Satan: The Ultimate Conspirator


Having been one who scoffed at their being such entities as either God or Satan, I understand that position.  What I didn’t understand then, but do now, is that total trust in evolutionism as proven scientific truth was the premise upon which that scoffing justified itself. 


And, of course, complete trust in terrestrial and extraterrestrial evolution-based “science” is the only way one can honestly be an uncompromising atheist.  Then--once God is rejected--out goes any reason to believe in Satan too.  In short, both God and Satan are viewed by atheists to be anti-scientific, subjective, religious (superstitious) concepts...just part of the “opiate” of the masses", y’know.1


So, if one goes all the way in believing, trusting, and having faith in what is called “secular (i.e., non religious evolutionary) science”, then one will reject not only the Biblical God, but all gods, and not only the Biblical Satan, but all “devil” concepts.  When the idea of a supernatural eternal plan from God is dismissed out of hand,  the idea of a Satan led conspiracy to destroy that plan is dismissed also.


Enter now the “theistic evolutionist” compromise position.  This concept accepts that some g’d or other was involved in creating everything, but used billions of years of evolution to do it. A recent poll showed that 30% of Americans hold this view. The poll did not define which God/g’d, and it did not ask about a belief in Satan.


It will be noted that both the atheist position and the “theistic evolutionist” position depend upon acceptance of billions of years of evolutionism when accounting for all that exists.  This means that--like the atheist--the “theistic evolutionist” must also rule out the Biblical God of Creation Who used no evolution and replace Him with some other “god/g’d” who used billions of years of evolution to create everything. 


To be sure, many--perhaps most--“theistic evolutionists” may sincerely think that the Biblical God Who created everything in six days using no evolution whatsoever doesn’t mind if He is re-cast as some other god/g’d who required and employed 15 billion years of evolution to get the job done.  This conclusion denies both logic and Scripture.2   


Moreover, this view gets rid of the Biblical Satan too...that is the evil Satan whose earthly career began in the Garden.3 By way of contrast, the Pharisaic g/d of Zohar/Kabbalism removes the “evil” label from Satan, saying: “The personification of evil in the form of Satan as the god of evil is the heresy that separates Christianity from Judaism.”4


How does all this play out relevant to the “theistic evolutionist” compromise position concerning the identity and makeup of God/g’d?  The short answer is that--wittingly or unwittingly--both atheists and theistic evolutionists are supporting the anti-Christ religion of Phariseeism and its g/d, Satan, and denying the Creator God of the Bible when they accept and then insist that evolutionism is true.


However, it is to be expected that a significant percentage of both atheists and theistic evolutionists would gladly accept the Biblical six day creation if they learned that the whole Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm has been revealed to be a factless alternate “creation scenario” of the Christ-hating Pharisee Religion 5  Once that truth is out, those who are predisposed--even eager--to accept the Biblical Creation and all Bible teachings, will renounce the whole evolution myth with a whoop and stand with the Bible. That means that Satan’s existence and his Biblical role as God’s antithesis and mankind’s deadliest and most clever conspiratorial adversary will be accepted by these folks also.


Such would not be so with that other significant percentage of atheists and theistic evolutionists who learn the truth. These have been glad that evolutionary “science” has made a way to keep the Bible and its God from being so powerfully proven.  Though many will find it expedient to go along with the Bible side at first instead of getting on the unmasked Satan’s side, they will be very distressed by such exposure.6


This division--on a global scale--is what was prophesied in glaring detail in the Bible alone over nineteen centuries ago.  The world’s entire population will align itself with either overt Satan worshippers (whose Satan-empowered religious leader7 runs the global government), or they will align themselves with the proven Biblical Creator God whose “Truth Blitzkrieg” reveals and plainly unmasks every bit of Satan’s huge edifice of deception, beginning with evolution’s masquerade as “science”.8


It is settled at the beginning of Babylon’s Fall that the Kabbalist “creation scenario” of 15 billion years of evolution hinges absolutely on maintaining the rotating, orbiting earth myth. Though the whole world has embraced a moving earth as “scientific fact” beyond challenge, the Biblical God of Creation Who stated repeatedly and unequivocally that it does not move 9 will reveal the author of that cornerstone lie upholding all Scientific and Religious deception in today’s world 10. Everybody will know the God of the Biblical Creation is the God of all Truth, and that the Biblical Satan is the g/d of all lies. The Full Gospel Truth will go to the whole world as promised 11.


Among the other great lies that will be revealed when Babylon Falls will be the lie that Satan can and will triumph over God in the end 12.  The truth about that lie is settled.13 Every spiritual Truth will be established by what God has really said in His Word, and every spiritual lie will be revealed globally from that same Word of Truth.14


A whole host of false teachings claiming Scriptural justification will be revealed to be supernaturally clever distortions of true Bible doctrines Having seen the Fall of the globe-conquering, allegedly “secular scientific fact” of a rotating, orbiting earth bow the knee to God’s plain word and all known science, all people with a brain left in their heads will know that the smorgasbord of contradictory doctrines on a lot of subjects can not all be Scripturally certified.  They will then understand that they had best brace for loving, but hard and irreversible doctrinal corrections that God planned from the beginning to bring out in His real End Time Drama. 15


When the centrality of a motionless Earth “hung on nothing” with the sun going around daily as observed is established as the Achilles Heel of the Pharisee Religion’s Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm, only two options will remain for all people: 1)  Follow the proven God of the Biblical Creation who cannot lie; or: 2) Follow the Pharisee g’d of the Kabbala “16 who has had no truth in him “from the beginning” 17, namely, Satan, The Ultimate Conspirator. 18


All of this begins “one hour” (2-3 months) after a Global Government is seated.19


Question: Now that “A New World Order” has become a ubiquitous mantra in our “Post Christian World”, just how distant is the installation of that promised Global Panacea (or bete noir, if you prefer)?  Answer: Add “one hour” (2-3 months) to your estimate and then expect the promised Fall of Babylon to Biblically begin its Humpty-Dumpty number. “The war the Lamb wins” (same time frame as the Fall of Babylon) divides the populations of the world into overt Satan worshippers and those who get on the Biblical God’s side. 20


The amount of time allotted to the work of the Two Witnesses (Gr. Two Martyrs) is exactly the same as that allotted to the Satan-empowered “Beast” of the Revelation. 21  However, the Two Martyr’s mission (which begins with and brings about the Fall of Babylon as part of the “war the Lamb wins”) terminates at the end of the 6th Trumpet time frame. The “Beast’s” reign, by contrast, begins with the 1st Trumpet Plague at the conclusion of Babylon’s Fall and terminates at the end of the 7th Trumpet. (This Biblical fact leaves no doubt that these two time frames are of the same duration, i.e.,  c.2-3 months.  When coupled with the specific time frames given for the 5th and 6th Trumpets, 22 the months left from the allotted 42 can be reasonably worked out for Trumpets 1-4.)


Thus, though Dispensationalists, Preterits, "New Apostolic Reformationists Dominionists" & "Identity et al" continue to be unaware of--or ignore-- the now confirmed facts which show the hostile takeover agenda by the Christ-hating Pharisees of the all-important Creation Scriptures, the real End Time Drama cast of players is even now behind the curtain and ready to step onto the world stage.23  Dispensationalists, Reformists et al, & Pharisees! Satan is saying: “Gotcha”!


Those who continue to follow those “end time” deceptions do so at their own peril.  It is going to get incredibly rough!  As we speak, The Ultimate Conspirator has been driven step by step toward his own pre-ordained final appearance in the Last Act of God’s End Time Drama.  He knows his remaining time on stage is short.24 He knows that his eternal role is to be on display as a lifeless, inert contrivance made by God to carry out an assigned role as The Ultimate Conspirator against all that is true and good, and that he does indeed end up as that lifeless, inert object of study and scorn forever on the New Earth.25


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