Transhumanism: Satan's Last Hurrah Before Babylon's Fall  

September 2012 Bulletin


In keeping with the sole focus of this Web Domain--i.e., the destruction of the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm controlling ALL False Science & ALL False Religion, and the simultaneous restoration of the Bible's Credibility from Genesis through Revelation--let this be said at the outset: Every single feature of the Transhumanism Agenda is inextricably connected to that Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm, and to its Copernican Keystone.  [1]


Just since the late '90s, details of every aspect of the Transhumanism phenomena have already created a library of information. In spite of forceful objections against further development--the chilling consensus of all involved is--in Prof. Stock's words: "We simply cannot find the brakes".  "The Genie is out of the bottle", Prof. Cameron agrees. "A deal with the Devil" is the conclusion of many, while others dream of a "golden age" where longer life and even man-made immortality are envisioned.


In short, that which was so recently called science fiction has now become widespread development of computer-driven technology to "evolve" humans into Transhuman "life forms" physically and mentally.  Careful scrutiny quickly reveals that this hyper-Frankensteinian leap into the unknown is fundamentally a Spiritual maneuver.  It claims to be secular /non-religious science, but its very existence depends upon total acceptance of the admittedly Satan-led Pharisee Religion's 15 billion year evolution model. [2] - [3] -[4]


Transhumanist Scientists and promoters (evolutionists all) work for and are funded by various Universities, Scientific Societies, and--above all--the US and other Major Military Powers.  The National Science Foundation (NSF)--along with the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) et al--are in the forefront of this mad adventure. (All these have been evolution's champions in defeating every challenge to the vulnerable Pharisee Religion's evolution monopoly over $trilllions in tax-funded education in the USA, and NASA alone. [5] -[6]


Evolutionism's billions of years do not exist without the Big Bang Model, and the Big Bang Model cannot exist without the Copernican ModelTranshumanism is handcuffed to both of those Models now providing those billions of years of evolution. Then--to make sure everyone  understands the whole plot--add the fact that the Transhumanism Models are also handcuffed to the Pharisee Religion because every concept in that Religion's Big Bang "creation/origins model" is derived from its "holy book" Zohar/Kabbala. [7]


With those things in mind, let us first take a look at some of the specific goals and achievements of this Transhumanism Movement as it pertains to the Military's plans. Then we can look into why this whole Post human concept is very pointedly the last go-round in Satan's Spiritual warfare to prevent the Biblical God's Plan through Jesus from happening.


First, the vision and development of Transhumans by the US Military (et al) goes far, far, far beyond the mind (and body) control we began to hear about almost 50 years ago with "The Manchurian Candidate" film. Hundreds of science-fiction flicks--some going back even further--have focused on human+nonhuman cyborgs and galactic struggles with evolved apparitions of super strength and computer-like brains. And who hasn't seen the transhuman efforts on Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy", and in Matt Damon's Jason Bourne trilogy?  Well, let's go to a couple more pages to see what the Military is cooking up NOW that "can't be stopped", and how all this fits Biblical Prophesy perfectly: HERE

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