CREATIONISTS: To Win, You Must Attack Copernicanism, Not Just Darwinism!

May 2012 Bulletin


The world's top Creationist Organizations continue their futile focus on Darwinism. They refuse to attack Copernicanism, the keystone of the Big Bang Model; the source of 15 billion years of evolution. Hence, they cannot do what they exist to do,viz., destroy the evolution lie.


Fact: The Copernican Revolution torpedoed Bible credibility and paved the way for the Darwinian Revolution over 300 years later.  Fact: The success of Copernicanism established theory over observation in the sciences of mathematics and astronomy. Fact: That success paved the way for establishing theory over observation in the bio-chemical sciences through Darwinism. Both of these factless theories torpedoed the Bible's credibility, BUT, only by attacking the Copernican foundation of Space Science's Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm can the evolution myth be revealed and destroyed.


It seems beyond belief that the leaders of Creationist Organizations around the world are not cognizant of these elementary historical facts! [1]  Yet, none of them will attack the vulnerable Copernican Keystone upon which the Big Bang source of ALL evolution rests. Instead, they all accept and promote that Bible-bashing, contra-scientific Keystone of all evolutionism. [2] This hard choice will be forced on all churches [3], but on Christian Fundamentalists first.  This is their choice: They can stop refusing to throw their considerable resources into the battle to engage and destroy evolutionism at its Copernican Roots; or they can be the most obvious hypocrites in the history of the Christian Church.


The reason why this extraordinary stonewalling from Creationists will become blatantly hypocritical if they don't repent and change early in Babylon's Fall, is this: It is no secret that the Bible plainly teaches over three score times that it is the sun that moves, not the earth!! [4]  These Creationist Organizations (and their churches) all state categorically and repeatedly that they are the true guardians of Bible inerrancy and young earth creationism. They preach that everyone--Christians especially--should join their battle to expose and defeat evolutionism in the schools and elsewhere by rejecting Darwinism in spite of loosing every challenge they have made in the courts, and in spite of ignoring the unbeatable legal strategy which cannot lose in the courts and which was spelled out for them 5 years ago [5] - [6]


So WHY do Creationist Leaders continue to deny the scientifically provable and Biblically certified Stationary Earth Model?? WHY do they compound their thinly veiled hypocrisy by continuing to promote the Darwinian Strategy for defeating evolutionism, when they know that it has never--and will never--succeed because the "establishment clause" of the  Constitution will kill it in the courts?? [7] WHY do they continue using their considerable resources and talents upon that foreknown loosing strategy and refuse to mount at least an equal level of scientific attack against the vulnerable and indispensable Copernican Keystone of the Big Bang source OF ALL EVOLUTION THEORY?! WHY, in short, aren't Creationist Leaders battling the Copernican Keystone of Big Bang Evolutionism.??


Is it because: 1) They are unaware of the anti-Copernican Science and Scriptures? Or is it: 2) False Pride? Or: 3) Fear of mockery from the " secular" Science Establishment? Or: 4) A fear of coping with the fact that the Bang Bang Evolution Idol is derived concept for concept from the Pharisee Religion's Kabbala, and most Creationist Leaders are  doctrinally handcuffed to some level of Christian Zionism which precludes any such challenge? [8] - [9]

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