Whither the "Origins Program"

Under NASA’s New Administrator??

(Note update on new Director on last page....)

    The Space Frontier Foundation "was the first civic space group to call for the resignation of the last administrator" [of NASA, Daniel Goldin]. Congratulating Pres. Bush for his choice of former Navy Secretary Sean O’Keefe to replace Goldin, Foundation President Rick Tumlinson said:

"NASA has lied and fudged its numbers for so long

that no one believes them anymore.... Mr. O’Keefe has a real

chance to bring some sanity and integrity back to our

national space effort.... From what we have heard, Mr.

 O’Keefe may be just the man to straighten out the mess

 at NASA...." 1

    Daniel Goldin, NASA’s previous--and longest serving Administrator (since 1992)--was noted for his close identification with Carl Sagan’s fixation on finding extraterrestrial life through NASA’s tax-funded space explorations (HERE). Indeed, this theme is spelled out in MIT’s "Tech Talk" publication wherein Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics, Laurence R. Young, director of the National Space Biomedical Institute, is quoted giving the accolades to retired Administrator Goldin who was the principal speaker at the MIT Commencement on June 8, 2001:

"He [Goldin] started the Origins Program to understand the

evolution of life on earth and determine if it exists elsewhere....

Dan Goldin brought life sciences onto NASA’s center stage.

From the Astrobiology Institute ["Exobiologist" Sagan’s "science"

field which he admitted had NO DATA whatsoever]...to the course in

 [evolutionary] biology for all NASA employees, he has changed

the face of space research forever."2

    Whether O’Keefe shares Sagan’s and Goldin’s passion for evolution evangelism in space or whether he doesn’t hasn’t been addressed specifically as far as I can tell. But there are a couple of things that O’Keefe has said which would seem to indicate that he might not have the same evolutionary agenda for NASA as Goldin did. For example: "Goldin...talked passionately during his 9 1/2 year tenure about getting people to Mars.... When O’Keefe is asked about Mars, he responds, ‘What’s the point? If we get there and say, ‘Well we’re here and now what’s supposed to happen next, then what have we really accomplished?.... We have to have something in mind for why we do it.’"3

    Goldin, like Sagan was all primed to find some evidence of life on Mars (even if it had to be a computer-generated Virtual Reality species: HERE), but O’Keefe may not be locked into that objective. According to James Oberg, a Mission Control Engineer: "O’Keefe said he...wants to clarify the scientific objectives of the space station...." 4 That may suggest taking a new look at ALL of NASA’s "scientific objectives". We’ll have to see.

    Along with Goldin’s reputation for being "loud and brash" and someone who "evoked fear among many of his staff" 5, another more serious thing about Goldin’s tenure that is raising a lot of eyebrows has to do with a little matter of a $$$four billion eight hundred million dollar$$$ "cost overrun on the international space station". 6

    Whoa! And that’s just on the space station part of the operation! What’s the point of the government taking bids from X, Y, and Z companies and then paying $$$billions$$$ to them in "overruns"?? Did somebody say "payoffs" and "kickbacks". But who?? Nah! Not in a "science" led operation.... Maybe that kind of stuff goes on in the rest of the world, but never in a "scientific" operation altruistically expanding the space frontier for the grand cause of evolutionism and the advancement of the Origins Scenario of mystic Kabbalism (HERE) and forever silencing those retarded Bible Creation Zealots. I mean, it’s money well spent!

    Anyway, O’Keefe has been pretty forthright apparently about those wasted taxpayer billions and has testified before Congress on that subject.

    Don’t hold your breath, but maybe, just Maybe his criticisms and some honest Congressional watchdogs will get sufficiently galvanized so as to dig into the REAL SCAM behind NASA’s incredible role in the Space "science" arena! That would include not only it’s all-out goal of duping the world with high tech fraud into believing that evolutionism has occurred in space and hence on earth, but at the same time fulfilling the "Origins Scenario" of Christ-hating and Bible-destroying Kabbalism in the bargain. And all with taxpayer’s money! Vot a trick alreddy!

    So, there is a great opportunity for O’Keefe to kick over a very big can of worms about the waste of taxpayer billions to make NASA the world’s biggest lobbyist for two related myths--Evolutionism and Extraterrestrialism--for which there is no factual data whatever. Indeed, when one gets right down to the bottom line of NASA’s operations since Sagan started programming their computers some 20 years ago, lots and lots of $Billions$ of tax money have been spent on very specialized, essentially deception-producing technology (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE). This technology is custom designed to advance the contra- scientific agenda of those who are determined to establish evolutionism as a fact in space and on earth and put the Biblical Creation Account permanently out of business.

    Though the United States--with 5% of the world’s population--has 95% of the lawyers in the world, it is extremely unlikely that any will come forth and expose this plain case of massive fraud on the American taxpayer by NASA. Such a case (in your dreams!) would reveal a network of anti-Bible evolutionists linked with the NASA extraterrestrial evolutionism agenda (and the Panspermia insanity as the latest hypothetical catalyst for jump starting earthly evolutionism: HERE). From the Spielbergian/Chrichtonian "Jurrasic Puke" series (promoting earthly evolutionism) back through Spielberg's stage-setting "ET" classic (promoting extraterrestrial evolutionism), and coupled with Sagan’s evolutionary extravaganza, "Cosmos", and on and on, the theme of Extraterrestrial Evolutionism (Space Aliens) has become a MAJOR focus of Hollywood (and TV, of course). This focus has gone a long way in making extraterrestrial evolutionism as real for people (the young especially) as the Atlantic Ocean.

    And why wouldn’t people believe it?! Subtly and overtly, it is programmed into everybody from every media outlet, and from kindergarten through the Ph.D. in the "education" system. "People believe it (I did!). It’s logical to them. I mean, with all those other "suns" in space, there must be millions of earthlike planets that have given birth to some kind of life that has evolved (as scientists tell us ‘round-the-clock that we have) over billions of years. I mean, it seems...well, logical, y’know....

    And, IF the evolution on earth with which we are indoctrinated is true and IF space is as the Big Bang cosmologists tell us it is, it would seem to be logical.

    But just as surely, if there is not the first piece of indisputable evidence behind either the earthly or the cosmological "science" that leads us to that "logic", then what??

    If you have read much on this web page you already know "what"! The entire fabric of modern man’s "knowledge" which is carefully wrapped in Satanic deceptions (HERE) would be subject to being unraveled so quickly that people won’t be able to believe it. "Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come...and she is made desolate" (Rev.18:10,19).

    On a scale of one to ten, the likelihood of O’Keefe or some Congressional Investigators bringing NASA’s transgressions to light is less than one, in my judgment (though it could be done that way theoretically). On the same scale, however, the likelihood of these and all the other transgressions dependent on Deception suddenly being revealed "one hour" after a Global Government is seated in a time frame called The Fall of Babylon is a TEN!

    You want the logic for that claim?? Try this: Other than the Bible, there is no other source on earth--not the Qur’an, not the Talmud, not any "holy book", not any Nostradamus clone--that can demonstrate over 300 fulfilled prophecies over centuries of time. Other than the Bible there is no source that could accurately prophecy over 1900 years ago the advent of a Global Government waiting in the wings getting ready to come on stage in the very short range future.   Not only that, but this source specifies that this Government will sound good yet be Satan empowered (Rev. 17:13;13:2b,4). Not only that, but that it will headquartered in Jerusalem (Rev.11:8). Not only that, but that it will be very short-lived and will be "overcome" (Rev.17:14). Not only that, but it will cause Babylon (Satan’s kingdom of confusion built on deception) to Fall (Rev.18 et al). This, in turn, causes the division of the world’s populations into overt Satan worshippers (Rev. 13:4;18:2), and those who get on God’s side at the outset (Rev. 13:7)...some of whom take the Mark later (Rev.14:9-11), and some of whom who survive the Mark period but nevertheless reveal their Satanic natures before the last day Rapture (Matt.24:45-51; Rev. 16:15).

    Who, but an omniscient/omnipotent/omnipresent God, could see that clearly that far ahead and put it all in a book?! In the first century world, Who could have told of the presence of virtually instantaneous international telecommunications in our time? Yet the Bible makes unmistakable reference to this technological phenomena as part of the events at the end of the still future 6th Trumpet time frame (Rev. 11:9,10). Computerized images that speak? What’s that "image that speaks" in Rev. 13:15 if not such an image? Who would have predicted or prophesied over 1900 years ago that overt Satan worship would characterize the coming World Government after its deceptions are exposed in the Fall of Babylon? Yet, right on time, the overt Satan worship phenomenon is coming out of the closet worldwide, awaiting only the forced unmasking of the Global government’s Satanic core (Rev. 17:14;13:3) to unite it in rebellion (17:12,13) and overt, planet-wide worship of Satan.  And, all the while, Satan’s human cheerleader, the Beast, is shooting off his mouth in blasphemies against God (Rev. 18:2; 13:5,6)...and successfully deceiving his and Satan’s worshippers into believing that they will prevail and be victorious over God (v.4).

    While Sean O’Keefe is not likely to intentionally cause the kind of revelation of NASA’s demonstrably anti-Biblical, pro-Kabbala, contra-scientific contribution to our times that is outlined herein and elsewhere, that revelation is nonetheless inseparably linked to events that are connected with the formation of a Global Government prophesied (as just described) almost two millennia ago in the Bible. These events are just as close as the formation of that Satan-empowered Global Government (plus "one hour") that we all see on the horizon.

    The singularly deep and wide role that NASA has played and is playing in the advancement of a Bible-destroying "Origins Program" cannot be denied. It may not be understood by many--even those involved in the Program--but it is obviously and demonstrably true. Once understood, the aura of NASA’s space exploration for altruistic "scientific" purposes will be laid bare as the mega-deception that it is.

    Whether Sagan and Goldin were covert Kabbalists, knowingly using vast amounts of  tax money, overt evolutionary indoctrination of NASA employees, and deceptive Virtual Reality computer-programmed telescopes, cameras, redshift and infrared technologies, etc., to fulfill the Kabbalist "Origins Scenario" and destroy Bible credibility, God knows. I hope it was unknowingly, but the odds are against it.

    As for Sean O’Keefe, the new Director of NASA’s future priorities, he--along with many of the 18000 plus employees--could theoretically eschew all the Kabbalist evolutionary baloney and try to direct a fiscally and scientifically honest space operation. One could hope so.

    But, realistically, this is a vain hope.  The pivotal roll that NASA has played in establishing Copernicanism-dependent mythological Big Bangism (with its attendant Bible Destroying extraterrestrial evolutionism) is Satan's primary instrument for finishing off Bible Creationism and hence all Bible credibility.   Its role will remain and expand under O'Keefe until God's scheduled hour of exposure arrives.  That hour draws closer with every tick of the clock....


Note this about O'Keefe's replacement:

With five master's degrees and a Ph.D. under his belt, Michael Griffin has taken the helm at NASA.

Promising an "...outward focused, destination-oriented program",  we can expect more of the same, i. e,

carrying out a tax-funded evolutionary agenda in the ongoing "search for our cosmic roots"

begun years ago by Sagan et al.


Charles Bolden, Jr. replaced O'Keefe on May 19, 2009.  

General Bolden has an impressive military  background.

Nothing will change relevant to the focus on establishing extra-terrestrial evolutionism

through high-tech Virtual Reality Fraud with the goal of

further evolving the Kabbalic Big Bang Paradigm

into an irreversible "secular fact"



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