Dr. Humphreys’ Universe: Neither Biblical nor Scientific


There are now three models of the universe which claim to satisfy the Biblical Account of a non-moving earth.  Two of these retain the standard concept of billions of galaxies extending to billions of light year distances from the earth.  That fact alone eliminates those models from any possibility of representing the true Biblical Model.  Those distances rule out the daily revolution of the stars taught in the Bible and observed and photographed every clear night.1


The Machian Model of Astronomer Dr. Bouw has been addressed.2  Dr. Humphreys 19 page paper makes it clear that he is speaking of the Earth being in a seemingly central area in the accepted universe... but not the literal centre of the Bible model.3


Because the Biblical Model denies those billions of light year distances and endless galaxies, it demands a literal earth-centered universe which is not one-ten-trillionth as big as the Bouw or Humphreys’ Models.4 In short, no model which accepts billions of light year distances in the cosmos can be Scriptural.  That is a simple fact. 


So: Models which claim to be sort-of Biblical do five things: 1) They distort the Scriptures.5 2) They accept a cosmos which mimics the size of the Big Bang evolution model, thus freeing it from scrutiny and assuring its continuance.6 3) They muzzle true geocentrism science which explains all known phenomena in the universe.7 4) They prevent the exposure of the incredible fraud involved in telescope and camera design and in redshift and infra-red voodooism...all blatant virtual reality deceptions.8 5) They ignore now available facts which make it plain that every concept of today’s textbook cosmos is found in Rabbinic writings in the Zohar/Kabbala holy book of the Pharisee Religion dating back at least two millennia.9


Moreover, all sources of information on the subject of The Copernican Revolution agree that it: a) Struck a crippling blow to Bible credibility and to the credibility of the Biblical God.10 b) Opened the door for a Theoretical Science Establishment to be the arbiter of what is true in the cosmos and what isn’t.11 c) Paved the way for the virtual conquest of the theoretical biological sciences through The Darwinian Revolution12 (now morphed into The Panspermia Revolution13). d) Infused the Evolution Mantra into the Social and Behavioral Sciences and Math and Religion14. e) Gradually replaced Earth’s uniqueness with fantasized SETI-type “statistics” claiming billions of other orbs inhabited by life forms in various stages of evolution15. f) Provided the indispensable foundation required to erect--in the guise of  the 20th century Theoretical Science--an alternate evolution-based “creation scenario” found in the Pharisee Religion’s Rabbinic writings in the Kabbala16.


The facts behind all this are available and their exposure is as close as the establishment of a Global Government...plus "one hour"(Rv.17:12). 

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