Copernicanism: The Granddaddy Of All Conspiracies

March 2012 Bulletin

It has been widely noted that Conspiracies can pass through three stages; viz., 1) Denial: "It's impossible; just a crazy theory by Conspiracy Nuts". 2) Strong, often hostile opposition: "They've got nothing…just in it for the money and notoriety." 3) Acceptance as common knowledge: "I'm not really surprised; I've suspected that all along."


That is the pattern whereby the exposure of The Copernican Model Conspiracy is going to trump all the rest.  As the Keystone [1] holding up the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm, it cleverly destroys the Bible's credibility as God's inerrant Word of Truth by establishing False Science as mankind's answer to both the Origin AND the End of all that exists. Thus, in one fell swoop, this Phony Math Model [2] destroys the credibility of the Biblical God's Creation AND His true "end time" Account ending with an eternal NEW Earth . [3] - [4]


The Copernican Conspiracy is the apotheosis of all the other conspiracies which Satan--the Ultimate Conspirator [5]--has used to discredit the Bible and God's Plan through Jesus.  By getting his Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm (built on the indispensable Copernican Lie) in the world's textbooks as a "secular" science explanation for the Origin of all that exists (while being totally religious)! [6],  he has been allowed to fulfill his Biblical boast:  "…I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God...I will be like the Most High." (Isaiah 14:13,14)


However, verses 15,16 tell Satan's real future!: He will be an inert, lifeless, bejeweled form [7], available to be looked upon and studied throughout eternity as a major created instrument used by God to fulfill HIS Plan. (Acts 15:18; Isaiah 14:13,14; 66:24; Rev. 22:15; etc.)


As for the three stages that True Conspiracies go through, this Copernican Granddaddy fits each one like a glove.  Ridicule and denial came from the first hearing of The Earth Is Not Moving book's challenge [8]Strong, often hostile commentaries from various NET sources were being discussed. Still, the challenge was putting down deep roots [9] showing that the subject was capable of breaking through centuries of censorship.  Seeing scientific facts and proof that the Bible could be inerrant after all--and that a Christ-hating Religion was behind the Conspiracy--millions have tapped into the mountain of evidence at 


Once truth seekers from all walks and beliefs begin to grasp the HUGE Truth Tsunami that will be unleashed when Jesus forces the Copernican Lie onto the world stage (Rev. 17:14; 14:6,7,8)-- forcing the exposure of ALL False Science--many will realize: "I never did believe the earth was rotating at over a thousand MPH and orbiting the sun 33 times rifle-bullet speed all humped over, and the moon going backwards.  It's all crazy--evolution, the Big Bang, billions of light years--all of it!  The sun, moon, and stars go around this earth just as observed!  Fraud abounds in all the false science claims about Big Bangism! The Universe is not one/ten trillionth the size we are told!!-[10]-[11]-[12]-[13 audio III]-[14]-[15]


All of this Globe-Shaking Truth will come out "one hour" (2-3 months) after the Bible's promised Global Government is seated (Rev. 17:12).  Everybody will know the Bible contains Absolute Truth. Everybody.  Billions will hate that Truth and Billions will love it (II Thess. 2:10-[16]).  Everybody will know that the Bible's eternal, Satanless, deathless, New Earth is just 42 months plus a "little season" ahead.  All False Science and Religion are built on The Copernican Granddaddy of all Conspiracies, the 1st of Satan's dominos to fall in the "war" that is won by Jesus and His followers (Rev. 17:14-18; 14:6,7,8).  Then the last Scenes in God's End Time Drama unfold and conclude with the promised eternal New Earth, New Heavens, and the mind-blowing New Jerusalem on that New Earth. (Rev. 21:9-27). [17]-[18]

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