("…Uncovering knowledge of infinite worth.": … from a poem lauding NASA's achievements.)


NASA's Real "Achievement":

Guarding Copernicanism & Establishing Extraterrestrial Evolutionism!!


Since '58 with NASA's inception,

What is true and what is deception?

Its claimed accomplishments are many,

But there are also fraud claims a-plenty. [1]


The Cold War presented great opportunity,

To make wild claims with impunity.

The race to Space was ignited;

And the whole world became excited.


Still, odd lighting, shadows, and flag behavior all could see,

And the undisturbed dust under the Lander remains a mystery.

Thus, while landings on the Moon were all the rage,

Able critics avowed it was all filmed on a desert stage.


But, laying all such doubts aside,

There's one important thing NASA did not hide.

They gave their Goal an accurate name,

The "Origins Program" they called it, and that is the real game!


If anyone missed that Program's full intent,

NASA explained what it really meant:

"To find our cosmic roots", they boldly asserted, [2]

And using Billions of your tax dollars can't be averted.


With their media and computer software, they have created

A Virtual Reality Universe where no Facts need be stated. [3]

Claiming to be "secular science", NASA has succeeded.

The Big Bang is in place, and the Biblical God has been deleted.  


Establishing billions of years of evolution is a must, you see,

For without that lie, the Bible explains all that is or ever will be.

So, to finish off the Bible, NASA built upon a math model that's really great:

After all, it stopped the sun, reversed the moon, and made the earth rotate!


Once that fact-free Copernican Model became sacrosanct "science",

The gates were opened for a Kepler, Newton, Einstein, Sagan alliance.

Now, as indisputable documented evidence has revealed, [4]-[5]

Big Bangism is neither "science" nor "secular" and will be repealed. 


Amazingly, NASA's pivotal role has been to convince the world to follow,

All the Big Bang Evolutionary concepts found in the Pharisee's Kabbala.

And, since this intricate Cabal has turned all Truth into Babylon's confusions,

It's time to expose NASA's "Achievements" and end Satan's illusions.[6]-[7]

As with the Chilean and Sumatran earthquakes (2010-2011), last month's Japanese Quake gave NASA another opportunity to exercise its primary function, namely, to guard and promote the rotating earth fiction. This it did with 17 pointed references on 1 page, claiming this time that the quake would cause the earth to rotate faster and shorten the day by 1.8 millionth of one second and would shift the earth's "axis" c. 6 ˝ inches.  Go ahead and laugh ! (Look for: "Kepler Telescope Lies" .)