The Military & Transhumanism


Please understand: This is not theory or science-fiction. It is real, and it has been going on for decades.  It is scheduled for "active duty" in the 2012-13 range….


DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) has gone through several stages since its inception in 1958 in response to the Soviet Union's surprise success with Sputnik. Its present development of Transhuman Technology is the subject here.


The purpose is not to criticize the US Military (or any of its counterparts in other countries) about their involvement in Transhuman technology. The situation facing our technology-connected world is beyond concern about developing a "Frankenstein" that could turn out very, very badly.  As we saw on the first page, "the Genie is out of the bottle", the course is set, and no one "can find the brakes".


Given that, what is going on, and how does it relate specifically to the control of all "science disciplines" by the Pharisee Religion's Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm?


First: This much is certain about what is going on technologically with DARPA et al: They are working on producing Super Soldiers with implanted microchips and electrodes which control their body and brain functions so they can perform like super-human Cyborgian machines, tirelessly killing without feeling or remorse.


Fear of "brain modified foes" in the Transhuman arms race demands development of ever more superior "Techno-Sapiens" in a "post human world".  Whatever the cost in money and destruction of humanness may be, it must go on because "we no longer need to wait on evolution".  In step with DARPA; Genetics, Robotics, artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology (GRIN), the Transhuman killing machines are off the drawing board and ready to take "the next step in human evolution".


So, whether it's the "Pentagon's Dream Soldier" or The National Science Foundation/US Commerce Department's Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance 12 year old report, the premise behind all Transhumanist planning has been defined as "the blueprint for the radical evolution of man".  In short; the use of technology to Fast Forward the alleged Evolution of homo sapiens into "Techno-Sapiens"--starting around the years 2012-2013--is the name of the game.


Now: a) Since Evolution is an alternate "creation account" which is symbiotically connected to the Big Bang's alleged 15 billion years of evolutionism; and b) Since the Big Bang Model itself is derived entirely from the Pharisee Religion's "holy book" Zohar/Kabbala; and c) Since Satan is that Religion's g'd or part of its godhead [8], it is clear that all Transhuman endeavors are Satan-driven endeavors, not the product of "secular science. Whether its advocates are aware of those unbreakable connections or not, they are demonstrable facts.


The tiny percent of those involved in the Transhumanist Agenda--and the 99+% helplessly facing its devilish end to the human story--"can't find the brakes".  No matter!! Over 1900 years ago The Biblical God told how He would apply those brakes!  Let's look at:

"The Biblical End Game for Transhumanism, & for Satan.":




The Biblical End Game For Transhumanism…& For Satan



The Transhumanist Agenda boils down to a Spiritual plan. That plan replaces the Biblical Plan for humanity from Creation to Jesus to Heaven with Satan's Talmudic/Kabbalic Plan from Big Bang "creation" to "Techno-Sapiens" to eternal death.  It's time to realize how and why the Biblical Plan trumps doomed Transhumanism, and ALL of Satan's agenda.


Vague glimpses of the epic conclusion of the Bible's temporary earth history [9] - [10] - [11] have come down through writings and oracles from the past. None of these even remotely compare to the Biblical specifics of how this world will end, and what will follow. [12] - [13]


Along with all other Bible doctrines, God has allowed those end-time specifics to be muddied and distorted by Satan's "seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils" (I Tim. 4:1). HE tells us that…"profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so-called" have caused people to "{Gr.} deviate from the truth", (I Tim. 6:20,21).  Mark that well!!


The Transhumanist Agenda is focused on using genetic manipulation, etc., to radically speed up what they all call human evolution to a Post Human combination of man and machine, i.e., a high tech version of the familiar Frankenstein semi-human "creation".


There is an ancient name for the creation of both Franky and Transhumanist visions. Whether today's Post Humanist Zealots know it or not, their endeavors are the capstone of centuries of the Satan-empowered Pharisee Religion's mystic Kabbalist "GOLEM." The Talmud also states that "Rava created a man and sent him to Rabbi Zera". Other quotes and their sources about the Pharisee Golem include: "…a practical guide for the creation of a golem." This creation "was one of the central pillars of Babylonian Talmudic learning". "Golems can be created using many different methods."  It is "…magic of the highest sort." "A golem will always be somewhat less than human." (More: [14] - Bible/Christ hating Talmud [15] )


So, what does the Bible say that shows everybody that the God of that Book is the only True God? What did HE cause to be written over 1900 years ago that not only unmistakably describes today's economy and politics, but includes specific reverences to the application of Satan-empowered Transhumanist Golem technology and spiritual magic? [16 p2-4] Let's see:


Who will argue: a)…that today's Global economic and political trajectory is not toward a Satan-empowered Global Government promised in the Bible over 1900 centuries ago (Rev. 13: 2b-18)?  b)…that 12th century Kabbalist Rabam Maimonides' Zionist vision for a Jewish Global Government headquartered in Jerusalem is not prophesied in the Bible (Rev. 11:8)? c)…that a host of Globalist-minded anti-Bible Secret Societies and Rothchildian money controllers are not poised to bring it to pass and that their goals are not Satan-driven?? [17]


Technological capabilities--including Transhumanism--were described by the Biblical God over 1900 years ago! Look: a) Global TV-phones (Rev. 11-9-12). b) Computer-enabled Global commerce is stopped (Rev.18:11-21).  c) Demons used against Satan's followers (Rev. 9:14-21).  d) Technocrat 2nd "Beast" does great wonders"… "gives life to an 'image' of 1st "Beast" (Rev. 13:11-16).  e) "Chip" implantations IN forehead or right hand (vs.16,17).  Vatican et al fixation on Big Bang Hadron Collider tech. "Sorceries"=Gr:Drugs, Rev. 9:21).  Etc.


Jesus' Revelation of Satan's high tech et al deceptions now holding up his empire (Babylon) is the "WAR" which Jesus and His followers win (Rev. 17:14).  All that is required to bring down Satan's Babylon is the exposure of the Copernican Lie holding up the Big Bang Lie.

USA, UK, German polls: 15-20% now believe the earth does not move! 100% are going to learn that Truth!!

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