These Are the Chief Obstacles Now Preventing the Truth About the

Size of the Universe from Getting to People Everywhere:

    Detailed information given throughout this web page leads to inescapable conclusions about the worldís current textbook "knowledge" of the Universe. That documented information tells us plainly and simply that the Origin, Age, Size, and Structure of the Universe taught everywhere is nothing more than a montage of unwarranted assumptions, denial of facts, occult mathematics, and high tech fraud.

    More, that information unvaryingly points to the source, the taproot, that has enabled an incredible evolutionary mythology to become a "scientific fact" which is accepted virtually world-wide as a truly "scientific" explanation for the origin of all that exists. That "phony phact" teaches us that an explosion of an infinitesimal "cosmic egg" some 15 billion years ago "evolved" into the universe, the Earth, all plant and animal life, and Mankind... Yíknow: The Big Bang Paradigm....

    What people havenít known is that there has been a long hidden secret cabal behind this allegedly scientific "origins model". This is a secret that has recently emerged from the closet and is on the Net and in the bookstores. Now that this veil of secrecy has been lifted everyone can know that what they have been led to believe is a purely secular scientific "origins model" is actually nothing more than the evolution-based "creation scenario" of a specific Religion which is dedicated to the destruction of the Bibleís "creation scenario" (and hence Bible credibility from A to Z).

    If you havenít done so, you can read about the religious source of this world-conquering "origins model" from those who spelled out its fundamentals centuries ago and those who presently promote it (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).

    Thus, factually and beyond debate, this Evolution-based "origins model" of an anti-Bible, anti-Christ religion is in command not only of todayís Theoretical Science Establishment, but also the evolutionary mind-set that now controls all of the subject "disciplines" which make up modern manís "knowledge" bank (HERE).

    Once this understanding of how the modern world really acquired its belief in the evolutionary foundation of all that exists--and then recognizes that this belief is the result of the nearly complete victory of one religionís "creation scenario" over that of another religionís "creation scenario"--the whole subject can be approached objectively and with a clear mind. There is no altruistic battle going on here between unbiased "science" and outmoded Biblical (and Koranic) superstitions about the origin of all that exists, mankind included. Oh no. Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin! Seen in its true light, this is a battle between two religions about the basis of all knowledge...a Spiritual Battle over which God or gíd tells the Truth....

    As all this sinks in, two main questions arise which require answers:

        Q #1: Considering the level of saturation of the evolutionary mind-set world wide, isnít it simply unthinkable to imagine it being exposed and overcome (Rev.18:7)?

        A #1: Humanly speaking, yes. However, when all the deception is in the open and the gíd behind all of it is identified (HERE, pp.2,3), there is obviously ONE who can do the unthinkable, viz., the God of the six-day Creation Scenario. With this God all things are possible. HE answered the question in writing over 1900 years ago: Babylon--Satanís edifice of deception--will Fall "one hour" after a Global Government is established. This Fall causes a division of the worldís populations into Satan worshippers and worshippers of God (Rev. 17:12-14; 13:4-8; 18:2,4,8,10,17,19- HERE). Plainly, (Rev.17:14) Babylon (i.e., "confusion") will be "overcome"!

        Q #2: If the world-controlling power behind the evolutionary mind-set was Scripturally scheduled for exposure over the Creation question first more than 1900 years ago (Rev. 14:7), what are the main obstacles that are preventing that Biblically prophesied exposure from beginning now?

        A #2: There are four such obstacles:

One: The Christian Churches. There is not one which stands up for over sixty non-moving Earth Scriptures (HERE - also: HERE); and few that stand up for the literal Genesis Creation Account which is Scripturally certified scores of  times (HERE). Godís Judgment begins "at the house of God" on these two creation issues (HERE & Rev. 14:6.7.8).

Two: The "end time" doctrine of "Dispensationalism" is derived from the same Rabbinic Kabbalist source as the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm (HERE). Its powerful hold on most of fundamentalist "end time" teaching has blinded the very "elect" from seeing not only that their "end time" doctrines are Scripturally impossible (HERE- HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE)...but has also made them unwitting allies of Satanís plan to destroy Bible-based Christianity. (The Preterit eschatology is equally impossible Scripturally [HERE] and is preventing millions from focusing on exposing the Copernican deception without which the whole Big Bang Paradigm with its evolutionism collapses. Ditto with "Identity" teaching: (HERE - HERE).

Three: The leadership of the Creationist branch of what should be the Bibleís Special Forces not only ignores the fact that Copernicanism paved the way for Darwinism (HERE - HERE - HERE), it recklessly twists the non-moving Earth Scriptures to make them conform to Copernicanism in precisely the same way that they accuse "theistic evolutionists" of twisting Scriptures to support evolutionism (HERE - HERE - HERE). By recanting and taking a stand for Bible Geocentrism this same leadership could make a wave throughout Christendom that could not be stopped. Copernicanism is going down with or without them when Babylon Falls. Creationists fear they will look bad as scientists if they go against Copernicanism. Their real fear should be how bad they will look as Christians if they donít do it!!

Four: Until the research for the "Kabbala" series and "The Size and Structure of the Universe..." series on this web page was done, I did not fully understand nor realize that the current modified anti-Copernican Geocentricity Model delineated by Astronomer Dr. Gerardus Bouw in his books and articles cannot--in the final analysis--be either wholly Biblical or convincingly scientific.


    Except for obstacle # Four, there are links listed above (et al) that address all of the chief problems standing in the way of a serious counter-attack against the Copernican foundation now upholding Kabbalic Big Bangism and the evolutionary mind-set that it presents to the world. Therefore, more about # Four is in order:


    Can it be that the present Geocentricity Modelís Virtual Monopoly is itself a major (maybe THE MOST major!) obstacle now keeping the lid on a Bible-mandated movement against the vulnerable Copernican Keystone now holding up Big Bang Evolutionary Cosmology??

    In spite of the commendable efforts of Astronomer Dr. Bouw et al to champion the Non-Moving Earth Model and to try to convince Creationists and others that it is the best possible interpretation of plain geocentric Scriptures--and that it alone offers a viable mathematical alternative to the Big Bang Paradigm-- those efforts have had little impact. Among the chief reasons why current efforts to overturn Copernicanism with Dr. Bouwís Machian Model are stalled are these:

        1) The Modified Tychonian Model now being used to combat Copernicanism accepts billions of light year distances to the stars and tries mathematically to apply a theoretical Machian explanation for how those stars could get around the earth nightly. The speeds required in such an explanation are simply unintelligible and the effort can never succeed. Yet, failure is not an option!

        2) This Model has the sun as the center of the "solar system" and the Earth somewhat off center, albeit with the sun going around it daily. The Earth is stationary in this Model, but relevant only to the sun. Otherwise, the whole "solar system" is allegedly making a journey around the so-called Milky Way Galaxy of an alleged 100,000 light year diameter. In other words, this Model posits a sort-of stationary Earth, but still has it moving an alleged 500,000 MPH around the alleged Milky Way Galaxy because the Model accepts the billions of light year star distances that are so great that they canít go around the Earth nightly as the Biblical Model demands and all true evidence confirms (HERE).

        3) This Model involves no awareness of the now documented and prerequisite fact that all of the essential features of todayís Big Bang Cosmology are found in ancient anti-Christ Kabbalic descriptions of the origins of the Universe. Without a keen awareness of this fact that todayís cosmology is the fulfillment of the "creation scenario" of Pharisaic Kabbalism (and is simultaneously the destroyer of the Biblical "Creation Scenario"), no real understanding is possible of how a factless pagan evolutionary mythology (HERE - HERE) has been able to virtually conquer manís knowledge (HERE).

    Bottom line: No Model that attempts to establish the Truth about the cosmos without an awareness of the uncompromising opposition of the Kabbalist Universe to the Biblical Universe--and the spiritual goals behind that opposition-- can ever arrive at the Truth about the cosmos, the success of evolutionism, and the near eradication of the Biblical cosmos in peopleís minds. Using cunning deceptions founded on occult mathematics and admitted magic and sorcery (HERE, p.9- HERE), the Kabbalist Model (with SATAN as g'd: HERE) has succeeded in fooling most of the world into believing that evolutionism is a fact of science both on the earth and elsewhere in the universe. The only way to expose and destroy those deceptions is to pit them against a scientifically sustainable and purely Biblical Model such as that described in the seven part series entitled: "The Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible and Non-Theoretical Science" (begins HERE).

    Also, it is quite possible that the reason why Creationist leaders and their followers are reluctant to back the plain non-moving earth Scriptures is because they canít see how the Machian Model can ever be credible. If this is the case, then, by all means, let them prayerfully consider all the above and then check out the links entitled "The Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible and Non-Theoretical Science". In those essays they will find the Biblical evidence and the scientific mechanism they need to confidently challenge the Copernican key to overturning the terrestrial evolution lies which they have prepared so long and so well to do. 

    As for those now supporting the Machian Model (obstacle # Four) because it has given them a seemingly scientific reason to back the non-moving earth Scriptures which they cannot ignore or alter, it is time to realize that both Scripture and Science mandate a universe without those billions of light year distances...a universe with a radius of no more than one light day (and very likely substantially smaller!) with the Earth at the very center.


    Fifteen years of feedback since beginning my active involvement in this issue has left me with no doubt that there are hundreds of millions of people of all religions and no religion--Creationists and non-Creationists alike--who will eagerly accept the exposure of the Kabbalic Universe which not only requires the evolution of everything but also removes a Personal God with an Eternal Plan for those who seek His Truth and abhor Satanís lies (when they are shown which is which:[2 Thess.2:10]). This multitude will welcome the truth that the Earth is stationary at the precise center of a universe that is a mere 6000 years old and less than one light day thick. Begin (HERE) to understand not only how the non-moving Earth Scriptures are upheld in a way that is rock solid and scientifically defensible, but also how baseless assumptions (HERE) and outright fraud (HERE - HERE - HERE) have established the lie of a 15 billion year old and 15 billion light year thick Big Bang Evolutionary "Origins Scenario" of the religion of mystic Kabbalism disguised as "science". (Audios on all this: HERE)

    Mindful of that eagerness for Truth alone that motivates a certain percentage of people everywhere, the Biblical, historical, and technical understanding required to construct such a solid and defensible model finally became clear to me in the year just past. And along with that requirement came an understanding of the nature of the Spiritual Warfare that surrounds this issue and cannot be separated from it.

    Indeed, facts long hidden but now available to all, declare that--beginning in earnest with the Copernican Revolution-- there has been a methodical establishment of a Cosmological Model which teaches an Evolved Universe, Earth, and Mankind over some 15 billion years (a figure given by Kabbalist Rabbi HaKana in the 1st century A.D. and reiterated by Kabbalist physicist Schroeder et al currently: HERE - HERE).  Now swarming with Kabbalist Saganís factless fantasy of evolving extraterrestrials (HERE, pp.3,4 - HERE, pp.14,15 - HERE), this "origins scenario" has become the fulfillment of the Kabbalaís agenda of establishing creation by evolutionism in manís mind. This fantasy has nearly replaced the Bibleís Personal God with the Christ-hating Talmud/ Kabbalist non-gíd (or SATAN as g/d: HERE) concept. That concept has been promoted over the centuries by a mere handful of Rabbinical writers such as: HaKana, Maimonides, Nachmanides, and Luria (HERE). "Scientists" Einstein, Friedmann, Le Maitre, Bohr, Gamow, Penzias, Sagan, Wickramasinghe et al have turned the fantasy into "science" (HERE).

    Therefore, any effort to challenge the Copernican Model which doesnít include this acknowledgment and understanding of the role of Pharisaic Talmudism/ Kabbalismís use of a Theoretical Science Establishment to achieve its anti-Bible, anti-Christ religious goals is a futile challenge. Creationists in particular are honor-bound to embrace this Biblically mandated understanding and openly challenge the totally factless, assumption-ridden pseudo-science that has succeeded in implanting an evolution-powered "origins scenario" for all that exists in the worldís "science textbooks".. while fundamentally destroying Biblical credibility from A to Z.

    Christians who read of "science falsely so called" (I Timothy 6:20,21) are warned to "avoid" all such "science" because it is nothing more than "profane and vain babblings and oppositions to true science". What is hard to grasp at first--but must be grasped-- is the incredible extent to which those profane and vain babblings of false science have fooled all of us...whatever our backgrounds have been.

    When it is realized that the entire formulation of the Kabbalist Model rests on the quicksand of vulnerable Copernican Heliocentricity, all who desire Truth over lies will know where to focus their attack. Darwinism (and its evolution-based brood: Communism, Freudianism, Einsteinism, Saganism...) would all have been stillborn if the Copernican Revolution hadnít paved the way for evolutionís success (HERE, pp.52-65 - HERE, pp.1,2,11; HERE - HERE).

    The Earth Is Not Moving! Period! The beginning of the end of the evolution mythology underlying all of modern manís "knowledge" starts with investigating and then accepting and acting upon that demonstrable fact....

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