Madonna And The Kabbala:

A Copernican Connection

    There is a lot of celebrity-level excitement being stirred up by Madonna’s now full-blown embrace of Mystic Kabbalism. So, naturally--because of the central importance of Kabbalism to the main theme of this web page (HERE - HERE)--we need to explore this elevated spiritual focus of mega-star Madonna just a little bit..

    One of the first things to note is that Madonna says she isn’t just dabbling in Kabbalism. "I’m very serious about it," she says flatly, and her actions seem to back up those words. Consider, for example, some of the things she has done to show that she means business:

    1) She recently took on the name of the Jewish heroine "Esther".

    2) She doesn’t schedule shows on Friday nights, the Jewish Sabbath.

    3) She wraps tefflin, the straps used in Jewish prayer, around her arms.

    4) Hebrew words for the names of g’d are part of the backdrop in her shows.

    5) She wears a red string around her wrist as a symbol of her Kabbalic

        connections. It is said to ward off the evil eye.

    6) Madonna, er, ah, Esther is reported to have donated over $6 million to build a [Kabbalah] Centre              in London.

    7) She has written children’s books based on the Kabbala.

    8) She is planning a feature-length documentary to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005 which will   be a testimonial about the Kabbala....


    So, whatever else one could say, "Esther" puts her money where her mouth is and gives every impression of being just as serious about Kabbalism as she says she is. Indeed: " an interview with Larry King two years ago, she explained her attraction to cabala. ‘I was looking for something...I mean, I’d begun practicing yoga and, you know, I was looking for the answers to life. Why am I here? What am I doing here? What is my purpose? How do I fit into the big picture? I know there’s more to life than making lots of money and being successful and even getting married and having a family.’"(, p.2 of 7)

    One might as well take her at her word here too. She was good in that movie role where she was on a woman’s baseball team. And it is hard to imagine anyone portraying "Evita" with more honestly and depth than she did. But those questions to Larry King were not part of a script (or were they?!). She posed those serious questions to let it be known that she has been trying to find real meaning in her life and--for seven years now--she believes that the religion of Kabbala is the answer.

    "Esther" is not alone in this belief. The names of rich and famous people who have sought or are seeking surcease in Kabbalism includes, but is not limited to, the following: Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, David Beckham and wife Victoria, Mick Jagger and ex-wife Jery Hall, Roseanne Barr, Sandra Bernhard, Winona Ryder,Elizabeth Taylor, Barbra Streisand....

    Though some Rabbis (such as Dr. Johathan Sacks, the Chief British Rabbi) give warnings against Madonna-style Kabbalism, others say it a positive thing. Most every one seems to agree however that it is a profitable enterprise; at least the celebrity supported part run by the founder of the Kabbbalah Centers, i.e., Philip Berg (formerly Fivel Gruberger, a former insurance salesman) and son Rabbi Yehuda Berg.

    In addition to courses of ten lessons costing 180 British Pounds (c.$325 U.S.), the Bergs and Madonna have "....created a branded range of Kabbalah accessories. The essential "Red String" goes for $26 U.S. Kabbalah water is a big seller. Anti-stress candles, $20 U.S. Also offered are jewelry, headache relief ointment, astrological charts and baby accessories. A copy of the Zohar from the Centre’s website goes for $415 U.S. Containers selling for $22 U.S. are available from Madonna’s "Secret Closet Company" and are labeled: Power of Prosperity, Sexual energy, Spiritual Cleansing, Happiness, Passion, Evil Eye, Dream State, DNA of the Soul....

By far the most important thing about this phenomena is that it is

making Kabbalism Kool amongst high profile celebrities and

thereby causing the long-held dark secrets of anti-Bible,

anti-Christ Talmud-Zohar-Kabbalism to be

made public as never before.

    As demonstrated throughout this web page (HERE, p.6- HERE,p.2 - HERE), the most important, most sacred, and best protected secret of Kabbalism is its methodical establishment of a 15 billion year long evolution-based "creation scenario" which has virtually replaced the Bible-based "creation scenario" in all aspects of modern man’s knowledge (HERE). That phenomenal accomplishment has been achieved through incredible manipulation in the media and academia and through out-and-out fraud operating through a theoretical science establishment (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE). This Establishment is universally billed as--and universally believed to be--a strictly "secular" operation with no hint of religious control. History knows of no more grandiose and successful deception!

    As further demonstrated historically, scientifically, and Scripturally (HERE - HERE) at this site: In the 1st century Kabbalist HaKanna set the age of the universe as being over 15 billion years (HERE, p.2). Then--in the 13th century--the venerated Kabbalist Raban Nachmanides wrote--for Kabbalist’s eyes only, of course!--of the other four essential components of today’s evolutionary cosmology that have been brought to pass, namely: 1) A Rotating Earth Orbiting the Sun (HERE, p.3); 2) Relativity; 3) A "Big Bang"; 4) An Expanding Universe (HERE, p.2). Following that--in the 16th century--the highly venerated Kabbalist Isaac Luria turned the evolutionary cosmology of HaKanna and Nachmanides into Kabbalist dogma (HERE, p.4), [again for Kabbalist’s eyes only].

    After centuries of establishing those four secret principles as "scientific fact" in today’s science textbooks globally--it can be said that 20th Century Kabbalist theoretical scientist demigods, Einstein, Bohr, Gamow, Pensias, Sagan et al have done their job well (HERE). Now Kabbalist Physicist Gerald Schroeder--in his book The Science of God (HERE)--has brought the whole cabal together with his claim that the six days of the Biblical Creation were really the 15 billion years now accepted as an essential feature of the ruling Big Bang Paradigm.

    Details and documentation for all this can be found in the seven links of the Kabbala Series (begin HERE)...and in the other links already supplied in this paper.

Now--given the global attention being further drawn to

the heretofore secret teachings of mystic Kabbalism

by Madonna/Esther and other celebrities--the door

is being opened wider for the exposure of today’s

knowledge-controlling evolutionary "science"

as being nothing more than the fulfillment of

the "creation scenario" of the anti-Bible,

anti-Christ Pharisaic religion of


    Confirmation of the beginnings of that very exposure can already be detected in the same writings that are covering the general Madonna-Kabbala phenomenon. Here are a few examples:

    "The material girl [Madonna]...has gotten into Cabala, a form of Jewish mysticism that began with an extremely high view of God, developing into a veneration of its very words and its Hebrew letters (HERE), degenerating into a superstitious attempt to manipulate the cosmos by a sort of divination with the sacred text...." (Ibid., p.1)

    "...pop stars and celebrities have embraced a retooled version of the teachings of Jewish mystics, as a lifeline, and energy booster, an ego-dimmer, a self-improvement tool and a key to unlocking the secrets of the universe."(

    "...Now with the renaissance of Kabbalah the formula has finally been revealed to the world" Berg wrote in his book The Power of Kabbalah where he tells about the formula for understanding subtle teachings in the Kabbala. (Ibid. p.3)

    The Kabbalah Centre link to its Astrology message board reveals the cosmic paganism roots of this religion that has now deceived the world--and the churches!-- with its "secular science" masquerade.

    If Madonna/Esther et al become aware of the fact that all of the major components of today’s Big Bang cosmology are really the fulfillment of a pagan astrology-based, Bible-destroying strategy of the Christ-hating religion of Kabbalism (deceptively using theoretical science to win this ultimate spiritual battle), then we will know how sincere are Madonna’s and the other celebrities search for Truth and meaning in life.

    One can hope that she and the others will find out what a diabolic enterprise they are really into, and then turn around and blow the whistle on the whole millennia-long scheme. And--if they really mean business!--let their next "cause celbre" be one of calling attention to the vulnerable Copernican Keystone (HERE) now holding up all Kabbalic Kosmology. That keystone is nothing more and nothing less than a diabolic mathematical model for establishing extraterrestrial and terrestrial evolutionism--along with a useless or non-existent g’d--in a vain attempt to destroy Biblical Creationism and the Almighty God Who invites everyone to be a part of His eternal plan.

    By making such a turn-around (like that great Jew, the Apostle Paul) they will redeem themselves and find the peace and truth they seek. More, they will also be in a position to persuade others to join in exposing the Kabbalic root of faith-killing evolutionism. That "ism" is responsible for the global spiritual confusion now gripping not just rich and famous celebrities, but the whole world....

We shall see....