Copernicanism Is A Bible Creation Issue

July 2012 Bulletin


Christian Churches--including Bible-only Creationist ones--long ago accepted the Copernican Model of the so-called "Solar System".  Of course, they are not alone; every textbook, library, and school from kindergarten through university agrees with them.


The only disagreement comes from the Bible and Observed Science! After all, we do see--and photograph--the sun, moon, and stars going around the earth every day/night. But this is an illusion, we are assured, caused by the earth's rotation. No proof exists for this universally accepted myth [1] - [2] - [3]; but let's just concentrate on the Bible and some facts:


Being mindful of some 67 plain Bible teachings that it is the sun that moves and not the earth [4], and that science, grammar, semantics and definitions support those teachings [5] - [6] , let's nail down the fact that Copernicanism is a Creationist Issue; like it or not.


According to the 1st verse in the Bible--the earth, along with heaven itself--was created:

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (Genesis 1:1) Equally certain is the Biblical fact that the sun, moon, and stars were not created until the 4th day (Genesis 1:14-19).


The Bible says there was no sun for the earth to go around until the 4th day. Thus, accepting the Copernican Model also forces acceptance of some combination of these kinds of fantasies: 1) Either the earth in verse one would have to be created rotating (at c. 1,040 mph); or: 2) After the sun's creation on day four, the earth would have to be made to  rotate (at 1,040 mph). 3) And, either the earth would have to be orbiting on day one (at c. 67,000 mph) around the place where the sun would not be until the 4th day; or 4) After the sun's creation on day four, the earth would go from 0 mph to c. 67,000 mph orbital speed.


Also, either on the 1st or 4th day, the earth's alleged rotation has to begin in a West to East  direction in the Copernican Model. This demands a mandatory reversal of the Moon's observed direction which, in turn, requires that its observed E to W direction at c. 63,000 mph be recalibrated at c. 2200 mph. And, of course, the sun and the stars have to be stopped in the Model or nothing works. Creationist: Too many assumptions for you, or not? [7]


When all these  fantasies are accepted and the earth is reduced to a tiny speck of fortuitous flotsam produced some eleven billion years after a Big Bang, then all the essential concepts of the ruling fact-free Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm could become textbook science.

Thus has the Pharisee Religion's Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm "evolved" into today's alleged "non-religious" science about the Origin of all that exists!! [8] - [9] - [10]


Not even earth-bound evolutionism could have gotten off the ground masquerading as "science" if 300 years of the Bible-bashing Copernican Revolution hadn't paved the way for the Darwinian Revolution. It is no different now in the 21st century when a ubiquitous theme about evolved Extraterrestrial life forms has swamped all information outlets. Copernicanism is still the foundation upon which both Darwinism and the Kabbalist Big Bang Evolutionary/Revolutionary Paradigm stands or falls.


Twenty-eight books of the Bible--and all known science--confirm that it is the sun that moves, not the Earth.   There's No Escape: Copernicanism IS A Bible Creation Issue! [11]


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