ICR and AIG Responses

The President of the Institute for Creation Research, Dr. John D. Morris, sent a prompt and cordial reply to my letter about ICRís stonewalling against the creationist issue of Biblical Geocentricity. I did not ask for permission to reproduce his letter, and wonít offer it here. However, I will reproduce my response to his letter which quotes his remarks that bear directly on the issue (HERE).

Dr. Carl Wieland, CEO of Answers In Genesis responded for Ken Ham by email. (Mr. Ham had been sent the same letter as was sent to Dr. Morris.) Regarding the position at AIG relevant to the Geocentricity issue, Dr. Wieland said in part:

"We have long held a very clear and firm position on the issue of geocentrism.

It is carefully set out in our materials, including our Web site.

....the Bible...uses correct language within and Earth-bound observerís reference frame."

Bottom line: Both organizations will continue to deny at least 67 plain Scriptural declarations that it is the sun and not the Earth that moves (HERE). Furthermore, they will continue to deny the indisputable Historical evidence that The Copernican Revolution bashed Bible Credibility by establishing factless scientism as the source of truth on this pivotal Creationist matter and, in so doing, paved the way for the capture of the Life Sciences by Darwinian Evolutionism...the very adversary they exist to combat.

So, unfortunately, there is nothing new to report. Both organizations are committed to their position on the matter. Neither gives any hint of the slightest inclination to re-consider the spiritual recklessness of turning Godís multiple moving sun teachings into a moving earth teachings. More, they remain equally committed:

a) To ignoring the symbiotic connection between Copernicanism and Darwinism (HERE & HERE);

b) To ignoring the fact of communist/humanist dependency on both heliocentricity and evolutionism (HERE, p. 9).

c) To ignoring the fact that the earth-moving heliocentricity model is foundational to the Big Bang Paradigm which provides the fuel for extraterrestrial as well as terrestrial evolutionism (HERE);

d) To ignoring the fact that qualified people freely admit that heliocentricity is an unproved model (HERE);

e) Etcetera: (HERE - HERE - HERE....)

Barring a possible new link here and there relating to this effort, Iíve done about all I know to do. Perhaps other Creationists who recognize the Scripturally untenable position at ICR and AIG on this subject will try to persuade them that is the worldís position, not the Bibleís and therefore, not Godís. We shall see....