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A.   More Legal Evidence

“The National Center for Science Education: Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools” gives “Eight Significant Court Decisions Regarding Evolution/ Creation Issues” on its “NCSE Resource” web page.  All cite the Establishment Clause as the deciding legal factor.  Two examples follow: (Color emphasis added throughout)


            “In 1968, in Epperson v. Arkansas, the United States Supreme Court invalidated an Arkansas statute that prohibited the teaching of evolution.  The Court held the statute unconstitutional on the grounds that the First Amendment of the Constitution does not permit a state to require that teaching and learning must be tailored to the principles or prohibitions of any particular religious sect or doctrine.”


            “In 1990, in Webster v. New Lenox School District, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals found that a school district may prohibit a teacher from teaching creation science in fulfilling its responsibility to ensure the First Amendment’s establishment clause is not violated and that religious beliefs are not injected into the public school curriculum.  The court upheld a district court finding that the school district had not violated Webster’s free speech rights when it prohibited him from teaching “creation science”, since it is a form of religious advocacy.” [p. 1,2 of 3]





An American Civil Liberties Union’s link is entitled: “THE ESTABLISHMENT CLAUSE AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS: An ACLU Legal Bulletin”.  In a position statement covering all ACLU involvement in anti-evolution cases, this is given:


“It is one of the fundamental principles of the Supreme Court’s Establishment Clause jurisprudence that the Constitution forbids not only state practices that ‘aid one religion…or prefer one religion over another’, but also those practices that ‘aid all religions’ and thus endorse or prefer religion over non-religion….” [p. 2 of 13]



“…the Washington Post pointed out that there are challenges to the teaching

of evolution in 40 states or local school districts around the country today,” said

President of The National Academy of Sciences Bruce Alberts on March 4, 2005

in a call for help entitled: “Evolution Controversy In Our Schools”.


A USA Today  report by Dan Vergano and Greg Toppo entitled “Call to Arms on Evolution” quotes Alberts’ urging of academy members “to confront the increasing challenges to the teaching of evolution in public schools” [USATODAY.com-p.1 of 2]


            Literally thousands of printed comments from local, state, and national publications supporting one side or the other of this issue in those 40 states have been published in recent years.

            Despite the intensity of the battle and a consistently strong majority calling for a challenge to evolutionism, Court decisions all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court have overruled those challenges. They have done so for one reason alone, as seen in Sections 2 & 3, viz.: They determined that “creation science” had a religious agenda which legally put all those challenges in violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.


            In every one of these judgments there has been an unspoken premise on the part of the plaintiffs and the Courts, a premise questioned by no one, including the Judges.  That unspoken premise is that—unlike “creation science”—“evolutionary science” is secular, i.e., without a religious agenda of any sort, and therefore not subject to Establishment Clause strictures.  


However, due to the preceding evidence and many other corroborating facts that could be cited, we can now see that this unspoken premise and the assumption upon which it has rested were in error. All that remains is to understand the role that Hi-Tech Fraud, occult mathematics, Kabbalist-friendly scientists, Space Agency complicity, etc. have played in transmuting True Science into an evolution-based false science Idol now poised to finish off its nemesis, i.e., a Non-Evolutionary Model of the origin of all that exists….




BA Sampling of Hi-tech Fraud, Etcetera….


            We can now look at how the amazing “discoveries” which have produced each of the essential components of today’s Pharisaic Evolutionary Cosmology have come about, and how Evolutionary Cosmology has achieved virtual world control over the foundation of all knowledge, i.e., the origin of everything. 


            The facts are now available which enable us to understand how this covert spiritual movement masquerading as “secular science” has succeeded in turning the minds of mankind away from studying observable, repeatable, testable, factual science, to embracing and—in many cases—virtually idolizing the “science fiction” images conjured up by a “theoretical science” establishment.  The deed has been done throughout all of academia via control of all vital media, and through the efforts of Kabbalist-friendly scientists, media moguls, and certain publishers of periodicals and books.


            So, to whom do we owe the evolution-based concepts we learn from kindergarten through Ph.D. programs?  How did we arrive at our textbook Kabbalic “science” which assures us that we live in a universe which Kabbalist Carl Sagan described this way: “Who are we?  We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.”(Sagan reveals the sad conclusion for those who follow the Kabbala-based Pharisee nihilism in another quote: “I would be delighted if there were a life after death….”) 2


            How did Sagan—by all accounts, a perpetually stoned “exobiologist”-- (a “scientist” with no data whatsoever) become the programmer of NASA’s computers and, in league with NASA Administrator Kabbalist Daniel Goldin, launch the ongoing “Origins Program” to “search for our cosmic roots” in space (funded with many Billions of tax dollars, of course)?  As the ramrod for “SETI” (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and the TV Series “Cosmos” (pure Kabbalist evolutionary cosmology), Professor Sagan of Cornell worked closely with Harvard’s leading Kabbalist Geologist/Biologist, Steven Jay Gould.  Together, they kept the evolution drum-beat going in academia and the media.  Hollywood mogul, Kabbalist Steven Spielberg’s movie blockbuster “ET” (Extra Terrestrial) cleverly carried the new evolution focus on  extraterrestrial evolutionism into theaters and homes and Disney World’s “Magic Kingdom” managed by Kabbalist-friendly Michael Eisner in the same period….


            One can go, and one must go, much further with the facts about Hollywood’s unrelenting role in flooding the movie theaters with explicit or implicit reinforcement of evolutionism, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial.  Kabblist-friendly Neil Gabler in his book, An Empire of Our Own, spells out in the clearest terms the fact that Hollywood—from its beginning until today, and from top to bottom—has promoted the ethics and values of the Talmud/Kabbala-based religion of the ancestors of the studio owners, while simultaneously and progressively stifling and ridiculing Bible-based ethics and values of the Christian religion.   Nowhere is this ever-escalating bias toward a Kabbalic Universe mind-set more prevalent than in movies about evolved aliens from other worlds.  Evolution-related dialog is also commonplace even in westerns, war movies, and a variety of other themes, as millions sensitive to this issue can attest.



            Why do we call “curved space, black holes, quasars, relativity, heliocentricity, superstrings, quantum mechanics, big bangism, expanding universe,  parallel universes”, etc., “science”?? They are all “theoretical” (hypothetical is more accurate).  They are all based on assumptions built on other assumptions upheld by arcane “mathematical models” which do not have the first piece of hard evidence to support them.  But most damning of all: Not a one of these concepts is secular because each “theory” is a concept extracted directly from a “holy book” of the Pharisee Religious Sect of Judaism!



            The root definition of “science” is scire: to know.  None of the components that make up the “science” of Pharisaic evolutionism is known to be true, and each component is, therefore, not “Science” by definition anymore than it is “Secular” by definition.



            Why was Kabbalist-friendly physicist Albert Einstein voted Time Magazine’s “Man of the 20th Century”?   How did his “relativity theory” become textbook “science” when its premise states that even the apparent motion of what is known to be stationary is equated with the motion of that which is known to move?! This “thought experiment” of Einstein’s inspired one Englishman to sum up the concept of relativity with a tongue-in-cheek cartoon of a train-station master saying: “Has Manchester passed through here yet?” (paraphrased)


            And what of Kabbalist-friendly physicist Arno Penzias’ Nobel Prize winning alleged discovery (with Wilson) in 1965 of “background radiation” from the alleged Big Bang?  Is he one of the key members of a veritable priesthood of Jewish theoretical scientists who have erected this Big Bang capstone of the Kabbala-based Evolution Concept over the entrance to every school, university, and library in the world? Is this “secular science”??  Is it even “science”?!  The evidence says it a special kind of “science” controlled by the Pharisee religion’s devotees who draw their inspiration from the mystic formulas of their oft-labeled “occult holy book”, the Zohar/Kabbala.


            What kind of “Jewish physics” is it that has garnered 26% of all the Nobel Prizes awarded to all the Physicists in the world when the total Jewish population is less than ¼ of 1 percent of the world’s population?3  That means that a Jewish physicist is 104 times as likely to win a Nobel Prize in Physics as any other physicist.  When other prestigious international awards in physics are counted in (e.g., the Wolf Prize; the Max Planck Medaille; the Dirac Medal; the Dannie Heineman Prize; the Enrico Fermi award; the Atoms for Peace Award) the percentage of Jewish physicists who win is over 43%.  This makes a Jewish physicist 172 times as likely to win as any other physicist. Interesting, isn’t it?   


            Also, one must wonder if there is some incredibly rare merging of “coincidence” at work in this steady progression of “scientific” discoveries which just happen to have succeeded in transferring the evolution-based Kabbalic “creation scenario” of the Pharisee Religion into textbook “science”. Is there no evidence of a highly motivated Cabal apparent in this erection of a Cabalist world view which has deceived the world by its masquerade as secular theoretical science


            After all, the deepest of motives are involved here!  The stated theological mission of Talmud/Kabbala-based Judaism is to destroy the credibility of Jesus and Bible-based Christianity (http://www.fixedearth.com/lambwinssales.html, pp. 4-8).  And what better way to accomplish this destruction of the Bible and its New Testament Messiah than to destroy the credibility of the Bible’s foundation, i.e., the first Chapter??  It is there in Genesis where the earth and all that is on it, including man and woman, along with the sun, moon, and stars, were created in six “evening and morning” days by a God with an eternal plan for mankind and the resources to make it all happen.  This “creation scenario” involves no evolution whatsoever.    

            It is certain that now--over 45 years after the alleged “discovery” of the Big Bang’s “background radiation” in ’65--that this concept serves as the “scientific” capstone for the success of one set of extraordinary “coincidences” after another.  These “coincidences” have worked with statistically impossible smoothness in erecting a 15 billion year old Pharisaic Universe with an alleged radius of 15 billion light years.  Note some more examples of obvious collusion:


            To counter the increasing threat to Darwinian evolutionism by creationist scientists in the ‘70’s, Kabbalist-friendly Jay Gould (in ’82) revived and trumpeted Goldsmidt’s “hopeful monster” theory of the ‘40’s and called it “punctuated equilibrium”. This caused a little stir, but he soon backed away from that loser. 


            Indeed, by the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s a new theory which essentially replaces Darwinism was being entertained and has now  become the theory of choice for all evolution-based musings.   Astonishingly, no one seems to question how this new theory “coincidentally” fits with and strengthens the Big Bang Paradigm so perfectly!  This new theory—labeled “Panspermia” by the Buddhist Wickramasinghe and Agnostic Hoyle—declares that the first life on earth was initiated by bacterium nourished inside of and spread around the universe by Comets, and that each alleged evolutionary advance has also come from outer space. 


            This quiet replacement of Darwinian Uniformitarian Evolutionism--first with catastrophic “hopeful monster/punctuated equilibrium” leaps from reptiles to birds, etc., and now with an extraterrestrial Comet delivery mechanism—has now finished the transition (though many “creationists” are still focused on Darwin).  This mythical new mechanism nurtures bacteria inside of Comets.  This bacteria, over billions of years we are assured, has been and continues to be strewn—not only on the earth—but all over the universe.  Depending upon the earth-like quality of the host upon which the bacteria lands, we are told and taught that much of it has evolved and is now evolving into higher forms of life such as mankind on earth and  various Klingon-type apparitions “out there”.  

            (Using Drake (the Flake) equations, SETI has estimated that there are 6,000,000 evolved life forms of some description in the Milky Way Galaxy alone which have evolved enough to have the intelligence to communicate with we earthlings.  Former President Carter and other luminaries have sent messages to these “folks”.  The original plan promised feedback in no more than 30 years.  It’s been over 40 years and no one has called.  Far from giving up, the effort has been intensified recently by getting some 4,000,000 people to donate the down-time on their computers to crunching numbers related to those anticipated responses.  If the software behind this effort is done by evolution zealots (who else?!) who have taken lessons from some malevolent voting machine software experts, we shouldn’t be surprised to get a jubilant report from NASA one day soon that… “Hallelujah! Evolution be praised!...Contact has been made with one of those 6,000,000!  Wait… Oh no!  It’s that smart aleck 14 year old hacker in Bombay again!”  (Don’t laugh too hard.  This is extremely serious business.   A monstrous lie has the world’s knowledge by the throat and isn’t about to release its grip until True Science and Bible credibility are wiped out…OR THESE TRUTHS ARE CHRIST'S WMD IN THE BIBLE-PROMISED FALL OF BABYLON....)


            Among several important things about this paradigm shift to Panspermia is this one: It has moved the focus of evolution’s beginnings and total lack of transitional evidence away from reliance on bankrupt Darwinism.  It has transferred that focus to the concept that extraterrestrial evolutionism --kick-started via a comet (and even asteroid) bacteria delivery system--billions of years ago, has allegedly “seeded”--and continues to “seed”--billons of earth-like planets in billions of galaxies.


            All this “science” should tell us that the Big Bang Paradigm is not only a  non-secular pseudo-scientific lie, but that squabbles over Darwinism--though no longer meaningful—still provide good publicity for evolutionism because the Constitution is on its side in those squabbles. However, that legal edge is lost when a new focus on extraterrestrial evolution reveals the source of the billions of years essential to evolutionism and its Religious Roots! Still, we are assured 24/7 that the universe is so incredibly old an vast, and NASA’s promises of bacteria and ice on Mars and Titan and in Comet Exhaust are so real, that the argument about the origins of all that exists is over…and evolution has won that argument. 


            Thus today, the world is told that the ultimate question that all men and women have about their own origins has been answered with finality by secular evolution science which everyone can trust because it is purely altruistic and has no religious axe to grind. 


            Of course, many millions of people—including many evolutionary scientists—choose to believe that some kind of supernatural “force” is behind all the complexity we see around us.  As long as this “force” agrees that 15 billion years of evolution were required to “create” those complexities, such belief is OK.  This “theistic evolutionism” is acceptable to the Pharisaic Kabbalists.  The billions of years of evolutionism required by the Pharisee Religious Sect is what is sacrosanct! 


            Any pagan “force” or god or goddess one wants to believe in is fine with the Pharisees.  The only supernatural “force” that cannot be allowed to gain control is one that does not accept those billions of years of evolution.  The “Science Idol” reigns!  The Biblical God toward Whom millions continue to bow—along with the Bible which declares that all that exists was created in six literal days without any evolution whatsoever—is a combination that is totally unacceptable to the Pharisees who, as preceding evidence and that yet to come confirms, are in control of “science”.


            Fortunately--say the Pharisees promoting evolutionism--the “creation science” menace to “evolution science” has been thwarted in every attempted challenge in the Courts of the USA.   Complete victory for “secular science” over “creation science” is now assured in the very short range future, they say, and it won’t be long before the real adversary, i.e., “Bible-based Christianity”, is defeated too.  Indeed, the Pharisaic Cabal today has reason to think: “Just a little more and we can shout with Nietzsche: ‘God is dead; we have killed him with our science.’”



Consider some of the revealing language used by experts to describe computer-programmed “Virtual Reality” Space Technology…and decide if this is “science”:


“A work of art” *** “a dream” *** “an additional reality” ***

“a new continent” *** “a new reality” *** a new kind of experience” ***

“inventing reality” *** “a new form of space” *** “frontier colonization” ***

“consensual hallucination using graphical representation of data” *** Liberating

potential of VR which can bring a new kind of Spiritual understanding” ***

“computers are…media” *** “VR…a gateway into another reality” ***

“cultural alchemy” *** “computers are…reality generators *** “Voomies [VR representations]

…better than film” *** “Realism is a cultural construction  dependent on time, place, and technology” ***

 “Intuitive molecule design…demonstrates usefulness of VR in theoretical science”

“VR…a new space for liberation and universal understanding” ***

“VR’s appeal…computers can be reality generators” ***

“The VR fraternity…[has put] VR at the apex of the historical process”


            Reading these sorts of rhapsodies to computerized fakery, all of us have reason to question if there is anything at all that we are told that is really real “out there” in space, or if it is all a computer manufactured “Virtual Reality” universe that we hear about ad nauseam.  What is Real and what is Virtually Real, i.e., what is true and what is false? Three things are certain: a) Virtual Reality is premeditated deception; b) It is not science; & c) It is a black, Kabbalist art of mind control.


            There is a veritable book of quotations from professional scientists which reveals that the Big Bang Evolutionary Model of an evolved universe, earth, and man is a manufactured lie from start to finish. Consider a few examples:


“Modern physics rejects absolute inertia.”[Why? :Makes Bible  wrong: Josh.10:12;etc.]

“The Teaching of the self-movement of matter received its full development in the

dialectical materialism of Marx, Engles, and Lenin.”5

[Engles said]: “…one of the basic theses of dialectic materialism [communism] is the

inseparability of movement from natter.”6

“The mathematisation of physics…is continually growing and physics is becoming

more and more dependent on the fate of mathematics.”7

“This special mathematics—the tensor analysis, the matrix calculus, the theory of

characteristic numbers has for the greater part been created by the physicists

themselves, for ordinary mathematics is unable to satisfy the requirements of present day physics.”8

“For mathematics there is only one way out: conscious, planned reconstruction on the basis of materialist dialectics.”9

“To…overcome the crisis in present-day mathematics, to reconstruct it along socialist lines, patient and persistent work is necessary…. Proceeding from Leninist theory…we [scientists] in the Soviet Union shall reconstruct the mathematical sciences.”10


 So said a gathering of communist scientists in London in 1931…. In order to be a “politically correct” communist physicist one must employ “reconstructed” math, not real math.  Keep that in mind when speaking of modern “science”.  Evolution is the philosophic and religious backbone of communism, aka “scientific socialism”.



            “NASA’s Origins Program follows the 15-billion year long chain of events from the birth of the Universe at the Big Bang, through the formation of the chemical elements, galaxies, stars, and planets, through the mixing of chemicals and energy that cradles life on Earth, to the earliest self-replicating organisms and the profusion of life.”11   


            “Seth Shostak, senior astronomer with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI), said: ‘What’s interesting about Mars is, if it has life, then there’s probably life everywhere.  That’s what keeps astronomers going.’”12


            “Australian scientists said Thursday that a dog with a nose for sewage had found evidence that life once, and may still, exist on Mars.  Biophysicist Tony Taylor said his mongrel had sniffed out bacteria in mud from Queensland state that matched fossils of primitive organisms in a Martian Meteorite which plunged into Antarctica 13,000 years ago.  This theory is backed by NASA scientists….”13


“A quasar’s ‘redshift’ measures how fast the object is moving away from us as the universe expands, and is a good indicator of cosmic distances….Stern’s quasar has journeyed about 13 billion years to get here….’”14


            “…To the very end of his writings he [Astronomer Edwin Hubble] maintained this position [‘no recession’], favoring…the model where no true expansion [of the universe] exists, and therefore that the redshift ‘represents a hitherto unrecognized principle of nature’”15


            “If one could look through the 200 inch telescope on Mt. Palomar, one would see stars as nothing more than the same points of light you would see by simply walking outside and looking up….”16 


            “How did the universe begin and evolve? How did we get here? Are we alone?.... Our missions and research generate most of the coolest news coming out of NASA…. Our science stretches…to the beginning of the universe, billions of light years away.”17


            “…we only have high resolution photographs of the Sun in which we may see spots, prominences, flares…. We do not have comparable photographs of any other stars than our sun….”18


            “The celestial sphere is an imaginary sphere of gigantic radius with the earth located at its centerand is still the way astronomers choose to model the observable sky….”19


            “…The Galaxy Evolution Explorer mission will image millions of galaxies across 10 billion years of cosmic history, which is 80-percent of the way back to the Big Bang….”20



Challenges to Evolution can now be argued confidently and

successfully before any School Board or Court in the USA.


            The evidence presented erases any doubt about how the Courts must rule in cases where “evolution science” is being taught or otherwise promoted with tax monies.  “Evolution science” is now known to be an alternate religious “creation scenario” that has been operating in the guise of secular science and is, therefore, unlawful under the “Establishment Clause” of the U. S. Constitution.


            So, the procedure for anti-evolutionists—and all who resent deception and want the truth— is to go to their local School Board Meetings and present an overview of the thrust of this Bill, i.e., “evolution science” is religious, not secular, and stands in violation of the “Establishment Clause” of the U. S. Constitution. Following this, copies of this prototype Bill should then be given to all School Board Members.  (Allow no substantive changes in this Bill, the Evidences, nor the Addendum!).  


                Next, with media representatives present, secure a commitment from the Board for a full discussion of the contents of the Bill at agreed-upon special meetings within a fortnight.  After no fewer than three hours of discussions, a Board may elect to turn the matter over to a Court to be adjudicated, doing so with the urgent  recommendation that such a hearing begin within four to six weeks.


            Time is of the essence!  For many years--even generations--American schools have been unwitting agents for indoctrinating students into the evolutionary concepts now known to be derived from the “holy book” Kabbala of the religion of the Pharisee Sect of Judaism. There is no way of knowing how much money has been spent in funding the teaching of the religious hypothesis of evolutionary “science” in the USA alone.  It is certain that the figure would be in the trillions of dollars. The application of the “Establishment Clause” of the Constitution to this issue cannot reach the County and State Courts--and ultimately The Supreme Court of the United States--too soon to end this egregiously illegal teaching of a religious doctrine financed from the public treasury.


To Repeat: The perfect resolution of the debate over evolutionism is now within the grasp of the Courts, high and low:

Educate only with the known facts of science, and let those facts

form each student’s conclusions about the origin of the universe,

the earth, and mankind .




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