Mars Missions, Part II:

"Australian scientists, and their dog, say life once existed on Mars".

Dateline: Sydney (AFP) Jan 29 2004

"Australian scientists said Thursday that a dog with a nose for sewage

had found evidence that life once, and may still, exist on Mars.

Biophysicist Tony Taylor said his mongrel had sniffed out bacteria in mud

from Queensland state that matched fossils of primitive organisms in a

Martian Meteorite which plunged into Antarctica 13,000 years ago.

This theory is backed by NASA scientists who examined the potato-sized meteorite called

ALH84001, after it was retrieved in 1984 and concluded 12 years later that life existed on Mars.

Taylor said his 13 year old Dingo-Kelpie...had unearthed the mud-bound bacteria

on the Queensland coast in the 1990’s.

Taylor told AFP...he had taught the dog to sniff out sediments containing specific bacteria....

Taylor...and colleague Professor John Barry examined 82 different bacteria retrieved

from the area identified by the dog and discovered they contained 11 characteristics

also found in the Mars fossil including a structure other scientists claimed could

only be formed by intense heat.

They were a perfect match. absolutely perfect. Eleven features out of 11, said Taylor,

whose work...was published Thursday in the "Journal of Microscopy".

These fossils are four billion years old, they pre-date the fossil record of life here on Earth....

You have to understand, this has been the most emotional, heated debate in history, he said.

He now believes the combined data warrant a manned mission to Mars to retrieve further samples.

The results indicate...that life was once there...and might still be there....

When we say life, we’re talking about bacteria, single cell primitive life forms,

like we have here on Earth. It’d be underground, we’d have to drill down, so these little rovers that are crawling all over the surface would never find it....."1

    Well! Lassie, step aside! What further evidence do we need to spend an estimated 400 to 600 billion dollars of tax money to send a manned mission to Mars to drill for bacteria and "prove" evolutionism all over the universe over billions of years?! I mean an old dog has sniffed out certain bacteria in Queensland that were also found in a potato-sized meteorite from Mars (Huh?!) that NASA authenticates (Huh?! Scientists have denounced this rock a hundred times!). Science is so wonderful! All hail bacteria! It’s very moving;, excuse me. I’ll try to go on.... I mean just think about it! A little bitty meteor blown 300,000,000 miles from Mars to Earth...and...choke... sniff...and scientists just happened to find it!! And then...sniff ...they found bacteria in it just like those we have on Earth...and then, of all things, this sweet old dog confirms that there is or has been life on Mars!! And NASA agrees...Oooh; I’m tell’n you, it gets you right here.... I ask you: Who can hold back their emotions in the face of such marvelous things science can do to prove that creation by God is just a childish superstition and that Old Dingo has confirmed that we all evolved up from bacteria over billions of years?? Ohh my, my, my...Give me...sniff...another kleenex. I must tell the grandchildren; it’s so important for them to understand....



NASA’s Engineers and Scientists

    Whether they be engineers, astrophysicists, "exobiologists", or something else, they all share one conviction that enables them to function under NASA’s "Origins Program" which has the stated agenda of exploring space in search of "our cosmic roots" (HERE). That one conviction is that the universe, the Earth, and Mankind are the products of an evolutionary process over many billions of years.

    Personally, I appreciate what engineers get done in the world, and no less so the nifty stuff they turn out for the space program. You can’t fake too much of that. On January 31st I happened to catch a C-span presentation of NASA engineers celebrating (with champagne) the success of getting the 2nd Rover off its lander and the claim that there is hematite evident in the soil. There was an audience of a hundred or so news people and space buffs. All were tickled with the news.

    The engineers were appropriately happy with their part in the success. There were a couple of semi-challenging questions about whether this hematite basically proved that there had been a lot of liquid water around in the past. There was considerable hedging about that. Four billion years was mentioned along with the several admitted guesstaments. No one bothered to acknowledge the fact that hematite is common where no water has been involved. Not in the script, I suppose.

    Engineering accomplishments aside, their collusion in an enterprise that basically exists to establish evolutionism in space is really what is on the table here. As the workhorses behind state-of-the-art computerized technology being employed in the space program, they make it possible for the theoretical scientists to pursue the evolutionary objective of the program. The "exobiologists" in the Sagan mold, represent a "science" without the first piece of data. The "astrophysicists" are in the same boat. As can be seen over and over (HERE - HERE - HERE) all of their big talk about star makeup and size and distance is absolutely fabricated from fraudulent use of technology to achieve their goal of establishing evolutionism.

    Factoring all this in, there are four major things one must wonder about concerning the NASA team of engineers and theoretical scientists. Do they know that the end-result of all their efforts is: 1)...To uphold a belief that the ineffable design displayed in the universe, the earth, and themselves came about by accident without a Designer over billions of years? 2)...To either remove God from the process or "allow" some enigmatic Pagan g’d concept to get the credit? 3)...To discredit and dispose of the Biblical concept of the origin of the universe, the earth, and themselves? 4)...To be the dupes of an anti-Christ religion which is fulfilling its evolution-based "creation scenario" while deceptively presenting itself as "secular science" by enlisting unwary(?) engineers and scientists in this spiritual warfare??

Do these engineers really want to be a bunch of Pilates in this murder of the God of the Bible??


The Martian Landscape:

A Reality Check

"It is material [on Mars] that was deposited at the bottom of these rivers....

There is no other phenomena that we know of that would produce these effects....

We are sure this is evidence of flowing water on Mars...."2 (emph. added throughout)

    So concludes Gerhard Newkum, designer of the Mars Express High- Resolution Stereo Camera.... However, two inches further down in the article, we read:

"No firm evidence exists that there is or ever has been liquid water on Mars...."3

    Anyway, among other things, we need to be mindful that--as admitted:

"...water does not equal life."4

    Also, it is good to remember the abundance of hanky-panky involving cameras used in space "science" (HERE). Now, with the Mars Missions in high gear, the state-of- the-art capabilities for deception through computerized construction of any virtual reality images needed (HERE) can be passed off as the real thing.  Ex:

"...a closeup picture of tiny spheres embedded in a Martian rock

has some people seeing fossilized life....

In one strangely colored image of Stone Mountain, the smallish rock with the

outsized name in which the spherules are embedded, other spherules are seen

scattered in the surrounding soil.

The radical color enhancement--done purposely to bring out differences in composition

...-gives the spheres an eerie,

perhaps even lifelike appearance.

But this is not real.

In a true color image of the same scene, the spheres are unremarkable....."5

    In sharp contrast to all the ongoing hoopla involving unsubstantiated explanations and assertions about the existence of lakes and rivers and likely evolving microbial life on Mars (deduced from the real and fake pictures released: HERE), those who are really interested will want to compare these other explanations and conclusions about what the real pictures tell us. For example:

"Most of the soil and rock found on Mars has been recently excavated

from the depths of craters, canyons, and channels....

If the rocks are time capsules from the past it is a very recent past.

They have had no time to weather. And the story they tell

will not fit any conventional geological theory."

"...The soil and rocks on Mars have lain exposed

for a mere few thousand years, not millions and billions of years.

They have not been exposed to water or had time to weather."6

"Crater floors are formed not by impact [Standard NASA explanation] but by

a rotating arc that neatly machines the circular crater, leaving a flat floor."7

"Spirit has found the telltale signature of carbonates. The problem is to know

what tale it is telling. Mars has changed so drastically in the recent past

that its story may be indecipherable. But it is certain that it cannot

be used to prove a hypothetical greenhouse existed on Mars aeons ago...."8

"The lunar surface has been subjected to electrical cratering and channel formation

like that on Mars. (The only difference is that scientists have given up on the

idea of channels, or rilles, on the moon were formed by water)." 9

"...The first microscopic investigation of the Martian Soil

supports the Electric Universe Model...."10

"In the search for water on Mars there is a powerful human tendency to see only what

you expect to find. Contrary data is forgotten or dismissed from consideration....11

    In a news report about the pictures of the colossal canyons of Valles Marineris, The European Space Agency said:

"One looks at a landscape which has been predominately shaped

by the erosional action of water...."12

    Contrast that interpretation with this rebuttal:

"This offhanded statement from ESA is not supported by any of the geologists who have

studied Valles Marineris. All now attribute the formation of its canyons to faulting

of the Martian crust.... The great canyons and channels on Mars were not carved

by water....Potentially billions of dollars are about to be wasted

chasing the mirage of hidden water on Mars."13 [Pres. Bush, take note!]

(The reader interested in the full context with accompanying pictures of the foregoing

quotes from #’s 5-13 will want to read the entire ten page report entitled:

"Spirit Chases A Martian Mirage". See #6 in the Bibliography.)

    A second report of eight pages released on Feb. 4, ‘04 by is entitled: "Opportunity Favors the Heretic". As with the report on Spirit, the countering of various claims by NASA and ESA--along with a detailed scientific analysis and appropriate photos--will be fully understood by reading the whole piece. Note these few teasers:

"Astronomers have not been able to show theoretically or empirically that the elements come

from supernovas, or that the planets came from a collapsing nebula....

Similarly, geologists have never witnessed a crater formed by cosmic impact....

Products of short-lived radioactive isotopes found in some meteorites

contradict the 4.5 billion year story...."14

    Speaking of "...the dysfunctional nature of over-specialized science..." many scientists conclude that:

"The only recourse in this situation is to return to the empirical approach to science,

that is, to work from the observable present back through time as far as reliable information

can be extracted and to undertake laboratory experiments to test ideas....

In the age of the theoretician and computer modeller [we must] accept that theorists

do not understand gravity or electrical effects in plasma...."15

"The great depths of layered material...found on Mars,

a desert planet with little atmosphere,

must call into question conventional ideas about...layered rock.

The moon and some asteroids, where wind an water never existed,

also show evidence of layering...."16

"...The crater above [in pic.] can be explained simply by using the electric universe model.

The layering predated the crater. The crater is electrical, not impact.

The so-called erosion was an integral part of the formation of the center,

caused by rotating Birkeland filaments the form in which electrical energy

is transported across the cosmos...."17

"...water played no part in the [Martian} hematite deposition....

The pattern need not be related to topography as we should expect if a lake were involved...."18

    Again, checking the context and the pictures from which these quotations were derived will allay any doubts that the real scientific explanations for craters, rilles, and canyons on Mars are not to be found in the spiritually driven evolutionary "science" of the Theoretical Science Establishment.

    Those who haven’t heard much of anything about the Electric Universe Model or the scientists with that concept can get an overview (HERE). Given the unabashed emphasis on the goal of establishing evolutionism as the engine of creation of all that exists in the heavens and on earth, it is to be expected that the Mars Missions are revealing the dysfunctional nature of over-specialized science. This development has virtually replaced experimentally tested and observationally certified science.

    This dysfunctional science rests solely on assumptions (HERE - HERE) that are locked into the requirements of the Big Bang Paradigm. As demonstrated (begin HERE), this Paradigm is nothing more nor less than the "creation scenario" of the religion of Pharisaic Kabbalism using The Theoretical Science Establishment as a front perceived by the world as a purely secular operation.

    A lot more needs to be understood about the increasing compartmentalizing of science and its utter dependency upon observation-denying hypotheses and mathematical models based solely on assumptions. Relevant to this problem it is instructive to recall what Hannes Alfven--winner of the 1970 Nobel Prize in Physics and a whole string of the most prestigious medals and honors--said a few years back:

"We should remember that there once was a discipline called natural philosophy.

Unfortunately, this discipline seems not to exist today [he said in 1988].

It has been renamed science, but science today is in danger of loosing much

of the natural philosophy aspect.

Scientists tend to resist interdisciplinary inquires into their own territory.

In many instances, such parochialism is founded on the fear that the intrusion from

other disciplines would compete unfairly for limited financial resources

and thus diminish their own opportunity for research.." 19

"Alfven was the first to predict (in 1963) the large scale filmentary structure of the universe,

a discovery that confounded astrophysicists in 1991 and added to the woes of Big Bang Cosmology....

He is also regarded as the father of the branch of plasma physics known as magnetohydrodynamics....

His postulation in 1937 of a galactic magnetic field forms the basis today for one of the

fastest growing areas of research in astrophysics - Cosmic Magnetism....20

    (Note the picture of the Levitating Globe on the first page of this website. This illustrates a basic feature of Cosmic Magnetism. It also illustrates how a Biblically stationary Earth can be "hung on nothing" at the center of the universe... and why geostationary satellites only work at a quite precise distance from the Earth, i. e., c.22, 240 miles. The work of Alfven et al needs only an understanding of the Biblical Size and Structure of the Universe (begin HERE) to give full credibility to the main scientific parameters of their wholly intelligible Electric Universe Concept.)

    Etienne Klein and Marc Lachieze-Rey (The Quest for Unity - The Adventure of Physics) see the same problem with today’s science as it is being expressed in the Mars Missions:

"...modern science seems to have exploded into a multitude of highly specialized areas

and distinct disciplines...that by and large ignore one another...."21

    The result of this compartmentalizing of science disciplines is that factual, observable, scientifically demonstrable Truth about the origin of the universe, the earth, and mankind that can be certified in every single scientific discipline--and the unbendable logic of Intelligent Design--has been not only subordinated in each case, but has been declared anathema and replaced by the Kabbalic Evolutionary Paradigm. The Creation Truths of God have been replaced in all of the sciences, and, indeed, all of modern man’s "knowledge" (HERE) by a pagan counterfeit origins scenario found in the anti-Bible, anti-Christ Kabbala promoting another g’d.

    That counterfeit origins scenario and the counterfeit g’d behind it constitute the whole underlying agenda of NASA’s Space Science Enterprise. From its inception, the overriding purpose for the Mars Missions has been made unmistakably seen in Part I (HERE) and this more recent quote:

"The search for water drives all of NASA’s Mars missions,

because water is the key ingredient required for life."22

    In short, all of the Mars Missions are specifically designed to "discover" any sign of liquid water or microbial life. Along with universal media compliance and a constantly reinforced bombardment of evolution babble (which the public has been schooled to receive as scientific truth), it is expected that such "discoveries" will then be counted as "proof" that extraterrestrial evolutionism is a scientific fact.

    This "fact" will then "confirm" the recent "Paradigm Shift" of the Evolution Establishment. For a century and a half the world has been indoctrinated into the belief that the alleged mechanisms of Darwinism are what started life on Earth. But now--as we saw (HERE) even devoted evolutionary scientists have abandoned that myth. The new Evolutionary Paradigm...the new myth...of how life on Earth and throughout the universe had its beginnings is now locked into the "Panspermia" concept whereby comets spew out bacteria all over the universe and it evolves into ETs and Klingons and Evolutionary Scientists (again: HERE).

    In this effort to establish this Krazy Kabbalist Kosmos that is 15 billion years old and 15 billion light years thick and swarming with evolving life, the Mars Missions are critical. Make no mistake: The Mars Missions are meant to make evolutionism the winner in the "creation sweepstakes" and put Bible Creationism (and Bible credibility on through the New Testament of Jesus Christ) out of business.

    In addition to all the claims and speculations from the Rovers over the next couple of months, the real wild card in the Kabbalist’s hand will be the return of the thimble full of alleged comet exhaust allegedly captured in the "Stardust" operation (HERE, p.2) before the Rovers ever landed. That alleged exhaust is scheduled for return to Earth in January, 2006. At that time its wispy contents will be examined with great fanfare and appropriately faked trepidation as to whether it contains bacteria or not.

    As that scheduled but presently muted drama unfolds, the credibility of the evolutionary "creation story" now resting on acceptance of the new "Panspermia Paradigm" (based on the expulsion of bacteria by comets) will have its chance to claim final victory over Bible Creationism if bacteria is allegedly found on Mars or in that vial of comet exhaust (to be confirmed by a select group of allegedly impartial scientists).

    Notwithstanding all this scheming, there is one scientific issue which is guaranteed to stop the tax-funded Kabbalic evolutionary bandwagon in its tracks. That issue is equally guaranteed to establish world wide an irresistible and irrefutable slam dunk case for Bible inerrancy from Genesis I through Revelation XXII.

    That one scientific issue is the leitmotif of this web page, namely, that Copernicanism is the demonstrably factless and vulnerable keystone of all false science and false religion. Once the exposure of Copernicanism’s baselessness is complete, it will quickly become evident that Copernicanism is also the Achilles Heel of all deception which is dependent on the rotating and orbiting Earth concept. Very little mental strain is required to comprehend that the result of the demise of Copernicanism will usher in a separation of the world’s populations into the Satan worshippers and God worshippers plainly described in Rev. 13:2b-7; etc....



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