ICR's Own License To Cite Actual Names Of Christian Leaders

Where Contra-Scriptural Doctrines Are Accepted And Furthered

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The following is taken from a "Days of Praise" publication for December 8, 2011. This was a re-print of one of Dr. Henry Morris' many estimable writings.

Entitled: "Naming Names", he cited II Timothy 2:17,18 as his text, and wrote these four paragraphs:


"Many Christians decry the citing of actual names of those Christian leaders who teach heretical doctrines, saying that such an act "is unloving".  Paul, however, considered it an important evidence of true love to warn against those who would overthrow the faith of some, realizing that generalities would be useless.


Not only did Hymenaeus and Philetus make Paul's list, but so did Demas (2 Timothy 4:10), Alexander the coppersmith (2 Timothy 4:14), the Cretians (Titus 1:12), another Alexander (I Timothy 4:20), and even Peter (Galatians 2:11-14) when he began to teach legalism. Likewise, the apostle John warned against Diotrephes (3 John 9) and the Nicolatians (Rev. 2:6)


On the other hand, Paul was much more generous with recognition when he was giving out commendations (e.g., Romans 16:1-15; Colossians 4:7-17). We undoubtedly need to follow his example in appreciating by name those who are faithful in teaching and living the truth.


Likewise, we need to be ready and willing to name those individuals, churches, schools, and other organizations that are denying biblical inerrant authority, compromising the doctrine of special creation, requiring humanistic works for salvation or bringing in other heretical doctrines. We obviously need to be sure of our facts when we do this and also to bring such charges only if motivated by genuine concern for those apt to be led astray if we do not speak out.  But then we must, indeed, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned and avoid them (Romans 16:17), HMM." [Color added]


With that well-framed license in hand to "mark them which deny biblical inerrant authority", what follows does "mark" the Morris' et al at ICR, Ken Ham et al at AIG, the Discovery Institute's policy makers et al who have:

a) Willfully altered plain geocentrism  Scriptures which say over three-score times that it is the sun that moves, not the earth.

b) Refused to scientifically test the vulnerable assumption-based anti-Bible Copernican Model which serves as the indispensable keystone holding up the Big Bang Evolutionary Model.

c) Ignored the fraudulent use of computer programmed telescope-camera-red shift-infrared-Virtual Reality space technology to plant in people's minds 24/7 an anti-Bible alternate Big Bang "origins account".

d) Refused to acknowledge the fact that the Bible-crippling, factless Copernican Revolution paved the way for the equally factless Darwinian Revolution.

e) Ignored the fact that the Big Bang Evolutionary Model is derived concept for concept from the anti-Christ Pharisee Religion's "holy book" Zohar/Kabbala, which puts it in direct violation of the "Establishment Clause" of the Constitution of the USA.

f) Stonewalled against the one certain legal path than can expose and destroy evolutionism at its roots, and free tax billions from teaching the false science of an anti-Christ Religion.


With recognition that the facts in letters e and f have only been known for c.20 years and could have been "missed", we proceed to document the inexplicable and inescapable culpability regarding letters a, b, c, & d.  The Scriptural imperative for ICR, AIG, & The Discovery Institute to change their position on the Copernican Keystone of all evolutionism is clear.  Note:



Anti-Bible, Pro-Copernican Quotes from Institute for Creation Research


 (The following quotes of Dr. H.M.Morris are taken from  ICR's "Days of Praise":


8-28-11 "There is a reference to the rotation of the earth in Job 38:14." HMM has used this weird interpretation in several places, completely ignoring dozens of plain stationary earth Scriptures: "It is turned as clay to the seal."  HMM says: "This speaks of the smooth turning of the globe to receive the sun's daily illumination." (There are no moving earth Scriptures!)


8-14-11 - "Why does the earth rotate on its axis?"


1-9-04  - "Those who believe that man is the measure of all things, sufficient unto himself, ignore how dependent are all people on God's provisions. THE VERY ROTATION OF THE EARTH, with its cycle of day and night…." This plainly says a rotating earth is one of the Biblical God's provisions for mankind. See 67 places in 28 books of the Bible where it says the sun moves, not the earthThen you determine whether the earth is rotating to produce the day and night cycles!  [1] - [2] - [3] - [4] 


2-17-04 - "…These basic physical constants (THE EARTH'S ROTATION CONTROLLING THE LENGTH OF THE DAY, THE EARTH'S ORBIT CONTROLLING THE YEAR, AND THE EARTH'S AXIAL INCLINATION CONTROLLING THE SEASONS)…."  (ICR knows the Bible's Creation Model with a non-moving Earth answers all that is known about days, years, seasons, etc.)


2-5-03 - "He who made the earth could cause the earth to cease its rotation, to give His people victory (Joshua 10:12,13,14)!!!! This is a blatant reversal of those verses: "Sun, stand thou still…and the sun stood still in the midst of heaven and hasted not to go down about a whole day…."


1-6-98 - This is the same exact wording as in 2-17-04 above. And once again it shows that it is ICR's policy to continue reversing God's plain language on the non-moving earth's role in  the Biblical Creation Account.  Can it be that those at ICR do not realize that the moving earth model they have endorsed is the keystone holding up the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm?! [5] Can it be that they are not aware that there is nothing but fraudulent science in that Paradigm?! [6] - [7] Can it be that ICR's theologians are unaware of over 20 years of documented proof that the Big Bang Paradigm is the Pharisee Religion's alternate "creation model" derived entirely from its anti-Bible "holy book" Zohar/Kabbala with heliocentricity as it's cornerstone?! [8] - [9] - [10]  If that's what is wrong, it is time for ICR to make a 180 on this subject and use their trusting patrons to back a challenge in the schools and destroy evolution and certify the Bible as God's Word of Absolute Truth in the world.


8-27-97 - This is an earlier printing of 1-9-04 above. It further underscores ICR's stress on its support of anti-Bible heliocentricity and Big Bang Evolutionism which depends on it.


6-20-97 - Two months before that last quote we read: "With our scientific knowledge of the earth's rotation…we take for granted the dawning of each new day."  (What is being "taken for granted" is "the earth's rotation"!!)



It is evident from the writings of Dr. Henry Morris that he was also persuaded about the concept of an Infinite Universe. For example: In the 4-11-11 "Days of Praise" he began a sentence with: "Infinite as the universe…." Then on 8-18-11 he wrote: "…and even the ultimate heavens".  For a 7-2-00 piece he wrote: "…even the infinite heavens belong to Him."   Twenty days later he wrote: "Astronomers estimate that at least ten trillion trillion stars exist in the heavens."  The "Biblical Astronomer" #93 (Summer 2000) quotes HMM: "The universe is boundless, and it is not possible to even define the center of infinite space.  Therefore, we have to always use the concept of relative motion when we talk about motions of the heavenly bodies."


This position obviously accommodates the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm and the Copernican Model which is indispensable to it. It even includes the Pharisee's Kabbalic "Relativity" mythology. It is unscriptural and impossible to reconcile with the multiple Biblical teachings of a "small", temporary universe that is replaced with a NEW Earth, NEW Heavens, and a NEW Jerusalem: [11] - [12] - [13 BDP 3]  And more: [14] - [15] - [16] - [17]


As with the "Days of Praise" publications, ICR's "Acts and Facts" monthly magazine has reiterated the same acceptance and promotion of the anti-Creation rotating/orbiting earth all along, including several years since HMM's death.  Two recent examples will serve the purpose here: May, 2011, p.19: "The spin axis is the line in space about which the earth rotates. It is inclined about 23.5 degrees from the plane of the ecliptic on which the earth orbits the sun." This shows both anti-Bible "rotation" and "sun orbit" convictions…. Then in April, 2012, page 13, we read: "…a mere man could no more conquer death and rise from the dead than he could reverse the orbit of the earth and turn back the years of time."

*This last Q was from HMM in '86, but shows ICR's historical rejection of non-moving earth Scripture & Science and their (unwitting?) support of the Pharisee Religion's Universe of 15 billion years of Big Bang Evolutionism.



 Quoting AIG's Ken Ham On Geocentrism vs. Heliocentrism:


Ken Ham, the CEO of AIG (Answers in Genesis) in Kentucky, USA told the Los Angeles Times that the Bible is silent on the topic of geocentrism vs. heliocentrism. His actual words were: "The Bible is neither geocentric or heliocentric. It does not give any specific information about the structure of the Solar System."     (http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/310901 ,p.2.of 6)


This is, of course, false on its face! Over three score Scriptures speak plainly of a stationary, immovable earth and moving sun, moon, and stars which absolutely define "the structure of the Solar System"! Biblical grammar and semantics also confirm those Scriptures and the Earth's inertness! [18] - [19] Time is running out for those who represent themselves as anti-evolutionist Bible Creationist Leaders to simply dodge both Scripture and Science which together prove that the Earth created in Genesis was and remains absolutely stationary.

Indeed, that pivotal non-moving Earth in Genesis and the other Scriptures is in the Bible providentially for this very hour when many historians are already mocking the Bible and labeling the 21st Century the "Post Christian Era".  Exposing the Copernican Lie--the very foundation of all False Big Bang Evolutionism--can turn all that around suddenlyjust as the prophesied Fall of Babylon Scriptures describe. (Rev. 17:12-18; 18:8,10,17,19; 14:6,7,8)


Mr. Ham has had a featured long-standing attack on geocentric books at AIG's website. He seeks to wave off not only this pivotal non-moving earth component of the Biblical Creation of the sun, moon, and stars", but is further dedicated to avoiding all contact with the Science which corroborates Biblical geocentrism [20] [20b].  It is as if he is steadfastly committed to denying all true Science and Scripture which guarantee the exposure and destruction of  Pharisaic/Kabbalic Big Bang Evolutionism. For an Organization (AIG) which--like ICR--exists to challenge evolutionism in all its guises, can such a stance escape being viewed as either hypocritical or subservient to a Christ-hating, admittedly Satan-led Religion? [21]

But wait: The other main Creationist leaders do the same so why should Ham be any different? 



The Discovery Institute's Role In Creationist Matters


Located in Seattle, Washington, this Creationist organization is well known for financing an expensive losing effort in 2005 to get the courts to approve the teaching of "Intelligent Design" in the Dover, Pennsylvania schools. The emphasis of their challenge was somewhat different in that they were trying to get approval for teaching the concept of Intelligent Design (ID) instead of Creation Science (which had been shot down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1987 and in other courts before and since then). Had they won, they would have set a precedent and seemed to have gained a victory by breaking the evolution-teaching monopoly in the schools. However…


Judge Jones--in a 139 page overkill decision--said what all the other courts had said about "Creation Science", namely, "Intelligent Design" was also undeniably a religious teaching.  Therefore, being ruled "religious"; the "Establishment Clause" of the U. S. Constitution forbade the use of public money to fund the "Intelligent Design" stratagem. Case closed.


So patently predictable was this decision that one has to wonder why the Institute spent a reputed nine million dollars getting beaten so badly and so predictably as to elicit a Draconian philippic from the Judge to advise that further challenges would be very costly and would lose anyway. This decision has naturally slowed would-be challenges since then.


Just recently, however, (1-31-12), a Discovery Staff article "…criticized as bad science education" an Indiana Senate Bill (SB89) which would allow the teaching of creationism in public schools.  A law and policy analyst (Joshua Youngkin) at Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture said "…there are plenty of scientific criticisms of Darwin's theory today, and science students should be able to hear about them, not about religion." Contact information is given for how "to teach the scientific controversy over evolution without bringing religion in the classroom and violating the First Amendment."



Mr.Youngkin is right about the Indiana effort being "religious", and thus DOA when and if it ends up in the courts against the First Amendment's Establishment Clause.  But why are he and others at the Discovery Center for Science and Culture still claiming they can win (with their Intelligent Design approach presumably) "without bringing religion in the classroom"?!  Mr. Youngkin et al certainly know that their ID strategy is just a DOA as the Indiana effort would be.


 Having followed many school board and statehouse challenges to evolution, I find it hard to believe that those controlling the Discovery Institute's charge onto that Pennsylvania battlefield under the "Intelligent Design" banner did not know exactly how it would turn out then, and how it would turn out in any future challenge. Claiming they can "teach the scientific controversy over evolution without bringing religion in the classroom" is a false claim because: a) There are two Origin Scenarios for the universe, earth, and mankind; The Biblical six days with no evolution and the Big Bang Paradigm with 15 billion years of evolutionism. b) Both are religious but the courts haven't known that fact.  c) Proving the Big Bang to be religious ends the argument and wins the case, but: d) The only way to prove Big Bangism is religious is to make a scientific attack on the Copernican Keystone of that BB Paradigm, and the Institute has shown no intention of doing that.                                                             


All that aside, the conclusion--wrapped up in Judge Jones' chilling decision--was designed to put the fear of certain defeat and great expense into the army of anti-evolutionists out there seeking justice. This army knows the truth and importance of their goal to outlaw evolution; they just can't get any Creationist Organization to come up with a way to do it!


That is why the time has come to apply the one strategy the Creator God has supplied to all His people who want the Biblical and Scientific truth forced out on this pivotal issue, and who also want it to be legal, i.e., to conform 100% to the U. S.ConstitutionWhat is that strategy that can be taken to any court with a guarantee to win? It's simple:


Take the PROOF to court that Evolutionism is certifiably, demonstrably, and inescapably just as much a Religious Creation Account of the Origin of all that exists as Creation Science and Intelligent Design are Religious Creation Accounts of the Origin of all that exists. And when that PROOF certifies that Evolutionism is an alternate Origins Scenario of the Universe, Earth, and Mankind which is derived concept for concept from the Pharisee Religion's "holy book" Zohar/Kabbala, it then follows inexorably that this alternate religious model--hereto falsely labeled "secular science"-- falls under the same Constitutional Establishment Clause that has repeatedly been used to block Creation Science (and Intelligent Design) court challenges in the past.




FACT: The billions of years required by Evolution Theory (15 billion year old universe; 4.6 billion year old earth.) have their source in the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm of 15 b yrs.

FACT: Examples abound of Court rulings of the First Amendment's Establishment Clause denying "Creation Science" type challenges to the teaching of evolution: [22] - [23 ]

FACT: Every concept of the Bible-bashing Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm-- now ruling the world's "knowledge" about the Origin of all that exists--is found in ancient Rabbinic writings in the Pharisee "holy book" Zohar/Kabbala and in modern writings by recent and present day Kabbalists. [24 ] - [25 ] - [26 ] - [27] - [28]

FACT: There is a long list of historical expulsions and pogroms upon the Jewish people going back many centuries. The cause of all that pent-up anger and hate has been directed at the Jewish people unfortunately, because its root cause is not the people, but the Rabbinate and their "holy books" Talmud, and Zohar/Kabbala. Satan is admittedly the Rabbinate's religion's g'd/head [29] . The Talmud bristles with particular hatred of Jesus, Christians, the New Testament of the Bible, and counts all non-Jews as cattle [30].  Books & the internet have forced all this into the media blood stream in the last 20 years or so.  The race today is for the Jews--using their control over most levers of power--to quickly set up their OWG and Global Court to make Bible related Truths into hate crimes [31], just as they did under Lenin & Stalin when Jew-controlled Communism was established in the USSR.


So, is it conceivable that Discovery Institute, ICR, AiG and other Creationist Organizations will enlist in a "war" (Rev. 17:14; 14: 6,7,8) to destroy Evolution?? Will they embrace the Scriptures and the Science which deny Big Bang Evolutionism and its Copernican foundation and lead the charge…perhaps in a School Board challenge that cannot lose??   It's possible.  There are ardent Bible loving Christians in all these organizations, so there is hope.  Nothing less than the credibility of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation is at stake.


For over ten years--as can be seen in these and other links--there has been an awareness at ICR & AIG of how a Biblical and Scientific challenge to Copernicanism can bring down the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm. [32 ; see: Dec.2001 & Jan. Feb. 2002] Knowing that God's Word--on the non-moving Earth or any other doctrine never returns unto Him void (Isaiah 55:11)--the ICR, AIG, & ID leadership must realize that continuing with their present position regarding the Copernican Revolution is no longer an option [33] - [34] - [35 In July].  


When that realization has sunk in--and, in keeping with our Christian duty to God and His Word as so eloquently expressed by Dr. Henry Morris--one thing becomes clear, viz.: Those respective leaders--and all of the integrity associated with their Organizations--comes to rest on this hard choice: They either will--or they will not--take the necessary steps to prioritize their strategy of challenging evolution by putting Copernicanism first and Darwinism second.  In other words. this re-focusing demands that they must concentrate their considerable resources in an all-out Biblical and Scientific attack on the Copernican Keystone upholding the ruling  Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm, and then let their good work against Darwin's Myth play its special role as the foundational deception is revealed. 


That decision to prioritize--and no other--will prove to their supporters, to the world, and to God, the integrity or lack thereof, intrinsic in their God-given ministries.  After all, these anti-evolution Creationist ministries represent the Biblical God's ultimate bulwark in His Churches against Satan's wily stratagems to destroy the credibility of the Bible from A to Z by replacing His six day Creation Account with the Kabbala's 15 billion years of evolution.


When all is said that can be said, such inescapable truths assert themselves irrepressibly. They leave all of us--whatever our religion or philosophy may be--with only two choices when it comes to the foundational knowledge of the Origin of all that exists, and that both of those choices are Religious, whether we have known that until recently or not.  The Biblical Religious Model of the origin of the universe and all that is in it involves six literal days and no evolution whatsoever.  The Kabbala Religious Model of the origin of the universe and all that is in it--having successfully masqueraded as "secular"/ non-religious "science" until being unmasked in books and on the Net--requires c.15 billion years of evolution.


These "Origins/Creation" Models--and their Religions--are mutually exclusive and irreconcilable.  Atheistic, agnostic, theistic-evolutionist models are invariably evolution dependent. Hence, unless there is a change, those involved become automatic advocates of the Pharisee Religion's Kabbalist Universe whether they know it or like it or not. By-the-way, that Universe and that Religion, we recall, has Satan as its avowed g'd-head. [36]


 The sum of the facts is this: 1) The Copernican Model has always been and remains the indispensable keystone of the Pharisee Religion's Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm which rules "science falsely so-called" today.  2) Knowing this fact makes it impossible for Bible-honoring Christians to expose and destroy that Christ-hating Religion's mythological Evolutionary Paradigm without attacking the Copernican Model scientifically as well as Biblically. 3) As seen, the leading Christian Creationist Organizations ignore and/or reverse not only the Bible's repeated denial of the Copernican Model, but deny the hard science which destroys that Model as well. 4) As far back as the 1920's [37]--and certainly for the last twenty years and more [38] - [39]-- Pharisee/Kabbalist control of "science" has been well out of the closet. Though it is their business to know about developments of such high relevancy to their Creationist ministries, let's just grant that the Creationist leaders have been unaware of such developments and will now be eager to tackle Copernicanism with a whoop.


That is my hope and prayer, and I will be glad to help any way I can to bring about. A swift transition to a new focus on the Copernican Keystone is required.  After all, that Keystone holds up not only all terrestrial evolution mythology, but--more to the point today--it holds up all extraterrestrial evolution mythology Neither of these great lies masquerading as "secular" science can exist without the Copernican-dependent Pharisee Big Bang Universe.


Perhaps a good closing thought on all of this for all of us can be grasped in this prayer by Copernicus which is under his portrait in Poland.  He prayed:


"I do not ask for the grace

granted to Paul, neither do

I demand the forgiveness of

Peter, but I do incessantly

pray for the forgiveness

which thou on the wood of

the cross hast granted to

the murderer." 



God has allowed this ineffably great crime against the Bible and True Science and all humanity to prosper to its present knowledge-control level in the world's books. (Acts 15:18).


But now, the promised "war" looms--in which Jesus and His followers "overcome" Satan's Babylonian edifice of deception, beginning in the churches with the Creation Issue (I Pet. 4:17,18; Rev. 17:14-18; 14:6.7.8; etc.).  Therefore, it is essential that Christ's "called, chosen, and faithful" followers (who are the "Elect" but presently deceived as we all have been!) would be found in the Creationist Organizations and Churches and have--except for the  stationary Earth Scriptures--stood behind the Genesis Creation and its Science!). [40] - [41]


As avowed and faithful defenders of Bible Creationism, it is fitting and logical that this  challenge to the Copernican Keystone fall on these Organizations and Churches to be the vanguard in that promised "war the Lamb wins".  This is the war where God's Truths reveal Satan's Copernican blue ribbon lie of all times. This lie has given him control over not only all False Science (I Tim. 6:20, 21) but over all False Doctrines and Religions as well. [42] - [43]


So, remember who we all wrestle against in this critical battle which goes straight for Satan's jugular (Eph. 6:11,12).  His Kabbalic Universe is built on pure fraud from Copernicanism to Big Bangism, and one would think the battle would be long and grim. But this is the "war" of Revelation 17:14-18 where Jesus --along with His "called, chosen, and faithful followers--supernaturally and globally destroys Satan's Kingdom of Lies (Babylon). All Truth and all Lies will be known by the whole world in "one hour, one day" (Rev. 18:8,10,17,19: c. 2-3 months).  God calls His people out of Babylon (Rev. 18:4), and the Seven Trumpet Plagues begin to fall solely on those who get on Satan's side (Rev.13 etc).


Satan's ultimate conspiracy is the Copernican Lie, which--to stress again--is the Keystone of the entire Kabbalist Evolution Paradigm. That Keystone is the 1st domino…and it is totally vulnerable.

 [44] - [45] - [46]