Whatís Behind The Rising Tide of Paganism

In Christian Churches and World-Wide?

    In Part I it was demonstrated that Paganism is making a big comeback in the world in general--and even in Christian Churches--because the Biblical Creation Account has nearly been destroyed by the Theoretical Science Establishmentís "Creation Account" (which basically says that an atom exploded 15 billion years ago and created all that exists through a random chance evolutionary process).

    This "scientific" scenario with its layered assumptions--all of which deny plain observational evidence--has for some time ruled the roost where it counts, i.e., in academia and the media. This "Origins Scenario" of triumphant scientism has almost replaced the Creation Account in the Bible (similar in the Koran) as the "Truth" in modern manís "knowledge bank" about the Origin of all that exists in the universe and on Earth.

    Little wonder then that this "knowledge" about Origins--upon which ALL Truth and knowledge must come to rest--has entered the Christian Church and eaten away at the foundation of its credibility, i.e., the accuracy of its Biblical Account of the Origin of all that exists in the universe and on Earth.  In structuring his bank of "knowledge" no man has gone further back than "the beginning" of the universe. The "beginning" is the foundation...the starting point upon which all knowledge--the heavens, the earth, and all life forms--must be built, is it not?

    Surely then it is beyond argument that the account of that beginning which a person believes to be true will form the cornerstone of all the "knowledge" that he/she builds upon that belief. So it has been with the Christian belief in the Bibleís "Origins Scenario" given in the first verse of the first book of the Bible: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth". Upon the truthfulness of that statement rests the credibility of the entire Bible and any church calling itself Christian.

    If thinking man can figure out this simple, indisputable reality, it is certain that he can also figure out other realities that relate specifically to the 15 billion year accidental Origins Scenario of the Theoretical Science Establishment, and the six day purposefully designed Origins Scenario of the Bible (and the Koran..). Some of those realities are: 1) In their purest forms these two Models are mutually exclusive and irreconcilable. 2) Any attempt at compromise between these two irreconcilable Origins Scenarios ultimately destroys the credibility of both. 3) Some sort of pantheistic Paganism with Satan at the helm is the certain victor in any effort to combine the two.

    It is just such an effort that is getting up a full head of steam in the churches, under the guise, of course, of ecumenical tolerance and equality for all beliefs as long as they are intolerant toward Bible Christianity and are equally intolerant of any attempts to question the Evolutionary Origins Scenario.

(Parenthetically, it is important to understand that this scenario is precisely what the Bible spells out as being Satanís goal. We read of Satan boasting that he will be worshipped "like the most high" (Is.14:13,14), and we read of that goal being fulfilled during the reign of the Beast of the Revelation during which 3 1/2 years Satan is overtly worshipped under the rule of a Global Government which he empowers (Rev. 13:2b,4). Those who do follow and worship Satan and his human leader after both are unmasked in the Fall of Babylon do so because they love lies over truth (Jn. 8:44; II Thess.2:10). They eagerly believe what is perhaps Satanís greatest lie, namely, that he will win over God (Rev. 13:4). It is written that Satan himself knows that "he has but a short time" (Rev.12:12), and that his demise will come as described in Rev.20:10. More, he knows that he will end up being eternally "looked upon and marveled at" (Is. 14:16,17) along with all the other transgressors who are carcasses and will be somewhere outside the New Jerusalem on the New Earth (Is. 66:24; Rev. 21:27; 22:15). Biblically, Satan is a created non-air breathing life form who/which has had "no truth in him from the beginning" (Jn. 8:44)... who was created to be Godís antithesis in order that Godís Perfect Plan for defeating evil eternally could be carried out the only way it could be carried out in perfect justice for all who have lived. Permitting Satanís doctrine-twisting specialists to work in churches (I Tim. 4:1b), God ordained Satan to be "god of this world" (II Cor. 4:4) and has allowed him to build up his kingdom of confusion (Babylon) based on Bible- contradicting deceptions. "One hour" after the 1900 year old prophecy of a Global Government is fulfilled (Rev. 17:12,13) the Gov. will be "overcome by Jesus and His called, chosen, and faithful followers" (17:14) and forced to openly become the Satan worshipping entity (18:2; 13:4) that was prophesied in writing in the 1st century AD. The Greek for "overcome" (#ís 3528,29) is " to get the victory". Since what follows after this victory is plainly described as a forced split of the worldís populations into Satan worshippers (18:2; 13:4) and Christian "saints" who have been "overcome" in another "war" on the heels of the Lambís victory (13:7) it is certain that the "war" that results in the victory of Jesus and His followers is a total victory of Truth over Satanís Lies which constitute the glue that holds his world empire (Mt. 4:8,9) of Babylon (confusion) together. This is why exposing the Copernican Lie is so important. It--the Copernican lie--is the single most successful deception in Satanís career...and he has the most riding on it. It, therefore, will be the first domino to fall in the Fall of Babylon, followed in very short order by the Darwinian lie and all the deceptive isms riding on that pagan myth. Remarks above about the carcasses of transgressors on the eternal New Earth bring to the fore the essence of another of the great deceptions in the Churches--the false teachings about an eternal torture-chamber Hell.   Go HERE.  for a One Page Summary of a book that will lay out the Scriptures that expose this diabolical deception which is a domino that will go down when Babylon Falls. And go HERE for another One Page Summary of a book that provides the Scriptures that expose all the deceptive teachings about Satan that have created such confusion in the world and which must go down with a host of other false doctrine dominos, large and small, in the coming Fall of Babylon....)

[... I just felt like throwing all that in for those who are beginning to see the reason why God has allowed the worldís greatest deception, i.e., Copernicanism, to reach its level of universal acceptance as "truth". That false science "angel of light truth" prepared the way for the rise of a False Science Idol geared to destroy Biblical Creationism and all Bible credibility right on through the New Testament of Jesus Christ. It was launched in mid 16th century at the beginning of the end of Godís Plan set forth in the Bible. God planned it all this way (Acts 15:18). HE did so in order that the exposure of this universally believed deception would reveal its author and bring down all of modern manís Bible destroying "knowledge" (HERE). This Plan of Godís alone (not deceptive Millennial and Preterist "End Time Doctrines") will fulfill the prophecies of Jesus about a Satan worshipping world (with Christians still here...overcome but protected: Rev. 13:7; 18:4) as the last scenes in the Last Act of Godís End Time Drama are played out.]


    Now back to why both the Biblical and the "Scientific" Origins Models are being taken over by ecumenical lovey-doveyness as a prelude to bringing about a Satanic Synthesis of false religion and false science...

    Any deviation from either Model of the Origins Scenario automatically destroys the credibility of the Model. Think about it. If the foundation of the Biblical Model is destroyed or compromised, the seed for the destruction of the credibility of the entire Bible has been sown and will lead to "the post-Christian era", which is what Historians are already calling this third millennium since Christ.

Thus, as described in other terms in PART I (HERE), when the foundational Christian Thesis of a six day creation of everything some six thousand years ago succumbs to and attempts to align itself with its "scientific" Evolutionary Antithesis, the rest of the Bible looses its credibility and paves the way for a new Synthesis to arise. When this new synthesis enters the Churches it moves into the vacuum left by the Bibleís alleged demise and Paganism becomes the new Thesis.

    Likewise, essentially the same formula applies to any compromise of the Purely Secular Model of "creation" or "origins". If its foundational godless "Creation" Model--i.e., its "Thesis"--is compromised, i.e., if the Purists accept some kind of supernatural explanation for all that exists (which they are absolutely forced to do by the sheer design and function of endless examples all around every one of us),  then credibility of the entire "purely scientific" Model is, in fact, no longer viable HERE. This unavoidable compromise with its former Antithesis--a compromise whereby a Supernatural creator of some sort is accepted --also results in a Synthesis. Thus, when the credibility of the Purest/Atheistic philosophy/religion is destroyed at its "creationist" roots and is forced to incorporate supernaturalism into its system, the same kind of vacuum grabs the new Synthesis by the throat and ushers Paganism--a new Thesis--onto the world stage. (In this context, Hegelís "Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis, " idea reaches its apotheosis....)

    We already know a good bit about the way this Synthesis is being brought to fruition in Christendom by the Theoretical Science Establishmentís near-destruction of the Creation Account taught in the Bible. And we are suddenly witnessing a dramatic rise of Paganism in Churches as a result of this widespread attempt to accept the "Origins Scenario" of a godless cosmology in place of the "Origins Scenario" of the Bible. The goal in all this Bashing of the Bible with the velvet hammer of ecumenical tolerance for all religions is well advanced. That goal is to reduce Jesus to a "good teacher" and "nice guy" status. "Really now (canít you hear it?), this Son of God dogmatism is just unacceptable in our enlightened age. I mean, Jesus can have billing alongside Buddha and Mohammed and Confucius and the Dali Lama, Zoroaster, and Elvis, but weíve got to be tolerant of all religions and beliefs, yíknow, `and that is that. After science has shown us... there is no Absolute Truth about god and we need to proceed on that basis allowing everybody to worship whatever they want to...." Puke.

    Aside from the dumb conclusion echoed throughout academia that "there is no Absolute Truth"...dumb because it is stated as an Absolute Truth...just suppose there is not only absolute truth about a host of things (ex. real scientific facts), but suppose that the Bible really does contain the Absolute Truth given to mankind by God just as it declares and just as billions of smart people have confirmed over thousands of years.... Go a step further with that supposition: Suppose that this embodiment of Absolute Truth from God in the Bible is the sole target that Satan--created with no truth in him by a God who makes no mistakes (Jn.8:44)-- must any and all deceptive means in his power...including the erection of false religions and false science??

    Few would argue that Satanís success in destroying Biblical integrity is not far advanced in the churches. But, not to worry! In this supposition that the destruction of Biblical integrity is Satanís primary goal--which is a thoroughly defensible supposition--we cannot loose sight of the Scriptural fact that all of Satanís initiatives must be viewed as part of a Sovereign Godís Plan which was fully codified before the beginning of the world (Acts 15:18; Eph. 1:4; I Pet. 1:20; etc.).

    That this is THE Plan of God is evident by the simple fact of supernatural fulfillment of prophesies. Leaving aside over 300 documented prophecy fulfillments from the Old Testament into the first century A.D., let us focus on just one fulfillment that is coming to pass before our very eyes. This is the fulfillment of a prophecy put in writing over 1900 years ago, namely the prophecy of a One World Government.

    No other religionís holy books even remotely compare with such a proof of supernatural origin. None. This same kind of proof of supernatural origin can be seen repeatedly in the historically recorded fulfillment of scores of Old Testament prophecies over a 1500 year period,. Only an omniscient God can make such prophecies and fulfill them to the letter hundreds of years down the road. Only an omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent God could describe over an 1100 year period from Moses (Genesis 3:15) through Isaiah (Is. 53) and on through Zechariah (9:9; 11:12,13; etc.) thirty specific prophecies about the crucifixion of Jesus that are historically corroborated to have been fulfilled in one day!

    If you want to mess with that kind of God Who is capable of that kind of foreknowledge and the power to bring it to pass--not to mention the entire design of all creation!--itís your call! But, be assured you will lose! HE has made it plain that there is an eternal paradise on a New Earth in His Plan, and that "whosoever will" (Rev. 22:17) can be there. This Plan beats all the other claimants coming and going. If you hate deceptions and can eagerly embrace the Truths that are going to expose those deceptions in the Fall of Babylon youíll be on your way. Donít let false pride stand in your way when you find out how many deceptions have fooled you. Itís happened to all of us. The main thing (for those not inclined to have Satan as their god) is to change and follow every Truth that God will show us and will confirm in His Word. HE will receive ALL who come seeking Him in this manner with an honest heart for, unlike the god of any other religion, HE is "no respecter of persons" (Rom. 2:11):

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. and if ye be Christís, then are ye Abrahamís seed, and heirs according to the promise (Gal.3:28,29).


As demonstrated in PART I and elsewhere (HERE - HERE) the destruction of the Biblical Creation Model began over 450 years ago with the gradual acceptance of the Copernican Model of the "solar system" and the subsequent total rejection of the Biblically taught non-moving Earth with the sun going around daily. This Copernican Model accomplished three things necessary to the goal of destroying Bible Credibility as the source of Godís revealed Truth to mankind on all matters and making "Naturalistic Science" the new source of Truth to mankind. Note:

1) First and foremost the acceptance of Copernicanism was a declaration that the Bible was wrong and fallible on a basic creation matter, i.e., a non moving Earth with the sun going around daily (as observed and never disproved, and with no sun to go around until the 4th day in the Biblical account).

2) With the gradual acceptance of the Copernican Model and the apparent exposure of the Bibleís fallibility, a Theoretical Science Establishment had gained a solid beachhead in an all-out war to discredit the entire Bible, and most especially the New Testament of Jesus Christ.

3) As shown HERE this apparent defeat of Bible Geocentrism translated into an ongoing conquest of those areas of manís knowledge known as the Physical Sciences. Next--through Darwinism--came the ongoing conquest of those areas of manís knowledge known as the Natural Sciences. With the Bible on the ropes, various forms of atheistic Marxist socialism initiated an ongoing conquest of the Social Sciences, with the full understanding expressed by its leaders that communist/socialist physics could allow nothing in the universe (i.e., the Biblical Earth) to be stationary (HERE). On the heels of that movement, Freudís pagan sexuality (totally evolution based) began its Bible-destroying rampage, conquering the Behavioral Sciences in a century-long struggle to re-define every sort of family- wrecking perversion as legally normal behavior. The next goal--already well advanced--is to equate all opposition to legalized perversion as fundamentalist Bible bigotry that must be Hate-Crimed out of existence (HERE). Arts and Education embraced the new conqueror and increasingly glorified cacophonous noise as music, meaningless and grotesque blobs of paint and welded pipes and radiators as visual art, pages of intellectual drivel and salacious meanderings as literature, and, in short, the complete replacement of the most foundational knowledge there can be (i.e., Origins Knowledge), from a Creator/God basis to a Science/no god basis in every facet of "education" (spelled: "indoctrination").

    The only aspect of manís "knowledge" left was in the area of Religion, and we have seen how naturalistic "science" has all but blown away Bible-based Creationism and crippled the rest of the Bible. The same thing has happened with Orthodox Judaism which adhered to the Biblical Creation account given by God through Moses. The Zionist controllers of Judaismís direction for over a century have marginalized the influence of the Orthodox Jewís influence ever since Zionist Einstein rescued Copernicanism from the negative interferometer experiment results with his Relativity baloney and set the course for the Theoretical Science Establishment throughout the 20th century. Go HERE for a look at that historical progression and the personages involved. (Also, many have praised the coverage on Einstein in The Earth Is Not Moving...if you want some real tidbits on Big Al: HERE.)

    As for the impact on the Creation Account in the Koran in particular and the Islamic religion affecting some 1.2 billion Moslems today in general, I am presently learning some things that may help clarify a lot of Moslem distrust and dislike for the Zionist Jews and the U S support of Israel today. There is a major factor in the current and ongoing and increasingly volatile Near East theater of international relations that has gotten practically no attention in all this turmoil...a factor which will be addressed in a Monthly Bulletin as soon as I can get it together. In the meantime, go HERE to see the references in the Koran which declare a non-moving Earth...and be reminded that the Creation Account in the Koran is essentially the same as the one in the Bible. As to whether increased Paganism is evident in Moslem Mosques, I have no information as yet.

    As for the impact of naturalistic science and increasing paganism on the religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, and Taoism, it appears that each of these has benefited from that impact, due chiefly to disaffected Christians and "religious" humanists looking for something else to believe in, Pagan or not. The whole evolutionism concept seems especially compatible with the reincarnation concept upholding the "wheel of life" backbone of Hinduism. Suffice it to say that a wholesale discrediting of the evolutionary claims of the Naturalistic Science Establishment would essentially undermine all of the Eastern Religions and throw the issue back on the Christian, Moslem, Judaism firing line.

Right now, confusion reigns and "Science" is out front in the "religion" sweepstakes, i.e., sweepstakes that have increasingly gone to the "science" establishment as the most successful promoter of its Origins Scenario. As made clear HERE and elsewhere, the five essential features of this ostensibly Secular Scientific Origins Scenario (Billions of years, Heliocentricity,Relativism, Big Bangism, an Expanding Universe) are all outlined by 1st, 13th, and 16th century Rabbis in a "holy book" called the Zohar/Kabbala. Hence, the world conquering Origins Scenario of todayís Theoretical Science Establishment is really nothing more nor less than a long concealed but massive deception whereby the teaching of Kabbalistic "creationism" has been presented and received as factual secular "science"!

    There is a tendency to brush off this startling discovery that the main props holding up modern cosmologyís Origins Scenario are found in a mystic "holy book" that is overtly hostile to and destructive of the Origins Scenario of the Bible. Itís just a fluke of history, a bazaar coincidence, many will say. Others, however--seeing that the triumphant secular scenario is made up of factless assumptions stretching back to Copernicus--the ultimate destroyer of the Bibleís credibility--will detect a whole lot more than "coincidence" at work here! Mindful of I Tim. 6:20,21 (..."science falsely so called") and II Cor. 4:4 (Satan is "the god of this world who blinds the minds of unbelievers..."), Christians who have the Holy Spirit of Truth abiding in them (along with multitudes of honest-hearted folks with common sense) should be able to put two and two together!

    When that is done the spiritual nature of the ever-present warfare between the Bible and "science" becomes starkly clear: The Bible has never been at war with real science. Never. But--since the Copernican Revolution in particular--it has been at war with a Satanic counterfeit of science with a Bible-destroying agenda derived from a Christ-hating mystic religion posing as science and fooling the world and the churches of Christendom.

    The plot thickens and pantheistic Paganism is stepping to center stage not only in the world but also in thoroughly deceived and confused Christian Churches with their Bible-less smorgasbord of doctrines pushing and pulling them down the ecumenical road to Biblical treason.

    Paganism--the end-game of deceptive ecumenism--is a cafeteria style religion with a choice of a variety of gods that may vary from region to region but is united on one thing, viz., There is no One Real God with One Real Truth. Historically, Pagan rituals have included Bacchanalian/Dionysian type orgies and revelries fueled by "substance abuse" and characterized by open homosexuality, bestiality, and not infrequently, human sacrifice. The Bible speaks of a temple practice where prostitutes engage in coitus with dogs (Deut.23:18). Lest anyone wonder how anything so primitive as Paganism could return as the fastest growing religion in the modern world, let that person look no further than the sudden and dramatic explosion of this same sexual license that has invaded every living room, school room, theater, and computer screen. And let all that be fused in peopleís minds with the "science"-backed assurances that we are all meaningless specks of flotsam in a universe of evolving apparitions, and you come up with where we stand today.

    In this climate can there be any reason to think that this Satanic invasion would stop at the door of "Christian" churches where there are already wholesale apostasies from the supernaturally given plain teachings of the Bible??

    If there is no true religion in the world telling of a true God and His Plan, then Paganism makes sense. After all, if the universe, the Earth, and life are all just meaningless accidents of explosions, gases, gravitational forces, heat, etc., then why shouldnít people "just eat, drink, and make merry, for tomorrow they die"?

If, however, such a naturalistic Origins Scenario is pure mythology, defying as it does, literally millions of examples of observationally confirmed incredible design everywhere we look, then it is time for those who hate such deception to stand up against it boldly and just as boldly stand up for the inescapable Designer God behind all that exists.

    Once that is done it will become perfectly clear which religions are also massive deceptions from the "father of lies" (Jn.8:44) and which religion is from that Sovereign Designer God Who cannot be denied nor defeated by manís puny myths.

    Paganism denies this Sovereign Designer God with His beautiful Plan for eternal life on a New Earth, a Plan promised in writing (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22-24; Rev. 21:1), and as real and sure as the air we breathe. Make no mistake, the culmination of this Plan on this old earth will be carried out to the letter of what is written. False science, false religions, false doctrines, and the false gods of Paganism are all doomed in this Plan.

    But first, all must prepare to decide which way they will go concerning the most rudimentary wisdom of all, namely, did an all-powerful and purposeful God create all that exists, or did it all happen by accident as the Theoretical Science Idol tells us? One view says: "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom" (Psalm 111:10, and: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Gen.1:1) The other view says: "There is no fear of God before the eyes of the wicked" (Psalm 36:1), and: "God is dead, we have killed him with our science" (Nietzsche), and "The explosion of a "cosmic egg" 15 billion years ago created all that exists" (todayís "science").

    The Bible says the "everlasting Gospel" of Jesus Christ will be preached to everybody in the world just before Satanís empire of Babylon falls (Rev. 14:6,8) and that Godís Judgment will focus on settling the Creation Issue so that all will have that rudimentary wisdom to receive or reject (II Thess. 2:10). Notice this focus (Rev. 14:7): "Fear God and worship Him; for the hour of His judgment is come: and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters."

    It all begins with Godís Judgment on the Creation Issue. And that Judgment "...begins at the house of God...." (I Pet. 4:17). What happens then can be understood HERE....