Part II

Evolution Is A RELIGIOUS Doctrine That Is Taught

In Violation of the Establishment Clause of the U. S. Constitution

In the 1st century A.D., Kabbalist Nechunya ben HaKana wrote "...that if you knew how to use the 42 letter name for God you could decipher the time between the creation of the universe and of man. He estimated the age of the universe at 15.3 billion years...the very age modern astrophysics have just arrived at..." (HERE, p.6)1

In the 12th century A.D. the exalted Kabbalist Rabbam Maimonides described the kind of g’d that would fit with HaKana’s 15 billion year old universe. This g’d is not the God of the Bible. Maimonides "...claimed that only fools and children would believe that God rewarded or punished people; in fact, no such rewards or punishments exist...." (HERE, p. 4). 2 (Maimonides also outlined: a) the Zionist agenda for a Jewish homeland in Palestine; b) a millennial rule by Jews; c) resurrecting the rotating, orbiting earth concept of Aristarchus...) 3

In the 13th century A.D. the venerated Kabbalist Raban Nachmanides concluded from "hidden" knowledge 4 that:

a) The Earth rotated on an axis and orbited the sun 5;

b) That the universe was Relativistic 6 ;

c) That the universe began with an explosion 7;

d) That the universe has been Expanding ever since that explosion "for 15.8 billion years" according to R Yitzchak of Akko, a student of Nachmanides. 8

Coupled with HaKana's 15 Billion Years, These Are the Five Indispensable Components of the Evolution-Based Big Bang Cosmological Paradigm that Rule Origins Science Today!

Indeed, it is this Paradigm that has established as "scientifically confirmed", an evolved universe, earth, and mankind. Without this Paradigm there would be no basis for either terrestrial or extraterrestrial evolution "theories". "Time" is the hero of the Evolution plot. The Big Bang Paradigm of the Kabbalist Religion grants this plot an incomprehensible time frame within which evolutionists have multiplied and established their hypothetical claims. This "theoretical science" is the "science" that now supplies the textbook explanation for the Origin of all that exists. This ever-expanding ocean of factless "theory" has become the cornerstone upon which all that modern man calls "knowledge" has been built 9 (HERE).

So, let it be fully understood: This Big Bang Paradigm spells out a "creation scenario" from the Religion of Pharisaic Judaism that is found in the Kabbala, the most holy book of the Zohar. That "creation scenario" is just as plainly Religious as the "creation scenario" from the Religion of Christianity as spelled out in the Bible All arguments that have successfully been employed to stop all challenges to the Evolution Monopoly in schools--by claiming that one side is religion and can not be taught as "science"--are arguments that can now be seen as the apex of hypocrisy.

So, both "creation scenarios" are religious. Period. The Kabbalists, however, by surreptitiously controlling their arcane-math-based theoretical science establishment, have already succeeded in getting the evolutionary "creation account" of their Religion taught everywhere with tons of taxpayer’s money!

Of course evolutionists cannot allow true science to be taught! Virtually overnight such teaching would reveal that their "theory" is a contra-scientific myth that does not have the first piece of indisputable evidence to back up its claims. And on the heels of that revelation would come the exposure of the Pharisaic Religion that has used a pseudo-scientific priesthood in the schools and universities to establish that religion’s evolution-based "creation scenario", and thereby fulfill the millennia-long Talmud/Kabbala agenda of destroying the Bible's "creation scenario"--and hence the credibility and trustworthiness--of the Bible from the first page to the last .10

For Now, Though, Here Is More Factual Evidence

of How These Five Components of the Evolution-based

Kabbalist Flim-Flam Developed Over the Centuries:

Moving ahead some 300 years from Nachmanides into the 16th century, we read in McLean’s "Kabbalistic Cosmology and its Parallels in the ‘Big Bang’ of Modern Physics" about "the strange parallels between the late 16th century reformation of kabbalist cosmology that arose through the insights of Isaac Luria, and the recent formulation of the ‘big bang’ into the so-called ‘inflationary model’ of cosmic creation...."11

Yakov Leib HaKohain in a "Short Essay on Lurianic Kabbalah" underscores Luria’s role in this strange parallel. He says: "...Divine Rabbi Isaac [Isaac Luria] was, and remains to this day, unarguably the greatest Kabbalist in world history. His doctrines...anticipated virtually word-for-word--or at the very least, concept for concept--the theory of the ‘Big Bang’ origins of the universe in astrophysics.... Put simply, [Luria’s] doctrine of Sheviret HaKelim states (as does also 20th century Big-Bang theory) that the Universe (i.e., the Unity of God) was shattered at the moment of mundane creation. From this cataclysm, ‘Holy Sparks’ flew off in all directions, some returning to their Source, others falling into the world of ‘things’ and ‘beings’...."12

Luria, in short, connected the cosmological fundamentals of the earlier Kabbalist Rabbis about the origin and age of the universe. He then factored in the essential Heliocentricity Model published by the Catholic mathematician Copernicus, which Model was out in the open and beginning to take hold in Luria’s day.

This rotating, orbiting earth Model has been absolutely critical to the step-by-step implementation of the Kabbala’s Model of the Universe which now has a textbook radius of c.15 billion light years. Its formal introduction by the Catholic functionary Copernicus put this cornerstone in place in the Christian world without calling attention to its pagan origins (Aristarchus), nor its secret endorsements at least three centuries earlier in the Kabbala, nor its codification by Luria, "the greatest Kabbalist in world history", who died some 30 years after Copernicus' Model was published.

Now, with a "Christian Mathematician" as the front man for the coming Revolution against Bible authority, the Kabbalic Kosmos could be erected in the guise of a "secular scientific/mathematical" model. The Copernican Revolution could now proceed apace to enlarge the universe without revealing its true function as the first essential building block in the construction of an allegedly secular "alternative Origins scenario". This "alternative Origins scenario" was conceived to challenge, defeat, and replace the Biblical "Origins Scenario". To repeat: The victory of such a challenge would ultimately destroy the Bible’s credibility as God-inspired Truth from Creation through Jesus to Heaven.

That "alternative Origins scenario" is now the textbook "science" of Copernicanism, Relativism, 15 billion years, Big Bangism, and an Expanding Universe, i.e., the five indispensable features of the Kabbalist religion’s evolutionary "explanation" for all that exists. All five components are now treated as factual science in the media and all levels of academia around the world. The triumph of the Kabbala and the Kabbala’s g’d over the Bible and the Bible’s God on the pivotal matter of Origins is well advanced, as few, if any, would disagree.

Just as the Copernican Model was indispensable to the erection of this Bible destroying, evolution-based Kabbalic Universe, just so does that factless, vulnerable Model (HERE) 13 hang like Damocles’ sword over this Kabbalist Kosmos and its evolution-based Universe with its evolution-based g’d. Contra-scientific, assumption-based Copernicanism is the Achilles Heel of the Kabbalic Universe, the false science Evolution Paradigm, and all that goes with those pagan myths called "science" by the whole world today.

The Plot To End All Plots Further Unravels:

In the 20th century (1905 & 1916) A. D., the Kabbalist mathematician Albert Einstein (Big Al) took the Relativistic component from the Kabbalist play book for an evolved universe and put it into the physics textbooks, becoming thereby the demigod of the theoretical science establishment. His theory stopped 20 years of panic in the world of theoretical science, a panic which grew out of over 200 interferometer experiments in Europe and the USA in the mid 1880’s. These experiments--as have others--showed no movement of the earth around the sun.  Still, by mathematically turning the utterly nonsensical Relativity hypothesis into a "scientific fact", Einstein not only saved the Copernican Keystone of the Kabbalic Universe (wherein nothing--such as the Biblical Earth--can be stationary), his mathematics (which Max Born called "a work of art")14 succeeded in incorporating the Relativistic component of the Kabbalist Kosmos into theoretical physics at a level that was believed to forever prevent any return to the non-moving Earth taught in the Scriptures (HERE ).15

Throughout the next six decades, wittingly or unwittingly, Kabbalist-friendly theoreticians (LeMaitre, Bohr, Gamow, Penzias et al, HERE) led the way in establishing throughout academia the other essential components of their ersatz evolutionary "creation scenario", viz., the Big Bang itself, and its necessary compliment, a Universe that has been Expanding for the 15.3 billion years or so (as conjured by Rabbi HaKanna in the 1st century). Kabbalist "scientist" Arno Penzias stepped up to the plate and helped put the finishing touch on the required Big Bang and Expanding Universe components of the Kabbalic Kosmos when, in 1965, he and Wilson claimed to have detected "background radiation" from Rabbis Nachmanides and Luria’s Big Bang in Rabbi HaKanna’s 15 billion year old universe.

Isn’t science wonderful? (And, of course, Penzias and Wilson got the Nobel Prize and a nice cash rewards for their contribution to the cause.)

Thus armed with a "scientifically certified" Kabbalic Universe after 1965, the newly emerging NASA-dominated Space Age--coupled with rapidly improving computer technology--began to make their critical contributions to achieving the final goal of the Kabbalist religion’s agenda.

That agenda has always had one central objective, namely, the destruction of Bible-based--not church based!--Christianity. This was to be done by destroying the Bible’s credibility as the only source of Absolute Truth from a Truth-loving God with an eternal plan for mankind.

Since no knowledge can go back further than the Origin of all things (HERE)16...a victory over the Bible’s account of a literal ("evening and morning") six day creation of all that exists some 6000 years ago would totally wreck not only its credibility--but also the credibility of the God of the Bible--from start to finish.  Hence, the establishment of a seemingly secular, anti-religious alternative "Origins Scenario" could do the job.

This is where NASA’s contribution to the establishment of the Kabbalist "creation scenario" becomes so vital to gaining complete victory for the Talmud/Kabbala g’d over the Bible and the Bible’s God. The NASA Agenda has been put into plain words , words incapable of being misunderstood, namely:

"NASA’s Origins Program will search

for clues to help us find our cosmic roots" (HERE).17

"Origins Program"?? "Cosmic Roots?? This is biology and astrology, not physics and astronomy! This "Program" has had one agenda all along. That agenda has been to "discover" life forms beyond Earth which can be counted as the "cosmic" biological roots--i.e., the evolutionary life giving forebears--of mankind on Earth and all the factless swarms of evolving life forms throughout the universe. This is Kabbalic "Kreationism" of the Religion of Pharisaic Judaism right down the line!

But note this well: This whole scheme is obviously beyond the capabilities of the individual Kabbalists involved over the centuries to cook up unaided, and therefore--given its hidden Bible-destroying goal--can only be labeled diabolic to the core (at least by Christians!). The fact that it has been brought to its present level of near triumph by an alleged "scientific" enterprise that is demonstrably fraudulent and factless from start to finish (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE), confirms who is its real supernatural author (John 8:44).18

Make no mistake, "Panspermia", not Darwinism, is the ruling Evolutionary Paradigm today. It boldly declares that Darwinism cannot explain life on Earth, but that bacteria has been carried and spread throughout the universe by comets and that this is where our true "cosmic roots" originated (HERE).19 The current hoopla about finding bacteria on Mars and Titan, etc., is where this pagan religious madness masquerading as "science" has brought the world as we speak....(HERE - HERE - HERE).20

A former NASA Director, Kabbalist-friendly Daniel Goldin, named this whole evolution-based Agenda "The Origins Program". NASA--supposedly a purely secular scientific operation--became the cutting edge tool for completing the evolution-based "creation scenario" of the long secret...but now out of the closet...anti-Christ religion of Pharisaic Kabbalism (HERE).21

Wake up everybody! Hello! We’ve all been bamboozled, hoodwinked, mulcted, tricked, snookered, conned, and otherwise swindled and deceived into financing -with Billions upon Billions of taxpayer’s money worldwide--the establishment of the utterly insane evolutionary explanation for the origin of all that exists. It’s not science folks; it is a Religion masquerading as "science". It is a religion that is on the verge of causing the whole world to abandon the unbendable scientific Law of Biogenesis and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (also called "The Law of Increasing Entropy). Both of these Laws of science are confirmed by every observational fact known to man, and both emphatically deny the profane and vain babblings of evolutionism.

Almost certainly, a high percentage of those who demand that Religion be kept out of the schools and who work assiduously to prevent any and all challenges to evolutionism, are folks who do not know that evolutionism itself is the "creation" cornerstone of the Religion of Pharisaic Judaism as found in their most holy book, the mystic Kabbala.... The question is: When they find out, what will they do? What will you do?

Will you/they continue to demand that only the Religion of the Pharisees with their evolved Kabbalic Universe can be taught in the schools and universities as "science" with tax money?

Will you/they continue to accept that only the demonstrably false science upholding this evolution-based Religion can be aired on allegedly secular TV programs?

Will you/they remain silent as this Kabbala-built Virtual Reality Universe (HERE) 22--with its hallucinogenic claims anchored in the fraudulent use of technology (HERE ; etc.)23--continues to indoctrinate students and everybody else with its video game cosmos 24/7?

Will you/they who live in the USA continue to allow the religion based on evolutionism to be taught in the tax-supported schools where you violation of the clear Constitutional prohibition of such (HERE)?

Well, the shoe is now on the other foot! It is the Kabbalist religion--not Bible religion--that has sneaked into all levels of academia and planted its "creation scenario" under the guise of being "science"! It is the Kabbalist religion that taxpayers are financing with hundreds of billions of dollars a year in the USA alone, not to mention the same swindle of similar magnitude that is going on all over the world.

So, what can you/they do when all this is confirmed and digested?

Start with this:

By phone, email, snailmail, petition, direct action, smoke-signals, whatever...get together with both adults and students; invite the media, and petition your local school boards to:

 a) Disseminate to all public school teachers, administrators, and students this paper with its historical evidence which reveals the religious roots of evolutionism;

b) Further disseminate the accompanying brief which provides the only Constitutionally sanctioned option open to the Courts in this matter;

c) Take note of some highlights from both documents below:


a) Taxpayer money funds all public education in the USA, and whereas...

b) The courts have repeatedly ruled that teaching scientific and logical information which challenges the evolutionary model for the origin of the universe, the earth, and mankind is a Religious strategy for teaching the Biblical "Creation Account", and whereas...

c) The courts have therefore ruled that such teaching would amount to a violation of the "establishment of religion clause" of the 1st Amendment and is therefore unconstitutional, and whereas...

d) This same legal principle must ipso facto apply to the teaching of any other religion’s "Creation Account", and whereas...

e) It is now established beyond contradiction by Kabblists themselves (HERE, pp.5,6 - HERE,pp.2-4 - HERE - HERE, p.2)24, that the universe, the Earth, and mankind have come to be by evolutionary processes that began with a Big Bang some 15 billion years ago, and whereas...

f) This teaching constitutes a "Creation Account" of the religion of Pharisaic Judaism which is taught by "sages" in their holy book, the Kabbala, and whereas...

g) It follows that this Religion’s evolution-based "Creation Scenario"--which incorporates both Earthly and extraterrestrial claims--is in violation of the "Establishment Clause" of the United States Constitution and cannot legally be taught in tax-supported centers of learning as "science" in any of the States in the United States.

Accordingly, Within 90 days of a Court’s Adjudication of This Matter, All Tax-supported

Centers of Learning Shall Begin to Teach These Historical, Religious, and Scientific Facts:

1) The very definition of the word "science" comes from the Latin root "scire" which means "to know". Hypotheses do not know; and theories do not know. Only scientific Laws are known and can, by definition, be labeled "science".

2) All tax-supported schools shall begin--within 90 days of a Court’s enactment of the Constitution’s legal requirement--to teach factual science by stressing how the Law of Biogenesis and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics deny the claims of evolutionists, whether those claims be terrestrial or extraterrestrial.

3) All tax-supported schools shall begin at once to learn that the word "logical" is one connotation of the word "science", and that since it is illogical (unscientific) to claim that millions of ineffably complex designs in all that exists came to be by chance as the evolution hypothesis teaches, that explanation for the origin of those millions of designs is illogical and contra-scientific. It is therefore indisputably logical and scientific to assert that such designs require an intelligent designer. The universe, earth, and mankind exhibit those ineffably complex designs anywhere one looks. The evolutionary "explanation" for these designs goes beyond "illogical and "contra-scientific" and becomes not only foolish, but anti-intellectual, and thus wholly inadmissible as tax-supported instruction throughout academia.

4) All tax-supported schools will provide a variety of other scientific proofs which expose the falsity of all theoretical science claims upholding evolutionism.

5) All tax-supported schools will provide their social and behavioral science classes with the historical facts showing that Communism and Freudianism in all of their ramifications are totally founded on the evolutionary premise, and without that premise those "isms" in all their ramifications have no scientific basis.

6) All tax-supported schools shall encourage all language skill classes: a) To write papers telling what the exposure of the evolution deception means to them; b) To write other papers giving examples of simple and complex design and function around everywhere which convinces the writers personally of the impossibility of random accident creation through evolutionism; c) To write papers focusing on the harm done to people world wide by teaching for real science the evolution-based "creation scenario" of a long-secret religion masquerading as "science".

7) All tax-supported schools shall emphasize in science classes particularly the fact that evolutionism has been revealed to be a religious "Origins" concept that has disguised itself as "science", and, moreover, there can be no connecting of that evolutionary concept to another religion such as the religion of Christianity.  In other words, according to Constitutional Law, evolutionism--being a religious concept of the Origin of all that exists--cannot be linked with the Bible’s "Creation Scenario" any more than it can be linked with the Kabbalist’s "Creation Scenario".


This Paper is to be read in conjunction with:

"Points of Fact and Law for Conducting Cases

Involving the Teaching of Evolutionism in U.S. Schools"



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