Scripture Declares "The Shroud of Turin" A FAKE!

(There is a lesson here about ignoring plain geocentrism Scriptures!)

The Shroud of Turin:

What Determines Its Authenticity...

The Bible or "Science"?

After Mary Magdalene reported to Peter and John that Jesusí tomb was empty, John outran Peter and:

"...stooping down, and looking in [the sepulcher],

he saw the linen clothes lying;

yet went he not in.

Then cometh Simon Peter following him

and went into the sepulcher,

and seeth the linen clothes lie,

And the napkin, that was about His head,




(John 20:5-7)

The big debate on TV and elsewhere for several years now shows an admittedly peculiar impression of a bearded man on an alleged burial cloth which has been displayed off and on over several centuries by the Roman Catholic Church as being the probable burial covering over Jesusí body after the crucifixion.

All manner of experts have examined the cloth. Some say it is real; some say it is a fake. The debate goes on...and so does the unavoidable conclusion that the Roman Church favors and promotes the belief that this shroud is Jesusí actual burial cloth.... After all, several of the "scientific" experts agree with that conclusion.

With the Scriptural account (above) so indisputably clear that the grave wrappings on Jesus consisted of A SEPARATE CLOTH OVER THE HEAD, one is led to wonder why the pope or a cardinal or a priest or somebody in the church hasnít pointed that out. "Hey, fellows, that Turin Shroud canít be what is claimed; itís all one image on one cloth from head to toe. Weíd better not continue to charge admission to see this forgery; somebody is going to point to the Scripture about the separate head covering and that could be very embarrassing!"

Well, get used to it is all that can be said here. Such "embarrassments"--better described as Spiritual Truth Bombs from Godís Word--are on the horizon for all Christian Churches. The Roman Church will get its share proportionate to its size. (Check [HERE] for in-depth look at Godís promised Judgment beginning in the churches....)

Out of a smorgasbord of humanist doctrinal delicacies available from the liberal Protestant churches one finds little if any relationship to what the Bible says. Itís just not fashionable. Of the Protestant churches which swear they are Bible all the way--and believe it--their remains a broad choice of truths to select from on any given Bible subject. Such confusion (Babel...Babylon) does not present a convincing option to a lot of people, and it certainly does not boost the image of the Bible as a source of Absolute Truth.

But if a whole lot of Protestants have essentially abandoned the Bible as being Godís Word on all subjects it addresses--and another whole lot claim otherwise but have conflicting doctrines--the Roman Church--humanly speaking--basically got itself off the hook on that issue and has been openly making its own rules since the Council of Trent in 1546 (just 3 years after Copernicusí book came out, coincidentally....)

That big meeting was, without question, the most important the Vatican ever convened...including Vatican II. The issue decided at Trent has affected all Catholics since then on the most basic question there can be in the Christian Religion, namely, where does the final doctrinal authority reside? Does it reside in the Bible or does it reside in the Church? At Trent, it was decided that final doctrinal authority resides with the Church (the Roman Church, that is, for the Protestant Reformation, not yet 30 years old, was implacably anti-Catholic, and was striving to be strictly Bible based). In short, if the Bible says one thing and the Roman Church says another on a given subject, the Church makes the call.

"The Church"--whether Catholic or Protestant or Greek or Russian Orthodox, etc.--is run by men (and a few women lately in liberal Protestant ranks). God may or not be truly invited or welcome in a church, depending on whether the pastor or priest or the main contributors really want Him there. This is confirmed in Scripture (II Cor. 11:13-15) where it is made quite plain that it is very common for Satanís Ministers to be in Christian Church pulpits preaching Christ. When that Scriptural fact is connected to the one in I Tim. 4 which tells us that certain of Satanís demons are doctrine-twisting specialists, it is easy to see why pure doctrinal truths from the Bible have been replaced by man-made false doctrines ("at the houses of God"). Add to those attention-getters the Scriptural declaration that when Godís Judgment comes it will begin in the churches because those therein are labeled the "disobedient, the ungodly, sinners, and those Ďscarcely savedí" (I Pet.4:17,18) and a picture emerges which is truly worth a thousand words.... Again: (HERE)

Indeed, the situation is practically a carbon copy of what Satan has done to falsify true science. By substituting invented abstract symbols ("fumididdles", as one physicist called them) for true math and science, "science falsely so called" rules everywhere. Likewise, by substituting isolated "proof texts" and outright doctrinal inventions and hypotheses instead of "line upon line, precept upon precept" methodology (Isaiah 28:10,13) for nailing down the Scriptural Truth on any doctrine, "true Bible doctrines falsely so called" rule everywhere. As with false science, false religion is in Babylon up to its steeple tops and is securely in Satanís grip. Thatís why God will call to those who truly love Him (regardless of what manner of deception has ensnared them) when the time for Babylonís Fall has arrived.  Then HE will say: "Come out of her [Babylon], my people..." (Rev.18:4)

The chief point here is obvious, viz, the Roman Church has for over 450 years officially declared that when its doctrines conflict with the Bible, the Biblical doctrine is to be counted wrong, that is to say, a mistake, a lie. Never mind that many Protestant denominations practice the same thing unofficially, or that the Protestant churches which say they adhere to the Bible strictly still present a wide variety of interpretations on all the major doctrines. The result is the same, the plain Bible teachings such as the one specifically exposing the Shroud of Turin as a money-making impostor do not even enter the discussion when the matter is raised.

Quite a list could be made here of comparisons of such Church doctrines and practices that are categorically denied in the Bible. Once one starts down this path--of Bible inerrancy and inadmissibility of contrary doctrines in any Church calling itself Christian--it becomes readily apparent why Godís Judgment begins at the houses of God (I Pet.4:17,18). It also becomes readily apparent that no organized church now representing itself as Christian will be left intact, and that out of this dissolution will arise The Final Church without spot or wrinkle, the Bride of Christ, founded solely on Biblical doctrines made clear in the Fall of Babylon caused by the War the Lamb wins. (Rev. 17:14)

The most egregious examples of this abdication of the responsibility of The Church to get to the bottom of Bible teachings and promote those and those alone to the world is evident everywhere in the unvarying acceptance of Copernican heliocentricity and the near total acceptance of some form of Darwinian or Panspermian evolutionism by both Catholic and Protestant churches. Joshuaís "Sun, stand thou still" (Jos. 10:12-14) can only be read as: "Earth, stand thou still" by churches that bowed to "science falsely so called" and made it their source of truth on this pivotal creation teaching. The same can be said for other plain geocentric verses and the scores of "sun rises and sun sets" in the Bible (HERE).

God warns Christians in the Bible to "put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil (Eph.6:11). All the churches have failed to heed the warning about the dangers of false science and long ago failed to see the heliocentricity myth as a wile of the Devil which introduced a doctrinal cancer into Christianityís spiritual blood stream. The churches failed to see that this Bible-killing doctrine would spread from its base in the physical sciences to next conquer the life sciences and proceed to control the social and behavioral sciences, the arts and humanities, and ultimately all religion, including Christian churches.

The few words from God in the Bible (Rom. 20:5-7) which utterly destroy the whole Shroud of Turin swindle may seem a small thing, but not really. On the contrary, this is a gem of an example of how Godís Word will be the Last Word regarding any doctrinal impostor that has wormed its way into a Christian Church. All these impostors are coming down when Babylon (confusion) Falls.... Get ready....