"True Israel" is the favorite label for folks in the "Identity" Movement.  "Christian Israel" is another favorite, and "Kingdom Identity" and "Israel Identity" are considered accurate labels too. "Anglo-Israelism" and "British-Israelism" have been other labels, now out of vogue as being too restrictive and misleading.  The "True Israel" folks have some very interesting evidence for their claim, some of which we will address as we go along.

    But, as we shall also see, other powerful evidence declares that these groups are all leaning on several broken reeds (which the honest ones amongst them must and will ultimately reject if they intend to line up with the New Testament of Jesus Christ).

    Let's note first the nature of some of the evidence that has brought these folks to their present understanding of Scripture, evidence which persuades them that they are indeed "The True Israel". 


    Personally, I had a semi-in-depth immersion into this subject over thirty years ago. After reading a half dozen books, and listening to some tapes and some preachers, etc., I came away not quite sure why I was unconvinced but quite sure that I was unconvinced.  It just seemed too far out to me that the "ten lost tribes" of the Northern Kingdom of Israel had migrated to Northern Europe and some of them thence to America. That Britain could still represent the lost tribe of Ephraim and the United States could still represent the lost tribe of Manasseh--and that, more broadly, the Caucasian Race was really those elusive Israelites--just seemed a little too "off the wall" for my taste.

    But some years later I very carefully read a book that put me into a bit of a spin about all of these claims. The book: Your Inheritance: The Best Kept Secret In The World by a young man in Tennessee demonstrated quite convincingly that those lost tribes of Israel DID migrate to Northern Europe (from whence a great number emigrated to what later became the United States).  Author Balaicius laid on a ton of what appeared to be solid Chronicle, Philological, and Archeological evidence that goes far toward proving that the Israelites (who left after the Assyrian captivity) passed through the Caucasus Mountains (hence "Caucasians") and eventually on into Northern Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and North America. The book demonstrated that these emigrants adhered to a lot of Old Law practices and morality in general, and showed the existence of voluminous records, artifacts, flag designs and "heraldic" (coats of arms) symbols which helped nail down Balaicius' case. That case is, in short, "that the Anglo-Saxon peoples are in fact the descendents of the Ten Northern Tribes of the Bible."1 I've since read several more works along the same line (Hoskins, Mohr, Emry, Peters, etc.), but Balaicius' book is hard to beat on this interesting and seemingly very important subject.    Once a person has digested what I would have to call some very hard to ignore historical proofs that Anglo-Saxon, white-skinned, Caucasians are the racial descendants to the ten lost tribes of Northern Israel, one has to then draw some conclusions from that evidence. If that is evidence true, what does it mean?


    Well, as so often happens, even seemingly hard facts mean different things to different people, and such is very definitely the case here!

    In a nutshell, this is what those facts mean to "Identity" folk: THEY--the white-skinned Caucasians of the world--are the real "chosen people" of God, i.e., the "True Israel". And, as such, they alone inherit the promises made to the Israelites in the Old Testament of the Bible. More, as P. J. Peters  spells out, the whole Bible is just for white people:

"...As this discovery [about lost tribes being white folks] is being made the Bible begins to become an open, understandable and applicable book TO THE RACE FOR WHICH IT WAS INTENDED....(pg 5) Also...one finds such New Testament books as Romans, Corinthians, Hebrews, Galatians, and James written to and about THE SAME RACE OF PEOPLE...(p.11)  He [Jesus] made the New Covenant WITH THESE [WHITE] PEOPLE...." 2

    Another author of the same persuasion quotes Exod. 29:45 ("I will dwell among the children of Israel, and will be their God"), and follows with this comment:

"Others [non-Caucasian people] are not made in God's image. They are not sheep - they are wolves. If they would like to attempt to follow God's  WORD and receive the blessing that comes from dong so - fine. BUT, do it somewhere else lest Israel (white folks) be harmed." 3

    Referring to the "Saxon Race", this same leading spokesman for the Identity Movement spells out his view of the only remaining obstacle to the New World Order:

"...The Saxon Race must be subdued once and for all if the New World Order is to become a reality. "4 ["Saxon Race" means White people, from an alleged derivative of "Isaac's Son".]

    Identity folks believe that they are God's Chosen People and that He is going to cause them to triumph over other "inferior" peoples and rule the world under Jesus' leadership.

    We can weigh all this in as we go along.  But it is important to understand some of the things the Identity folks have found out which make it possible for them to see themselves as the "real Chosen People"....


    For example, these "Identity" folks know all about the phony "Jews" of today who aren't even a Semitic people. More, they are sold on the idea that the "Jews" have been successfully scheming to destroy the White Race--which they call the "True Israel"--through miscegenation and mixing of all sorts of "religious" teaching.  They are hip to the Khazarian Jews being behind the tearing down of everything Christian through the media, education, finance, the arts, etc.  They see that most of Fundamentalist Christendom has been drawn into the Talmudic trap by "Jewish Fables" of the pre-trib rapture, etc. They are up on all these things and more, and they have good documentation available on these subjects. 

    Granting then that the "Identity" teachers make a pretty sound Historical Case, all Bible Christians are then driven to evaluate their Scriptural Case to see if those claims will stand up.  If they will, then all serious Bible Christians must embrace the Movement with a whoop.  If they won't stand up Scripturally, then the honest Identity folks will need to burn their books and shape up if they intend to be counted amongst God's Children on the Biblically promised eternal New (not "re-newed") Earth.

    So--not to be too abrupt here hopefully (because there are millions of very zealous and potentially Christ-like people in the Identity trap)--THEIR SCRIPTURAL CASE WILL NOT STAND UP. It just won't. And anybody can see why it won't! There are at least four fundamental reasons why the Identity Doctrine won't cut the mustard Scripturally.  They are: 1) God's New Will (Covenant/Testament) has New Heirs. 2) The "blush red" argument is fallacious, a model of Doctrinal Deception. 3) All racist doctrines are Evolution-Based at bottom, and "Identity" is no exception to this rule. 4) Identity Doctrine openly violates God's repeated warning about adding to or subtracting from His Word.


1st Reason: "God's New Will Has New Heirs"   

If the Old Law was "abolished" and "replaced" with a "better" Covenant by God's New Contract with His New People, then the whole case for the Identity claim that they are the "chosen people" is IRRELEVANT!  That is to say, it is not applicable to God's Total Plan. It is beside the point in His overall design.  It is neither here nor there as far as His Heavenly Purpose is concerned.

    Fulfilling God's Perfect Plan ordained before the foundation of the world (Acts. 15:18), Jesus the Testator died to end a designedly "faulty" Covenant God made with a teeny-tiny portion of mankind, and--in its place--established a New and Better Covenant between God and "whosoever will" come to Christ for Salvation, and will do so without respect of persons. Note:              

    "If ye be Christ's, THEN are ye Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise." (Gal. 3:29)

    Step back and consider that teaching (and two score like it!). It doesn't say: "If ye be a Caucasian, THEN are ye Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise." It really doesn't say that.... Anyone is free to throw the teaching out or jerk it around to say something else, but doing so is a declaration that God has not only been powerless to keep His Word pure, but that He has been heartless and unloving to those billions who have trusted Him and His Word in spite of all that would be tried to alter it over the centuries.  If He could allow deception on this, why not on any other doctrine from the Creation to Heaven??

(Other deadly arguments showing the IRRELEVANCY of Identity's claims based on the Old Law will be seen later under Reason #4.)


  2nd Reason: "The 'Blush Red' Argument Is Fallacious...."

    As "Identity" folks know so well--but most other Christians do not know--the foundational Scriptural case traditionally made by Identity teachers rests on a semantics argument which itself rests on the Hebrew meaning of "Adam" and "Man" in the Genesis Creation Account.  As Hoskins states (and other Identity teachers have agreed):

    "The man that God made in his image was called in the Hebrew 'Adam'.  The word Adam in the Hebrew means MAN: Heb:   Adam - 'To show blood (in the face), i.e., to flush or turn rosy, be (dyed, made) red (ruddy)'."

    That is what "Adam-Man" means all right.  No two ways about it.

    However, an unmistakable signature of deception lurks in the presentation of this Scriptural fact.  As any who will look into that same concordance will see, the number assigned to the connotation of "Adam-Man" given above is #120.   This reference says "ruddy" and tells us that the meaning comes from #119.  Number 119 gives the full definition as above.

    No problem.

    But now, let's get out our Sherlock Holmes-sized magnifying glass and follow the trail of these 120's a little further and see what we can learn....  There's ole "ruddy" (120) Adam in the Garden (Gen. 2:8) mowing the grass and clipping the hedge (v.15), and being warned not to eat "of the tree of knowledge of good and evil" (vs.16,17).  God then creates the animals for (120) Adam (vs. 18,19,20).  #120 still needs a helpmate (v.20) and God puts Adam to sleep and takes a rib out, makes woman, and brings her to Adam (who is still #120: vs. 21.22).  At this point:

    "...Adam (#120) said, "This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man " (#376, v, 23).

    But wait! What's this #376??  Are we still talking "ruddy" and "blush red" here or what?! We know the man out of whom the woman was formed was Adam who was ruddy and blush red before the rib was removed by God. Adam hadn't done anything wrong at that point.  This is strictly God working out His Plan which He formulated before He created Adam or even the earth (Acts 15:18; etc.).  But now the word for "man" out of whom Eve was taken is suddenly designated #376 in the Hebrew Concordance instead of #120.  Hmmm.  I said: Hmmm....

    Following this new trail, we find that the meaning of this different designation for "Man" (or "Wo-man", for that matter!),  i.e., #376 is: "any (man)...every (one)...whoso (ever)...."  Hmmm again.

    The #376 definition then refers us to #582 which further expands the meaning to include: "a mortal" and "a man in general (singly or collectively)...people; person..."  We are also referred to #802: "...a woman (used in the same wide sense as #582)...")

    So--BEFORE the sin and the Fall in the Garden--Adam and a part of him from which woman was created--is described by God with two different words.  These two words--though in seeming conflict--actually force the truth out on the matter and forbid all forms of racism. By describing Adam Man first as "white" and then as "a man in general, any man, anyone, whosoever, and mortal", God has forced the conclusion that Adam was created in the form of a white man capable of "blushing rosy", who nevertheless embodied in his genes every racial group and every variety within those groups that now inhabit the earth.

    Like many a Geneticist, Dr. Wm. J. Tinkle explains the existence of the races and all the varieties within the races this way.  All the genetic codes required to provide all this variety (even in the smallest detail--color of hair, shape of nose, timbre of voice, etc.)--was placed in Adam's gene bank to be released through the generations something like a time-release cold capsule one sees advertised on TV.  Dr. Tinkle says:

    "...the abundance of genes, some of them expressed WHILE OTHERS ARE LATENT, allows for...variation.  It is reasonable to speculate that plants, animals, and man were created with this potential variability."6


    The accuracy of this conclusion is further certified by staying on "Root 120", as it were.  The next verse adds to the confirmation:  "Therefore shall a man (#376) leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."

    Clearly, the racial makeup of future man spoken of here is pointedly not limited to ruddy whites, but is purposely broadened by God (BEFORE Adam and Eve disobeyed His warning about not eating the forbidden fruit). In other words, from the beginning of man's creation, God EXPANDS His racial description to include the other races and marvelous varieties of humankind which HE foreordained would arise out of Adam's genes.

    Further travel down "Root 120") finds the "blush red" designation applied to Adam again after the Fall and on through his banishment from the Garden (Gen. 3:12,22,24). Definitely--as far as the Bible is concerned--a white man was the first to sin, and definitely he was still white after he sinned.  Then, after the Fall and expulsion from the Garden: "...Adam (#120) knew his wife; and she conceived, and bear Cain, and said, I have gotten a man (#376) from the LORD." (Gen. 4:1)

    This broad, non-racially specific, designation is not limited to Cain (as some in "Identity" might prefer), but is used to designate Lamech several generations down "Root 120" also (Gen. 4:23).  And on down the road some fourteen centuries and more from Cain we read:  "And God saw that the wickedness of [ruddy] man (#120) was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his [the "ruddy" man's] heart was only evil continually." (Gen. 6:5) Whoa!

    This all-pervasive evil--attributed specifically to "blush rosy red" Man--got so bad that: "...it repented the LORD [HE sighed heavily with sorrow] that He had made man (#120) on the earth; and it grieved [hurt] Him at His heart." (Gen. 4:6)

    We notice all through here that only the "blush red" designation of "man" is used by the Holy Spirit. Then, most interestingly, at this stage it is written: "But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD." (Gen. 4:8)

    This is especially interesting because in the very next verse we read: "...that Noah was a just MAN [#376!] and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God." (Gen. 4:9)

    IF Noah found grace because of his race--because he was a "blush red" man--God, who is NOT the author of confusion, would have used the #120 designation, don't you think?  The fact that God pointedly did not do that, but used the broad racial designation (#376) instead, tells us two things very plainly: 1) God's grace is not based on race. 2) Noah was not a full-blooded honky and he definitely had other racial genes in him (probably clearly expressed through his three sons and certainly in later generations).

    The fact that the evil had gotten so bad that it made God sorry that He had created #120 man shouldn't be skipped over too lightly.... God has underscored a point about RACE here. What He has done by His choice of words relating to RACE is to stress the point that--though non-white racial genes were at work from Adam and Eve and Cain down through Lamech and Noah--HE, God, BLAMED THE UNIVERSAL DEPRAVITY THAT PROMPTED NOAH'S FLOOD ON "BLUSH RED" MANKIND!

    That's a pretty stiff conclusion--especially from this old honky who still has a little redish-brown in his beard!  But if the Identity folks insist on playing the "blush red" card, we've got to see the whole hand!

    Now, clearly, this doesn't mean that the only bad people before the Flood were honkies.  No, that interpretation is ruled out. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit's use of #120 instead of #376 plainly indicates that Whitey was the race God accounted responsible for the universal depravity that existed in Noah's time.

(Identity teachers are going to be sorry they ever played the "blush red" card before this is over!)


Throw in on all this the fact that Eve is not Scripturally identified as a #120 and one can open another big can of worms here, race wise! (Don't jump to conclusions!  More on this later on....)


        Anyway, the race-based argument underpinning the race-based teaching of "Identity/True Israel" doctrine is in for a world of trouble when the magnifying glass is kept on the Scriptural "Root 120", as we shall continue to see.  But, besides that, one must wonder what is so smart about insisting that one's racial ancestors are those who grieved God's heart so much that He repented of His first creation of man, Adam--who is Scripturally certified as being of the "blush red" white race--and started over with Noah who is Scripturally certified NOT to be of the blush red white race?!  Such insistence seems a little obtuse, doesn't it?  (Or how about just plain dumb?)

And it get "dumber and more obtuser" the further one carries it, as we are about to see....


        Not content with unwittingly insisting that those whose "thoughts were only evil continually" were primarily blush red honkies, the Identity leaders further insist that the two or three million Hebrews that Moses took out of Egypt c. eight hundred years later were likewise "blush red" folk.  If so--and according to a lot of evidence they might have been--then they too make great role models for today's white folks to be proud of and to emulate!  Just like their pre-Flood racial counterparts, they made God so mad with their interminable whining and murmuring and complaining--and reversion to idolatry at the drop of a hat--(and in spite of God's OVERT MIRACULOUS PRESENCE before them day and night!), that He caused ALL but Caleb and Joshua over 21 years of age to die in the desert!!

    Great bunch of ancestors there!  Are you Identity folks sure you want to insist they were White??


    Then on through that came Tall Saul (a #376:I Sam.9:17), a double-crosser extraordinaire and patron of witches.  The came Ruddy David; finally a white guy who had a heart for God and who God really liked (who, nevertheless, was a murderer and an adulterer). Then came Solomon who started out great and ended up supporting pagan gods by the grove full.   And on down to the Ten Northern Tribes of Israel, proudly claimed by the "True Israel" Identity folks as their white ancestors.... Scripture tells that they too were a disobedient, rebellious, morally rotten bunch; that God--after warning them repeatedly to shape up--had to sic the Assyrians on them and clean them out, enslaving many and scattering others to all points north--including the Caucasus Mountain region.

Am I exaggerating something here??

I don't think so. You Identity scholars, follow the Scriptures down "Root 120" and see where you come out....


        Then check out the history of these scattered ten tribes as they filtered through the Caucasus out into central and Northern Europe and even--as Identity folks insist (and not without evidence)--back down into the Mediterranean countries. These white hikers were all cool dudes.  Real cool dudes.  In fact, the cold winters where most of them settled forced them to hustle a lot more than folks in the warmer latitudes.  They invented a lot of stuff out of necessity ("necessity is the mother of invention"), and they raided and pillaged each other and worshipped demonic forces everywhere under one name or another. Much of their history reflects bad acts not much different from their brown, black, yellow, and red fellow human beings around the globe at that time (except perhaps sometimes in weapon's technology and related military, political, economic, and governmental skills which enabled them to subdue, govern, and exploit other "less advanced" peoples.)

    So the white folks were more industrious.  So they were doing some pretty fancy stuff with innovations and inventions while at the same time lots of brown, yellow, and red people were (we are told) still dancing around fires and rattling beads in coconuts.   And the East Asians were doing a lot more than we thought until recently.  So what?

    Always remember that history books which glorify white civilizations were written and approved and published and read by whites in a world they controlled, and that only in the last two or three generations has that history been challenged to any significant degree.  Given half a chance, folks from these other races frequently and even usually equal--and often surpass--their white counterparts in about any endeavor.

    This may be hard stuff for racist oriented whites to digest, but the honest ones know it is true. What is also true--and honest folks of all races know it in their hearts, is this: IT IS NOT THE RACE THAT MAKES A PERSON BAD OR GOOD.  THERE ARE GOOD AND BAD FOLKS IN ALL RACES, AS ANY IDIOT KNOWS.  To say that one race is good and better than the others because of its color is just stupid. It is a view that not only defies a fair view of the evidence, IT IS A VIEW THAT NULLIFIES THE WORD OF GOD AND GIVES THE DEVIL A RACIST FOOTHOLD IN GROUPS WILLING TO CHANGE THE BIBLE TO FIT THEIR RACIST AGENDA.


    Fellow Honkies, don't relax just yet. We are not finished with #120 and #376.... There are hundreds of these references.  Let's highlight a few more that speak loudly against God showing any racial preference whatsoever in His Word:


    Moses is listed as a #376 and not as a "blush red" man (Ex. 11:3). But, on the other hand, the men in Pharaoh's Egypt are designated as white (#120)! (Ex. 8:17,18;  9:9,19,22,25).

    David was definitely fair complexioned #120, probably with blond or red or in-between hair. (I Sam. 16:12; 17:42)

    In the Song of Solomon, a healthy white man ("white and ruddy") is depicted (5:10) as having a lot of very BLACK hair (v.11).  The only uses of the word "man" in this book (3:8; 8:7) are both #376, i.e., not "blush red" #120. Solomon (I:5,6) was "black"....yet David was his father and Bathsheba his mother....oooooh, Lordy!

    Ezekiel is labeled a #120 consistently while Daniel is a #376. (Dan.10:11,19)

    Jeremiah writes that "...every [120 blush red] man is brutish in his knowledge" (Jer. 10:14)...and accuses them specifically of idolatry: "Shall a [120 blush red] man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods?" (Jer. 16:20)

    Isaiah writes that: "The lofty [proud] looks of [120 blush red] man shall be humbled..." (Is. 2:11), and that: "The loftiness of [120 blush red] man shall be bowed down...." (Is. 2:17) In Isaiah 2:20--as in Jeremiah above--the white race is singled out for its idolatry: "In that day a [120 blush red] man shall cast his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which they made each one for himself to worship, to the moles and the bats."

    All white Christians who are presently hung up on the belief that Scripture sets them apart as God's Chosen people because they count themselves as the blush red descendents of blush red Adam had best buckle their seat belts before they come in for a landing from that trip!  Let them follow their own premise through the Hebrew Concordance and they will see the utter folly of this pernicious false doctrine!  Indeed, they will see that--even though the white man was created first--it has been the white man all the way through who has been the most rebellious, the most prideful, the most warlike, the most complaining, and the most idolatrous of all the races.

    Check it out and see for yourself.  Then, ask yourself: Could this be true in later and more modern history--right down to this morning--also?


    But before you get into all that, put this vital Scriptural fact on the subject in the picture: JESUS IS NOT DESIGNATED AS A #120 "BLUSH RED" WHITE MAN IN SCRIPTURE! You read that right. Check it out in Isaiah's famous prophesy of Him:  "He [the coming Christ] is despised and rejected of men; a [#376-whosoever] man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from Him; He was despised, and we esteemed Him not." (Is. 53:3)

 But this is not the half of it!

    When we go to the New Testament and the Greek language, we see repeated confirmations that Jesus was not distinguished as a ruddy, blush red, blush rosy type white man.  In fact, that definition of man IS TOTALLY ABSENT IN THE NEW TESTAMENT! Rather, as the "Son of Man" (always #444 in the Greek Concordance), we see Jesus described simply as: "man-faced, i.e., a human being".  This identical description is given many times to other men in the New Testament.  For example: The Roman Centurion in Mt. 8:9; the dumb man with a demon in Mt. 9:32; the man with the withered hand in Mt. 12:12; Judas Iscariot in Mt. 26:24; Nicodemus, the good Pharisee in Jn. 3:1; Peter in Acts 10:26; etc.,etc.

    Having digested this large serving of crow served up by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament, White Christians everywhere--and especially White Identity-type Christians--should reflect with shame and a repentant attitude on their assertions that Jesus was a racially blush-red white man, ruddy like David or whatever.  The Scriptures forbid making this assertion. Indeed, the Holy Spirit of Truth has seen fit to consistently employ a racially non-descriptive word (#444) to describe Jesus' manhood.

    In spite of these rather easy to discover Scriptural facts, Identity folks are fed a steady diet of racist fiction to the end that they believe that Jesus was a highly distinguishable man by virtue of being a very "blush red" Nordic-type man in physical appearance.  Consider this example in one of their books, which is attributed to a report by Pilate:

        "...one day in passing by the place of Siloe, where there was a great concourse of people, I observed in the midst of the group a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude.  I was told it was Jesus. This I could have easily suspected, so great was the difference between him and those listening to him.  His golden-colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect.  He appeared to be about thirty years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance.  What a contrast between him and his hearers, with their black beards and tawny complexions!" 7a

    Belief in such self-serving racism reveals a readiness to ignore both Old and New Testament descriptions of Jesus, as we've seen.  But, beyond those examples, consider what Isaiah prophesied about Jesus' appearance in comparison with that last quotation: "HE [the Christ] hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him." (Is. 53:2)

    Then add that to this New Testament passage which clearly shows that Jesus' appearance was so much like those around Him that Judas Iscariot had to give those in the mob a sign when they came to make the arrest so that they would know which man was Jesus:   "And he that betrayed Him had given them a token [sign], saying, whomsoever I [Judas] shall kiss, that same is He [Jesus].... And as soon as He [Judas] was come, he went straightway [immediately] to Him [Jesus], and said, Master, master; and kissed Him " (Mark 14:44, 45)

    Obviously, and beyond argument, if Jesus had been of a stereotyped Nordic appearance, Judas would just have said: "That's him; the honky with the blond hair and beard" (or the 1st century equivalent).  But Jesus was so non-descript in physical appearance that the mob couldn't have picked Him out of the eleven disciples there with Him if Judas hadn't gone straight up to Him and given the customary greeting as a pre-arranged sign of identification for the mob.


    All folks deceived by the Deceiver's false doctrines specialists (I Tim. 4:1) with the racist Identity teachings would be well-advised to get out the knee pads and sackcloth and ashes if they have any intentions of pleasing God the Father and the Lord Jesus.  They are operating under a most serious Scriptural delusion improperly derived from God's revelation that He did indeed create Adam as a "blush red" white man.


    There is still more on this subject that must be understood.  Let's get back on "Root 120" which in the New Testament intersects with "Root 444":

    It should be set in Scriptural concrete by now that the word "man" as applied to Jesus in the New Testament (#444: "a human being") makes no racial distinction.  If further evidence is needed, let it be summed up in this Scriptural knife-to-the-heart of racial superiority beliefs held by people of any color.... Luke, writing of Paul's message from God to those Athenian pagans on Mars Hill, said that the: "God that made the world hath made of ONE BLOOD ALL NATIONS [#1484=races] of men [#444] for to dwell on ALL the face of the earth...." (Acts 17:26)

    This clearly covers all races and all varieties within all the races. Jesus as a "man" is described with exactly the same word as any man in any race.  It would appear that God is definitely telling all who would be followers of Jesus, i.e., all Christians, to drop any notion that they are more pleasing to God than other man because they are white (or brown, black or shades thereof!).  To continue to have that--or any other--racist view is to rebel against God's anti-racist decree that no one race is set aside as a favorite or superior race in His Word.

    The Holy Spirit brings this loaded Truth full circle by referring to the man Adam in the New Testament: In I Corinthians 15:45 we read: "...the first man [called #444 here in the NT!] was made a living soul."

    Here in the New Testament Adam's race is NOT used to designate him as a white man.  That was done with the Hebrew #120 in Genesis, we recall, and specified that Adam was a blush red white man.  But here the same Holy Spirit of Truth lets it be known that the fact that Adam was white IN NO WAY made him superior to or more favored than any of the other races whose genes he carried.  Adam is given the same racial importance in the New Testament that every other man of any race has. Note verse 47:  "The first man [#444-Adam] is of the earth, earthy: the second man [#444-Jesus] is the Lord from Heaven."

    Now--on top of that--another Scriptural fact is seen to enter with pistol in hand to administer the coup de grace to the racist Identity/True Israel teaching. That fact is that Jesus the Creator (Eph.3:9; Col. 1:16; Jn. 1:3,10; Heb.1:2,10) is: "...the express image" of God the Father. (Heb. 1:3) And, of course, "express" in the Greek here (#5481) means:  "...an exact copy"..

    If, therefore, the Bible leaves no doubt that Jesus is "an exact copy" of Jehovah God The Father, and if there is no doubt that Jesus is never referred to as a "blush red" white person as was "the first Adam", then the only Scriptural conclusion possible is that God the Father is not a "blush red" prototype of Adam, but has, rather, like Jesus, enough color in His (invisible) skin to prevent Him from "blushing red".  This conclusion is further confirmed by the previous citing of I Cor. 15:47 which designates Adam as just a human being primarily.  Of secondary importance is his designation as a "blush red" white man.

    So, in short: Jesus was not a fair complexioned, "blush red" white man and--by virtue of being an "exact copy" of His Father-- neither is Jehovah God (when, on rare occasions HE chooses to become visible, as in Gen.11:7; 33:22,23....)


    Now--though the reason isn't what the Identity folks say it is--Adam was surely created as a "blush red" white man for some very important and understandable reasons!  These reasons obviously have nothing to do with racial superiority or being God's favorite amongst the races. Rather, God's reasons for making race a factor in His Creation include these three at the top of the list:

        1) Heaven on the New Earth will include all races and varieties of races (Luke 13:29; etc.), and there the diabolical origin of racism will be perfectly illustrated and ingrained eternally in all of God's Children by reference to its pernicious effects throughout the historical and Biblical records on this old earth.

        2) As is evident throughout Creation, God loves variety.  Just like David, all folks of all descriptions are "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Ps. 139:13). Yet, they are "all of one blood" (Acts 17::26)

            3) "False pride" (I Jn. 2:16);  "taking the best seats at feasts" (Luke 20:46); "holier than thou" religiosity (Luke 18:11,12), etc., are traits exhibited by some people of all races.  God says He "resists the Proud, but gives grace to the humble" (James 4:6).  Identity folks and Talmudic/Kabbalic Jews take particular notice.

    All this (and what is yet to come)--by the grace of God--closes this case about "blush red" Adam and ends that ongoing argument.

    We can now move on to the third point, a point that many Identity folks and some others need to consider very prayerfully and very soon....


    Some fine Christian folk now trapped in racist Identity type beliefs would strongly contest Reason #3, claiming that they are Creationists who reject Evolutionism. Nevertheless, as the next few pages will show, they have been tricked badly here too, for it is true that:

Reason #3: All Modern Racist Doctrines Are Evolution-Based And Identity Is No Exception To This Rule.  

Here's why....

    Sir Francis Galton, a cousin and big fan of Charles Darwin, coined the word "eugenics" in 1883. This new field was:

            "...the science of improving the human race, and his research to develop his ideas was a mixture of sound investigation and naively credulous conclusions.... Galton and his followers were motivated by many old fallacies CONCERNING ANCESTRY. They believed quite strongly that those on top were there largely because of 'superior' heredity.  These ideas were naturally pleasing to persons who considered themselves as belonging to the 'superior' classes, and won strong support from them.....Thus the eugenics movement from the start has attracted proponents WHO HAVE WARPED IT IN FAVOR OF THEIR OWN GROUP, and, having more prejudice than science, have made the cause look preposterous.... The early eugenicists BORROWED IDEAS FROM THE EARLY EVOLUTIONISTS and assumed that the most desirable are identical with the most successful...they took it for granted.  That was a naive assumption.  Like a number of other early ideas, it is groundless." 7b

    Darwin himself, of course, was a white racist.  The sub-title--or alternate title--of his revolutionary book The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection) was: THE PRESERVATION OF FAVORED RACES IN THE STRUGGLE FOR LIFE.

    Though not so fashionable since the ardent evolutionist Adolph Hitler sought to carry Galton's eugenic ideas to their pseudo-logical conclusion, evolutionism is--in the final analysis--always productive of racism.  And not just any old racism, but "white racism", since--a la Darwin, Galton, Himmler et al--the white race is presumed to have evolved from man's alleged simian ancestors earlier than the other races and thus be "more advanced" than they are.

    So, some folks in the Identity Movement may not think of themselves as evolutionists, and indeed may be vocal opponents of evolutionism.  Nevertheless, once the rickety Scriptural props and the hybrid "science-fiction" they use to justify their racist beliefs are recognized for what they are, their whole belief system drops right into the evolutionist's net where it belongs.  We've already seen the pseudo-Scriptural "blush red" prop knocked down. Let's zero in now on what the Identity doctrine really, really says, and begin kicking away at that other prop--the evolution one--that is used for support of this brand of "white supremacy ".


    Most "True Israel" folks are taught that the world's non-white folks are not the descendants of Adam and Eve and later of Noah and his family, but rather that they come from a Pre-Adamic population of what we would call today some kind of "sub-specie humanoids". One of the most widely read and followed Identity leaders offered the following in a monthly report:

            "Saxons believe that the WORD teaches that non-whites WERE CREATED BEFORE "man" ["blush red, white man]."8      (Much more on this theme in PART TWO....)

    On can already see in this belief an accommodation to evolutionary claims about the great age of fossils. Consider: If there were another (lower level and inferior) creation prior to Adam and Eve, then one would expect that a lot of the fossils that are dug up would be from that alleged earlier creation, wouldn't one?  The Identity problem is that their claim that the WORD (the Bible) teaches this Pre-Adamic creation is a lie. The WORD teaches that there was no death before Adam (Rom. 5:12); that Eve "was the mother of ALL living" (Gen. 3:20), etc.  Also, Gen. 1:27 and 2:24--when connected to Matthew 19:4-6--show that Jesus didn't believe in two accounts of Creation in Gen. 1 and 2.  It's time to get rid of such self-serving interpretations and accept plain statements in the WORD. Notwithstanding all that, Identity author, Hoskins, continues:

            "The doctrine that Whites and non-Whites both originated in one set of ancestors logically results in the silly theory that...one God fathered us all." 9

       This is a not-very-subtle way of saying that God is not the Father of the non-white people!  If God is not their Father, Mr. Identity, then who do you say IS their father??  (You've got three possibilities and all are anti-Bible. You must either say: a) That Satan is the father of the non-whites, [Part II] or, b) That God created inferior non-whites in a pre-Adamic world but didn't tell us about it, or, c) That these supposed sub-humans evolved from a different branch than the white race in that alleged primordial, Pre-Adamic world, and that the white race alone began with Adam.  In any of these three cases you make yourself out of the same mold as the Rabbinic Talmudists who say that they are the only true men created by God and that everyone else is in the evolved sub-man, animal class! Since Identity teaching owes much of its success in the world to exposing anti-Bible and anti-Christ Evolution-based Talmudism and Kabbalism, Identity folks can truly say: "We have met the enemy and they are US!"

    Hoskins' not-very-subtle approach continues:

            "Noah carried non-Whites on his ark, but not as "blush red" men, but under another name." 10

    "Another name"??  What other name, Mr. Identity?  You'd rather not say?  Aw, c'mon now; spell it out for everybody so they will know what you are really saying.  You say that Noah and his family were "blush red" white folk.  This is flatly denied in Scripture by God's us of #376 instead of #120 for "man", as we've seen.  The you say that "Noah carried non-whites on his ark" but under another name than "men".

    Whoa! How dare anyone turn Noah's Ark into a slave ship with all the self-defined sub-humans traveling in steerage with the "other animals" while their own self-designated white ancestors make the voyage in Captain Noah's Lounge?!  (Well, somebody had to feed all those critters below deck and shovel out the poop; right?!)

    Oh boy!  Somebody needs to check that Scriptural designation of Noah's race (#376: NOT "blush red") and then "re-new their minds according to the Gospel of Christ"! (Rom. 12:2)


    This whole approach to the Noah problem by Identity folks is just a fake-Christian exercise in Talmudic/Kabbalic wish-fulfillment.  It is Talmudic/Kabbalic, not Christian.  In the Jewish version, the Talmudists sit at the Captain's table and all others (as part of the goyim (animals) below deck shovel the poop.  Identity--as did Hitler-Himmler--turns this doctrine around.  They ("Identity") seat themselves in Captain Noah's Lounge and put the Jews and all people of color below deck shoveling the poop.  The problem is that neither scenario is Biblical, and that means that neither scenario is from God.  It all comes back down to: "Choose you this day whom you will serve", doesn't it.?

    Note: 1st Peter 3:20 says: "...EIGHT souls were saved by water" (also 2nd Pet. 2:5). So, Identity teachers, which is it: a) The non-whites on the Ark didn't have souls, or b) The Bible is wrong when it says there were only the eight people--all in Noah's family--who were on board??  C'mon now; 'fess up.  You've been told that the non-whites "were created" in a Pre-Adamic creation and that they were not true "men" like Adam and Noah. If you don't want to say these non-whites were created by the Devil--knowing that the Bible denies the Devil (a created entity himself and subject to the Law of Cause and Effect) any creative power--then you must say they were created by God either suddenly like Adam, with God breathing the breath of life into their nostrils, or slowly over aeons of time  through AN EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS whether you say it is or not because it is evolution that requires aeons of time, not the Biblical God Who created everything in six literal "evening and morning" days using no evolution whatsoever (Gen. 1).

    You can't go with the 'suddenly like Adam' because: thus given the breath of life from God they would have become "living souls" JUST LIKE ADAM. So, you Identity teachers are teaching a double-damned and twisted version of theistic evolutionism. i.e., God created through an evolutionary process!  It's double-damned because all evolutionism denies the Scriptures and because you've taken the evolution lie and refined it to make only white people truly men and wo-men.

    Think: Have not the Rabbinical Talmudists done precisely the same thing?!  They put themselves on top as true "men" and make everybody else animals. You do the same thing except you put yourselves on top. It's the same thing as Hitler/Himmler did, and Hitler (as were Stalin and Mao)--as you must know by now--were dyed-in-the-wool evolutionists. Try looking at 20th century in that light and see where you come out.   (Try this link on Hitler, Stalin, Mao et al: HERE.)


    In an Identity book that has gone through at least nine printings we read quotes from "the code of the Nordic Ring":

        "We believe and maintain that the many diverse forms of life are the product of Divine forces [plural!], at once different in "worth and function".11  (Same self-serving stuff, followed by): "The nations of Nordic blood must...stand together against other racial blocs."12  (Notice again the willingness to rebel against Scripture by speaking of  a separate "Nordic Blood" when  God says He made all men of one blood. Don't be fooled any longer when Identity "scholars" use the Bible where they can, and then boldly ignore and change what will not fit their contra-Scriptural racist doctrines.)

    Identity teachers agree that the blood is different. The Bible says it isn't.  Some get real hot if one labels them "racist" or "white supremacists".  But if these aren't perfectly accurate labels, then why aren't they?!  The definition of "racism" is: 1) A doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior. 2) A policy, government, religion, etcetera, based on such a doctrine. 3) Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.  (The recent massive immigration of 3rd world populations with different languages, religions, cultures, and skin color into predominantly white countries has caused much justifiable resentment because those differences have caused real economic burdens, religious confusion, and cultural trauma.  If those problems didn't exist, the skin color/racial distinction factor would be acceptable to true Christians as well as most of the general white population as evidenced by the election of Obama as President of the United States. The acceptance of his color was striking in predominantly white populations everywhere, even in the USA where much racism still exists.)

    Those three definitions fit the Identify profile just as surely as they fit Talmudic/Kabbalic Judaism's profile or that of Herr Hitler or Chairman Stalin and Chairman Mao in the past century. The same is true of the label "supremacist" from "supreme" which means: "...paramount, sovereign...highest quality, degree, character...greatest, utmost...ultimate".

    The labels are accurate and both are Talmudic/Kabbalic, NOT BIBLICAL!  There is an incredible amount of kneading and pounding of the Scriptures to make white supremacist racism a Biblical doctrine, but they all fail miserably, as any of the good white folk trapped in that false Identity doctrine mess can see if they have the courage to face the Biblical and scientific evidence. We can turn now to more of that evidence and see the wrenching and twisting of Scriptures which accompanies Identity's efforts to claim Biblical support for their belief that THEY AND THEY ALONE are the "chosen people of God":


    Reason #4: Identity Doctrine Cannot Be Upheld Unless:

1) A person is willing to subtract from--or substantively alter--the Apostle Paul's writings (and some of Peter's and Luke's as well); and unless: 2) One adds to Scripture Other Writings Not In The Bible, and unless: 3) There is an accommodation with Pharisee Big Bang Evolutionary Model of the universe, earth, and mankind, which Model is derived wholly from the anti-Bible, anti-Christ Zohar/Kabbala. Let's bear down on #1 by looking at what is done to Paul's writings by starting with this example of extreme anti-Paulism and related Bible bashing:

    A four-page, professionally laid out flyer promoting a book entitled, The Theology of Jubilee Economics, by J.B. Patterson "a theological seminary graduate" makes the following statements and claims amongst numerous others: "Jesus survived the crucifixion and lived mostly in Kashmir [India] until in his 90's." - "...Paul was converted to a delusion." - "...Paul still remains Christianity's greatest enemy!" - "None of the alleged Biblical miracles are valid." - "Paul not only has NOT been a benefit to the church through the ages, but is here exposed to be still be our number one problem." - "An infallible Bible is neither needed nor desirable." - "An apocalyptic event is contrary to the teachings of Jesus and should not be expected or desired." 13

    To a Christian who believes in the Creator God of the Biblical Genesis Account and in that God's faithful protection of the canonical Old and New Testaments, such claims and statements are simply blasphemous and are rejected out of hand. Folks in the Identity Movement must and do dismiss belief in and support of Biblical inerrancy and sufficiency. They accept the words from other books which are not in the Bible. These books are not in the Bible for one simple reason: They all include material which directly contradicts that which God has allowed in the Bible and has protected against alteration. Identity racist doctrine rips the heart out of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ.  That New Covenant--much of it written by Paul--teaches repeatedly that Christ came to save the lost of the House of Israel ONLY until His death on the cross ripped that 4" thick rug in the Temple from top to bottom. That event signified that all men now had access into the holy of holies through the final sacrifice of Christ's blood, and that the Old Priesthood, the Old Law, and all future claims to be a Chosen People according to the FLESH was finished forever.

    The things Paul et al wrote--and are in the authorized version of the King James Bible--absolutely undercut and forbid several doctrines basic to Identity beliefs. This being the case, there is an ongoing struggle to make these uncooperative passages in Paul's epistles conform to Identity teachings.  This technique--"wrest [wrench. pervert, reverse] the Scriptures unto their own destruction"( II Pet. 3:16)--works to a level sufficient to keep most of the trusting members of congregations in line.  Most of these folks have already been sold on the idea that they--as part of the white race--are really the descendents of the "Lost Tribes Of Israel", really the "True Israel", that is--and they accept whatever else they are taught (not unlike people under many another false teaching which demands adherence to extra-Biblical "scholars" whose "wisdom" supersedes the Biblical God's inspired writers [II Tim.3:16]).  If the Biblical writings of Moses or Isaiah or Paul or Peter et al refuse to agree with what this greater natural man's "wisdom" pronounces, then it is the Biblical writers who must be wrong according to "True Israel" teaching. This reckless rebellion against God's Inspired Writers from Genesis through the Revelation applies to a host of anti-Bible doctrines bearing on the truth about Creation, Heaven, Hell, Satan, Eschatology, etc.  (Go to these Audio Sessions for much more on this subject: (HERE).

    But, since the whole Identity edifice rests on Christians trying to live by some of the Old Law requirements, and since Paul's writings pointedly and repeatedly nullify those Old Law requirements, the leaders can't leave Paul's writings in particular alone. They know that large portions of those writings are deadly to their whole belief system about "True Israel".

        So, after twisting those writings, and kneading and pounding them with a meat hammer fails to really make them say what they want them to say, they begin to search for other ways to "prove" that Paul was a false apostle and/or that he really didn't write under Holy Spirit inspiration what the Bible declares he wrote under Holy Spirit inspiration. And, of course, Satan's demonic specialists in doctrine-twisting ("doctrines of devils": I Tim. 4:1) stand ready to oblige all such reckless Bible revisionism.

    One stepping stone on this quest for ways to get rid of the New Covenant's great message that the Old Law was "faulty" and "a curse" and was "done away" and replaced by God's "better Covenant" inviting everybody in the world to come and be a joint-heir with Christ, has been to label those upholding the teachings of Paul in particular as "Marcionists". ("Marcion was a 2nd century Christian who attempted to resolve the essential antithesis between Law and Grace by creating a new Bible consisting solely of ten of Paul's Epistles, not including the Epistles to Timothy and Titus".14)


    Once this kind of name-calling (Marcionists, Paulicans, etc.) is put to work to discredit those who use the Apostle Paul's anti-Old Law writings stating that the Old Law was "abolished" (II Cor. 3:13; etc.), a theological precedent for ever-escalating rejection of the Bible as God's inerrant, sufficient, and infallible Word has been established.

    The door is then open to entertain the claim that Paul's writings (and those Paulicans who uphold them) are either misinformed or malicious people.  With that door open, they begin to announce that there are numerous other books--lost books, purposely repressed books, and chapters of books, pagan mythologies about Zeus et al full of "hidden" truths, computer models covering aeons of time, archeological claims that reject the Biblical Noahic Flood, and all compatible historical writings--that guide us around the alleged Biblical errors and give us the real truth if we'll only listen. For example: One begins to discover in the identity literature that the Apocryphal book included in the Roman Catholic bible in 1546 has been kept out of the Protestant Bible by bad people. Then one learns that there is the Book of Enoch , the Book of Jasher, the Book of Jubilees, a lost chapter from Acts, and on and on which add truths to--and which correct--those alleged sloppy errors in the Bible. One 600 page publication reprints scores of writings claiming divine inspiration and equality with the Biblical cannon.15

    The bottom line on all these claimants to equality with--and superior knowledge above--the 66 canonical books of the Bible is this: They all--without exception--contradict the Bible.  Whether the forced contradictions are an obvious design to uphold the Bible-bashing Roman Catholic dogma that Jesus' mother Mary was herself born of a virgin and remained a virgin all her life (16) or whether it is one that is simply loaded with "gross chronological, historical, and geographical errors" (a in the Book of Judith in the Apocrypha (17)), the end result--destruction of Bible credibility--is the same.  Take one guess at who is the Ultimate Conspirator behind that goal.

    So the name of this game is "Destroy the Bible".  Take out what you don't like, leave in what you do like.

    It is a game that Identity folks are playing WHETHER THEY REALIZE IT OR NOTOne realized, any who remain in that game put themselves under a direct curse (involving the teaching of "another Gospel": Gal. 1:6-12). How dare they change God's Word and then set themselves up as His elect children because they are white, all the while using the Bible and claiming to be it's sole "elect" champions!!  THAT IS AN ETERNALLY DANGEROUS PATH TO FOLLOW! The basic premise is the same as the misguided racist, and murderous KKK;  only this time it's all covered over with arcane "higher scholarship" instead of white sheets.

    More, one can get a strong sense of the distinctive machinations of both the Jesuits and the Talmudic Rabbis in some of the Identity literature.  It is an odds-on bed that one or the other or both are closet supporters of the Identity "Movement".

    There is no way out of that Bible-destroying "True Israel" mess but to get out!  Honest folks in the Movement must do like the Apostle Paul (and the other Apostles, for that matter): They must cast off the "bondage" of the Old Law (II Cor.3:3-17; Gal.4:21-31; etc.) and embrace the New Covenant put into force by God the Father through Jesus, His Son and legal Testator.  Once this urgent renewing of one's mind is done(Rom 12:2), God's Plan--supernaturally preserved by His Power through all attacks, plots, and false doctrines--will be seen to be trustworthy and triumphant for all who hope for resurrection and eternal life with Father God and Jesus on that New (not renewed) Earth with its New (Not renewed) Jerusalem.


    Continuing just a little further on the subject of Paul's conversion, let it be understood that Paul's 180 degree turnaround provides the perfect example of what Race Based Christians need to do when they see the massive error of trying to retain the Old Law which Jesus died to remove.  Paul was a bona-fide Israelite and an Old Law Zealot (Phil.3:3-6) UNTIL Jesus showed him the Truth.  After that, Paul was never popular with the Old Law Gang again. After he began preaching God's New Covenant message, that Old Law Gang tried to rub him and his message out more than once (just as modern day anti-Paulists are trying to do by twisting and expunging his writings and belittling any who uphold Christ's New Covenant message for all mankind equally for all people everywhere, a message which Paul was chosen to deliver to Christians living through 20 centuries after he did his job!). 

    God enabled Paul to withstand everything the Pharisees could throw at him, and to finish the race he was ordained to run. He--not alone, but more than any other New Testament saint--spelled out the reason why God's Old Contract with His Old People was replaced with His New Contract with His New People...no matter what their race or previous religion.

    God allowed the Pharisaic doctrinal leaven to enter into the Church in its earliest years (Titus 1:10-14; etc.), and He has allowed it to ferment and foment and spread till it has infected all of Christianity to one degree or another.  The Identity Movement--with its egocentric, TALMUD-LIKE "chosen people" claims--seeks to transmit that infection to white folks and the rest of the world today with its Bible-denying racist doctrines.


    All this also has been allowed by God for two very great reasons.

            One: The magnitude of this error will be forcibly exposed in "the war the Lamb wins" (Rev. 17:14) as one of the major lies upholding Satan's Empire of "Babylon the Great", and one of the major causes of human conflict and suffering through the ages.   (The incredible irony related to the Nazi vs. Jew imbroglio during the Hitler years is that leaders on BOTH SIDES claimed to be the Master Race, the Chosen People!)

    Hitler based his belief on the idea that the Nordic man was more evolved and hence superior to the other less evolved Jews, Blacks, and Orientals. The Jews--on the other hand--under Talmud-inspired Rabbinic leadership--have always maintained that they are the only true human beings, and the rest of the world's peoples are animals.  No wonder the Zionist vengeance against Hitler specifically and the German people generally is so unrelenting!  Hitler and the Nazis dared to usurp their place as the only true men of the world, and dared to relegate them to the lowest evolved animal class!!  That #@^*!X~ paperhanger had to be crushed and smushed, and there has to be an ongoing penalty for such impudence kept fresh through movies, TV, holocaust museum guilt trips, financial tribute, etc., forever!

    Two: The lessons taught by allowing this Pharisaic Leaven to do its work over so many centuries will serve God's purpose eternally on the New Earth. There, these lessons will make clear (as no other lessons could), the transcendent importance of Jesus' obedient sacrifice on the cross. There it will be established by God the Father that the Image of Himself that He intends for His Children to emulate forever is the image of humility, mercy, kindness, gentleness, and love that Jesus taught and exhibited and had recorded in His New Testament. There--on that Satan-free New Earth--it will be totally clear at last the necessity of replacing God's Old Covenant based on the letter of the Law...with His New Testament message of love from the heart for God and neighbor and Truth. There, as all God's Children grow to become more like Him, the New Testament picture of the way God the Father wants to be perceived by His Children will be seen to have been given to the world through Christ's example rather than through the Old Law.


    As noted, many Identity folks bristle up when called "racists". They say they are just following the Old Law which demanded separation from all other peoples. This quotation from one of their spokesmen gives the flavor of that position:

            "...Christ will not return for a mongrelized bride. Satan thinks if he can completely mongrelize the pure, white Israel race, that Christ will have no bride for which to return; and he is right.  However, God does promise that a remnant [of pure whites] will be preserved.  The Question is, will you be part of the remnant?  Some people who are fearful, ignorant, or evil may call this Israel-Identity or Christian Israel message 'racist', 'white supremists' [sic] or some other evil slur. However, God demands the [racial] purity of His people...."18

    Well, God's "Chosen People" under the Old Law were indeed to keep themselves apart from the "Gentiles" with all their pagan gods.  That's an Old Covenant fact.  No argument there.  However, unless one leans on the broken reed of the "blush red" Adam argument, there is absolutely no place in the Bible where this exclusionary demand was based on being a member of a "pure white race".  It's not in there. The separation policy was to avoid mixing with pagan religions outside of the twelve tribes!


    It is true, of course, that Jesus--born under the Old Law and obligated to fulfill it and end it by His death on the cross--told His Disciples not to got to the Gentiles (Matt. 10:5), but "rather to the lost sheep of Israel" (v.6).  Significantly, He followed that instruction by telling His Disciples to preach that "The Kingdom of heaven is at hand", indicating that a change of cosmic dimensions was at very near (v.7). Similarly, He told the Greek woman who pleaded with Him to cast a demon out of her daughter (Mark 7:26): "Let the children [Old Law Israelites before His death] FIRST be filled...."(v.27)  Then, because the woman did not challenge her own and her daughter's status under the Old Law still in force at that time, but accepted that status, Jesus delivered the girl anyway AS A CLEAR SIGN THAT GOD'S EXCLUSION OF THE NON-ISRAELITES WAS ALL BUT OVER (v.29).

    Likewise when Jesus healed the Centurion's servant (Matt. 8:5-13).... Likewise, again, when Jesus early on healed and preached the Gospel of the Kingdom to "multitudes" of true Israelites, and phony "Jews" (Rev. 2:9;3:9), and non-Israelites alike... that the "humble and meek and merciful and sincere and peace loving, etc." were "Blessed" (Matt. 5:1-16). Jesus was previewing the coming end of the Old "letter of the Law which killeth" Covenant which counted only true Israelites as the chosen people of God.

    Indeed, such examples from the New Testament are so numerous, one scarcely knows where to start or stop. In keeping with observing the Old Law through His pre-crucifixion time on earth, Jesus told His disciples specifically NOT to even enter into a Samaritan city. (Matt. 10-5). Yet, later, in a famous parable (Luke 10-29-37) , Jesus just as specifically uses and elevates the Godliness of a Samaritan man over that of an Old Law priest and a Levite!  Clearly, He is forecasting and teaching a change in God's dealing with people based on righteous actions and not on a physical birthright under the Old Law.

    Probably the most poignant of all such examples is one stolen by the Devil's false doctrine specialists (I Tim. 4:1) and used to erect the pagan, blasphemous, and soon to be exposed teaching that Hades Hell is a place where conscious people are tortured or rewarded after death.  The great Dantean torture-chamber-Hades-Hell-doctrine that is built on the Luke 16 parable is not only an awful labeling of God as a monster, but--equally as bad--is also a doctrine that has stolen one of the strongest lessons Jesus ever taught about the fast-approaching end of the Old Covenant System (the rich man) and the soon to begin Kingdom of God for those who were not admitted under the Old Law (Lazarus, the beggar).  Belief in the diabolic Platonic myth of an abode where people lead conscious lives in agony or ecstasy one micro-second after they bite the dust IS FOUNDATIONAL TO THE EVEN GREATER AND MORE ABOMINABLE LIE WHICH DECLARES THAT SCRIPTURE TEACHES AN ETERNAL PLACE OF CONSCIOUS TORMENT IN GEHENNA HELL AFTER THE JUDGMENT.  (All Scriptures: HERE)

    The real application of this great parable is very, very important to grasp.  It tells one and all of the demise of the Old Law for the "Chosen People" of the Old Covenant (again, the "Rich Man" who had it all).  THIS IS THE SAME "CHOSEN PEOPLE" LABEL WHICH THE IDENTITY TEACHERS SAY BELONGS SOLELY TO THE CAUCASIAN RACE! However, as is clear, since Jesus the Testator to that Old Covenant died and the Temple Veil was ripped from top to bottom, the old exclusive club of "Chosen People" made up of both real and phony Israelites was ended. Period!  Identity teachers trying to restore that club "For Whites Only" are not only resisting the will of God which Jesus died to put into force, they are adding a racial condition for membership which was not an announced Scriptural condition in the original club (as the "blush red" Scriptures in Part I prove).

    As God knew they would (Acts 15:18; etc.) the Old Law Covenanteers continually backslid all the way from Moses' time through the Northern Tribes through the Southern Tribes to the Pharisee imposters of Jesus' day. The actions of all involved serve to establish a lesson designed to last through eternity, namely, that God all along had a more glorious Plan (II Cor. 3:8-11) that was scheduled before the foundation of the world to go into effect at the empty tomb; a Plan--a New Covenant-- one that is open to all people equally and ordained to supersede and replace His designedly "glorious but faulty" test model, i.e., the Old Covenant.

    Satan couldn't stop Father God's "better" Covenant delivered by Jesus from being fulfilled as written. Neither can any  "faulty, done away" Old Covenant contradictions or extra-Bible sources and teachings stop its fulfillment as written!


    It is a far different thing to formulate doctrines from those "faulty and abolished" OT contradictions and extra-Bible sources than it is to point out how some false doctrines have truly been established in the churches by choosing the wrong connotation of a word in the Bible. Failure to understand a dual meaning of a word can actually cause a false teaching to seem true and cause whole churches to follow a wrong interpretation.  Here are a few quick examples of how this has worked: The word "Torment/ Tormented" in the Greek (#929/931) has two distinctly different connotations: 1) First: "A testing by a touchstone...by which gold and other metals are tested"; 2) Second:"To torture...the rack or instrument of torture...." (Strong's Concordance & Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon).      In Rev. 20:10 ("And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the Beast and the false prophet are, and they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.")  The "torture" connotation is used almost exclusively as a proof text that Hell is a 24/7 torture chamber established by God to administer horrible pain to billions "day and night" for eternity as punishment for transgressions committed during their short lives. The whole Bible screams that this is not what our infinitely merciful and just God would set up and administer for ever!  Isaiah 66:24 says all transgressors are carcases on display on the promised New Earth (v.22)!  The 1st  connotation is the applicable one. All their bad deeds (like Satan's: Isaiah 14:15-17) are tried and studied and remembered forever, but their bodies are not suffering.  "Their worm shall not die..." It's the same with those who give in and take the Mark during the 6th Trumpet plague (Rev.9-11) where "the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever". The ongoing "torture chamber hell" is a great false doctrine that can and will be exposed beginning with that one word, "tormented".

3) Then search out "for ever". You will find that it can mean "perpetual" of course, and we tend to assume it always means that.  But--depending on the Scripture and the harmony of all the Scriptures--we can and must use the other Hebrew and Greek meaning which is: Hebrew 5703; "a peremptory [emphatic, absolute, determined, unmistakable, etc.] terminus "[end, terminal point, stopping place, either end of a railway line, etc.) . In other words--while "for ever" can describe something that is "perpetual" and never ends, "for ever" can just as surely describe something which has an unmistakable "stopping place or "end".   The same is true with the word "everlasting" which can mean ["a long time", "a duration"] in the Scriptures.   

 4) "Fire" can specifically be "lightening"... #4442 in the Greek.  Connect that with "lake of fire" in Rev. and "carcases" in Is. 66:24.  5) Does "all who dwell on the earth"--which is used repeatedly in The Revelation--mean all the people on the earth?  No, no...Rev. 13:8' 17:8 tells us that this language always refers only to the "bad guys", i.e., those whose names are not written in the book of life...]. T

The point here is that there are a few places in the KJV (and generally more in the other versions) where a better word could have been used, or more information given.  When we face such apparently contradictory teachings we need to check our Concordance and remove the contradictions so that Bible teachings will line up precept upon precept and line upon line and restore Scriptural inerrancy and harmony. THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE BY STAYING "IN HOUSE ", i.e., WITH THE BIBLE's LANGUAGE ONLY.  Using sources outside of the Bible to determine what is true can only work if that source agrees with the Bible.  If the extra source disagrees, contradicts, adds to or subtracts from the Bible, then we are to trust the Bible to be telling us the God's Truth, and not the other source. If any teaching depends upon a Bible-contradicting source, it is depending upon a Bible contracting god, and it is a false teaching! All Christian churches have mixed Bible-contradictory sources in with what the Bible says, some more than others, of course.  That is why there are so many Bible-destroying "doctrines of Devils" (I Tim. 4:1) spreading confusion about God and His Written Truth in the churches and in the world.  Again: Check the Audio titles at Part II (HERE) for doctrines that are believed by millions and even hundreds of millions; doctrines that are demonstrably contra-Scriptural and hence not from the Bible's "God Who cannot lie" (Titus 1:2) and whose "words shall not pass away" (Matt. 24:35).  We either trust God to have kept--and to keep--His Word pure enough for all men to get all truth from it alone, or we don't trust Him on that vital point, and we put our faith in extra-Biblical sources which make His Word "of none effect" when it comes to knowing God's Truth and Purpose where all things are concerned.  (Deut. 43:2; Rev. 22:18; Matt.15:6; 24:35; Mark 7:13; Rom. 3:3; 4:4; I Cor. 1:17; Gal. 3:16,17; 5:4; etc.)


        Those who would substantively alter or do away with the Apostle Paul's statements that say that God ended the Old Law, must, of course, spit Luke out too (and Peter! Acts 10; etc.), for it is Luke who wrote Acts and he who tells of Paul's encounter with Jesus on the Damascus Road and the comments of Jesus and Paul after that event. The point to keep uppermost in mind about this account is that it takes place WELL AFTER JESUS' PUBLIC ASCENSION TO THE RIGHT HAND OF THE FATHER WHERE HE BEGAN WIELDING--AND HAS CONTINUED TO WIELD--"ALL POWER OVER HEAVEN AND EARTH " (Matt. 28:18).

    Ananias, a Christian disciple in Damascus--called upon to go restore Paul's sight-- tried to warn Jesus that Paul was a bad dude who was causing Christians all sorts of grief. But Jesus told him plainly that Paul "...is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before the Gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel...." (Acts 9:15)

    Think about those two aspects of the assignment given to Paul by Jesus personally.... Paul was a man CHOSEN BY JESUS to preach Christ to "heathens" who where not included at all under god's First Covenant. That change meant that the Old Covenant People--the Israelites--were no longer God's special people or chosen people exclusively, as they surely had been under the Old Law.  That was over and finished. (Even as Peter said at Cornelius' house in the next chapter: "OF A TRUTH I PERCEIVE THAT GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS; BUT IN EVERY NATION HE THAT FEARETH HIM, AND WORKETH RIGHTEOUSNESS, IS ACCEPTED WITH HIM." (Acts 10:34,35).

    This change launched a very great NEW dimension in God's message to the whole world.  The playing field was now level. Gone was the Exclusive Club of the Israelite "Chosen People" where one either had to be born into the Club or join those who were born into it in order to be on God's side. Jesus came along and revoked that Club's license to operate.  He then established in its place a New Club in which anyone (including real Israelites and phony Jews) in the whole world (i.e., "whosoever will") could be a member regardless of race or previous background.  In fact, Jesus COMMANDED His followers to go into "all the world and preach the Gospel to EVERY CREATURE" didn't He? (Mark 16:15)  HE further said: "That repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name AMONG ALL NATIONS, BEGINNING AT JERUSALEM, did He not?? (Luke 24:47)

    In another place He told His disciples: "Go ye therefore, and TEACH ALL NATIONS, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost". (Matt. 28:19).  Just before His public ascension, Jesus stressed the application of His Gospel to all men everywhere when He said: "Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, AND TO THE UTTERMOST PART OF THE EARTH." (Acts 1:8)

    Nothing is more plainly taught in the New Testament of Jesus Christ than the message that all race-based claims made by any group calling themselves God's "chosen people" are false claims.  All such claims were forever cancelled when Jesus the Testator died and brought in God's New Covenant for "whosoever will". (Rev. 22:17)


    In response to this faultless New Plan of God's, the Talmud/Kabbala-based Pharisaic religious establishment went ballistic! They couldn't handle this change then or now!  They did everything their Satan-empowered deceptions could contrive to prevent Jesus (always under Father God's instructions!: John 8:28,42) from abolishing their Chosen People Club, including causing His crucifixion.

    When that didn't work, they did everything in their power to resist, infiltrate, weaken, and ultimately alter the Churches' mission to establish God's New Covenant around the world which outlawed their old Exclusive Club.  Through the centuries--and with a thousand machinations (along with God's permissive will) at work--they have succeeded in causing most of the Churches of Jesus Christ to be stuck by a spiritual velcro to the Old glorious-but-done away Law that holds them fast in bondage. (II Cor. 3:7-17;Gal. 4:21-31)

    Thus caught in the sticky web of deceit, those calling themselves Jews (as well as those now calling themselves "True Israel Caucasians") have continued claiming an Old Law position as God's chosen people. Judeo-Christians; Bah!  Caucasian-Christians; Bah! They are both anti-Christ deceptions! It's been a tough act, but the Satan-empowered Judaizers have pulled it off. And, as God knew would happen,  most evangelical Christians have swallowed this Pharisaic leaven hook, line, and stinker; er, ah, "sinker".  They have done this by either believing the phony Ashkenazi Jews are the "Chosen People" OR believing some version of the Jewish Fable of a Millennial Kingdom on this earth OR believing any racist superiority doctrine!

    Vot a mess, alreddy! When God's New Plan establishing His New Testament Church for "whosoever will"--a Plan that leveled the  playing field for all people everywhere--was consummated, the Jews set to work with their usual Rabbinic Talmud/Kabbala-inspired zeal (bereft of "knowledge": Rom.10:2).  Right away, as we've seen in the 1st century church, they began to insist that--in order to be a Christian--Old Law circumcision and dietary laws and holy days, etc., had to be observed.

    Over and above all these efforts to thwart God's New Testament Plan was the insistence that THE LAW OF MOSES HAD TO BE BLENDED IN AND ACCEPTED ALONG WITH THE NEW PLAN IN ORDER FOR ANYONE TO BECOME A CHRISTIAN. This insistence was pointedly rejected by the Apostles, Paul especially. (Rom. 7:6; Heb.7:12,19; etc.)

    Paul was God's "chosen vessel" (Acts 9:15) "separated from his mother's womb, and called by God's grace" (Gal. 1:15) to fight the Pharisaic lie that one had to follow the Old Law to be a Christian. (Consider this carefully, Identity folks: God Himself called and chose this man to do this job.  If you resist or change what Paul said and did, you directly change and resist God's will in the matter. You really don't want to be in that boat, do you??)

    Paul fought against the Pharisaic Leaven with all he had the rest of his life.  More importantly, he put God's true message about the abolition of the Old Law in Holy Spirit controlled writing.  It's there repeatedly in black and white, with the Holy Spirit's seal plainly embossed.  Centuries of effort to kill its liberating Truth have caused great confusion in the Body of Christ, but it's still in God's Word, and its triumph over all that great confusion is high on the list that will be revealed when the "war that Jesus wins" exposes Satan's Babylon, brings it down, and forces a separation of the worlds populations" (Rev. 17:12-18; 13:4,7"14:5-10;etc.).

    In God's Perfect Plan that Global triumph of Biblical Truth over all false doctrines results in God's call to all peoples everywhere who love the Biblical Truths they have seen and heard certified is to: "Come out of Babylon, MY PEOPLE" (Rev. 18:4). It is the prophesied hour for all who love the Gospel--which has gone to the whole world--to separate themselves from the newly established, Satan-empowered Global Government, which then becomes an overtly Satan worshipping, God blaspheming object of God's wrath for the 42 month reign of the Beast and False Prophet...from the 1st through the 7 Trumpet plagues. (Rev. 17:12-18; 18:2,4;etc.).

    The full meaning and the magnitude of the certification of Biblical Truths as these Global events unfold will be understood and praised eternally in that New Jerusalem on the New (not "renewed"!) Earth.  There, the incalculable importance of God's use of Paul (and others) to expose and abolish the Old Law will serve as an eternal lesson about the equality of all of God's Children that the Old "schoolmaster"  did not and could not teach (Gal. 3:24,25).

    The phony Jewish religious establishment, led by Talmud/Kabbala trained Rabbis and Sages demanded Jesus' execution because He brought the message: "the Old Law with its "chosen people" is dead".  That message they would not hear. Today, it is the same with the Jews and in many churches.  From Satan's standpoint, this message must not get loose in the churches or the world for it--along with the false Big Bang Evolutionary "science" derived from the Kabbala HERE - HERE - HERE--is at the heart of most of the confusion in the Churches of Christendom. And--irony of ironies!--Identityites are finding themselves to be strange bedfellows with the phony Jews because both must keep the lid on that message at all costs!

    Nevertheless, this message (along with a score of other Babylon-destroying Truth Bombs) is going to be supernaturally detonated in the Churches first (I Pet. 4:17,18) by Christ's "called, chosen, and faithful" (Rev. 17:14), and then in the world in general by God's Two Witnesses ("Two Martyrs in the Greek"),  whom even the assassins in the CIA/Mossad can't harm. (Rev. 11:5).


   The second aspect of Jesus' reply to Ananias confirms the first radical change in the Old Covenant System.  It says Paul is to bear Jesus' name to  "the children of Israel" as well as the rest of the world.  This tells us: 1) That while "the children of Israel" were no longer the special and exclusive "Chosen People" of God, they were nevertheless not to be discriminated against under the New Covenant. Under God's New Contract there would be "...neither Greek nor [phony nor true Israelite] Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all" (Col. 3:11). 2) Since Paul's journeys never carried him to the central and northern regions of Europe where most of the Caucasian Ten Lost Tribes had migrated century's earlier, it is clear that when Jesus said Paul would go not only to the Gentiles, but also "to the children of Israel" that He--Jesus--was directing Paul's mission to what was left of  the Southern Tribes of Judah and Benjamin (and some of Levi) under the heading of "Israel". This mission Paul accomplished never having gone north of Rome. "Then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold, and said, It was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you, but seeing ye put it from you, and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, LO, WE TURN TO THE GENTILES" (Acts 13:46) {"Gentiles" #1484:...pagan, heathen, people who were not under the Law but had hearts for God's truths: Rom.2:11-16.}

    In spite of the fact that Identity people generally exclude those Southern Tribes from the "True Israel" designation, Jesus didn't do that. Personally, I tend to go along with Jesus on this, especially since Jacob (Israel) had twelve sons and not just the Ten whose descendants formed the Northern Kingdom and whose descendants the Identity folks claim to be.   Even Moses had prophesied that: "...a Sceptre [Jesus the King] shall rise out of Israel" (Num. 24:17) and "...the Sceptre [the emblem of Imperial Sovereignty] SHALL NOT DEPART FROM JUDAH...." (Gen. 49:10)

    The opening words of James' Epistle settle the Matter: "James a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the TWELVE TRIBES WHICH ARE SCATTERED ABROAD, greeting." (James 1:1) It looks to me like Identity's usual emphasis that only the ten Northern Tribe's descendants represent the "True Israel" crashes headlong into this and other Scriptures.

    Moreover, it is clear that a significant percentage of the "Jews" in Jesus' day were definitely Judahites, Benjamites, and Levites and, as such, were as much True Israelites as centuries of cross-marrying, and migration of "Esther converts", etc., would allow.  Paul spells out his lineage: "Stock of Israel...Tribe of Benjamin, an Hebrew of the Hebrews..." (Phil. 3:5).  And Jesus Himself, of course: The Lion of Judah, was descended from David the Judahite, as were Mary His mother and Joseph His foster father.

    All of this is just part of the larger problem that Identity folks and other "Old Testament Christians" have with clinging to the belief that God's promises to the PHYSICAL Israel of old were unconditional and are still to be fulfilled.  What anti-New Covenant nonsense! They were conditional (as we saw earlier) and they were fulfilled!  Either that or Jesus lied and failed (Matt.5:17,18)!  All four Gospels attest that Christ succeeded in fulfilling and ending the Old Law's "chosen people" status for the true Israelites as well as the phony Jews who claimed that label. John 19:30 records Jesus' last words on the cross before He died: "It is finished".  What was "finished"?? Matthew 27:50-53 says just as soon as Jesus died "...the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom" (v.51) and "graves were opened and those that were in them went into the city and "appeared unto many" (vs. 52,53) Mark 15:37,38 says: "And Jesus gave up the ghost, and the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom", and Luke :45 says: "And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst."

    God's New Covenant ended the Old Law System, sacrifices and all.  When that entrance into the Holy of Holies was destroyed, the way was opened to "whosoever will" to come to Christ with no"respect of persons".  "It", the Old Law system for Israel alone was fulfilled and its destruction signified in all the Gospels by the opening of the Holy of Holies to all who would seek and receive salvation from Jesus who paid the sin debt for the whole world (not just Israel!) on the cross.  No longer would the designation "Israel" be limited to any real or imagined PHYSICAL descendants of Abraham by the death of Jesus the Testator.  (Heb.9:16).  God says to forget the "endless genealogies" obsession; it's all a "foolish, unprofitable" waste of time.( I Tim.1:4; Titus 3:9)

    This is strong stuff to continue to stand against for anyone desiring to be Judged as a Bible-honoring Christian! (John 12:48)  God's New Will (Contract, Covenant, Testament)--purchased at the greatest price possible!--REDEFINED who Abraham's True descendants would be immediately after that 4" thick rug barring the way into the Holy of Holies was destroyed by God when Jesus said "It is finished" and died!  The Holy Spirit spells out so plainly who were the TRUE HEIRS of God's promises to Abraham.  Note: "There is neither [phony] Jew [or true Israelite] nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, neither male nor female" [that's all done away]: "For ye are ALL ONE in Christ Jesus... AND IF YE BE CHRIST'S [i.e., if He/Christ--not the law--is your AUTHORITY AND LORD], THEN ARE YE ABRAHAM'S SEED, AND HEIRS ACCORDING TO THE PROMISE." (Gal. 3:29)

    New seed.  New heirs. No physical connection to real or phony Israelites anymore. No hint of Abraham's seed being Caucasians only!!  Give it up, for Christ's sake! HE is the seed! (Gal. 3:16: "and to thy seed which is Christ.)


    All that effort put into researching the trail of the deported Ten Tribes has been a useful little historical exercise.  Take a bow Identity scholars.

    That's enough. Now back off and let's continue to examine the spiritual and Biblical theories you fashion from that history.

    Specifically, let's reinterpret your findings in light of the unbending Biblical Truth that no one in the PHYSICAL REMNANT (even if a blood-pure one could be found!) could be a designated heir in God's New Covenant based on physical, racial, descent. No way! Those who belong to Christ are called Abraham's true descendants, and they are the only heirs according to the New Covenant.  Race doesn't matter; gender doesn't matter; previous condition of servitude doesn't matter. We have a new "High Priest" who is seated on the right hand of the throne of majesty in the heavens. And, HE is the mediator "OF A BETTER COVENANT WHICH WAS ESTABLISHED UPON BETTER PROMISES" (Heb. 8:6).

            "For IF that first covenant had been faultless then should no place have been sought for the second [covenant]". For finding fault with them [the old covenant promises], "HE sayeth, Behold, the days come, sayeth the Lord [Jeremiah 31:31] with the house of Israel AND WITH THE HOUSE OF JUDAH. - NOT according to the [old] covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt because they continued not in my covenant..."(vs,8,9).. "In that He saith, A new covenant, He hath made the first old.  Now that which decayeth and waxeth [grows] old IS READY TO VANISH AWAY." (Heb. 8:1-6,7,8,13)

    It is hard to get any more plain than that!!

    Let it go! Let it vanish away, God said almost 2000 years ago, and certain groups still won't do it ! It wasn't God's best; it was just His preliminary lesson in righteousness designed in the beginning (Acts 15:18) to contrast eternally with the better Covenant that Jesus would bring in the fullness of time. Consider this: Anything less than Perfect cannot be the final Truth from God, and God Himself has stated repeatedly that His Old Covenant was intentionally less than perfect (that it was "faulty").....

    Think about that.  Being labeled imperfect by God Himself, we know that the Old Covenant with its Old Law WAS NOT the Final Truth about either Himself or the Truth He wants His Children to emulate if they really want to serve Him and be like He is.

    In other words, the Old Covenant with its Ten Commandments provides the Perfect Lesson from our Perfect God about imperfect, flawed righteousness That Old Law was and is and will forever be a glorious lesson about an imperfect, flawed level of righteousness which God designedly started with but didn't end with. JESUS CAME AS THE SON OF GOD AND THE SON OF MAN TO LEGALLY ESTABLISH--FOR FATHER GOD AND FOR HIMSELF AND FOR ALL MEN EVERYWHERE--THE FATHER'S PERFECTED COVENANT. This is what Jesus accomplished as the Testator of God's New and Better Testament by being obedient even unto death on the cross. This EPIC lesson and this epic lesson alone teaches us now--and will serve to teach God's Children on the New Earth eternally--how HE (Father God) could have remained the often arbitrary, frequently merciless, almost tyrannically fearsome God that HE portrays Himself to be under the Old Testament System.

    But, PTL, HE didn't stop with that Old Covenant Self-portrait!  He didn't stop with it because it was designedly flawed and imperfect, and He is flawless and perfect.  He didn't stop with it because--before the foundation of the world--He planned to use it as an eternally powerful lesson...as a "schoolmaster" (Gal. 3:24,25) to teach His Children how HE really IS--i.e., like Jesus--and how His Children--in their hearts--must desire to be.

    So; Blessed be His Name forever! Jesus' obedience on the cross--ALONE AND SINGLE HANDEDLY--made possible Father God's replacement of the designedly imperfect Old Law with His perfected New Covenant Plan.  Therein is the love of Jesus manifested to all who love God and Truth and seek eternal life with Him and His only begotten Son; for upon Jesus alone rested the awesome responsibility of ending the good and glorious, YET FAULTY AND IMPERFECT Old Law.  By itself alone, Christ's "obedience unto death" made possible the fulfillment of His Father's promises and His plans for an eternal Heaven based on Perfected Love and Perfected Truth instead of upon "the letter" of the Law "which killeth" both perfect love and perfect truth. (II Cor. 3:6)

    The faultless, perfected, and more glorious (vs.7-11) New Covenant was given to all the world as God's very best. It will be recognized and followed as such on the eternal New (not "renewed") Earth (Isaiah 66:22;II Pet.3:10-13): HERE). It will even be recognized and followed by God's people as such for a brief time as God's Biblically True End Time Saga for the end of this old earth runs its predetermined course. That brief time begins with an official establishment of the Biblically prophesied, Satan-empowered [Rev. 13:2b] Global Government. How close do you think that is?!


   The Apostle Paul did what Jesus told him to do, namely, he took the Gospel to those who say they are Jews and are not (Rev. 2:9; 3:9) as well as the real Israelites FIRST.  Guided and protected by God, he gave it his best shot.  At Corinth the Jew's blasphemy and interminable arguing got to him.  Finally, he said unto them:  "Your blood be upon your own head; I am clean: FROM HENCEFORTH I WILL GO UNTO THE GENTILES." (Acts 18:6)

    Paul still worked with individual Jews (ex. Crispus, v.8), but he concentrated on the non-Jews there for a year and a half (v.11) "...and many of the Corinthians hearing, believed, and were baptized" (v.8).

    We know that Paul was preaching against the Old Law to the Corinthians because Luke tells us so. In fact, Paul was converting so many Corinthians and ignoring the Jewish community that the Jews were about to blow a gasket:

            "And when Gallio was the deputy of Achaia [where Corinth is] the Jews made insurrection with one accord [a planned demonstration] against Paul, and brought him to the judgment seat; Saying, THIS FELLOW PERSUADES MEN TO WORSHIP CONTRARY TO THE LAW; And when Paul was now about to open his mouth, Gallio said unto the Jews, 'If it were a matter of wrong or wicked lewdness, O ye Jews, reason would that I should bear with you; But if it be a question of word and names, AND OF YOUR LAW, look ye to it, for I will be no judge in such matters". (Acts 18:12-15). (Three cheers for Gallio!!)

    All who attempt to twist the Scriptures and make them say that Paul wasn't really, really, teaching against the Law--or he was wrong if he was doing that--should read those verses again. The Jews certainly knew that is what he was doing! Paul was  a vessel  chosen personally by Jesus to preach to the Gentiles. It is very reckless business spiritually to claim Paul taught falsely: Read Acts 9:15: "...He [Paul] is a chosen vessel unto me [Jesus], to bear my name before the Gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel"

    So, either Paul was doing what God the Father, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit told him to do or he was a false teacher who needs to be discredited (along with Luke and Peter!) and scissored out of the New Testament. Either Jesus has been and now is "upholding all things [including Paul's writings] by the word of His power" (Heb. 1:3) or He hasn't been and He isn't now. Or--if you prefer--you can scissor out the Identity/True Israel teaching which would destroy the Scriptures in order to establish a white-supremacist doctrine which God's Word absolutely denounces from start to finish and which has no place in His eternal Kingdom. You've got the scissors. Which will it be?


   One more point on this matter, and we can lay it to rest....  The flavor of this point can be appreciated in a quote from an able, zealous, and, I think--well-intentioned Identity spokesman, quoted before.  Excoriating all who would dare say the Old Law has passed away, he refers to those:

            "...faithless, rebellious, ignorant, and infidelious people who say there is no need for God's promises to be fulfilled in a physical Israel for they are fulfilled in a 'spiritual Israel'--something of which the Bible never speaks....When we stand before God on Judgment Day, this excuse will not be acceptable!  No excuse will be!"19

    Whew! It's enough to scare a fellow!  If it's true, that is!  On the other hand, if it isn't true, well, then, turnabout is fair play, roighteeoh Mate??

    Let's zero in on the "something of which the Bible never speaks", i.e., the allegedly nonexistent something called "spiritual Israel". We got a little whiff of the answer to this charge a few pages back, but now a blast to the olfactory glands that can not be mistaken is in order. Let's look at (or throw out, if that's your preference) some Biblical statistics and definitions:


    The word "Israel" appears over 3200 times in the Old Testament Scriptures. From Genesis 32:28 to Malachi 4:4 it is the very same word with the very same meaning.  Its number in the Hebrew Concordance is 3478.  The definition for "Israel" is: "...a symbolical name of Jacob; also (typically) of his posterity:--Israel."

    No other word for Israel in the Hebrew is used throughout the entire 3200 occurrences except eight times in Ezra where #3479 is used. From the Chaldean, the meaning is the same: "corresponds to 3478: --Israel."

    There is no change in the meaning of the word after the captivity and dispersion of the ten northern tribes in the 8th century B.C.  The same meaning applies right on through Malachi 4:4 (which is dated 397 B.C. in Reese's New Chronological Bible). Then:

    The word "Israel" appears almost 100 times in the New Testament Scriptures.  From Matthew 2:6 to Revelation 21:2 it is the very same word with the very same meaning. Its number in the Greek Concordance is 2474. The definition is: "Same as Hebrew #3478: "the adopted name of Jacob, including his descendants [with this interesting addition]: "(literally or figuratively): --Israel".

    No other word for "Israel" in the Greek is used throughout the entire 100 occurrences except for five times when #2475 is used. The meaning here is essentially the same, viz.,: "...an 'Israelite', i.e., descendent of Israel (lit. or fig.): Israelite."

    There are another twenty-five references in both testaments to "Israelite" and "Israelites" and "Israelitish". They have the same meanings as above.

    Now, two things are clear from these references and their Hebrew and Greek connotations. FIRST: Whether in the Old or the New Testament, "Israel" (or Israelite) refers to Jacob (whose name was changed to "Israel", of course) and his descendants. The word has the same meaning before and after the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom were captured and scattered ...and the same meaning in the Southern Kingdom before and after the Babylonian Captivity, the same meaning in Jesus' time, and the same meaning throughout the 1st century when the New Testament was completed. SECOND: Both the Hebrew and the Greek definitions specify parenthetically that the descendants of Israel are referred to both literally and FIGURATIVELY.

    In other words, Israel's (i.e., Jacob's) actual blood-line descendants would be called Israel or Israelites, but so also are many millions of people who are not blood-line descendants called  "Jews" and "Israel" and "Israelites.  These "figurative" Israelites are from outside of the twelve tribes, starting with those many millions of peoples "...from India unto Ethiopia an hundred and twenty and seven provinces" (Esther Chs. 8,9,10) who "became Jews" c. 474 B.C. These great numbers were at least part of the converts that came to the forefront during the Maccabean period of late 2nd century B.C.  Beyond argument these  were religious converts to the early 5th century B.C. Judaism practiced by Mordecai and Esther. Race wasn't a factor.

     It gets more interesting. These "figurative Israelites/Jews" are those who have become "Jews" by adopting their religion.  In modern times Hollywood's Liz Taylor, Whoopie Goldberg, Sammy Davis, Jr,  Madonna et al have "become Jews" by adopting Talmud and Kabbalic Judaism.  But other scores of millions of Christians today such as Christian Zionists embrace the self-destructing "Judeo-Christian" hyphenation and count themselves as Jewish-Israeli surrogates IN THE FIGURATIVE SENSE. Certainly more than half of these Christian Zionists, etc., are Caucasians who reject the Identity Movement for which they are eligible by virtue of their race.  We shall see more about the word "Jew" shortly.

    Thus, in the New Testament Christian era there are three kinds of people who claim the designation "Israel".   1) Since there is no way to prove any un-mixed blood-line descent from the two expulsions of the twelve tribes 20-27 centuries ago--and ignoring the wholesale religious corruption of those "Caucasians" also--the only tangible but tenuous claim remaining for the Identity Movement is to insist that the White Race Caucasians are the the remnant of the Lost Tribes and the rightful heirs of Abraham's promise because they are white and came through the Caucasus Mountains. Certainly the Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews are not blood line descendants of Abraham, as Identityites rightly contend. And since it is extremely doubtful that any Sephardic Jews could prove decent ten generations back, much less back to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (100 generations back), the Identify folks have the best historical claim for that lineage, they avow, and--race mixing and corruption over many centuries aside--that their PHYSICAL DESCENT is better established that anybody else's. 2) Any non-blood-line people from Esther to today who have become "Jews" have also--in their minds, at least--become FIGURATIVE Israelites because Judah is/was a tribe of Israel and they have made themselves a part of that tribe by adopting the religion of Judaism (even though that religion is a totally Talmudized corruption of the Old Law given to Moses).  These WOULD INCLUDE all the Khazar-Ashkenazi non-Semitic people now calling themselves "Jews" as well as the Madonnas, the Liz'es,  the Whoopie's, etc.  3) Except for Identityites, Biblical Christians claim no blood-line physical descent from Jacob (Israel) and dismiss any such descent as irrelevant in New Testament Christendom.  THEIR CLAIM IS SPIRITUAL DESCENT FROM ISAAC (Israel's father according to the Scriptures: Rom. 9:7,8; Gal.4:28; Heb.11:18; etc., and the true son to whom the promises were made and promised to reside in Christ's followers.)  Hence, the followers of Christ  are designated by the New Covenant of Jesus Christ as the actual--THOUGH NON-PHYSICAL--true Spiritual descendants of Isaac, the designated heirs to the Promise to Abraham.  

    Because Christians alone are Scripturally designated as spiritual heirs with no literal, fleshly, blood line connection, they are, by definition, ISRAELITES, figuratively and spiritually speaking. They are, in short, figurative Israel and hence Spiritual Israel by inescapable Scripture-based teaching.  Identity teaching is based not only on restoring an abolished Old Law physical fleshly criteria for being God's Children--a concept flatly rejected in the New Covenant--it further adds a white race criteria for that honor, again in absolute rejection of both the Old and the New Covenant Scriptures we've seen....

    A look at the definition of "Jew" and a grasp of a few highly pertinent connections in Romans will give us the only understanding that makes sense of the confusion surrounding all these labels....


    There are almost 400 references to "Jew", "Jews", Jewry".  Three fourths of these are in the Old Testament.  The earliest reference is in II Kings 16:6.(in 732 B.C.).

    The nearly 300 references in the Old Testament use the word numbered 3063 in the Hebrew Concordance.  Throughout all these references "Jew" means: "...descendent of Jedudah (i.e., Judah): --Jew. OF THE TRIBE DESCENDED FROM THE FIRST ISRAEL, and of its territory: Judah." Only in The Book of Esther does the definition change to include non-blood-line descendants. The number 3054 in Esther 8:17 (474 B.C.) means: "To Judaize, i.e., BECOME JEWISH; BECOME JEWS."

    Question: Did God continue to call these millions who "became Jews"  by the name "Jews" and "Israel" throughout the balance of the Old Testament and even five centuries after Esther into the first century of the New Testament?

    Answer: He did. There are about 25 references to "Israel" in Ezra from chapters 7-10 dated some 15 years after Esther (459-457 B.C.). There are another 20 references throughout all of Nehemiah from 465 to 424 B.C...some 50 years after Esther.  Then, over 400 years later one finds over 100 references throughout the New Testament to these mixed literal and figurative Jews still being called "Israel".

    There can be no question that God's Word continued to refer to the non-blood-line converts to Judaism and those progressively diluted offspring resulting from mixed marriages as "Israel".  Since Jesus pointedly referred to: "...them which say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan" (Rev. 2:9; 3:9), and since all the Jews in the first century--blood line or not--were still called "Israel" and "Israelites", it follows that the name "Israel" no longer automatically designated solely God's people from Esther's time on through the writing of the the New Testament Books.  Otherwise, one would be forced to call those "of the synagogue of Satan" God's people, for those very non-blood-line converts to Judaism were also called "Israel" scores of times.

    All of this gets rather hard to balance theologically, but certain important Truths shake out of the Scriptural facts involved.  These facts point up yet again the fundamental errors associated with Identity doctrine, and also the badly skewed doctrinal beliefs of the Christian Zionists supporting non-Semitic Ashkenazi "Israel" today.

    Another Truth that shakes out is this: Those whom God called "Israel" or "Israelites"--whether blood-line or not, Northern Kingdom or Southern, early on or later--were rebelliously out of step with God's Old Law about 95% of the time. The Israelites of the Northern Kingdom (whom the Identity folks insist are their ancestors) had made "the Golden Calf their official national god"!

    God sent a half-dozen prophets to try to get the Ten Northern Tribes to shape up; all to no avail. Of all of these prophets, Hosea's experience is most pertinent to our study.  Halley's Bible Handbook gives the connection we need to see:

            "Hosea was commanded of God to take a wife of 'whoredom' (1:2).  Israel, as God's 'bride' (Ez.16:8-15), had forsaken God, giving herself to the worship of other gods, as a married woman yielding herself to another man. Thus 'whoredom' was a fitting name for the nation as a whole in its spiritual adultery.... Hosea...was commanded of God to marry an unchaste woman, as a symbol of God's love for wayward Israel; or a woman who, if she was chaste at first, afterward proved unfaithful, left him, and became the paramour of a man who could better satisfy her fondness for luxury (2:5), and whom Hosea still loved, and bought back" (3:1,2).20

    Because of Ephraim's being the most important tribe in the Northern Kingdom, the whole Kingdom is often referred to as "Ephraim". (Identity claims Great Britain is Ephraim today.) This kingdom was awash in idolatry, sins of every description, and totally unrepentant.  Yet, as with the man Hosea and his unfaithful wife, God still loved Israel and promised to restore her place as His Bride (but under altogether different conditions than those set forth in the first marriage contract, as we shall see).

    Before Jacob (Israel) was even born, God had promised Abraham that: "...in Isaac shall thy seed be called" (Gen. 21:12). This promise could not be fulfilled by Jacob (Israel), but one of his sons (Judah) was to provide the lineage through which the fulfillment would come.  Then, with Jesus' death and resurrection and the establishment of the Church with Holy Spirit power at Pentecost, the description of the Bride and the condition for the fulfillment of the promise made to Abraham that his seed would come through Isaac was spelled out: "IF ye be Christ's, THEN ARE YE ABRAHAM'S SEED AND HEIRS ACCORDING TO THE PROMISE." (Gal. 3:29). (One Identity writer says "and" is not in the old manuscripts. No problem.  Take it out. It still says the same thing!!)

    Christians are Abraham's Seed.  They are Isaac's heirs to the promise made to Abraham.  And, since Jewish Israelites--real or phony--are invited to become followers of Christ (Christians), we can see that "Israel"--no matter how messed up it had become--was still loved and invited to be PART of God's Bride again.  All of the original branches of the olive tree were cut off to allow the branches of the wild olive tree (the Gentiles under the Old Law) to be grafted in, just so: "IF they (the old olive tree Israelites) abide not still in unbelief [that Jesus is the Christ], [they] shall be grafted in: for God is able to graft them in again." (Rom. 11:15-24),  It is as God said:

            "For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel [Jacob]:  Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: BUT, IN ISAAC SHALL THY SEED BE CALLED. That is, they which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: BUT, the children of promise are counted for the seed." (Rom. 9:6-8)

    Those children of promise had to wait on Christ and the Church which He established to find fulfillment.  When the Church was established and opened to true Israelites and phony Jews and Gentiles and people everywhere equally, Paul could write: "Now we, BRETHREN [i.e., Christians], as Isaac was, ARE THE CHILDREN OF PROMISE." (Gal. 4:28)


    Did Paul cease to be a physical Israelite when he became a Christian? No, obviously. Or did Nathanael or Peter or Andrew? (Jn. 1:45-49) Were not all or most of the BRETHREN (above) still physical Israelites after they became Christians and THE CHILDREN OF PROMISE, i.e., the SPIRITUAL (not physical) descendants of Abraham??  If Scripture plainly states that all people who become Christians automatically become THE SPIRITUAL SEED OF ABRAHAM VIA ISAAC (as it does plainly state), then which of these two things happen?: 1) The true Israelites and phony Jews who become Christians become "gentiles" (or just plain "dead" as the Talmudists say), or: 2) The Gentiles who become Christians become Israelites, or, better said: Perfected or true Israelites, the real heirs to the promise to Abraham through Isaac??

    It would appear that the second answer is the Scriptural one because there is "neither Jew nor Greek"...for ye are ALL ONE in Christ Jesus" Israelites are welcome. Australoids are welcome.  Koreans are welcome. Danes are welcome. Congolese are welcome. Eskimos are welcome. Are there any people on earth who "fear god and work righteousness" (I John. 2:29) who are not welcome into God's family under the New Covenant of His only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ??

    Under the Old Covenant no one was welcome in...or could be admitted into the "chosen people club" except bona-fide Israelites (like Paul). Under Esther, newly proselytized Gentiles who put their trust in the Rabbis were admitted into the club, but all others were still barred from entrance. But, thank God!.. that Old Covenant was designed to be superseded by an infinitely BETTER Covenant! Jesus took those Old Law requirements away forever. Christ's New Covenant's  "Chosen People Club" has been open to "whosoever will" in the entire world for almost 2000 years now.  Identity is trying to undo what Jesus established.


    Can't we as Christians see that the RACIST CARD is an anti-Bible one in the Devil's hand and not God's??  God created the races, didn't He? They didn't slip up on Him, did they? Was He the one who "hath made of one blood all nations for to dwell on the face of the earth"? (Acts 17:26) I said: Was He, God, the One Who made all men everywhere "of one blood"?  Is He the One Who said that mankind all over the earth "would come from the north, south, east, and west, and sit down with Him in the Kingdom of Heaven"? (Luke 13:29)  Is He the One Who said repeatedly that He is "no respecter of persons"?  Is He the One Who invited "whosoever will" to come and drink the water of life freely"? (Rev. 22:17)

    Is He the One Who cannot lie (Titus 1:2) and has stated that "as many as are led by the Spirit of God...that they are His adopted children who could call Him "Daddy" and be joint heirs with His only begotten Son Jesus"? (Rom. 8:14-17)  Is He the One Who spelled out in 10 foot high letters that "...in every nation, he that fears Him, and works righteousness, is accepted with Him"? (Acts. 10:35) Is He the One Who said "...that everyone that doeth righteousness IS BORN OF HIM"? (I Jn. 2:29)

    The Scriptures are clear that it is God who said these things (and many more like them!), THINGS WHICH ABSOLUTELY FORBID A RACIST ATTITUDE ON THE PART OF A CHRISTIAN.  The only way to get around all these--and previously presented--anti-racist Scriptures confirming an anti-racist God is to do what both the Identity teachers and the Talmudic Rabbis have done, namely, use an interpretation of the Old Covenant--which is clearly discounted in the New Covenant--to identify themselves as the objects of all these promises of God. It is the New Covenant that the Rabbis hate and that "Identity" must emasculate in order to formulate their Bible-destroying doctrines while still claiming to be real Torah followers or real Christians, as the case may be..

    This Identity does, as we have seen.  They are racists and they are in opposition to the Biblical God and His Word, and no amount of twisting and turning will change that fact. The only way out for those in this Satanic trap is to do as the Apostle Paul did.  He too was a zealous champion of a segregationist, racist, elitist system.  He found out that he was wrong, that he was opposing God instead of serving Him. He then made a sharp about-face and started seeking people everywhere to bring into the Kingdom of God based on the inerrant, sufficient, and infallible Scriptures.  It is pure hypocrisy to change or throw out central teachings in Christ's New Covenant and still claim to be followers of Christ.

    Instead of twisting and averting and erasing and adding to the great message God chose Paul to bring into the world--the "Perfect Law of Liberty" (James 1:25; etc.)--which is for all mankind and was given to Jesus to by the Father to free all men from the bondage of the Old Law, the only way for "Identity" to line up with God is to turn around as Paul did. Repent of racism.  Though all races will be in heaven, there will be no racism in Heaven!  The Scripture is crystal clear on that. Neither will there be anyone there who doesn't have a heart for repentance from racism when they understand that it is one of Satan's major deceptions and diametrically opposed to God's Eternal Plan.

    Indeed, if it is so clear from Scripture what God's views on the subject of racism are, who then has been the author of all the attempts to stir up racial discord and animosity and slavery throughout this earth's turbulent history?!  Who is the author of attempts to claim superiority for one race over another, or attempts to support those claims with "false religion" and/or "false science" which contradicts God's Word??


    From the little nuances of name calling learned in childhood: "nigger, honky, chink, kike, wop", etc., to flat-out genocide, there is a bulging  historical record of how this very insidious brand of diabolic trickery stems from racism.  This record points the finger unerringly at racism as a major cause of immeasurable pain and suffering throughout this earth's history.

    That was the reason for God setting "the bounds of the races' habitation".  His Plan includes the gathering of all perfect lessons that welcome or resist Christ-like behavior on EVERYTHING that will touch the hearts of all His Children in Heaven. There will be no Satan there and there will be no racism there.  Yet the full knowledge and understanding of every nuance of racism (and all other expressions of anti-Christian thinking and behavior) will be eagerly learned and acted upon by every child of God and every offspring eternally.  They will all have the HEART CAPABILITY to love what God loves and abhor what He abhors..

    Needless to say, racism is learned behavior.  People of all colors acquire racist attitudes and speech and actions somewhere along the line.  Those acquisitions don't make them evil. People's lives everywhere and at all times have been subject to varying degrees of evil input WHICH IS ALMOST ALWAYS DISGUISED AS GOOD INPUT.  With today's level of disinformation on all sides--coupled with the out-of control invasion of culturally, linguistically, religiously, and racially different people into the formerly Caucasian-dominant countries--there is a knee-jerk tendency to blame race more than corporate greed and other factors for the cultural and economic shock caused by these invasions. Add all that to the breakdown of a Bible-based, unified Christ-based approach to meet all these problems--including most prominently a breakdown caused by false evolution-based science controlled by the Pharisee Religion's factless Big Bang Paradigm--the White Racism of the Identity Movement only adds fuel to the fire with its one foot in the Evolutionist Camp and the other foot in the confusing religion which claims to be Biblical even as it guts the Bible from Creation to Heaven.

  The opportunity for indoctrination into this "Movement"--and a host of other clever spiritual deceptions--is so great that the number of deceptions which people believe to be truths has increased to a level where "evil is called good, and good called evil" at every turn in one's life.  "Every man is right in his own eyes" the Bible says. (Deut: 12:8)


    The proverbial "bottom line" to all this confusion is the virtual destruction of the credibility of the Bible's claim to be God's inerrant, sufficient, and infallible Word of Truth to all mankind. All the links at this www.fixedearth.com domain have the sole purpose of upholding that Biblical claim. Many of those links deal with how false science and false church doctrines have been used to destroy the Bible's credibility from start to finish. The preceding pages of Part I have spelled out several of the Bible-wrecking contradictions inherent in the "Identity/True Israel Movement".

    As Part I was being finished, it became apparent to me that there is a revival--a surge, if you will--of Identity's agenda on the theology stage of the traditionally Caucasian countries of the world. That surge and agenda begs to be addressed beyond the facts in Part I if all that is required to unmask the depth of that Movement's role in that destruction of the Bible's credibility is to be made available to those who desire those facts.

Supplying several of those key additional facts is the reason for Part II. 

    Being ever mindful that it is God's prerogative alone to judge the intent and motivation of all individuals promoting various Bible-conflicting doctrines in the Christian Churches--but equally mindful of the Bible's charge to all who are called to guard God's Word as HE has handed it down to the world--it is time now to go beyond Part I and falsify the claims of one of today's most able and committed leaders of the revival of the "Identity/True Israel" postmillennial doctrines. 


    Go HERE For

Part II

"The Identity Teachings of Pastor Eli James et al"


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