John Morris, President, ICR

Box 2667

El Cajon, CA 92021

Dear John,

Your swift reply and kind words about past memories are appreciated. I too fondly recall our past meeting and occasional interactions concerning Creationist matters.

My letter of 10/26/02 was to make you aware of the paragraph in my web page Bulletin for November which urges ICR to rethink its anti-geocentricity position on this Creationist subject. Your response was "that for good reasons, both Biblical and scientific, ICR does not share that opinion. We do not oppose you...."

John, in all Christian love, the link I gave --"Itís Hardball Time..."--gives direct quotations from one of your widely distributed publications which show beyond argument that ICR is not a neutral player in the geocentricity/heliocentricity controversy, but, rather, is an overt supporter and promoter of the heliocentricty model. If you read those quotations and comments you will understand the need for clarifying ICRís position on this creationist matter that isnít going away.

You say that ICR has "good Biblical and scientific reasons" for its stand in this controversy. The fact of the matter, John, is that there are sun-moving passages throughout the Scriptures and not a single earth moving passage. ICRís reputation as a creationist organization committed to Biblical inerrancy is what is on the line here. As a thirty year friend of ICR, this is what I am trying to warn you about.

As for there being "good scientific reasons" for ICR to stick with and promote the contra-Biblical heliocentricity position, that belief is also addressed at length in the aforementioned link. Bottom line: Just like the evolution models, the heliocentricity model is a construct of scientism, not science, and is without the first piece of proof for its claims. Again, there are numerous links at www.fixedearth.com which not only demonstrate that assertion, but show the certain symbiotic connection between the success of Copernicanism and the success of Darwinism...and all that rides on both.

A threat? No. A warning. Yes. Qualified and able Creationist/Geocentrists around the world are speaking out on the two facts that ICR (and AIG) are steadfastly resisting, viz., The Bible teaches a moving sun, not a moving earth; &: Both the heliocentricity and the geocentricity models explain all the phenomena. Thus, support of heliocentricity is a philosophical, not a scientific, choice, & not fit for Biblical Creationists. (Is.55:11)

Yours in Christ,