The Furor Over Melís "Passion" Movie:

Is This The First Shot In A Truth Blitzkrieg By God To

Bring About A Global Confrontation With His Word

And The Forces That Seek Its Destruction??

    The polarization over this movie that was predicted in last monthís Bulletin is precisely what has transpired in four weeks since its official opening! Once Biblical Truth on this scale breaks through the international censorship that has bound and gagged it increasingly in recent generations, look out for more to come!

The unprecedented acrimony by Jewish leaders against the film

and efforts to stop its showings or alter its message in different countries

--with much of the effort being done even before the film was officially released!--

is evident in this sampling from a thousand such media headlines:

"Fuss over ĎPassioní fuels growing war of words in France"

" of a highly influential Jewish lobby intent on censoring material has suddenly

become a subject of legitimate debate...." (ht.//

"Anger as Gibsonís Christ film shown in UK"

"The first UK screening of Mel Gibsonís controversial new film The Passion of the Christ

has provoked a furious response from Britainís Jewish community...."


"Hollywood Bosses Vow to Destroy Gibson"

"Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, who along with Steven the powerful

Dream Works...are angry about the movie, according to The New York Times. And the

chairmen of two other big studios say they wonít work with Gibson...."


"Department of Justice Petitioned to Evaluate

Gibsonís "The Passion of the Christ" for

Violations of Hate Crime Statutes"

"A new petition implores US Attorney John Ashcroft to evaluate possible actions

against the creators of Mel Gibsonís ĎThe Passion" for violation of state and federal

hate crime statutes in the purposeful encouragement of anti-Semitic violence..."


"Jewish Leaders, Vatican Meet on ĎPassioní"

"A Jewish leader [ADL Director, Abraham Foxman] met with Vatican officials

this week [Feb.18] to ask them to publicly restate church teachings on Jesusí crucifixion,

saying Mel Gibsonís film "The Passion of the Christ" contradicts the Vaticanís

repudiation of the charge that the Jews killed Jesus..."


"Uproar Over Melís Pride and Passion"

"A furious rally is being called for in Israel to put Mel Gibson on trial for allegedly

slandering the Jewish people in his controversial movie...."

(Globe Cover Story, Steve Herz, et al, p.30, March 15,2004)


    Another 20 pages wouldnít suffice to print similar print media coverage...not to mention TV! And--at this writing--the movie has been shown to the general public for only 30 days!

The plain truth is that--after virtual censorship of all things Christian

by the film industry and other media for generations--

this movie has already reminded the world that Jesus and the Bible

are very much alive and ready to astonish and triumph over

any and all who seek to kill the Gospel Message of eternal hope to mankind.

    There are Two Facts at this stage about the charges against the movie that cry out to be heard. Those facts underscore that it is really the words in the Bible that are being challenged...chiefly by those whose religion comes from the words of the Christ-hating Talmud (HERE) and Kabbala (begin: HERE).

    Fact One: Regarding the charge that graphic and excessive brutality was unnecessary in a film about Jesus, what we see here is that plain Scripture on the subject has been virtually ignored by those who make this charge. Like many of you, Iíve heard a lot of commentary on this point from a number of "Bible Scholars" and a host of Rabbis, as well as others. What I have heard mentioned only once is the list of Scriptures that actually deal with the treatment of Jesus during His final hours on Earth. Those Scriptures fully justify the level of brutality that the film depicts.

For example, consider both the King James and the Living Bible Versions of two of Isaiahís prophecies which were written over 700 years before Jesusí trial and crucifixion. Here we see a terse overview of the unimaginable ghastliness of the brutality that was prophesied to be inflicted upon Jesus:

"...His visage was so marred more than any man,

and His form [body] more than the sons of men..." KJV Is. 52:14:

"They shall see my [Godís] Servant beaten and bloodied,

so disfigured one would scarcely know it was a person standing there...."

Living Bible Is. 52:14

"I gave my back to the smiters, and my cheeks to them who plucked off the hair:

I did not hide my face from shame and spitting...." KJV Is. 50:6

"I gave my back to the whip, and my cheeks to those who pull out the beard.

I do not hide from shame--they spit in my face...."

Living Bible Is. 50:6

    Notice in these prophecies that Jesus gave his back to be beaten. (The Scriptures are clear that He voluntarily suffered all that was meted out to Him: (e.g., Matt. 12:40; 26:53.54; Mark 10:45).The standard flogging was 39 lashes with a leaded whip which tore the skin off and caused agonizing pain and profuse bleeding. Notice then that Jesus also "gave" his cheeks to the mocking soldiers (apparently looking right at them rather than trying to protect His face) as they plucked chunks of His beard out. It would be hard to exaggerate the pain, disfigurement, and bleeding this excess of barbarity alone addition to His being whipped nearly to death. (Plucking the beard out was not depicted in the movie, by-the-way).

    Then, when one turns to the Gospels (almost eight centuries later), it is clear that the movieís portrayal of Jesus receiving a severe beating at the hands of the Jewish Religious leaders before He was ever taken to Pilate the first time was also accurate:

"What think ye? They answered and said, He is guilty of death.

Then did they spit in His face, and buffeted [hit with fist] Him;

and others smote [repetitious slapping] Him with the palms of their hands,

Saying, Prophesy unto us, thou Christ,

Who is he that smote thee?"

KJV - Matthew 26:66-68

"Then the High Priest tore at his clothes and said,

ĎWhat more do we need? Why wait for witnesses?

You have heard the blasphemy. What is your verdictí?

And the vote for the death sentence was unanimous.

Then some of them began to spit at Him, and they blindfolded Him

and began to hammer His face with their fists.

ĎWho hit you that time, you prophet?í, they jerred. And even the

bailiffs were using their fists on Him as they led Him away."

Living Bible Mark - 14:63-65


Talk about "police" brutality!

These were the religious leaders of Judea

who viscously beat an unresisting blindfolded Man

whose only crime was that He helped the people and exposed

the utter distortion of Godís Word practiced by those leaders!

    So, Scripturally, it is perfectly clear that a blindfolded Jesus was badly beaten and bloodied by a big roomful of religious leaders BEFORE He was sent to Pilate to be whipped nearly to death: It was only after Herod had returned Jesus to Pilate, who tried again unsuccessfully to free Him, that he had Him "scourged" (Matt. 27:26) as prophesied by Isaiah. After the scourging the soldiers brought Him back and stripped Him and put a scarlet robe on Him, and then:

"...when they had platted a crown of thorns, they put it upon His head,

and a reed [cane] in His right hand, and bowed the knee before Him,

and mocked Him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews!

And they spit upon Him, and took the reed [cane]

and smote [hit] Him upon the head [driving the thorns into His head]."...

KJV - Matthew 27:29,30

"Then the Roman soldiers took Him into the barracks of the palace,

called out the entire palace guard, dressed Him in a purple robe,

and made a crown of long sharp thorns and put it on his head.

Then they saluted, yelling, ĎYea! King of the Jews!í

And they beat Him on the head with a cane...."

Living Bible Mark 15:16,17


    So, make no mistake, as the movie depicted, it was this horribly beaten, whipped, battered and bloodied Jesus--with His body and head disfigured beyond any man (!) as Isaiah had prophesied--that was finally stood up before the crowd along with the prisoner Barabbas. Without doubt this was THE "hate crime" of all history!

    All this was graphically, but honestly represented in the film according to the Scriptures. This was no gratuitous bloodletting for cinematic special effects; this was a Scripture-anchored presentation of twelve hours of history during which God the Father witnessed His only begotten Son be obedient unto agonizing death as the final sacrificial Lamb in the first stage of an eternal Plan (Gal. 3:24). That Plan ended the sacrificial system. The Old Law was "done away and abolished" I Cor.:3:3-13). The New Law was open to everyone "without respect of persons" (Rom. 2:11; I Pet. 1:17).

    From the time that Barabbas was released--through the torturous trip to the execution site under the weight of the cross--Jesus suffered and bled and his wounds were increased such that He collapsed and Simon had to help Him. At Golgotha, great nails were driven through His hands and feet into the cross, which was then lifted up (as Jesus Himself prophesied: John 3:14; 8:28), and on which He hung in agony for hours until He died. Gibsonís Bible Documentary telescopes those hours into perhaps 20 minutes, and was true to Scripture in all the essential details.

    Again, in sum, the film did not exaggerate the brutality Jesus suffered. Cinematically, it came about as close as is possible to accurately depicting what happened to Jesus in those final hours according to both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible.

    Fact Two: There have been widespread charges that the movie evokes "anti-Semitism" by seeming to make the Jews (Pharisees) responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus instead of the Romans This charge is what has been stressed by all of the many Jewish commentators (Rabbis particularly) that I have heard on TV or read about. A sampling of the extent of these charges is evident in the examples from some of the popular print media given on page one.

    These charges constitute an issue which opens a very big can of worms...for these three reasons:

1) The Scriptures (as we shall see) make it abundantly clear that the Pharisaic Religious Leaders of the Jewish people planned, initiated, and brought to pass the crucifixion of Jesus. If the movie does anything, it underplays this fact! Indeed, Gibson edited out Matthew 27:25 which some thought would be objectionable (i.e.,The Jewish crowd saying: "His blood be on us and on our children".)

2) The Catholic Church officially adhered to what the Scriptures taught on this matter of Jewish responsibility for the crucifixion until the policy change of the Vatican II Council was announced in 1965. That change officially broke with over 1500 years of the Vaticanís adherence to Scripture on this point.  The Council turned those centuries of commitment to the Biblical accounts around 180 degrees and absolved the Jews of responsibility for Christís crucifixion and transferred that guilt to the Romans. The movieís dramatic presentation of the Scriptureís account of this issue underscores a very major problem for the Vaticanís position. For one thing, Mel Gibson belongs to a repressed but vibrant faction of Catholicism that rejects the Vatican II "reforms" and the popes that uphold them, including the present Pontiff, whom this film threatens to put between a rock and a hard place.

    Since the Council of Trent in 1546 the Vatican has placed its doctrinal positions above those of the Scriptures where a conflict has arisen, so this flip-flop about the Jews is just one of several major departures licensed by that hoary Council. Still--since the Vatican II "reforms" particularly--those departures have shown an accelerating willingness to ignore Scripture in areas that align the Church with Talmudist/ Kabbalist Judaism in spite of that religionís stated hatred of Jesus, the New Testament of the Bible, and Christianity overall. (Witness the unprecedented election of a Polish Cardinal to the Papal Chair, a Cardinal whose motherís name, many insist, was Katz. This Pope, John Paul II, early on curiously emphasized the churches debt to Copernicus (a fellow Pole). This seemingly redundant action thereby set in doctrinal concrete the churches rejection of the non-moving earth model taught plainly in Scripture and upheld vigorously by the Church through Cardinal Bellarmineís bout with Galileo. The significance of the marked increase in Vatican II collusion with the Zionists--by getting them off the Scriptural hook in the crucifixion matter--becomes quite clear as we factor in JPIIís underscoring the churches support of Copernicanism and his surprising and divisive quasi-support of evolutionism in general. Indeed, that significance can hardly be exaggerated or ignored now that the indispensable role of the moving earth model to the ruling Big Bang Evolutionary Cosmology--which is the Jew-endorsed fulfillment of the "creation scenario" of overtly anti-Christ Kabbalism--is in the open (HERE), No special insight is required to see how the Roman Churchesí collusion with Zionist Phariseeism is much deeper than it dare reveal, nor how that collusion is threatened by this movieís stress on Scripture rather than mercurial Church dogma.)

3) The movieís Scripturally accurate characterization of the final hours of Jesusí life culminating in the crucifixion puts a powerful spotlight not only on the incredible "denominational" fragmentation within both Catholic and Protestant Christendom on many doctrines, but surprisingly...the movieís characterization of the momentous event of the Passion has also has revealed a surprising and dramatic solidarity on the critical importance of the Passion Theme amongst many millions who are otherwise doctrinally divided. This core of ongoing eager viewers seems to have been aching for some sign of a move of God that is certified in Scripture, a move in which they can participate even if only by going to the movie.

    Because there is a wide sense amongst Bible-oriented Christians--whatever their denominational affiliation--that we are living in a crucial time when the world is falling away from all belief in Biblical morality, ethics, love of God and neighbor, and hope for eternity, this movie comes along and elevates the Gospel of Jesus Christ anew in a limited but powerful way! It has sparked a veritable Renaissance amongst most Bible Christians that has simply stunned the film making industry, the Jews who hate the Christian New Testament, and the liberal churches which long ago rejected the Bible as truly the Word of God.

    And in all this, it is not going unnoticed that the main opposition is coming primarily from Jews--whose holy books, the Talmud and Kabbala particularly-- teach a moral and ethical system that is diametrically opposite to the Bibleís teachings as given their full expression in the New Testament of Jesus Christ.

    The other opposition from the social gospel members of the Protestant liberal churches who downplay the Bibleís role in Christianity is more subdued, but just as real. They--like the Roman Church which rejects outright a "Scripture Only" ("sola scriptura") approach to spiritual Truth--are in for a rough ride if Gibsonís film is a precursor of a move of God that rules out the church-over-the-Bible approach. If this move to "Scripture Only" is what is happening, many members of the Protestant liberal churches and the Bible-oriented Catholics--will soon sense that they are in the wrong camp. They may be reluctant to bolt just yet--but they can not help but take notice that their churchesí teachings are more Talmudic and Kabbalic than Biblical, and are contrary to their own heart-felt beliefs and inclinations. It will then be time to either fish...or cut bait.


    Many Christians who support the movie because it is Scriptural have an unexpected and very serious problem they will have to face. Many of them are basically Christian-Zionists (HERE - HERE) who are Zionist Israelís most zealous supporters. Seeing that the Jews are the most implacably harsh critics of a Scripturally sound portrayal of their Saviorís last hours to be found anywhere, must be stirring some doubts about that allegiance!

    The fact is that the potential for a profound wake-up call amongst these Christian-Zionists can not be overlooked....or avoided! Because these folks are so thoroughly ensnared in pro-Israel false eschatological doctrine particularly, it will be tough for them to begin seeing how a disciplined look at Bible Truths unravel their vulnerable "end time" and other teachings. The movie has undoubtedly generated some serious second thoughts as to whether they have been royally bamboozled by the Judeo-Christian mantra by both well-meaning pastors and those who are Satanís ministers preaching Christ, (a very prevalent reality according to II Cor. 11:13-15).

    So, forget the knee-jerk "anti-Semitism" slur...and think "anti-Christian" slur for a minute. And forget the "hate crime" invocation by Jews (one made into law by N. Lenin early in the Communist Revolution in Russia to prevent criticism of the dominant Jewish rulership) and think instead of "hate crimes" against Christians for a minute. Who is an "anti-Semite"? Is it those who worship the Jew Jesus and go to the ends of the earth preaching the writings of His Apostles, all Jews...or those who curse Jesus and have Him boiling in excrement in hell...and who reject and burn publicly all New Testament Jew writers and declare that all who read those epistles deserve to die? Which are the "anti-Semites"?? Which are guilty of "hate crimes"?

    In addition to all this, the Jewish reaction to Gibsonís "Passion" film draws attention to what is virtually total Jewish control of the Hollywood film industry. This fact has become an increasingly open secret in recent years, and Gibsonís Biblical documentary is causing that fact to be highlighted. One book a few years back (An Empire of Their Own, by Jewish author Neil Gabler) documents the fact of a Jewish monopoly in all areas of Hollywood film making from its earliest beginnings. This is a monopoly that demonstrably extends to TV, all other major media, the entertainment world in general, name it! (...and donít forget evolutionary "science"!)

    Given the blatant hatred of Jesus, Christians, and the New Testament of the Bible repeatedly underscored in the Talmud (HERE), there need be no mystery as to why any Scripturally honest film about Jesus has been verboten in Hollywood. Nor should there be any mystery about why Gibsonís self-financed, stunningly successful film--which has made an end run around the "entertainment" moguls--is viewed with something akin to horror by Jewish commentators particularly. The only mystery remaining is what percent of people who are beginning to connect some dots will say and do when they realize that the Talmud: a) endorses sexual perversion in all its forms; b) endorses hatred of all non-Jews, Christians particularly; c) ascribes 90% of all intelligence to Jews and 10% to everyone else; d) counts it OK for Jews to lie to, steal from, and murder non-Jews; e) teaches that God is defeated in arguments with Rabbis; f) Etcetera (HERE).

    So, after a while, one has to ask: Is the unexpected success of a low budget film with no known star in the cast (and done in an dead language with subtitles!--and now touted to soon set a world record in ticket sales once it opens in theaters outside the U. S.)--what really has Jews in particular so upset and doing all they can to dull that success??

    Or, ultimately, is it the stirring portrayal of the Scriptural accuracy of the content of that film that has brought out the trusty tar-brushes of "anti-Semitism" and "hate crime" in every interview?? In other words: Is the Bible what is really hated??

    Why the antagonism toward Gibsonís film by Jews if it is not ultimately based on the fear that the film could spark a Scripture-based Revival in Christendom? Rabbis particularly know that such a revival could quickly spin out of control and reveal the hidden hand of Talmudic/ Kabbalic Phariseeism has gained virtual control of all areas of knowledge, morals, ethics, religion, (and science, as this web page demonstrates!), greatly weakening and often displacing entirely the Biblical teachings in all those areas. The antagonism is real. Is this fear real?

    Is a Biblical Counter-Revolution capable of uncovering a list of deceptions as long as your leg (that are all aimed at undermining its teachings and replacing them with anti-Christ Rabbinic Talmud/Kabbala teachings) what is feared here?? Many Jewish antagonists to the film seem to sense that it could be a precursor to just such a counter-revolution, and they could be correct in that assessment.

    With all that in mind, who then--according to Scripture alone--was indeed responsible for the trial and crucifixion of Jesus? a) the Pharisees--i.e., the Talmud-based religious establishment (not the populace in general, most of whom followed Jesus)?--or; b) the Roman Governor and the Roman soldiers?

    To answer that, it is important first to see how the Gospel of John sets the stage by revealing the irreconcilable hatred of the Pharisaic Religious Establishment for Jesus as much as three years before the crucifixion , that is., right after Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple the first time (Jn.2:15).

    Then we learn that His following increased and "many believed in His name, when they saw the miracles which He did" (v.23). These early miracles led to a visit to Jesus by Nicodemus "a ruler of the Jews" during which he admitted this to Jesus:

"...Rabbi, WE KNOW that thou art a teacher come from God:

for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him. (v.3)

    With every healing that Jesus caused and every teaching that He delivered over the next months and years, His following amongst the people increased dramatically, while at the same time the resistance of the Pharisaic Religious Establishment hardened into implacable hatred of Jesus and His teachings and resulted in the actual decision to murder Him A COUPLE OF YEARS before the arrest, trial, and crucifixion. Note this confirmation of that Scriptural fact which involved a healing done by Jesus in front of the scribes and Pharisees in a synagogue on a Sabbath day:

"And He entered again into the synagogue; and there was a man there

which had a withered hand.

And they watched Him, whether He would heal him on the sabbath day,

that they might accuse Him.

And He sayeth unto the man which had the withered hand, Stand forth.

And He said unto them, Is it lawful to do good on the sabbath days,

or to do evil? to save life, or to kill?

But they held their peace.

And when He had looked round about on them with anger,

being grieved for the hardness of their hearts, He sayeth to the man,

Stretch forth thy hand. And he stretched it out;

and his hand was restored whole as the other.




(Mark 3;1-6. See also: Matthew 12:14 and Luke 6:11, KJV)

"...At once the Pharisees went away and met with the Herodians

to discuss plans for killing Jesus." (Mark 3:6 - Living Bible)

    Failing in several attempts to capture Jesus and carry out their murderous plan, the Pharisees became doubly desperate to put an end to Him after He had raised Lazarus to life, a man who had been dead and entombed four days. With many of the Jewish leaders who saw this great miracle defecting to Jesusí side, the High Priest Caiaphas called the chief priests and the Pharisees to a council several months before the crucifixion where he heard their arguments and then told them:

"...You know nothing at all,

Nor consider that it is expedient for us

that one man should die for the people....

Then from that day forth they took counsel together

to put Him to death." (Jn. 11:49,50,53)

    Knowing that the Jewish leaders were plotting His death, Jesus stopped His public ministry, left Jerusalem and stayed with His disciples for a while at the edge of the desert. Then six days before the Passover He went to Bethany where Mary and Martha--along with their brother Lazarus whom He had raised from the dead--prepared a banquet in His honor. When the ordinary Jewish people of Jerusalem heard where He was, they flocked there to see Him and Lazarus...along with many of the Jewish leaders who had accepted Jesus as their Messiah. These developments were so infuriating that Johnís Gospel (12:10) reports that....

"...the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death..."

    As the hour of Jesusí arrest drew near, Judas gave the chief priests and Pharisees their opportunity to capture Jesus and carry out a plan to murder Him as they had been plotting to do for over two years. After the betrayal, arrest, the beating in Caiaphasí presence, the near-death scourging and mauling by the Roman soldiers, and the crucifixion itself, the movie--except for a brief scene summarizing Jesusí resurrection and the hope that all people can have in His Name--is over.

    The film is a powerful Bible Documentary for reaching essentially the whole world with a very small part of the Bibleís words. Though cinematically delivered in dead languages, any language can readily be put in so that the ineffably heart-grabbing import can reach truth-searching people in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Urdu, and all the rest.

    Interestingly, the Bible says the Gospel (the Good News of Jesus Christ) will go to the whole world before God brings this present world to an end (Rev. 14:6,7), and replaces it with an eternal New Earth (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; II Pet. 3:10-13; REv. 21:1), with a New Jerusalem (Isaiah 65:18,19; Rev. 21:2) where redeemed mankind will dwell with God the Father and Jesus the Son (Rev. 21:3) and all His half-brothers and sisters as joint heirs eternally (Gal. 3:29).

    "It is finished", was Jesusí last utterance on the cruel cross. The great four inch thick tapestry that barred the gentiles way into the holy of holies under the Old Law immediately was torn from top to bottom when Jesus died (Mark 15:38). The old system where Jews alone were Godís "chosen people" was ended forever. The "wall of partition" was torn down; there was to be no more "Jew nor Greek"; the old law was only "a schoolmaster" to bring in a better plan of Godís that could only come to pass with the final sacrifice of the sinless Lamb of God. "If ye be Christís, then are ye Abrahamís seed, and heirs according to the promise" (Gal.3:29).

    This was the new plan made possible by Jesusí obedience to the Scriptures and His Fatherís Will, rather than His own. This Perfect Plan from a Perfect God is open to everybody. There is "no respect of persons". "Whosoever will" is welcome and is invited "to come and take the water of [eternal] life freely" (Rev. 22:17).

    Even honest-hearted Jews are blind to all of this and will zealously fight all attempts to bring Bible Truth into the world in a way they can not control, as their reaction to this "Passion of Christ" documentary attests. The same Bible says this "blindness" will be taken away at a certain point, however, and those with truly honest hearts will accept Jesus and be grafted back into the olive tree "for the fatherís sake" (Rom. 11:23,25,28)...Once the final Act in Godís End Time Drama is down to its last couple of scenes, this "remnant will give glory to the God of heaven" Rev. 11:13. May He hasten the day, for there is surely no hatred of the Jew or anybody else by a Bible Christian. Just the same, no Bible Christian worth his salt is going to role over and let an anti-Christ religion run by a handful of insufferably arrogant Rabbis through the centuries destroy Biblical Christianity. And that goes for any other anti-Christ religion outside of Christendom, as well and the anti-Bible dupes and double agents in its ranks.

    As for that large chunk of the worldís population who dangle between atheism and agnosticism (HERE), I would hope that many who are looking for someone Who loves them enough to die for them will consider going to see Gibsonís Documentary on "The Passion of Jesus", for in those most incomparable twelve hours of this earthís history--there and there alone--they will find what they are looking for. When you go, keep in mind what has been said on these pages and donít let others make a judgment for you. This film is showing every sign of being the opening bars of the Overture to the Sound Track for that Bible-promised End Time Drama. (See book by that title: HERE.) You will want to get on Jesusí side when the time to get out of Babylon (Satanís empire built on lies) arrives (Rev. 18:4).