The 800 lb. Gorilla That Is Being Ignored

By All Christian Churches


Tired of being ignored after centuries of sitting quietly on the back row, this large

hairy fellow can be seen getting out of his seat and heading for the stage.


As in the TV commercials, he speaks, and this is what he says to All Christian Churches:


“The Bible teaches scores of times that the sun and stars move, not the Earth.

ALL churches have ignored, hidden, and boldly reversed those teachings.

Satan has used this one act of faithlessness to erect a False Science Idol globally.

That Idol is now poised to destroy Bible credibility from Genesis to Jesus to Heaven.

 It is the Idol that will be destroyed.  It is fraudulent, religious, and vulnerable.

It is time for “Judgment to begin at the House of God” on this issue (I Pet. 4:17,18).

This was, of course, all planned by God from the beginning (Acts 15:18).


Let’s see how this works out:


I - Christians must realize that the Bible teaches a stationary, immovable Earth at the center of the universe with the sun, moon, and stars going around it daily as observedNo more excuses; no more twisting the plain Scriptures because of fear that “science” is right. Just get it in your mind real good that the Bible does teach what the whole world denies, namely, a stationary Earth at the center of the universe.  (These will help: HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE)


II - Christians must realize that Churches exist for one purpose alone, viz., to discover and share with the world only what the Bible teaches on every subject it addresses in the Old and New Testaments.  The problem is that there is a smorgasbord of doctrines held in some fifty church bodies (not even counting those with under 200,000 members!)  This situation is an open invitation for the Devil and his angels to sit in the first pew and see to it that the “science falsely so called” Idol is never, ever seriously challenged (I Tim 4:1; 6:20,21; II Cor. 11:13-15). (HERE - HERE)


III - The Catholic Church officially denied Bible inerrancy, sufficiency, and infallibility over 400 years ago. Many Protestant Churches have unofficially done the same thing. There may still be several hundred million people who claim to be--and believe they are--in “Bible Only” churches. 


IV. However, as noted; ALL churches--including those that are allegedly “Bible Only”--are united in their rejection of plain non-moving Earth ScripturesALL have bowed the knee to False Science Idol on this one Bible teaching.  It just so happens that this is the one teaching which God knew Satan could make into a Bible-wrecking Idol.  Nothing slips up on God! (Acts. 15:18 - HERE)


V. God ordained from the beginning that Satan’s head--i.e., his perverted “wisdom” based on a False Science Idol--would be “bruised” (Hebrew: “overwhelmed”: Gen. 3:15). And so it will be; suddenly and irrevocably (Rev.17:14:18:18,10, 17,19; 14:8;etc.). Mark it down: The entire “science of the universe” in today’s textbooks is a factless montage of assumptions resting squarely on the vulnerable moving-Earth assumption. (HERE).


VI. The level of outright fraud employed in the fabrication of this computer programmed virtual reality simulation of a video game universe (which is now accepted as “science” world wide!) makes all other scams ever concocted pale in comparison. Hard to believe??  See for yourself: HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE.       


VII. Now for the frosting on this Devil’s-Food Cake: The whole thing, i.e., every single concept of the Big Bang Evolutionary Model of the universe, is found in the “holy book” Zohar/Kabbala of the Pharisee Religion dating back at least 2000 years.  Read it and know: HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE.   


That big Gorilla who cannot be ignored adds this summary based on I Pet.4:17.18 and Christ’s evaluations of the seven churches of Asia in Revelation I, II, III:


In I Peter 4: 17, 18 we read that Judgment begins “at the house of God”. God’s assessment is sobering. He sums up the four classifications of people in the churches as: 1) disobedient; 2) ungodly; 3) sinners; 4) those that “scarcely be saved” (HERE).


The messages and counsel in the Revelation chapters are equally sobering. Only one church in seven (Philadelphia) gets approval without strong warnings to repent of various shortcomings.  From the certain clue in Rev. 3:10 (“them that dwell upon the earth”) which matches with Rev.13:8 (“all that dwell upon the earth”) we know that these 1st century church evaluations and conclusions are meant to have particular application during the early days of the yet to come Satan empowered Beast’s reign over the world.  (This designation does not refer to everybody on earth.  Clearly from 13:8 and 17:8 it always refers to the “bad guys” only in all of its eight appearances.  This is a doctrine altering truth that is rarely understood! )



The credibility of the God of the Bible and the credibility of the Bible itself rests squarely on the truthfulness of the six day Creation Account wherein nothing that exists “evolved. Likewise, the credibility of the g’d of the Talmud/Zohar/Kabbala and the credibility of those “holy books” rests on the truthfulness of the Big Bang  “creation scenario” whereby everything that exists evolved over a period of some 15 billion years.  This presents an unavoidable choice that Christian Churches cannot ignore or escape. It will ignite the “war the Lamb wins” (Rev. 17:14) which causes Satan’s Kingdom of Babylon to Fall and the 7 Trumpet plagues to begin. (HERE).  


Since it is now known that the alternative “creation scenario” of 15 billion years of evolutionism has been implanted in the world and in ALL the Christian Churches by the Pharisee Religion masquerading as secular theoretical science, there can be no doubt as to which Bible teaching God will use first to begin His Judgment in the Churches.  It will be the doctrine of the literal six day Creation of all that exists! (cf.  Rev. 14:6,7,8)


There are over 100 references to that Creation Account in the Bible Nowhere in those references is there any compromise with the evolutionism that is taught in the anti-Christ Kabbala and conveyed to the world through a theoretical science establishment.   Satan--being the admitted g’d of the Pharisee Kabbalists (HERE)--has been allowed to raise up this anti-Bible, anti-Christ False Science Idol which now has his perverted stamp on every facet of modern man’s “knowledge”. (HERE) 


The exposure of this Idol’s contra-scientific deceptions planted by Satan and those who count him as g’d  will shake the world more than ten thousand WMD’s.  “Thou shall have no other gods before me”, God has said (Exod.20:3).  He meant it!


The Gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached “in all the world...and then shall the end come” (Matt.24.14).  We all know that the technology--along with the global economy,  the geo-political and religious momentum--is in place for this and for the  prophesy of a Satan-empowered global government to be fulfilled. We also know that the Bible promised over 1900 years ago that the Truth about the Creation--including its pivotal but  abandoned Geocentrism teaching --will be supernaturally imposed upon the churches as the first step (Rev. 14:6,7) in correcting their great error (I Tim. 6:21).   


After all, there was no sun for the earth to go around until the fourth day of that Creation when the sun, moon, and stars were set in motion around the Earth (HERE).  Even more poignantly, the only way for Creationists in particular to authenticate their proclaimed total dedication to the destruction of evolutionism, and to the restoration of the Biblical Creation Account, is to: a) Stand firm on the Scriptures which teach an Earth-centered universe; b) Support and spread the scientific facts upholding a stationary Earth; c) Spread the fact throughout the proclaimed “Bible Only” Churches that all of the concepts which are part of modern cosmology’s Evolutionary Big Bang Paradigm are embedded in the Pharisee Religion’s “holy book” Zohar/Kabbala.  In other words: None of the  evolution-based “science” is “secular”.  None of it.  (Again: HERE-HERE-HERE-HERE.)


This will be a hard test for ALL Christian Churches and sincere Creationists whose leaders have resisted--and even reversed--the Bible’s teaching of a stationary Earth at the center of a “small” and temporary universe (Is. 65:17; 66:22: II Pet. 3:10-13; Rev. 20:11; 21:1).  Disobedience on this pivotal creation teaching opened the way for Satan to destroy the Bible’s credibility.


So, the one doctrinal control lever that will cause all of Satan’s deceptions to fall domino-like is the moving earth lie. Upon that lie rests the entire Kabbalic Big Bang Paradigm, Satan’s alternate “creation scenario”of 15 billion years of “evolution” of the Universe, Earth, and Mankind. When that one great lie implodes, all of Satan’s deceptions will be identified and all of God’s Truths unleashed.  Everyone will know whether it is the g’d of the Kabbala, or the God of the Bible that they will follow and worship. 


The 800 lb. Gorilla returns to his seat amidst a deafening silence....