Itís Hardball Time Creationists:

No More Stonewalling Against Bible Geocentrism!

    In spite of their commendable efforts against terrestrial evolutionism, the Morrisí at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR); Ken Ham at Answers In Genesis (AIG); and Bruce Chapman's Discovery Institute continue to stonewall against the one Creationist issue that can force the ridiculousness of Evolutionism (terrestrial and extraterrestrial) onto a world stage. Once Copernicanism is dragged kicking and screaming onto that stage, Evolutionism will be spotlighted in a way that will be infinitely more dramatic than the media feast that covered the "Monkey Trial" in 1925 (HERE). Once Evolutionism is in that glare--and facing a second front from anti-Copernicans-- ICR, AIG, and the DI can unleash the scientific expertise in their organizations to do their job. That job is to mythify those two lies and re-establish Bible Credibility in a way that cannot be ignored.

    Creationists who are true to their calling represent the last line of defense against the total destruction of Bible Credibility in the world today. That is an awesome responsibility! Yet, the evidence from every quarter demonstrates beyond argument that--barring a successful skirmish here and there--those lines of defense are shrinking with every day that passes and will soon be marginalized to hardly even a nuisance status unless something dramatic is done to turn the tide.

    What is that dramatic something, that one strategy that can turn the tide...and is certain to have Godís blessing?? Can there be such a strategy?  What can it be?

    Itís the one right under the Creationistís noses, namely, the other Creationist issue against which they continue to stonewall, i.e., the one that involves the question of whether God created a rotating earth that orbits the sun...or whether He created an immovable earth with the sun (not created till the 4th day) going around it.

    Companion questions are: Why does the Creationist leadership resist including this other Creationist issue in their efforts? Why does that leadership overtly support the Copernican view instead? Why do they continue to ignore plain non-moving Earth Scriptures (HERE & HERE)?  Why do they continue to dredge up the most lame interpretations of Scripture...claiming these support heliocentricity when it is absolutely certain that there is no such support in the Bible? Why do they continue to give aid to the anti-Bible evolutionists running the "Origins Program" at NASA by ignoring the vulnerable Copernican foundation of all modern humanist cosmology? Arenít they aware that--for over two decades--the whole evolution establishment has been moving away from challenging Darwinism to establishing extraterrestrial evolutionism through Panspermiaism (HERE)?!

    So why the continuing Creationist resistance to attacking the vulnerable heliocentric root when protecting that root is absolutely necessary to those who are making this shift in emphasis from terrestrial to extraterrestrial origins of life throughout the universe and on earth? Copernicanism is the keystone of the whole theoretical construct of modern cosmology right on up through todayís Big Bang Mythology. There can be no successful Creationist challenge to Evolutionism until that fact is understood and acted upon. The Bible and non-theoretical science say this Copernican foundation is wrong (HERE - HERE). So, again, why the continuing resistance from the leadership of the Creationist Establishments??

    There are several reasons--in combination or alone--behind this stonewalling.   Some of the more obvious ones are:

    1) Concern or outright fear that challenging Copernicanism as an anti-Scripture, scientifically unproved deception (which demonstrably paved the way for the success of Darwinism!) will make Creationists a laughing-stock amongst "real" scientists. (Comment: So what?! Hasnít that always been a distinct possibility for Christians who attack the Devil where it really hurts? Besides, Creationists have already attacked evolutionists on the Darwinian front and they are already treated as outcasts from the "science establishment". Consequently, this is not a logical reason, and remember, "logical" is one definition of true science.)

    2) Some Creationists donít want to attack Copernicanism because they are actually convinced that it is a proven fact. (Comment: This is somewhat understandable, but Creationists more than anyone else know how false science has used technology and every other device to establish the evolution lie in the Life Sciences. It should therefore be easy and natural for them to see that false science has accomplished the same thing in the Cosmological Sciences! Copernicanism isnít a fact any more than Darwinism is a fact, and they can KNOW it isnít with minimal effort. But learning that will put the ball back in play over in the Scripture court. If these folks really donít want to attack Copernicanism because they have become comfortable with and even vocal about their compromise on the geocentrism Scriptures...saying they arenít clear or it isnít part of their work against evolution, etc., thatís their business. But if a non-moving Earth is Biblical--as it undeniably is--and vulnerable scientifically--as it undeniably is--and, furthermore, if Copernicanism and Darwinism are symbiotically connected, as they demonstrably are (HERE - HERE), then what? Whose business is it if not the Creationistís?)

    3) Some Creationists may claim that their influence as scientists would be so diminished if they attacked Copernicanism that their present work against evolutionism would be undermined; hence attacking Copernicanism would be counterproductive. (Comment: Sounds good, but itís just a cop-out. Copernicanism and Darwinism are both Creationist issues that are plainly denied in Scripture and are "Inseparable Concepts Historically, Philosophically, Spiritually, and Scientifically" (HERE). When a Creationist realizes this fact and also realizes that Copernicanism is just as vulnerable as Darwinism scientifically, this cop-out wonít fly. Besides, there is a very real--even guaranteed--reaction that can be expected amongst not only serious Bible people, but also from truth lovers everywhere, namely, that millions will rally around Creationists if they show the world that they are ready to uphold the Scriptures whatever the initial cost in criticism and even persecution. Surely, it is safe to say that God Himself will applaud and back such an expression of faith in His Word. After all, itís His Word that is on the block! That Word on that subject was honored for some 17 centuries, a couple of those after Copernicus. Then, under secular pressure, more and more churches gradually gave in and, in doing so, paved the way for "science" next to foist Darwinism and all its offspring on the world. Now that young earth six-day Bible Creationism is well on its way to being dismissed as entirely as Bible Geocentrism, the time has come for Bible Christians--hopefully with Creationist leadership--to unite to identify and target anti-Bible Copernicanism for exposure as the demonstrable foundation of all of modern manís secularized, humanistic "knowledge" (HERE).

    4) Doubtless another very substantive reason for both professional and lay Creationists balking at expanding their challenge to evolutionism to include the Copernican Model is this fact: Attacking Copernicanism along with Darwinism automatically sets up a conflict in Churches of every description. All Churches have bowed the knee to Baal on this one. The prospect of tackling that Goliath--and all the doctrinal ramifications it would unleash!--is more than all but the most determined guardians of Biblically stated Truth can muster. Cries of bringing division into the churches will be heard. "We are just becoming civilized people tolerant of all behavior and religions; we will not be dragged back into Biblical exclusivism", etc., will be heard from the neo-Pagans in the pews (HERE - HERE). (Comment: Remind them that Christ--the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life--said plainly what we all know in our hearts, namely, "Think not that I am come to send [bring] peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance [in conflict} against his father, and...and...and...."(Matt. 10:34-39). God through Paul made it plain that Truth separates Truth lovers from those who "cannot receive a love of the truth" (II Thess. 2:10). The Devil is the father of those who love lies , Jesus said (John 8:44). And so on. Godís Judgment begins where?? At the house of God, you say, Peter?? HERE (I Pet. 4:17,18)

    5) There is another reason--a Scripturally solid one--why this dogged resistance from the Creationist leadership could be continuing in spite of: a) Their blatantly untenable Biblical position; b) Their refusal to recognize the same kind of pseudo-scientific claims of evidence amongst Evolutionary Cosmologists as they regularly encounter amongst Evolutionary Earth Scientists; c) Their repeated brush-offs of pleas from able and respected Creationist Geocentrists to prayerfully re-consider their role in preventing Creationists everywhere from seeing that a non-moving Earth is a Scriptural Truth and a Creationist matter just as surely as is evolutionism; d) Their 180 degree alteration of the meaning of scores of Geocentrism Scriptures to justify their resistance to attacking Copernicanism while inveighing all the time about "theistic evolutionists" who do the same thing to justify their resistance to young earth, six literal day creationism. Etc.... (That other reason for such resistance is such that one prays it isnít so, but one that is Scriptural and must be considered at some point nevertheless. [As Dr. Henry Morris himself has truly written: "...none of us are really qualified to judge others...(but) This does not mean that Christians should condone doctrinal error or moral evil when circumstances indicate clear conflict with Scripture." 9/8/02 Days of Praise] As demonstrated throughout this web page, Copernican Heliocentricity is in "clear conflict with Scripture". Trying to ignore that conflict by denying Biblical Geocentrism and affirming the Copernican Myth opened the door to the near total transfer of Trust in the Credibility of the Bible to be the source of Truth... to trusting in the credibility of false science to supply that truth. Copernicanism is both the indispensable cornerstone and the Achilles Heel of Satanís Empire (II Cor. 4:4). That sun-worship myth has fathered and furthered the layering of deception upon deception in every major area of both secular and Scriptural teachings. The ramifications of an exposure of Copernicanism and all that rests upon it as the pseudo-scientific occult foundation of modern manís "knowledge" are revealed in its symbiotic connection to Darwinism and thence to Marxism, Freudianism, Einsteinism, Saganism, and now Wickramasingheism. Likewise, false doctrines in the churches which are demonstrably and inextricably intertwined with Satanís false-science offensive against Bible Credibility ( which began in earnest with the Copernican Revolution) are also laid bare at these sites. (Ex. HERE - HERE - HERE)  Satan, in short, must--at all costs--protect his Bible destroying Copernican deception--which he has established worldwide as sacrosanct scientific truth. What then can be made of it if ICR and AIG are key players in preventing the exposure of this deception?? Is this not where God would call our attention to II Cor. 11:13-15; I John 4:1; I Tim. 4:1b; etc. as regards those who are in the position of holding back and preventing an attack on Copernicanism?? One desperately hopes not. Yet, at some point, this option must be considered. After all, daily revelations of massive duplicity by highly respected businessmen, educators, religious leaders, politicians, etc., are commonplace... even though the impact of such revelations on Satanís Empire is scarcely noticeable. However, compare those realities with the impact of an exposure of the globally accepted, Bible destroying "fact" of Copernicanism and see where you come out! Copernicanism is the keystone (HERE) upholding all of modern manís Bible contradicting "knowledge" (HERE). It is Satanís hidden, occult, closely guarded foundation of all his humanist-related devices for thwarting Godís Plan for all mankind as set forth in the Bible and presently corrupted beyond recognition in the churches and hidden from the rest of the world by false religions and false science. In a very real sense, if ICRís and AIGís leadership will drop their opposition to Biblical Geocentrism and boldly galvanize their Creationist troops to uphold those Geocentrism Scriptures as they do the young earth and six-day creation passages, a revivalist fire that canít be stopped will be ignited in the churches where Godís Judgment begins (HERE). If they wonít do it, others will, and we will soon learn if this unpalatable option (II Cor. 11:13-15) was one that had to be considered after all.)


    There is a good bit more to be said about the illegitimacy of any excuse for Creationists refraining from becoming as devoted to the Biblical Geocentrism aspect of Creationism as they are devoted to the Biblically mandated six literal days of Creation of the Earth and all that is in it and on it. And there is a lot more to be said about the stonewalling of the leadership of two of the worldís most visible Creationist Organizations against Godís Creation of an inert, immovable Earth with the sun going around daily. Two links posted several months ago covered these matters in some detail. One was entitled: "Genesis 1:1-5: Creationist Stonewalling of Bible Geocentricity: Decision Time Approaches..." which can be accessed HERE. The other was: "The Universe: Finite or Infinite?" HERE....

    Now--bringing all that up to date for a couple of pages--letís look at some recent examples of continuing overt promotion of Copernicanism by Dr. Henry Morris of ICR and by Ken Ham of AIG, both of whom have done yeomanís labor against evolutionism. First, from ICRís "Days of Praise", 8/18/02, where the senior Dr. Morris wrote this:


"Then came the woman in the dawning of the day,

and fell down at the door of the manís house

where her lord was till it was light" (Judges 19:26).

(Quoting from the relevant 3rd paragraph with color emphasis added:)

    "In the midst of this dismal record [Judges 19:26], however, there is an interesting scientific insight which should be noted. The evil events of the night terminated at what the writer calls, "the dawning of the day." But the Hebrew word used for "dawning" (Hebrew, panah), is not the normal word used for dawn. Instead it is the word for "turning" ["to turn" actually. ed.] Thus, it is not referring to the rising of the sun, but to the rotation of the earth [!] which, after a dark night of evil, once again turns its face to the "light of the world.í"

    Good heavens, Brother Henry! In all Christian love, methinks you are desperate to find something in the Bible that is not in the Bible! Search all you will and wear out two or three Hebrew and Greek Concordances and you will not find even one single verse or passage which tells of a rotating Earth orbiting the sun! The interpretation you have given for this verse--that it is "an interesting scientific the rotation of the earth"!--gives new meaning to Biblical exegesis! The definition of panah, #6437, ("a primary root; to turn; by implication, to face, i.e., appear, look, etc.:--appear, at [even-] tide... dawning...") gives no license for such a fanciful interpretation. Why not the obvious application: "Then came the woman in the dawning of the day..." i.e., at the time when there is a turning of dawn to daylight?? Or, when it was time for the dawn "to turn" to daylight...time for daylight "to appear"??

    As Holy Spirit led wannabe Bible exegetes try to determine whether God in His inerrant and infallible Word created an immovable Earth with the sun going around daily, or whether He created a rotating, sun-orbiting Earth, why can't they apply their exegetical efforts to some Scriptures wherein God is unmistakably speaking to those very questions?? Without dispute, this whole Copernicanism business is a Creationist subject and thus not something detached from ICRís and Mr. Hamís estimable work over many years...nor the continuing work of ICR now under the capable presidency of Dr. John Morris.

    Given that it is beyond dispute that the geocentricity/heliocentricity controversy is a subject that is squarely in the purview of Biblical Creationism--and given the proper steadfast devotion at ICR and AIG to literal Creationism and opposition to the "theistic evolution" compromise--is it not incumbent that the policy there must be an equally steadfast commitment to the Biblically plain, literally geocentric passages (HERE), and a comparable opposition to "theistic Copernicanism"? Would it not be strange that anything less would constitute hypocrisy to any objective observer?

    The chief Biblical references on the subject of the sunís movement (which precludes any Earth movement) are well known. They are: Joshua 10:12-14; Hab. 3:11; II Kings 20:9-11; Isaiah 38:7,8; Eccl. 1:5; Ps. 19:4-6; 93:1; 104:19,22; I Chron. 16:30; Job 9:7; 26:7; Is. 13:10; Amos 8:9.... And we all know, of course, that there are also scores of "sun rising, sun setting" type verses which tell us just as plainly that the sun is rising and setting as it orbits the Earth and gives us night and day. (As mentioned, all of the cited passages above are spelled out HERE. A response to a debate between ICRís Dr. DeYoung and Martin Selbrede goes further: HERE)

    So, for brevityís sake, we shall just compare the geocentric certitude derived from any fair and honest exegesis of those citations above with Dr. Morrisí exegesis on the word "dawning" in Judges 19:26, from which word he concluded that the verse shows Biblical support for Copernicanism and is "...not referring to the rising of the sun, but to the rotation of the earth....":

    Note these seven Scriptural examples prayerfully and carefully. There is indeed "an interesting scientific insight" in every one of them (and all the others!) because they all speak of the sunís motion and not the earthís, the exact opposite of what Drs. Morris and Ham are promoting and influencing millions of Creationists to believe and follow:


...Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon,

and, thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon (c. 6 miles away).

And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed....

So the sun stood still in the midst of the heaven,

and hasted not to go down about a whole day.

(Joshua 10:12,13)

(Note this confirmation of the unmistakable teaching in Joshua that it is the sun and not the earth that moves:)

The sun and the moon stood still

in their habitation....

(Habukkuk 3:11)


And Isaiah said, This sign shalt thou have of the LORD,

that the LORD will do the thing that He hath spoken:

shall the shadow go forward ten degrees,

or go back ten degrees?

And Hezekiah answered,

It is a light thing for the shadow to go down ten degrees:

nay, but let the shadow return backward ten degrees.

And Isaiah the prophet cried unto the LORD:

and He brought the shadow ten degrees backward,

by which it had gone down on the dial of Ahaz.

(II Kings 20:9-11)

(This exceedingly great miracle is confirmed and the sunís movement specified here:)

Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees,

which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz,

ten degrees backward.

So the sun returned ten degrees backward,

by which degrees it was gone down.

(Isaiah 38:8)


The sun also ariseth,

and the sun goeth down,

and hasteth to his place where he arose.

(Ecclesiastes 1:5)


...Their [the heavens, v.1] line is gone out through all the earth,

and their words to the end of the world.

In them [the heavens] hath He set a tabernacle for the sun,

Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber,

and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race.

His [the sunís] going forth is from the end of the heaven,

and his circuit unto the ends of it:

and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof.

(Psalm 19:4-6)


The LORD reigneth, He is clothed with majesty;

the LORD is clothed with strength, wherewith He hath girded Himself:

the world is also stablished,

that it cannot be moved.


He appointed the moon for seasons:

the sun knoweth his going down...

The sun ariseth,

they [the lions] gather themselves together,

and lay them down in their dens.

(Psalm 104:19,22)


...the sun shall be darkened in his going forth,

and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.

(Isaiah 13:10)


    Well??  No hermenuetical hair-splitting is required to conclude that these verses "offer an interesting scientific insight" into whether it is the sun or the earth which is moving to provide day and night. God says it is the sun that moves and that means the earth must be stationary relevant to it! For over 1600 years virtually ALL churches--Catholic and then Protestant--consistently and emphatically declared that the Bible plainly taught a non-moving Earth with the sun going around daily. Moreover, they ALL consistently and emphatically condemned Copernicanism as anti-Bible heresy (HERE). What happened?! Did the Bible change? Or was there just a gradual capitulation to the claims of "science falsely so called"...much the same as there has been since Darwinism hit the bookstores?!

    A host of honest professional scientists who were once committed evolutionists have made a 180 degree turnaround when they realized the total absence of proof and the overpowering illogic of Evolutionism. And perhaps millions of non-scientists have trashed evolutionism for the same reasons and embraced Creationism, due in great part to the commendable work at ICR and the efforts of other Creationist Organizations (including for 40 years the work of the Fair Education Foundation; address: HERE). The point here is that the same kind of turnaround will occur--and for the same reasons--if Creationists and anybody else who means to know Truth and follow it will:

    a) Quit trying to find support for heliocentricity in the Bible. Itís not there!

    b) Stop denying the plain geocentrism Scriptures and claiming that they say the opposite of what they say because they are couched in "phenomenological language" or "a language of appearance" or some other ridiculous excuse. Isnít that precisely what evolutionists say about the Biblical Account of Creation?! Itís the same cop-out. Supporting one and denying the other is double-minded (James 1:8).

    c) Ask yourself why world class astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle has denied the heliocentristís claims to factuality. Check the statements not only of Hoyle but of other professionals (and who knows how many "lay" students of the subject!), who have not only abandoned evolutionism in light of the Scriptural and Scientific evidence against it, but have also abandoned heliocentricity for precisely the same reasons (HERE). You will find, as they have, that there is no scientific reason to choose the Heliocentricity Model over the Geocentricity Model and there certainly is no Biblical reason!  (A recent series of seven essays entitled: "The Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible and Non-Theoretical Science" begins HERE....)

    Since all of this is verifiably true information, one must wonder if a valid excuse exists which would permit the Creationist leadership to continue to excuse itself not only from refusing to support the Creationist Issue of Bible Geocentrism, but also to continue to openly identify with and therefore become active partners in promoting the universally recognized Bible destroying Heliocentricity teaching. Yet they do both things regularly in their writings and their promotion of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, etc.

    Certainly none of the first four excuses given a few pages back validate this myopic posture which is demonstrably counterproductive to the anti-evolution calling of Creationist Organizations! ICR et al just donít seem to get it: The successful conquest of the Physical Sciences by the Copernican hypothesis not only bashed Bible Geocentrism and torpedoed Bible Credibility amidships, it set the stage and paved the way for the conquest of the Life Sciences by the Darwinian hypothesis. This progression is indisputable! And equally indisputable is the dependency of Marxism, Freudianism, Einsteinism, Big Bangism, Saganism, and ultimately Wickramasingheian Panspermian-evolutionism upon both Copernicanism and Darwinism. For the Creationist leadership to continue not only to turn a blind eye (and a stiff neck ?) toward these indisputable historical truisms, but to compound that dereliction of duty by giving aid and comfort to the heliocentrist granddaddy of all these Bible-bashing isms, is a position that is rapidly becoming unacceptable for those in the growing ranks of Creationists who see the folly and hypocrisy of passively accepting further stonewalling against Biblical Geocentrism by the present Creationist leadership.

    The time for open confrontation by Holy Spirit led, Truth seeking folks who refuse to be deterred from following the Bible on this issue or any other is approaching the midnight hour. The anti-Copernican Bible Geocentrism issue is the one issue that was perfectly designed by the Perfect Designer (Acts 15:18) to dramatically demonstrate to the churches first (HERE), and then to the world that Biblical Inerrancy and Bible Credibility are not just idle fundamentalist talk!


    Returning to Dr. Morrisí final paragraph under that same date and heading (a double-header!) we are presented with yet another alleged verse in support of Copernicanism. He writes:

    "Note also Job 38:14: ĎIt [i.e., the earthís surface] is turned as clay to the seal,í again suggesting the earthís axial rotation each day/night cycle. There is coming a glorious dawning, however, when we shall dwell in the presence of the One who is the true light of the world, and Ďthere shall be no night thereí (Revelation 21:25) HMM."

    Comment: Note Dr. H. Morrisí assertion enclosed in brackets: "It [i.e., the earthís surface]...." The antecedent of the subject pronoun "It" is found in verse 12 of Job 38. That antecedent is "dayspring" which means "dawn". It is not "the earthís surface" as Morris recklessly asserts in order to champion anti-Bible heliocentricity twice in one segment of "Days of Praise". Dr. H. Morris used this same verse on June 2, 2000, and declared: "This speaks of a smooth turning of the globe to receive the sunís daily illumination...." This curious straining to make a verse say what it doesnít say, and then lumping it in with the foregoing desperate attempt from the verse in Judges, should speak at least three things loud and clear to all Creationists:

1) Dr. Henry Morris is continuing to use his position as the long-standing leader of the worldís most visible Creationist organization to champion contra-Scriptural and Scientifically unprovable Copernican Heliocentricity. (On pp., 12-14 HERE, several other examples of this same support of Copernicanism over Bible Goecentrism can be found. Another link (HERE) highlights other serious flaws in Dr. H. Morrisí reasoning for his support of heliocentricity. (Another one: "The very rotation of the earth...." 1-9-04 in Days of Praise.)

2) My prayer is that Drs. Henry and John Morris will urgently reconsider how utterly reckless--even rebellious!--their position is vis-ŗ-vis the scores of Geocentric Scriptures, and how unnecessary it is to follow the evolutionary scientists who universally agree with and applaud their heliocentricity position! These evolutionists realize, as the Morrisí apparently do not, that the initial success and ever accelerating triumph of Evolutionism over Creationism is wholly dependent on preventing a bold uprising of unflinching Bible Christians against the Copernican foundation of all modern manís humanist based "knowledge" (HERE) ..including most especially the evolutionism that ICR exists to oppose and expose victoriously.

3) ICRís support of anti-Bible heliocentricity is not likely to change under Dr. John Morrisí presidency. It is almost unthinkable that he would oppose his father on this matter. If he has any doubts about the Corporationís stance on the subject I havenít heard about them. Like his father, he is, however, quite vocal about "doctrinal purity" and the seriousness of submitting to Godís Word for Truth on all subjects. Note his "Days of Praise" remarks on 8/17/01 under the title: "Preaching Against False Teachers", the text of which was Matt. 18:6: "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones...." He says: "Error is a serious thing in Godís eyes, and a Bible teacher must continually submit to Godís word and Spirit to discern and teach only truth." Amen to that! Again on 4/9/02 entitled: "The Teacher and His Words", the text being Matt. 12:38: "For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shall be condemned." Pres. John Morris ends the page here with this: "Nevertheless, one might contemplate the aggressive, anti-creationist stance taken by many professors at evangelical churches, colleges, and seminaries today, teaching theistic evolution, the day-age theory, framework hypothesis, etc., and wonder if Christís reference to the "millstone" around the neck might apply (Luke 17:2). JDM"

    Ummph.... Thatís pretty strong. If teaching error " is a serious thing in Godís eyes and we must submit to Godís Word and Spirit to discern and teach only truth", then what if the Scriptures plainly teach Geocentrism, as weíve seen they do--and as Bible scholars knew they did for some seventeen hundred years--then what?? After all, Pythagoras (HERE) and Aristarchus were representing similar alternatives of "science falsely so called" (I Tim. 6:20) to the church throughout those centuries, but the church didnít succumb to any of it until several generations after Copernicus upgraded Aristarchus, and then Kepler (HERE,p.2 & HERE) and Galileo  (both lionized in ICR publications) caused Copernicanism to triumph in spite of the fact that it is nothing but a mathematical model upheld by fraudulent use of space technology to this very hour (p.9 HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).

    If the acceptance and teaching of Darwinism by Christians constitutes "theistic evolutionism", and is a grave error, as Dr. J. Morris correctly states, then why doesnít the acceptance and teaching of Copernicanism by ICR Christians constitute "theistic heliocentrism" and thus become just as grave an error, if not a more grievous one in this critical hour?? When one throws in on top of all these reasons for ICR et al to bite the bullet and come out against Copernicanism, an awareness of the fact that 16th century Copernicanism is foundational to 13th century Cabalist metaphysical science (HERE), which has reached its apotheosis in 20th century "Relativity, Big Bangism, and an Expanding Universe", should silence any naysayers. This trio of Cosmological Myths is the last and most fierce of the Bible destroyers to date, supplying, as it does, a scientific-sounding mechanism for producing evolving life throughout the universe, begat--can you fathom it?!--by bacteria nurtured and spread by comets. What a crock! (HERE)

   True, ICR seems partially awake to the threat posed by the Big Bang Paradigm, but it has no weapons to combat it. (This includes Dr. Humphreys' efforts to seemingly but not actually address the physical centrality of the earth in Godís Plan by coming up with a model which still totally ignores the Geocentrism Scriptures and accepts the heliocentricity that those Scriptures deny. His model leans instead on Redshift universe expansion hocus-pocus which he apparently does not know that Hubble himself refused to certify [p.5 HERE]. The ICR sponsorship of his model has only managed to endorse the "infinite universe" nonsense also sponsored there [HERE] and dramatically increase the mythical boundaries of the universe--to "a diameter...of at least 40 billion light years" (Dr. H; ICRís "Impact" #350, ii) and thus further encourage those stonewalling against Biblical Goecentrism! There is, however, good news from Dr. Humphreys et al at ICR about the new evidence for a young earth related to nuclear decay and escaping helium in crystals ("Impact" #352). This team effort by Drs. Humphreys, Austin, Baumgardner, Chaffin, DeYoung, Snelling, and Vardiman may prove to be very significant indeed in the critical young earth/old earth debate. As the Kabbala--the non-scientific Religious mother of the 15 billion year old Big Bang Expanding Universe concept-- makes clear, that cosmological paradigm rules the roost in space science and will not let go of a 4.6 billion year old earth...unless the Copernican Keystone of that paradigm is exposed as an hypothesis which--exactly like evolutionism--has not the first piece of factual proof to offer in a championship bout of scientific fisticuffs. In the climate of a movement to expose the deceptive Copernican hypothesis and all that is riding upon it, the evidence for a young earth related to careful measurements of helium escaping from crystals could definitely be a part of a one-two punch that could put all false science on the ropes and ultimately on the floor to be counted out. But, as shown, without a shift of the Creationist Leadership toward attacking the Copernican underpinning of the Big Bang/Expanding Universe Paradigm, Dr. Humphreyís model of the universe that is over three times as big as the current Kabbalist Model (posing as "science") can only give aid and comfort to the cause of the Evolutionists running The "Origins Program" at NASA (HERE), and allow them to triple their tooth fairy estimates of the age of the universe and of earth! (They wonít change because the Kabbalaís 15+ billion years is a settled mantra.) The motivation behind Humphreysí Model may have seemed good, but it fundamentally endorses a universe which violates the Scripture's foundational principle regarding all cosmological models, namely, the principle of a non-moving Earth with the sun going around daily. Good intentions or not, Godís Word can no more be dismissed on this subject than any other. The whole effort to advance Humphreysí Model underscores yet again, that the ICR leadership-- wittingly or unwittingly--is actively promoting the Copernican Hub to the whole occult science behind Big Bangism! If ICR and AIG folks will get hold of the one fact that the pseudo-scientific triad that controls modern cosmology (Relativism, Big Bangism, Expanding Universe), and hence all alleged evolutionism, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, is itself "a part of a religious belief system"!!!, they will begin to get a handle on the only way to combat evolutionism today, viz., by attacking the Copernican keystone that makes it all possible! (If ICR and AIG refuse to follow the Scriptures and refuse to begin to boldly marshal Creationist forces to openly challenge Copernicanism as the key to exposing every naturalistic/evolutionist lie built upon it, then The Fair Education Foundation (since 1973) offers a platform to those who are ready to go all the way with Godís Truth... whatever the cost. Read the links at and get ready for what is knocking at the door....)

    Similarly, ICR seems aware of the proliferation of pagan idolatry and warns against it, saying: "This warning is especially appropriate today when there is such a wide resurgence of evolutionary pantheism." ("Days of Praise", 8/23/02). Again, insightful and very important. Paganism is encroaching in churches everywhere (HERE - HERE). ICR talk against the problem is OK, but itís just talk. An attack against Copernicanism is the solution that is supported by Scripture, History, and Science. How much more time is left for our Creationist leaders to simply identify these problems while continuing to ignore the Bible-sanctioned solution? Tempus fugit!


Ken Hamís "Answers In Genesis" Organization:

    Very briefly, this recent example of stonewalling against Scriptural Geocentrism by Ken Ham at AIG fits the ICR pattern pretty much down the line, and deserves mention in this context. This paragraph from the Spring 2002 edition of The Biblical Astronomer, p. 76, refers to a point after a meeting conducted by Ken Ham where Geocentrist Astronomer Dr. Bouw had a brief exchange with him:

    "The meeting was good fun--although Ken Ham said some untrue things about the Galileo affair and about the earthís rotation [notice the active promotion of Copernicanism by Mr. Ham to a largely Creationist audience]. I went up to him afterwards to tell him that it actually wasnít the Roman Catholicsí adoption of the scientific world view of the day that got them into trouble with Galileo; but it was their adoption in the Biblical ideas of the motion of the earth, plus a by then out-of-date model of the universe. However, he gave me a stupid answer. He said that verses about the earth not moving were in the Psalms. I answered that in his talk heíd said Psalm 104:8 gave evidence for the mountains rising and the valleys sinking (which is a mistranslation, of course)--so why didnít he look at verse 5? He then said that if you want a cosmology, you can only get it from Genesis! Sorry--I must have missed that Ďsignpostí in my Bible! And as for Joshuaís long day, he of course said it was in Ďlanguage we can understandí.... However, I do think it sad the way so many creationists want to ignore geocentric verses to make themselves look more credible. I wish theyíd see that in the eyes of the world they are no more credible for shunning geocentrics than they are for agreeing with us."

    So, as with ICRís position, Mr. Hamís way of dealing with the issue of Biblical geocentrism is evident in that report (and HERE, p. 14). His strategy is not simply to duck, dodge, evade, circumvent, and ignore the Geocentristís challenge. No, no. His strategy--as demonstrated by his own words--is two fold, viz.,: 1) He is going to boldly promote heliocentrism, and, 2) He is going to twist the geocentric Scriptures around 180 degrees and make them say the exact opposite of what they say, claiming that God just put it the other way so "that we could understand".

    Such playing of a double game is to be expected from liberal church spokespersons who have discarded the Bible. But, coming from supposed hard core Bible Fundamentalist Creationists, one can not help but smell a rat after repeated letters and other attempts by dedicated Creationists have urged them to see: 1) The recklessness of their manhandling of geocentrism Scriptures; 2) That their promotion of Copernicanism betrays the honest Creationists who trust them and support them; 3) That there is no denying the historical record which shows that the success of Copernicanism paved the way for the success of Darwinism; 4) That the Biblical Geocentrism Model is known to answer all the proven phenomena (start HERE) and that they are thus supporting a contra-Biblical Philosophical Model and not a scientifically proven one; 5) Additionally, when it is realized that the Big Bang Paradigm is derived from an anti-Christ occult religion (HERE & HERE), and that this Paradigm is just the end result of theorizing of all of modern cosmology which began with the sanctification of the Copernican hypothesis, it should be enough to cause any Bible Christian individual or organization to immediately stop that practice, re-think all resistance to the scientifically supportable Geocentrism Scriptures, do a Pauline about face, and begin at once to unmask Heliocentricity as the factless cornerstone of today's anti-Bible humanist "knowledge" that it is.

    It is to be hoped that the Creationist leadership at ICR and AIG particularly will recognize that they have only one position open to them if they intend to continue presenting their organizations as upholders of Bible inerrancy and infallibility. They must: a) Publicly reverse their positions on the Geocentrism Scriptures, and they must: b) Proclaim those Geocentrism Scriptures to be scientifically supportable Creation facts that presage the opening of a new front against Evolutionism in all of its cosmological and earthly guises.

    In other words, there are no half-way, lukewarm compromise measures that are Scripturally acceptable on this issue from either the Creationist Leadership or from those who look to them for leadership. All Creationists must search their hearts and decide whether they are prepared to go all the way with Scripture on this pivotal issue or whether they are not prepared to go all the way.

    Happily, it is a simple matter for Creationists to satisfy themselves as to the Scriptural, Historical, and Scientific viability of Geocentrism. It can be done in a normal work week. (Starting HERE - HERE - HERE will help...) Once the Scriptural certainty and the rest is under their belts, then oneís claim to be a Creationist is on the line. Only an unGodly spirit of fear (II Tim. 1:7; Rev. 21:8!) can prevent a decision to openly embrace and endorse a Creationist counter-attack against Heliocentricity as the demonstrable pseudo-scientific precursor of Evolutionism and all of the other anti-Bible humanist isms that depend upon those myths.

    Thus, in short, there are no Scripturally acceptable excuses for failing to oppose anti-Bible Copernicanism that are available to a Bible-believing Creationist.

    Therefore, a message calling for a public reversal of their positions in support of Copernican Heliocentricity and their disregard of Bible Geocentrism Scriptures will be emailed and snailmailed to Dr. Henry Morris, Sr., Dr. John Morris, and Dr. Henry Morris III at ICR, and to Dr. Ken Ham at AIG when these pages are linked into the November 2002 Bulletin at A reply will be requested by 1/1/03.

    A meaningful reply will be one that indicates either: 1) A willingness to re-evaluate their position, or: 2) To stick to their position of: a) Continued stonewalling against Bible Geocentrism; b) Continued promotion of Copernican Heliocentricity.

    This issue directly concerns not only every Christian, Moslem, and Jewish Creationist in the world, but it also directly concerns every other person in the world who longs in his or her heart to embrace any and all Truth about the origin and nature of the universe, and the earth and all that is upon it, themselves most especially included.

    Exposure of the Heliocentricity Deception is the demonstrable key to fulfilling that longing. The acceptance of the Bible-bashing deception of Copernicanism cleared the path of any meaningful resistance by the churches when the Darwinian Deception came along. And now, extraterrestrial evolutionism is being inseparably linked with terrestrial evolutionism, and the long list of pernicious isms that rest upon both of them, to put God out of the Creation business altogether. The Copernican Revolution was the catalyst for all this success. That success now manifests itself in the worldwide acceptance of the Kabbalaís "creation scenario" of Big Bangism which is the intended final nail in the coffin of Bible Creationism and Bible Credibility. Can continued refusal to attack the Copernican catalyst behind all of this ever be justified by Creationists?? The whole issue deserves a thoughtful reply from Drs. Henry I & III and Dr. John Morris at ICR and Dr. Ken Ham at AIG.

    If meaningful replies are forthcoming, they will get a warm and supportive welcome and the earliest posting possible at

    If, however, no such meaningful replies are received either by email to <> or by snail mail to: <The Fair Education Foundation, Inc. - Box 866 - Cornelia, GA 30531> within eight weeks of the request (i.e., January 1, 2003), the lack of response will be interpreted as a decision to ignore this request and those issues and will be described as such at the FEF web site in either the January or the February Ď03 Bulletin depending on the extent of the report required.

    Along with that description there will be an announcement that FEF (an Incorporated Creationist Organization since 1973) will begin to actively encourage Creationists to petition ICR and AIG to reverse their position relevant to heliocentricity and to either lead their followers in attacking it along with evolutionism...or relinquish their claims to represent Bible and Creationist Fundamentalists on the full scope of the Creationist Issue. In short, no Creationist leadership or Organization which denies the Creationist Facts below will henceforth be considered by FEF, Inc. to be qualified to carry out the Biblically mandated dual aspects of Creationism, i.e., the aspect pertaining to the origin and nature of the cosmos including the Earth, and the aspect pertaining to the origins of all plant and animal life forms, and of mankind. Subject to such denial and refusal to uphold Biblical Geocentrism by incorporating an attack upon Copernican Heliocentricity, FEF, Inc. will, as noted, begin to reach out to all legitimate Creationist Organizations and urge them to acknowledge and spread these Creationist truths relevant to the heliocentricity/geocentrism controversy to their supporters:

    The current ICR,AIG, and Discovery Institute position vis-ŗ-vis Copernicanism is indefensible.

    These are reasons enough to galvanize the Creationist Leadership to go all the way in opening a new front in a final battle for Truth about the Origins of the Universe, the Earth, all plant and animal life, and mankind itself.

    May God grant that this leadership will speedily open that new front as they realize that He will not continue indefinitely to allow His Geocentric Word to return to Him void, but, rather, will see to it that It accomplishes what He sent It to do in precisely the manner He intended for it to be done "from the beginning of the world" (Acts 15:18).


Footnote on a Posssibly Helpful Option:

Noticing that Dr. Henry Morris III is listed as "VP of Strategic Ministries"

at ICR, it occurred to me that he could be approached about developing

a strategy for broadening the Ministryís focus to begin including presentations of

the Scriptural and Scientific evidence against Copernican Heliocentricity.

That the success of the Copernican Revolution paved the way for the success of the

Darwinian Revolution and its offspring--right on through to the Big Bang Cosmology--is an elementary and inescapable fact.

The whole business falls squarely into the lap of the Creationist Leadership.

The issue is not going away....

The same type option should work for AIG as well....