"Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged"

Matthew 7:1

June 2012 Bulletin


No one--Christian especially--wants to be guilty of transgressing that warning from

The Biblical God!


Yet, at the same time, Christians especially, are admonished, instructed, and encouraged to beware of false teachings and teachers,

and they are Scripturally licensed to correct both in brotherly love.


Bearing all that in mind--with this expansion of the May Bulletin's focus on the fact that the main Creationist Organizations refuse to attack the Copernican Keystone holding up the Big Bang source OF ALL EVOLUTIONISM--these four paragraphs by the Institution for Creation Research co-founder Dr. Henry M. Morris provide the perfect Christian model for such judgment and necessary correction. HERE 


In that same link are statements from ICR publications which show that it is their unmistakable policy: a) To boldly reverse almost 70 Scriptures which describe a non-moving Earth; b) To overtly sanction the anti-Scriptural Copernican Model of a rotating, orbiting earth; c) To refuse to teach the historical dependency of Darwinism's success upon the success of the fact-free Copernican Model over 300 years earlier; d) To refuse to test and see that the Copernican Model is the Keystone holding up the Big Bang Paradigm of  billions of years of evolutionism; e) To turn a blind eye to the fact that the Big Bang Evolution Model is found in--and derived concept for concept from--the "holy book" Zohar/Kabbala; f) To ignore the fact that this Pharisee Religion's "Origin Model"--is in the world's textbooks as a "secular"(non-religious) science, and, as such, is a guaranteed sitting duck for a final challenge to the evolution monopoly in tax supported schools based on all previous court applications of the "Establishment Clause" of the U. S. Constitution.


Also in that same link will be found a quotation--and other information--showing that Ken Ham--CEO of the "Answers in Genesis" Creationist Organization--displays the same willingness to evade, ignore, and/or reverse the multiple plain non-moving Earth Scriptures and the science that proves what those Scriptures say.


Once more, in that link, the failed effort of the "Discovery Institute's" lawsuit challenging the evolution monopoly in the schools of Dover, Pennsylvania in 2005 is discussed. Then, it is linked again to a full understanding of why the "Intelligent Design" approach was doomed before it began.  In short: The Big Bang source of all evolution mythology: a) Cannot exist without the contra-scientific Copernican Model; b) Is unlawful because it is just as Religious as the Creation Science Model and the "Intelligent Design" Model; c) Can be exposed and beaten in court by ICR, AIG, or Discovery Institute if they choose to do it. What if they --and the others--won't do any of this?


There is really no place for Creationist Organizations to hide on this issue. They are either totally committed to scientifically upholding Bible Creationist Geocentrism--which destroys Big Bang Evolutionism--or they serve Christ-hating Phariseeism , not Jesus the Creator.[1]

For help in facing Jesus' promised "Truth Blitzkrieg" which reveals all of  Satan's lies & causes  his kingdom Babylon to Fall (Rev. 17:14-18; 14:6,7,8) dividing the populations of the world, see: [2] - [3].

Watch for more on this subject and how the global spinoffs will Biblically challenge all of us:

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