comes as close to the Earth as c.221,000 miles and goes no further out from the Earth at Apogee than c.252.000 miles, it follows that what the Bible defines as the entrance into the 2nd Firmament (Heaven) is never any further away from Earth in this Biblical structure of the universe than just over a quarter of a million miles.

2) At first glance, this distance...this dimension seems to be the only one that is actually inherent in the structural facts that are given. But a closer look at the components (moon, sun, planets) of the 2nd zone of the firmament, i.e., the 2nd zone of the three heavens, actually gives us a distance marker which--inflated or not--is pretty standard in the books, viz., the distance from Earth to the last "planet" Pluto. That distance is given as 3,670, 000,000 miles. So, from a Scriptural standpoint, we can confidently assert that the second part of the Firmament/Heaven--which begins at the Moonís average negligible distance from Earth of c. 238,000 miles and ends at the furthermost reach of the last "planet"--is actually some 3,670,000,000 miles thick. Thus, we know that the thickness of the 2nd heaven part of the three-part firmament begins with the Moonís position between Perigee and Apogee and that it ends just beyond the last most distant "planet" (Pluto). That distance is standardized in the books as being 3,670,000,000 miles... and is acceptable for the conclusions of these essays even though there is good reason to suspect that this figure--as with all other deep space distances--is substantially inflated.

3) Beyond that 2nd heaven, as we have seen, there is another zone, a 3rd heaven, which completes the Biblical firmament. Scripturally, this 3rd zone of the firmament/heaven contains ALL of the stars. They are "sealed up" in that zone (Job. 9:7). Also, Scripturally, we know there is yet another structural entity "above the stars" (Isaiah 14:13) but which is still located in the 3rd part of the firmament/heaven, being designated as the location of Godís Throne (II Cor. 12:2). We will look at those verses in the appropriate place. Already, though, it should be obvious that the part of the Biblical structure of the universe where the stars are located is: a) A finite, specified band around the Earth; b) A zone where ALL stars are confined; c) A zone/band in the firmament which is above that zone/band which contains the sun, moon, and planets and is 3,670,000,000 miles thick; d) A zone in the firmament which includes Godís Throne and His present operations above all the stars but still in the 3rd heaven/firmament...the thickness of which is estimable from Scripture, as will be seen further along; e) The star-filled 3rd heaven of the firmament is revolving around the Earth every 23 hours and 56 minutes; f) Its thickness is finite and, Scripturally, needs be no more than the thickness of the 2nd part of the firmament/heaven, i.e., 3,670,000,000 miles. Indeed, it could be substantially less given a Scriptural design feature in the structure of the universe which provides a mechanism for innumerable reflective reproductions of the finite and comprehensible number of stars that are really known to exist. More later on this....

4)The final part of the structure of the universe is described as the "Waters" that are "Above" the Firmament. As to the description of these "Waters Above" and how far above the Firmament they are--and even how thick they are-- the curious connotation of the Hebrew word "Above" in this context provides information that forces conclusions about all three of these questions.

    Letís focus here on this Biblical extremity of the structure of the universe for a bit and then continue with those other distance markers: Observe:

        a) As quoted in the Note under Genesis 1:7, "Above" can mean "against". In other words, the "Waters Above" the Firmament could begin right where the Firmament ends. Under this connotation, the part of the structure of the universe called "the Waters Above the Firmament" could be just "on top of"--i. e., "above"--the Firmament...much as the cover of a ball would be "above" or "on top of" the air inside. According to the Hebrew meaning of "above" in the context, the final part of the structure of the universe ("the Waters Above the Firmament") could be--but is not necessarily--against the Firmament itself.

        b) However, this indecision causes us to focus on the use of the words MIDST and DIVIDE in verse 6. The note there tells us that the meaning of MIDST is also flexible in this context. It can mean the MIDDLE or it can mean BETWEEN. If it means "middle" then it could be "against" the waters above just like the waters under the firmament/heaven are "against" the Earth. Also, even if MIDST means "between", the firmament/heaven could be "against" the Ďwaters above" as it is against the "waters below" and still be "between" the waters below and above, and thus also seem to accommodate the Scriptures on this point.

        c) Furthermore, the meanings of the words DIVIDE and DIVIDED in verses 6 and 7 are non-elastic. The words mean "separate". Thus, grammatically and semantically, the only solution is to conclude that the firmament at both extremes is "against" (contiguous with) the "waters below and above"...but, nevertheless, they are still physically separate entities by reason of their functions and roles in the overall structure. Strong additional confirmation of this conclusion was seen in the verse from Gen. 1:7 (p. 3) where the Hebrew definition of "above" (... "from the waters which were above the firmament....") prepares us for an inescapable conclusion about the final part of the Biblical structure of the universe. Remember that definition of "above" #5921? It said that it can mean "against"...("yet always in this last relation with a downward aspect"). That is to say: The firmament/heaven can be "against" the "waters above" but only on the bottom side of those waters. If those "waters above" have a bottom side, they must have a top side. Whatever has a bottom and a top is a finite entity that has a thickness. We will see the Biblically inescapable composition of this final part of the size and structure of the universe in Part II, ("The Biblical Role of Water Crystals in Determining the Size and Structure of the Universe" (HERE) . So, grammatically and semantically, this understanding puts the Firmament literally in the middle/MIDST of the Waters Under the Firmament and the Waters Above the Firmament, and also literally BETWEEN the two.

        d) The reason for this rather tedious analysis is to underline three things: FIRST, Itís not smart to mess around with Godís words. He says exactly what He means and He means exactly what He says. (Apply that truism to: "Sun, stand thou still" and other geocentricity Scriptures (HERE), especially if you are a Bible-believing Christian or Jew [or a Koran-believing Moslem for that matter: HERE] and see where you come out!) SECOND, though we still donít know how thick the entire Scriptural Firmament/Heaven is, we know that the distance from the 1st to the 2nd heaven is in the quarter-million mile range and the thickness of the 2nd heaven--which begins with the Moon and ends with the last "Planet" Pluto--is rounded off in the books at 3,670,000,000 miles. These are definitely the kinds of distance figures that tell us that we can expect equally intelligible distances when we determine the thickness of the starry realm and, indeed, the entire universe according to the Bible. THIRD, the assurance that the outer and final part of the structure of the universe incorporates a watery rim or boundary of some sort underscores the certainty that the Scriptural "lights in the Firmament"-- specifically the Stars in the 3rd heaven--ARE BEING REFLECTED off of that watery shell back toward the Earth.

    Indeed, these REFLECTIONS speak loudly of a fact endorsed by both the Bible and by optical science, a fact which devastates any cosmological model of the universe which claims billions of galaxies with zillions of stars that are billions of light year distances away from Earth!

    If, in short, we limit ourselves to what the Bible actually says and what optical science confirms about the structure of the universe, it becomes immediately obvious that the stars that are really out there are in a finite zone no thicker than the 2nd heaven--i.e., well under four billion miles; and they are in a configuration that makes it optically certain that they are being REFLECTED innumerable times off of "the waters above" the firmament.

    And, equally obvious in such a structure is the realization that these REFLECTIONS are what are being mistakenly (or knowingly!) counted as actual stars! From a Scriptural standpoint (certified by non-theoretical physical science) this false count and description is what is giving credibility to the size and makeup of the universe as taught in the Big Bang Expanding Universe Paradigm.

    Since that Paradigm has been demonstrated (HERE - HERE) to be nothing more nor less than the establishment of the "creation scenario" of anti-Bible Kabbalist Phariseeism, the contest about the structure and size of the universe must henceforward never be treated as a contest between a discredited Biblical Model and a non-religious Science Model, as the world has been led to treat the issue. Al contraire! The truth of the matter is simply that two religions with two irreconcilable "creation scenarios" are in a death struggle for the control of menís minds about the content of all knowledge and the ultimate concept of God (g-d).

    That struggle began in earnest when the Copernican Revolution succeeded in theoretically turning the Earth into a lucky cosmological accident orbiting a mediocre star in a universe that never ended. That struggle will be brought to a close when the deceptions now hiding the Kabbalist success are exposed and the size and the structure of the universe is seen to be the Biblical Model after all.

    In Part II and beyond we will look further into the Scriptural and Optical reasons for these innumerable reflections as they relate to the "thickness", i.e., the distance through the Firmament/ Heaven, and thus to the size of the universe.

    To finish here, though, we must take a closer look at the Scriptural reference to the "Third Heaven" mentioned in II Cor.12:2 and "Paradise" mentioned in verse 4:


II Corinthians 12:2-4

"I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago,

(whether heís dead or alive, God knows);

such an one caught up to the THIRD HEAVEN. (v.2)

And I knew such a man

(whether heís dead or alive, God knows); (v.3)

How that he was caught up into PARADISE.... (v.4)

    As we saw earlier, the Greek meaning of the word for "Heaven" (#3772) in the context of v.2 is: "...the sky; by extension, heaven (as the abode of God)".... A companion derivative (#3735) incorporates "the idea of elevation"....

    Since, as weíve also seen, Scripture repeatedly makes it plain that HEAVEN is synonymous with FIRMAMENT as far as structural location in the universe is concerned, the reference by the Apostle Paul to a THIRD heaven demands the conclusion that the Firmament/Heaven itself contain three distinct parts or areas or zones...since no fourth or fifth heaven is mentioned nor would fit the Scriptures as they stand. (Interestingly, here is one of the connotations given in the second reference for "firmament", i.e., #7554: " expand (by hammering); by implication, to overlay (with thin sheets of metal)...spread abroad (...into plates)." The definition of HEAVEN in verse 2 tells us that the THIRD area or zone or realm is the most elevated one in the firmament. (...elevated from what if not from those on Earth reading about it?!) This is the zone which harbors Godís abode during this temporary creation of heaven and earth (Isaiah 65:17;66:22; Rev. 20:11; 21:1,3: HERE also). Indeed, this is the "Paradise"(#3857) of God, i.e., the New Jerusalem with "the tree of life" in its midst", (Rev. 2:7), and resting gloriously on the New Earth planned some 2700 years ago (Is. 66:22; Jn.14:2,3;etc.)

    The definition #7554 tells us that this most elevated zone is somehow "expanded" due to some kind of "overlay". We shall look at those aspects of the structure of the universe very specifically in Part II. But for now, this parenthetical note regarding clues about the size of the New Heavens (Is. 65:17; 66:22; II Pet. 3:10-13; Rev. 21:1) i.e., the New Universe, seems appropriate: (According to my calculations, the promised eternal New Earth will have to be immensely larger to accommodate the dimensions of the New Jerusalem as given in Rev. 21:16, if all things are kept proportional to the present earth.... The "floor plan" of the New Jerusalem alone is bigger than the sub-continent of India, and France, and England combined, so the New Earth could hardly be otherwise than vastly larger than this old earth. The size and distance of the moon and sun in the promised New Heavens would also be proportionally different. If the "City Foursquare" is pyramidal (as is most likely) the height of the outer walls (216 ft: Rev. 21:17) could be an indication of the distance of the offset for each layer to the top...which is fifteen hundred miles from the base. The present size and structure of the Earth and heavens is just a small scale temporary model compared to the promised eternal model!)

    So, regardless of their size, the chief distinctions of the New Heavens and New Earth are that they are eternal rather than temporary, and--as is stated plainly (Rev.21:3)--God the Father and Jesus the Son will dwell with redeemed mankind on the New Earth (HERE) rather than out at the extremity of the New Heavens as They do now in these temporary heavens (John 7:34; Acts 2:33; John 14:2,3)...and as They will continue to do until this first stage of His eternal Plan is completed and the Old Heavens and Old Earth are gone (Is. 65:17; II Pet. 3:10-12; Rev.20:11; 21:1; HERE again). From this and all the foregoing information, Scripture-based logical proof exists for the present earth being the precise stationary center of the universe. That is to say, we are not talking about the current Machian Geocentricity Model anymore, but rather we are talking about a Geocentrism/Geostatic Model wherein this Earth is the absolute center of everything in the universe.

    This is a good place to be reminded of what we find in Job 22 about the shape of Godís present abode in heaven:

Job 22:14

"...and HE walketh in the circuit of heaven."

NOTE: "walketh": #1980: "to walk".

             "circuit": #2329: "a circle".......properly #2287: "to move in a circle", cf: #2328: "to describe a circle; a compass", cf #2283: "TO REVOLVE".

    Comment: Since Godís temporary dwelling place has been established as being above the stars in the furthermost part of the Third Heaven--and since we see here in Job that the shape of that Third Heaven is circular--it follows inexorably that, not only the 2nd heaven below it--and the 1st heaven below the 2nd--are circular as well, but also that the "waters above" are on the underside of a circular "overlaying" dome of some sort which encompasses the entire universe. These structural features confirm what seemed clear but was not stated in the previous Scriptural descriptions, and they will be made even more certain in Scriptures yet to be stressed in Parts II and III and beyond.

    Equally significant, is the Scriptural demand that the 3rd heaven zone of the three-zone Firmament, i.e., the part with ALL the stars in it, MUST REVOLVE NIGHTLY AROUND THE EARTH TO ACCOMMODATE THE MULTIPLE SCRIPTURES DECLARING A STATIONARY EARTH (HERE).

    The other point about God "walking" in the 3rd heaven tells us plenty too! It corroborates verses such as II Chron. 16:9: "For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro through the whole earth..." These tell us that the 3rd part of the heaven/ firmament where God presently dwells also revolves around the Earth, and that means that--Biblically--the Earth is at the center of the whole structure!

    This should be no surprise. According to Scripture--and before the Copernican Paradigm laid the foundation for supplanting true science with false science--the Earth was obviously the center of the universe and everything-- including the starry realm and Godís heavenly but temporary dwelling place--was going around it. "Science falsely so called" (I Tim. 6:20,21) has changed peopleís perception of that reality, but it has not changed the reality!

    The Earth--both cosmographically and spiritually--is the specially created focus of Creation where God the Father would reveal Himself and His Eternal Plan for mankind through His Son Jesus the Christ and through His inspired, infallible Old and New Testaments of the Bible (II Tim. 3:16,17). The Earth is not " insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people..." (HERE, p.11) as the late famed (or infamous) "exobiologist" Carl Sagan dutifully opined (in keeping with his monumental contribution to the furthering of the Kabbalist "creation scenario" and the resulting rapidly accelerating decline in Bible credibility that his fantasies have furthered). That reigning nihilistic concept of modern cosmology, and all that is derived from it, is Satan inspired deceptive pagan mythology and is right on track to being exposed as such. (HERE)

    So, to sum up these last additions regarding some of the Scriptural Specifications about the size and structure and function of the present Universe and the one to come, and ask a few more relevant questions, letís recap and amplify:

        1) Heaven--Godís present location at the very extremity of the third zone of the firmament--is only conceivable when considered from the vantage point of a stationary earth at the center of the universe.

        2) God changes His location from that extremity of the third zone of the present Heaven in this first creation to a new location on the promised New Earth where it is stated that He will dwell with mankind eternally (Rev. 21:3). (Q.) But where is that New Earth to be located relevant to the New Heavens? (A.) The Center, just as in the Old Earth pattern.

        3) We read that this old earth is dissolved and melts away (II Pet. 3:10-13), and that it flees away and is never seen again (Rev. 20:11) nor is even "remembered nor comes to mind" (Is. 65:17). So there is a certain place in these old heavens where this first earth is located in Godís "stage one" Plan for Eternity...before it is destroyed and removed from that location forever. (Q.) Where is that spot? (A.) Scripturally, the center of the universe.

        4) John, The Revelator, said: "...I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away....And I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven...." (Rev. 21:1,2). (Q.) Down to where? (A.) The New Jerusalem that "comes down" rests on the ground of the New Earth in the same way the Old Jerusalem is built on the ground of this Old Earth. When the city "comes down out of heaven", the New Earth on which it sets comes with it. The statement that the New Earth with the New Jerusalem "comes down out of heaven", i.e., out of the most elevated part of the "heaven/ firmament" of the present structure, indicates that it is coming to the same structural location in the New Heavens as the old earth Biblically occupies in the present heavens (until it flees away and is forgotten: Rev. 20:11; Is. 65:17), i.e., the center of the (New) Universe.

        5) "...Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself shall be with them, and be their God" (Rev. 21:3). (Q.) So, again, where is this eternal New Earth dwelling place of God and redeemed mankind located in the New Heavens? (A.) In the New Jerusalem on the New Earth in the center of the New Heavens.

        6) For the New Jerusalem on the New Earth (HERE) to be coming down out of the disappearing Old Heavens into the New Heavens means there is a point at the center where the New Earth has to stop lest it go right past the center and somewhere back into the firmament zone much like it occupied in the Old Earth system! So, does this New Earth stop coming down when it reaches the spot that is the precise and immovable center of the New Heavens? Well, Scripturally, logically, and probably electromagnetically, that is where it will stop and remain eternally. Scripturally, there is no detectable difference in the structure of the New Universe with its New Heavens and New Earth except that the eternal thrones of God the Father and Jesus the Son are moved from their location in the most elevated part of the 3rd heaven in this temporary universe to the center of the New Heavens in the eternal universe. (...About those thrones: HERE, p.7). This is the location that befits the Creators of this New Universe, New Earth, and New Jerusalem (Is. 65:17,18; 66:22; John 14:2;), And, again, Scripturally, it differs from the old earth design only in the re-location of the New Jerusalem on the New Earth from its present "construction site" at the extremity of the 3rd heaven to the center of the eternal New Heavens (II Cor. 12:2,4; John 14:2; Is. 66:22). (See, p.11).  As noted, the scale of the New Earth and the New Heavens--as required by the obviously literal dimensions of the New Jerusalem: Rev.21:16,17--will doubtless be enormously larger...even though the present huge distances between "planets" will not be needed).

        7) Since this New Earth will be immovable at the center of the revolving moon and sun in the New Heavens (Is. 66:23; HERE), and since Jesus has been working on townhouse mansions in the New Jerusalem for the redeemed on that same New Earth (John 14:2,3), it is a Scriptural imperative that the relocation of the New Earth at the center will emulate the location of the old earth which Scripture placed at the center in the first creation (Gen. 1:1-16; Josh. 10:12; HERE).

    So--considering everything up to now--the Scripturally certified rebuttal to what cosmologists tell us are gazillions of stars in billions of galaxies that are billions of years old and are billions of light years distant from we earthlings, is--in purely Bible terms--a fantasized, false concept of the universe. This fantasized concept has nothing whatsoever to do with real science, but stems from the "creation scenario" of another "holy book" belonging to an implacably vengeful anti-Christ religion. (So there is ample MOTIVE behind this mega scam to defeat the Plan of God the Father through Jesus the Son by destroying the credibility of the Bible through the establishment of an evolved-- instead of a created--universe and mankind, you see...)

    So too, in purely Biblical terms--as we are beginning to see--there is really a large but limited number of stars being REFLECTED off of a watery shell (which shell we will examine in some detail in Part II). The very entrance of the concept of reflections into an understanding of how our universe is perceived is--as we will continue to see--a concept that is unavoidable in Scripture and undeniable in basic optical science.

    And--to the big point in these discourses--it is a concept that shrinks the size of this temporary universe super-dramatically from the size pounded into all our heads a size that allows the stars to go around nightly as mandated in the Bible and as we see them do from our non-moving Earth platform at the center of the universe.

    How dramatically is "super-dramatically"? Well, as noted early on: From a thickness of over 15 billion light years to a thickness to barely 1/2 of one light day.... (Thatís about one ten trillionth as big as the BB Paradigm.) Is that dramatic enough??

    Alpha Centuri, for example, is said to be 4.1 light years away. The would be about 24 trillion miles. As with all light year distances--now dumped on the public with the greatest air of exactitude (much as evolutionary "scientists" throw out time frames of hundreds of millions of years from their deceptive time dating techniques HERE, pp. 21-27), we must realize that we are talking pure fantasy here; fantasy based on metaphysically contrived mathematical models locked into the Kabbalist Expanding Universe Model and promoted through fraudulent use of technology (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE - HERE).

    But, if Scripture puts all the stars in the third zone of the Firmament (the second zone of which includes the moon, the sun, and the planets to Pluto...some 3,670,000,000 miles thick), we can be assured that the true realm of the stars from the closest one to the furthermost does not require a zone one inch thicker than the zone from the Moon to Pluto. (After all, we are talking 3,670 x 1 million miles thick! That is plenty of room for all the known stars. All the rest is attributable to reflections!)

    In short, the sum of these real distances in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd heavens describes the radius of the universe from Earth through the starry realm of the 3rd heaven. To that radius can be added the thickness of the 3rd heaven itself which is above the stars and can also be estimated from the Scriptural requirement for the space needed for Godís operations there on the New Earth which He promised to create 2700 years ago (Is. 66:22; 65:17; II Pet. 3:10-13; Rev. 21:1-3). That dimension could easily be much, much less than we are going to allot to it and, as will be apparent, even thus magnified it will have only a small impact on the overall radius.

    Thus, even when we allow the distance through the starry realm (the stellatum) of the 3rd heaven to be the same as the 2nd heaven thickness, namely, 3,670,000,000 miles, we have a radius from the Earth to the last star of some 7,340,000,000 miles. The thickness that is required of Godís Paradisical 3rd heaven zone itself is related to the space necessary for carrying out the temporary operations going on there, most notably the promised creation of the New Earth, which will doubtless be enormously larger than this present temporary Earth. How much space is necessary for that project? Would a zone around this old Earth that is fifty million miles thick be enough room? A hundred million miles? One hundred and sixty million miles (to round off the combined distances to 7 1/2 billion miles)?? Why not Six hundred and sixty million miles which rounds the whole distance off to Eight Billion Miles?? We would still be looking at a radius of the entire universe that includes very generous distance allowances to meet the Scriptural requirements and would still be barely one half of one light DAY thick! (The thickness of the "waters above" has no substantive effect at all on the overall dimension, as we shall see in Part II; nor does the 1/4 million miles from the Earth to the Moon. So, basically, the inflated eight billion mile radius easily accommodates the size of the universe that the Bible endorses, and flatly defies the size required by Kabbalist Kosmology which is at least an incomprehensible, unverifiable, and utterly mythological ten trillion times bigger.)

    Plainly, as will become increasingly clear, this radically sanforized Model of the Universe accommodates not only Scripture, but all that is actually known scientifically! It is still huge, but not fantastically huge beyond belief and beyond what is required! It is a reasonable size from our reasonable God (Isaiah 1:18). In plain fact, Biblically speaking, these shrunken dimensions are doubly reasonable. After all, this universe is repeatedly labeled a preliminary "stage one" structure of a system scheduled to be utterly destroyed, removed, and forgotten (Is. 65.17; 66:22; II Pet.3:1-12; Rev. 20:11; HERE). When it is gone it is then replaced with a New Heavens and a New Earth which--as weíve seen--include a New Jerusalem wherein God the Father and the Lord Jesus will dwell along with redeemed mankind eternally (Is. 65:17; 66:24; Rev. 21:3; 22:1,3). There is simply no Scriptural or scientific or logical reason for the billions of light years distances required by the Kabbalist fantasy about the thickness of the universe. There is a Religious reason however, namely, establishing the victory of the Kabbalist g-d over the Biblical God.

    Does Luciferís boast (Isaiah 14:13,14) have no bearing on all this?:

"...thou (O Lucifer) hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God... I will be like the most High...."

    With all this in mind, we can go now to Part II and get a very clear Scriptural understanding of the nature and the role of the "waters above" in the present structure of the universe.

Go HERE for Part II entitled:

"Highly Reflective Water Crystals Are The ĎWaters Aboveí the Biblical Firmament"