Seventeen links from 2008 [15 are 1-3 pages]

Jan. '08>>>Physicists Create Phony Math To Rule Out A Non-Moving Earth

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Feb. '08>>>The 800 lb. Gorilla That Is Being Ignored By All Christian Churches

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Mar. '08>>>Dr. Humphreys Universe: Neither Biblical Nor Scientific

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April. '08>>>Don't You Love It When Incredibly Important Truths Suddenly Jell In Your Mind?

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Evolutionism: The Real Opiate of the Masses

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May '08>>>The Bible Promises A Brief Satan Empowered Global Government

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June '08>>>Satan: The Ultimate Conspirator

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 July '08>>>Salvation Requirements Will Be Changed When Bible Inerrancy Is Proven By...

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Christian Zionist's Powerful Role In The U.S./Israel Alliance

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Time sensitive bonus for July: This should be in Congressional hands before July 21st....But how??  You can??  Well do it!

Members of Congress, FYI: CUFI is Unconstitutional

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August '08>>>Creationist's End Time Doctrine Is Blocking Exposure of the Evolution Lie

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September '08>>>Armageddon Is A One day "Battle"

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End Time Teachings: The Non-Biblical & The Biblical

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October '08>>>Dispensationalist Pre Trib Rapture Teaching Is A Satanic Trap

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Changing A Biblical Word Can Change A Doctrine!

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November '08>>>The "Theistic Evolutionist" Swan Song

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December '08>>>False Science & The Pharisee Religion:

Satan's Ultimate Weapons Against The Bible And God

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