Whatís Behind The Rising Tide of Paganism

In Christian Churches & World-Wide?

In his new book, Pagans In The Pews, Peter Jones does a truly jam-up job of demonstrating how a sweeping revival of idolatrous Paganism is on the march world-wide and even in Christian Churches. Anyone not aware of this phenomenon will get their eyes opened very wide by Jonesí well-documented, in-depth coverage of this cleverly disguised but very, very major development.

There are, however, two points that Jones makes early on that need to be corrected. This is the first one:

"The real enemy of the Churchís faith is no longer anti-religious

humanism but a revived pagan religion...." 1

While it is true that "a revived pagan religion" is steadily and stealthily being integrated with "anti-religious humanism", this is not the same as saying that "anti-religious humanism" is being replaced by paganism. Indeed, what is going on is not a matter of "Paganism" replacing "anti-religious humanism" at all! Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin!

Rather, what is happening is that a Naturalistic Origins Scenario--which has been promoted relentlessly for generations by a Theoretical Science Establishment-- has succeeded in planting and rooting "religious humanism" philosophy worldwide which has caused a widespread loss of trust in the Bibleís Origins Scenario (and the Koranís, for that matter...).

This loss of trust in Biblical Creationism has undermined the credibility of the entire Bible right on through the New Testamentís Virgin born, crucified and resurrected Jesus Christ.

Paganism--being the spiritually elastic and eclectic form of religion that it is--can tolerate and include a non-Biblical Jesus (e.g., the Koran again) along with a smorgasbord of other "deities". Thus, what is happening is that this revived Paganism is filling a "religious" vacuum created by the well-advanced destruction of the Bibleís credibility. This Bible-destroying agenda is, at bottom, a diabolical strategy which has employed Theoretical Science (i.e., "science falsely so called": I Tim. 6:20) with ever-increasing success since the Copernican Revolution historically began in 1543.

That Revolution ultimately succeeded not only nullifying numerous plain geocentrism Scriptures, thereby blasting a gaping hole in the Bibleís credibility as the inerrant Word of God, it also effectively paved the way for the substitution of the Theoretical Sciences for God as the source of Truth in all areas of "knowledge".

Thus, the steady success of that Revolution (without the first piece of indisputable evidence!) paved the way for the success of the Darwinian Revolution and the concomitant Marxian, Freudian, Einsteinian, Saganian Revolutions. These have all been true Revolutions that have brought about a total restructuring of manís "knowledge" or, as Nietzsche aptly put it: "A transvaluation of values" (HERE). Every aspect of these Revolutions has been based on the alleged destruction and defeat of the credibility of the Bible as the source of all Truth...and on the transfer of that credibility to the pronouncements of the Theoretical Science Establishment.

So, was the ever-humble philosopher Nietzsche right when he said as long ago as the 1880ís: "God is dead; we have killed him with our science"?? We know that Nietzsche is dead, but the announcement of Godís demise was and is more than slightly presumptuous. After all, the elevation of False Science to the status of Creator of all things and the source of all Truth is a fragile premise that has been erected by counterfeiting an "Origins Scenario" that allegedly disproves the "Origins Scenario" given in the Bible. Since this achievement is demonstrably based on factless theoretical science and mathematics, each one of us is a first hand witness of a Global Empire built solely on demonstrable deceptions undergirding every area of manís "knowledge" ...deceptions which can be exposed so swiftly that heads will swim!

Are we talking about a "Humpty-Dumpty Syndrome" here?

Emphatically yes, though we may prefer Godís terminology, namely, "The Fall of Babylon".

Think it through: What else can one call a detailed account written over 1900 years ago about the mask being ripped off of just such a deception-based Global Empire?? This is the very same Empire (Babylon) that: a) Believes itself too entrenched and powerful to ever be exposed; b) Becomes formalized as a World Government; c) Is exposed in "one hour, one day"; d) Is forced to re-group as an overt Satan-worshipping entity; e) Overcomes but cannot harm Christians; f) Suffers under Godís Seven Trumpet Plagues... ending with a one day wipeout of leaders at Armageddon by hundred pound hailstones from the sky; g) Continues under the personal direction of the just paroled Satan for "a little season"; h) Reaches the events of the last day of this earthís history when: #1) The Rapture of dead and living Christians takes place; #2) The general resurrection of all the dead--good and bad--takes place; #3) God totally destroys the earth and it flees away never to be seen again; #4) The New Earth where God will dwell eternally with redeemed mankind comes down out of New Heavens right to the spot at the center of the universe from whence the motionless old earth has fled away.... (Scriptural references for the letters and numbers above are as follows: a) Rev.18:7; b) Rev. 17:12,13,17; 1`3:7; c) Rev. 18:8,10,17,19; d) Rev. 18:2; 13:2,4,7,9; e) Rev. 13:7; 18:4; 9:4,15,20; f) Rev. 8:6,7,8,10,12; 9:1,13; 16:1-17,16 ("day"); 19:20,21; g) Rev. 20:7,3; h) 20:9,10:... #1) I Thess. 4:16,17; #2) John 5:28,29; #3) II Pet. 3:10-13; Rev. 20:9,11; #4) Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; Rev.21:1,2,3. Several short books that magnify the Scriptural certitude of this eschatology can be considered HERE.)

So, the idea that this burgeoning New Age Paganism is an independent phenomenon that is succeeding because "anti-religious humanism" is loosing favor is an idea that misses the point altogether. A more accurate understanding of what is happening is the one just stated, viz., the increasing acceptance of New Age Paganism is inseparable from the established and ever-increasing acceptance of the belief that "Science" has destroyed the Biblical Creation Scenario and has established in its place a Naturalistic Creation Scenario whereby an atom exploded 15 billion years ago and created all that is through an evolutionary process.

This understanding about the rise of Paganism worldwide in general and in Christian Churches in particular is critical to a further understanding of the supernatural accuracy and Authorship of the Bible from start to finish. There is no other explanation for the fulfillment of scores of prophecies over centuries of time. Only an omniscient God could be the Author of such a Book. The prophecy of a the establishment of a Satan-empowered Global Government written over 1900 years ago (!) is now on the verge of fulfillment. This fact alone should be enough to command every honest personís full attention and interest in the Scriptural overview given just above which follows the seating of that Global Government!

There is a reason why it is critical to understand the symbiotic connection between the naturalistic "creation scenario" of modern "science" and the revival of polytheistic Paganism worldwide. That reason is this: The exposure and destruction of the ruling Origins Scenario of the Naturalistic Science Establishment will simultaneously expose and destroy the Pagan offensive in the Churches.

How so?

As one would expect, and as could scarcely be otherwise, demonstrating that the "Origins Scenario" of the Theoretical Science Establishment (Big Bangism, earthly and extraterrestrial evolutionism) is contra-scientific mythology will automatically result in a forced quantum leap in the restoration of the credibility of the Biblical Origins Scenario. Such a restoration would--with equal certainty--beget an irrepressible leap forward in the restoration of the credibility of the rest of the Bible. Ipso facto, the gap which "science falsely so called" has created in the Churches, and which Paganism is filling, would be snapped shut very quickly and very securely.

This will not end Paganism in the world, of course, because a clear majority of people in (and out) of the churches are not following and do not want to follow an inerrant Bible. That is why it is so easy for Paganism to move in and take over. And that is why Godís Judgment begins at the "house of God" (HERE). And that is why the World Government that is re-formed after being exposed in the Fall of Babylon (i.e., Fall of all Satanís deceptions) is an OVERTLY Satan-worshipping, OVERTLY PAGAN SYSTEM.

Nevertheless, regardless of how much resistance and how much receptivity can be expected in Christian Churches (and elsewhere) to any attempt to restore Biblical credibility by attacking the vulnerable Origins Model backed by todayís Theoretical Science Establishment, the fact remains that this very Establishment is both responsible for targeting and seeking to replace the Biblical Creation Model and is vulnerable to exposure and defeat on at least two fronts.


That brings us to a second quotation from Jonesí book which recognizes and states the basic problem in all of this, but fails to identify the cause of the problem in any way that can offer a solution:

"...the fundamental contrast has always been between Christianity

and Paganism, the idols and the living God." 2

One can certainly agree that "idols" are the heartbeat of polytheistic Paganism and, as such, are the antithesis of Christianity. No problem there. But what Idol is there that has been challenging the very foundation of Christianity (an inerrant Bible) for a long time which is not directly or indirectly beholden to, empowered by, and dependent upon the continued control of Origins "knowledge" by the theoretical, naturalistic cosmological and biological science establishments?!

It is, in fact, readily demonstrable that all of the academic subject "disciplines" covering the five categories of knowledge (Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and Religions) are governed by a naturalistic, anti-Bible mindset (HERE). Even the major "social" issues of our time are direct reflections of a societal struggle to resist or accommodate that naturalistic mindset. All of this brainwashing will be evident when the Copernican and Darwinian foundations of Origins teachings are exposed as the contra-scientific mythologies that they are (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE.)

Consider for example: The radical environmental "Mother Earth" idolatry which is wholly committed to and dependent upon an unqualified acceptance of macro-Evolutionism...whether neo-Darwinian or Wickramsingheian or some hybrid thereof. This dependence is the leit motif in the abundant UN sponsored environmental literature. No one argues with it; it is the accepted basis of the biological "sciences" after all.

So then, is the Mother Gaia fixation an Idol? Of course it is. Is it a religion? Of course it is. What kind of religion? Animistic Paganism. Can it ever be Biblical? No. Is it always destructive of Biblical credibility and hence, ultimately, of Christianity? Yes. Is it a major factor in the intrusion of Paganism into the churches? Yes, without the slightest doubt.

And what about the radical pro-choice Abortion Advocates? It would be a safe bet that the vast majority of easy abortion advocates believe that humans are evolved animals and that is why it makes killing them before they get born philosophically acceptable. (This mentality reaches its natural apotheosis in the minds of Pagan population reduction fanatics such as Ted Turner who advocate reducing the worldís population to 1/2 billion [i.e., "getting rid of" 9 out of 10 people now alive]. The last anyone has heard, Mr. Turner has not offered to get the ball rolling on this solution by volunteering himself to be "gotten rid of" as a human sacrifice on a Pagan altar for the good of the surviving remnant.)

And what about the exponential increase in evermore kinky and perverse sexuality inundating the Net and all other media with hard core pornography and pandering? Is all this an old Idol put on afterburners by a technology programmed by folks convinced that we are all meaningless creatures evolved up out of the slime and that Biblical man created by God has been ruled out by "science"? Yes. Is this souped-up old Idol a BIG component of Paganismís revival? Yes. Does this Idol have the allegiance of a hefty percentage of active as well as nominal Christians? Yes. (Recent polls say porn is a major problem amongst church leaders as well as with the laity.)

The bottom line here is that this hyper-sexuality is another form of Pagan Idolatry that is sweeping not only the secular world but is impacting the Christian Churches as well. Whatís behind it all? The Pill? Easy abortions? Ubiquitous Pornography? Drugs? Condoms in schools? Free samples of Viagra? Will and Grace? Coupling??

Yes, but these are not "causes" in the primary sense. No way! They are, however, the results of an identifiable primary cause. And so it is with the truth still being heard from some pulpits to the effect that the widespread breakdown of the guidelines for moral standards and restraints taught in the Christian Bible is the "cause" behind the rise in Pagan Idolatry...all of which is reflected in the perversion oriented sexual revolution now overtly moving from second to third gear in its justification of homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, and necrophilia, roughly in that order. Without the slightest question, this too is A cause, but it is not THE cause. THE cause is whatever it is that has brought about the increasing abandonment of trust in the Bible as the embodiment of Divine Authority on every subject and form of behavior that affects mankind, sexual or not.

What then is THE cause?

Anyone who genuinely seeks the answer to that question will assuredly find it. Conclusions will not vary once an honest search is made. There is nothing hypothetical, theoretical, or philosophical about the identity of THE cause of the increasing abandonment of trust in the Bible for answers to questions about morality and everything else. THE cause for this transvaluation of values is the alternative, naturalistic creation scenario that is finalizing its displacement of the Biblical Creation Scenario (similar in the Koran) and the subsequent destruction of the credibility of all of the Bible. The incredible mythology taught as "science" everywhere is what has raised up the Science Idol that has mesmerized both the secular and the religious worlds. This Idol is the one that has opened the door to the hybridization of Christianity with a Paganism that is subverting Churches whilst masquerading as ecumenism and tolerance for anything so long as it is done in "love".

Thus boiled down to its lowest common denominator and understood--as it will be when Babylon Falls--everyone will be obliged to make a choice between the two Creation Accounts (cf. Rev. 14:7). One account tells us that an atom exploded 15 billion years ago and created the sun, moon, stars, the earth (4.6 billion years ago), all plant and animal life, and human beings. This is the "scientifically certified account" of the creation of all that is. This account is textbook truth in the schools and universities (with a few "religious" holdouts) and is incessantly promoted planet wide by all media. No God is needed, required, or accepted amongst "scientific" purists in this account, and pure atheism is their philosophical bottom line.

Many (one poll showed 40%) think that a compromise between this "purist" position of atheism and some acknowledgment of a God behind it all is a moderate position. These folks would classify themselves as "Theistic Evolutionists" or "Deists" or "Agnostics" of one sort or another. These recognize the fundamentally impossible nature of the "purist scientific" explanation. That is to say, these "Theistic Evolutionists" recognize that the mind-boggling and near infinite examples of hard evidence of meticulous design and function and purpose in all that exists demands a designer with a big "D". There is no way around this conclusion for a mind that is still functioning and will look at the design evidence.

However, the thing that is not being understood--or admitted if it is understood--is that this quasi-dichotomous compromise does not represent another separate and different view about the acceptance or rejection of the "scientific" explanation of the creation of the universe and all life forms. Both models accept the Relativistic Big Bang Expanding Universe Paradigm and the Evolutionary Paradigm as scientifically established facts. Both of them. As far as the Bibleís Creation Account is concerned, both of these views reject it as something disproved by "science". There is no argument there. Hence, both views accomplish the same end as far as rejecting the foundational Creation "Scenario" of the Bible is concerned. Both replace the Bible Account with the Naturalistic Creation "Scenario" promoted by the Theoretical Science Establishment.

That is to say, the two models are identical in their effect, namely, they both destroy not only the Creation Account in the Bible, they both destroy the foundation for credible trust in the rest of the Bible including, of course, the New Testament of Jesus Christ. As for the Atheists (HERE)--since a Virgin Birth, Resurrection, etc., all defy known scientific laws-- that knowledge is sufficient to destroy the credibility of the entire Bible for these people...and understandably so! After all, the Atheist reasons, who but a superstitious fanatic can believe anything in a book that tells of parting the Red Sea and a Virgin Birth and scores of other miracles IF the foundational premise of that book--a miraculous Creation of everything...including a non-moving earth--is utterly falsified and relegated to the loony-bin by virtually the entire "Science Establishment"?!

So it is then that Atheists wholly accept the "science" that destroys the Creationist foundation of Biblical credibility and--with that somewhat logical leg to stand on--throw out the entire Bible. (Are we talking about 100ís of millions of people here?)

Yet, remarkably, while this understanding goes far in explaining the Atheist position, the "Theistic Evolutionists" who agree with the Atheist that "science" has destroyed Biblical Creationism and all Scriptures that depend on that account, may or may not maintain that they still believe in certain other miraculous parts of the Bible (the Virgin Birth, etc.) and may or may not claim to be serious Christians.

This logically untenable position may be the result of genuinely believing that the "science" with which they have been indoctrinated from every quarter is factual and beyond challenge. If that is the case, any personal desire to maintain faith in God in spite of what "science" has done to the credibility of the entire Bible may reflect a commendable willingness to believe the Creation Account which is only prevented from coming to fruition in their minds by the depth of the indoctrination they have received.

Such as these (and they also number in the scores...perhaps hundreds of millions) will increase their faith tremendously by making the rather easy discovery that there is not the first piece of indisputable scientific evidence for either the Big Bang Paradigm or the Darwinian or Panspermian Evolutionary Paradigms (HERE). Until such a discovery is achieved, these folks are vulnerable to the pseudo-intellectual blandishments of the neo-Pagans that have infiltrated their churches.

On the other hand, if these "Theistic Evolutionists" or "Agnostics", etc., really are glad that the Naturalistic Creation Scenario (Big Bangism/Evolutionism) has the Scientific Community behind it, and they can thereby dismiss the Bible and believe whatever they want to about God, it is virtually certain that all such folk will resist any and all efforts to reveal the true scientific facts that destroy evolutionism... both the cosmic and terrestrial varieties. These are those who are causing the hybridization of Christianity with Paganism. These are those who want to be "religious", but are the implacable covert enemies of Biblical Christianity. These are those who may get on Godís side temporarily when Babylon Falls, but will recant and join the Satan worshippers when faced with the options presented during the Mark of the Beast period.

Thus, those who know that evolutionism is not only contra-Biblical but also contra-scientific nonsense are the only ones left trying to hold the fort against encroaching Paganism in the churches. According to polls these Creationist Fundamentalists comprise about 40% of Christians in the USA. In Europe and elsewhere that percentage is much lower. The same poll showed England at 5%.

Moreover, evidence that the Fundamentalist defenses of Biblical Creationism are steadily being eroded by the unrelenting pressure from the Evolutionist Lobby in the schools and the media is not hard to come by. This erosion promises that the beachhead being established in Fundamentalist churches by Paganismís Special Forces (preaching ecumenical tolerance for all religions) will continue its advance. The Fundamentalistís grip on Biblical Creationism and Absolute Truth throughout the Bible will shortly not be allowed to co-exist and compete with pantheistic Paganismís chief Idol of "science falsely so called". The "Tolerant" Ones will see to that. The next step--Making Biblical Christianity a "Hate Crime"--will then be just a hop, skip, and jump away on the "Tolerant" Oneís agenda (HERE).


Finally, the Copernican Keystone (HERE) of every aspect of this Satanic strategy for destroying the credibility of the Bible with his False Science Idol and replacing worship of the True God with Animistic Paganism is something that anyone can fully understand if they want to. This Keystone of Copernican Heliocentricity--a rotating, orbiting Earth--is also the Achilles Heel of all that is built upon it, i.e., the entire array of Bible-bashing Naturalistic "Science" Idols. But this Keystone is transcendently important beyond all that because it is the one booby-trap, the one trip-wire...the one detonator...that is capable of causing ALL deceptions in every field of maní s "knowledge" to implode. The reasons for this extraordinary capability are readily grasped and appreciated. They include:

A) The indisputable reality that every literate person in the world has been taught that it is a "fact" that "science" has proven beyond any shadow of doubt that the Earth rotates on an "axis" daily and orbits the sun annually. The exposure of this conviction as a philosophical construct wholly dependent on invented arcane mathematics, fraudulent use of technology, unrelenting propagandizing and indoctrination, and a desire to get rid of the Biblical Creation Account which includes a non-moving Earth, is an exposure that will shatter all confidence in other convictions that are dependent on theoretical science. In so doing, this focused exposure of Copernicanism will additionally prepare peopleís minds--as the exposure of no other lie can do--to anticipate, accept, and adjust to the exposure of other deeply believed mega-deception dominos which will fall when Babylon is laid bare.

B) A bucket of cold water in the face is delivered to those who dismiss believers in Biblical Creationism as religious nuts. This wake-up comes when these critics find out that the very foundation of their own beliefs in modern textbook cosmology (Relativity, Big Bangism, an Expanding Universe) were set forth in the 13th century by Rabbi Nachmanades in the Kabbala, a "holy book" that is enjoying an "out of the closet" prominence today! The bottom line here is that Copernican- based cosmology in all of its present day big bang extrapolations represents the fulfillment of a "creation account" in a "holy book" of mystic, anti-Christ Kabbalism! Thus, that which is believed by the world to be a non-religious "Origins Scenario" produced by high-minded secular scientists dedicated to freeing people from ignorant religious superstitions...turns out to be a bunch of badly deceived Theoretical Science Establishment Evangelists zealously "preaching" a Creation Story from a "holy book" called the Zohar/ Kabbala (or Cabala)!! (Go HERE  & HERE for proof of Kabbala sources of modern cosmology...and HERE to learn that the g'd of this religion is Satan.)

That this "preaching" of the Kabbalist "Creation Scenario" by Theoretical Scientists is in direct and deadly competition with the Biblical "Creation Scenario" there can be no doubt.  And, that the effect of this deadly competition has been to radically weaken the credibility not only of the Biblical Creation Account, but also to deprive the Biblical Account of Jesus of credibility, there can, again, be no doubt.

Since there is no disagreement that the Zohar/Kabbala is an overtly anti-Christian "holy book", dedicated--along with the Talmud: (HERE)--to the destruction of the religion based on Jesus and His New Testament, one can see that the stakes in this competition between the reality of non-theoretical cosmological science and the virtual reality of theoretical cosmological science (HERE) are as high as they can get.

How high is that? Are the stakes high enough in this competition to bring about the "war" prophesied in the Bible against a freshly seated World Government empowered by Satan...a "war" which is won by Jesus (Rev.17:12-14)?? What great deceptions will be revealed in this "war" (i.e., the Fall of Confusion/Babylon) which now rule not only in the religions of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism...and Paganism itself, but in the ostensibly "secular" pursuits of knowledge in the "sciences" and other learning "disciplines" which themselves are loaded with deception??

Is there a Sovereign Creator God Who spelled out His Perfect Plan for mankind long ago, stating specifically that it would kick-in right after a World Government was seated, and would expose and ultimately destroy every deception that Satan has devised to thwart that Plan??

Look for plain answers to these and related questions in PART II of "Whatís Behind The Rising Tide of Paganism In Christian Churches & World-Wide" HERE.


1 - Peter Jones, Pagans In The Pews, Regal Pub., Ventura, California, 2001, p. 31.

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