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The introduction of House Bill 179 in the Georgia Legislature by fifth term Rep. Ben Bridges led to a response in the Northeast Georgian by Piedmont College Biologist--and "community columnist" for the paper--Dr. Carlos Camp. Rep Bridge's Bill called for the teaching of scientific facts in Georgia schools.

Dr. Campís three part rejection of the Billís proposal,--and his overall assessment of the ongoing controversy concerning the evolution monopoly--is available just ahead as a reference for those who may want to review it.

Following his articles, I have made some factual observations with supporting links and documentation which basically nullify his position.

These are Dr. Campís three responses

to Georgia House Bill 179...and to Critics of Evolution In General:


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Comments on Dr. Campís First Article:

Dr. Campís attempts in his first article to show that evolutionary theory is really evolutionary fact reminded me of this cartoon:



The unvarnished and obvious truth of the matter is this: If the evolution hypothesis had one single indisputable fact to back up its claims, the controversy would be over. No such fact exists. Scientifically, evolution is not even a theory.

As it now stands, the insistence by evolutionists that all that exists came out of an explosion of an infinitesimal "substanceless substance" billions of years ago and "evolved" into the ineffably complex, functional, and beautiful reality that surrounds us, is an hypothesis that has no resemblance to "science" whatsoever. "Science" [Latin root: scire] means to know!

Observable, repeatable, testable phenomena--i.e., true science--is what must be taught with tax money! Building a mountain of hypothetical assumptions and calling the result even a theory, much less a fact, about the Origin of all that exists is nothing more than "profane and vain babbling about science falsely so called".

This is doubly true when any and all science that proves evolution a lie is kept from students. Why should students be forbidden to learn of hard scientific evidence which rules out evolutionism, evidence such as:  the Law of Biogenesis;... the Law of Increasing Entropy; ...polystrate trees through several coal seams; ...dinosaur tracks beside human footprints; ...zero evidence that "natural selection" and "mutations" produce new species;...Carbon 14 dating of dinosaur bones at under 10,000 years; ...multiple proofs of a global flood which explains all fossils and real geology; ...the proven hoaxes of Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Java Man, Peking Man, Heidelberg Man, Neanderthal Man, etc.; ...the testimonies of hundreds of Ph.D. scientists who believed in evolution but gave up on it when they seriously studied its claims and its fraudulent use of dating methods, etc.; ...trainloads of fossils that have been found, not one showing a link between species when there should be billions of such links, etcetera, etcetera???

For Dr. Camp or anyone else to say that such evidence shouldnít be taught in schools shows a mindset that must not be allowed to continue to dictate what students (and the rest of us!) shall believe about the Origins of the universe, the earth, and mankind. Ridiculing Rep. Bridgesí attempt to put scientific truth in students hands on this matter of Origins reveals the fear that evolutionists have of those facts.

Comments on Dr. Campís Second Article:

If you will look back at Dr. Campís 2nd article you will see that--aside from sucker punching "ranting" Bible Fundamentalists here and there--his arguments rest exclusively on the Darwinian Model of evolution.

This is astonishing! Hey, Doc; havenít you heard that the evolutionist heavyweights started backing off from Darwinís nonsense with J. Gouldís "punctuated equalibria" hogwash in the early Ď80ís (stolen from Goldschmidtís "Hopeful Monster" hogwash in the 40ís)? You do know that they are now playing out their new "theory" by hunting bacteria on Mars and Titan as we speak?? (See "Mars Missions" links: HERE - HERE - HERE.)

Darwin! Schmarvin! Give us a break, please! "Panspermia" is the name of the evolutionist game today! "Cosmic Ancestry"...You know: Bacteria gets nourished inside comets and is transported around the universe and spewed out on alleged billions of planets. Over a period of 3800 million years (so goes this Tooth Fairy level "science" model),  these fortuitous deposits have allegedly "evolved" from bacteria to Rachmaninoff on the Earth. On other landing sites bacteria may have "evolved" only into bugs and broccoli, whereas many have gone on to "evolve" into "Star Trekian" apparitions flying about at warp speed.

Sound familiar? This--and not the scientifically rejected Darwinian mythology--is the current evolutionary "explanation" for the origin of life on Earth and the 100% totally factless SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) "science" which ceaselessly pushes "evolved" extraterrestrials on the young...and the rest of us, through movies, books, TV, video games, etc. The Darwinian mechanisms of Natural Selection and Mutations are passť.  Let students read about the incredible attempts by droves of evolutionists to alter the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster with imposed mutations, and see what they conclude about "positive" mutations being "science"! (See link: "Thirty-Six Bristles": HERE.)

But wait! I forgot.... Those scientific facts would be bad for students and shouldnít be allowed in the classrooms a la Rep. Bridgesí Bill....

Well, if itís wrong to give students scientific facts, and instead, keep them indoctrinated with pseudo-scientific "theories", we should at least let them know that the Darwinian mythology is out and the "Panspermia" mythology is in. Let them read about this state-of-the-art evolution "theory" that is being played out with every other NASA launch; yíknow, the ones searching for bacteria "out there" to "prove" that we could have evolved from bacteria "here" (with billions of taxpayer dough footing the NASA bill, of course!) .

Let them read what the authors of this reigning evolution "theory" are saying. Would that be all right? Let them check out Astrophysicist Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe and (recently deceased) renowned scientist Sir Fred Hoyle and their "Panspermia" evolutionary "theory" about our alleged "Cosmic Ancestry" (HERE). (And while doing that, donít miss Dr. Wickyís classic destruction of Darwinian evolutionism on pp.2,3).

Thereís something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns

of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.  Mark Twain

Comments on Dr. Campís Third Article:

Having given all of us his concept of what science is and is not, Dr. Camp helps us out again by giving us his concept of what "faith" is and is not.

The son of a pastor, he says, "I am a born-again Christian and have belonged to the First Baptist Church of Cornelia for more than 20 years".

Correct me if I err here, but I have to wonder why the Biblical "born-again" teaching from the Bible (John, chapter 3 and I John 2:29) is something one can have faith in as being a trustworthy truth from God...and at the same time flatly deny well over a hundred passages in both Testaments of that same Bible which uphold the Genesis Creation Account (HERE)....

"...faith makes room for the belief that Christ did these things [miracles]", Dr. Camp says.

PTL! I agree with that! I just donít understand how one can--on faith--trust the Bibleís record of those miracles--including the born-again one--and simultaneously reject the Bibleís plain teaching that Jesus is the Creator of those miracles performed on the six "evening and morning" days of Genesis I (Eph. 3:9; Col. 1:16; John 1:2,10; Heb. 1:3,10; etc.). Savior and Creator! Is there a "faith" that allows us to claim Jesus as Savior according to the Bible and reject Him as Creator in defiance of the same Bible? How solid could such "faith" really be? Would such "faith" be uncomfortably close to being "double minded" (James 1:8)?

What kind of faith is it that rests on picking out the parts of the Bible that you like and saying those are from a trustworthy God, and then rejecting those parts of the Bible that you donít like and saying they are not from a trustworthy God?

Of course, changing the plain meaning of "evening and morning were the first day", etcetera, is one way to try to get the Bible to agree with evolutionism. Kabbalist "Big Bangers" say the first day was 8 billion years and the next day was 4 billion years and so on until they arrive at 15.75 billion years, which is now textbook "science" concerning the Origin of all that exists. (See "Kabbala" series beginning HERE).

One is free to believe that if they want to, but those who would be Christians need to be mindful that Pharisaic Talmud/Kabbalism is a religion that is the sworn enemy of Christianity. In point of fact, the gíd of Talmud/Kabbala is not only the author of the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm that now controls the Theoretical Science Establishment, but is also the gíd who very nearly controls the anti-Bible morals and ethics evident everywhere, morals and ethics that are diametrically opposed to what our Lord Jesus Christ taught, as can be plainly seen (HERE, pp.4-8). 

Moreover--as will be underscored in Part II and is found throughout the www.fixedearth.com Web Domain--the keystone upholding the entire Kabbalic Big Bang Paradigm is the mathematical model of a rotating earth orbiting the sun.  The whole world accepts as proven fact this assumption based, contra-scientific product of a theoretical science establishment which has steadily expanded  the age and size of the universe since 1543 until it now fits the Origins Model of an anti-Bible religion.  Dr. Camp leans on the Copernican Model as his example of how "theory" has become "fact" no less than three times in his first article.  The unmistakable thrust of his arguments is to raise evolutionism as safely out of reach of any truly scientific attack as he perceives Copernicanism to have been raised. 

No doubt there will be loud scoffing and howling at any suggestion that the sacrosanct, Bible defying (HERE - HERE) moving earth model must go on trial with the evolution model because they are both demonstrably assumption-based, contra-scientific essentials in the "creation scenarios" of an anti-Bible religion.  But, scoff as some will, that happens to be the case, as they will see if they read on....

And, by-the-way: From the standpoint of those churches that truly want all their doctrines to be Bible certified, it must be recalled that there was no sun for the earth to go around until the fourth day of the Bible's Creation Account. Then, when the sun was created, it is indisputably plain from Scripture that it was the sun and not the earth that was set in motion (HERE).  Indeed, the more one connects the dots after the acceptance of the factless Copernican Model by the churches, the more certain it becomes that this was the foundational deception that Satan required to put his Bible-destroying plans on afterburners.  It is these very plans that are now reaching their climax in a global worship of a false science Idol that is wholly vulnerable to a scientific attack that never deviates from known facts.  Such an attack must begin in the churches according to Scripture (HERE), but all people everywhere who love truth and hate deception are invited to participate (HERE - HERE, etc. Rev. 18:4) 

On that note, here's something else: Other folks reading Dr. Campís articles, probably wonder--as I did--if the First Baptist Church of Cornelia shares his rejection of the literal Genesis Creation and his amorphous idea of what "faith" is. Most folks have the impression, I believe, that this denomination prides itself on being Biblical down the line. Perhaps a church survey would be a good idea.  God knows....

Friedrich Nietzsche, the late 19th century atheist philosopher is often quoted for his comment about a quarter century after Darwinís book was published and at a time when Marx and Freud were building communism and the behavioral sciences based on the evolution concept. Nietzsche said, "God is dead." Not quoted so often is the whole comment, which was: "God is dead. We have killed him with our science."

Nietzsche put his faith in the Darwinian Model that was sweeping the world in his day, a faith that has since drawn hundreds, nay, thousands of millions into its nihilistic embrace--and I not the least of them! I can not speak for all those millions, but I am sure I speak for a good percentage of them when I say that I believed that "science" had actually proven evolutionism; that it was factual stuff and there was no point in trying to get around it. It was in all the books that I encountered through 19 years of school and university. All the professors and other smart people taught it as anti-gospel truth. What was a lowly student to believe?

Like others who have understandably adapted to what seemed to be inescapable reality, it never crossed my mind till years later that: a) There was not one piece of indisputable proof for the whole evolutionary concept; b) That there were hundreds and thousands of scientists with advanced degrees who had been evolutionists but had totally rejected that concept and would lecture or debate the subject at any college at the drop of a hat (how about an invitation to Piedmont, Dr. Camp?); c) That the steady advance of evolutionism--and the concomitant advance of Bible bashing...which historically went to afterburners as the Copernican Revolution got rolling--was, concept for concept, an alternate "Creation Scenario" of a secret, mystic, anti-Christ religion masquerading as theoretical science.

In fairness to Dr. Camp and other evolutionary scientists: The point "c" cat has not been out of the bag very long and the news hasnít spread too far. However, he and all others who prefer truth to deception can find the facts--not "theories"--which confirm how weíve all been duped by this fantastically successful masquerade. Several links on this web page that will help anyone to understand what has happened to bring about so great a deception are available and every reader is encouraged to return here and proceed to investigate these links, perhaps in this order: (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).... Anyone who would like to copy and use these essays in Bible studies, various classrooms, around the family dinner table, or to share with those who donít have computer access... whatever...please feel free to do so.

Furthermore--by way of showing some credentials on this subject--if any one would like to see some readerís testimonials about an anti-evolution book in its seventh printing which I wrote some years back, go (HERE, pp. 4,5 - HERE).  (Note especially this testimony from: Osyth Leeston, Reader at John Murray Publishers, London, England, the original and continuing publishers of Darwin: "We have been giving very careful consideration to your book The Truth: God or Evolution?, which our readers found both stimulating and convincing....We also agree that the book does undermine the theory of evolution and we congratulate you.")

Likewise--however incredible it may seem!--for those of you who can handle the whole truth of the scope of the deception that lies behind the virtual triumph of evolutionary false science worldwide, you are going to learn that the Copernican Model of a rotating, orbiting earth is not only demonstrably as factless and fraudulent as the Darwinian and Panspermian Evolution Models are, but that it is also absolutely indispensable to the Religious Big Bang Kabbalic Model of the Cosmos.  In other words, without the universally believed rotating, orbiting earth model, the whole evolution-based, anti-Christ Kabbalist masquerade as "science" comes crashing down.  These links will help get you started on turning your disbelief into belief: (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).

I think you can get all you need in order to see what has happened to establish the religion of evolutionism virtually world wide from just the links that are available at www.fixedearth.com.  If you want to go outside the webpage, see for yourself what readers think of the evidence given in The Earth Is Not Moving (now in its third printing).  I invite and urge you to read these testimonies (HERE. Then go HERE if you want to follow up).

Being someone who once accepted and zealously promoted Copernicanism and Darwinism, I fully understand how one gets deceived by the pagan religion of evolutionism. I know how this deception can lead to atheism, agnosticism, and various kinds of religious compromises. All of these isms and compromises are based on confusion resulting from deception inculcated by a Kabbala-led Theoretical Science Establishment.

The Bible speaks of the sudden and complete Fall of this Confusion (Babylon) numerous times (e.g., Rev. 14:8;17:19;17:5;18:2,4,10,19,21). We are told plainly that Godís people are caught up in this confusion caused by the deceiver, Satan. "Come out of her [Babylon], my people, that ye be not partakers of her plagues"(Rev.18:4), God says. HE wouldnít call His people out of confusion if they were not in it, would He??

Well, enough of that here...

For the present--and in keeping with the Fair Education Foundation ad in the Northeast Georgian (HERE)--allow me to direct you to the other two links that will prepare the way for the exposure and overthrow of the evolution monopoly in the government funded schools and universities in the USA. You will see first of all some of the main historical documentation which demonstrates that the Evolutionist Paradigm is the fulfillment of the Kabbala-based Pharisee Religionís "creation scenario". Go HERE to read Part II: "Evolution is a RELIGIOUS Doctrine that is Taught In Violation of the Establishment Clause of the U. S. Constitution".

Part III is the other link.  It is entitled: "Points of Fact and Law for Conducting Cases Involving the Teaching of Evolutionism in U. S. Schools." Former court rulings invoking the Establishment Clause must now be applied to the defenders of evolutionism with the same force and for the same reason that those rulings were applied to those challenging evolutionism in the past. Both--as the facts now declare--have religious agendas which are prohibited by the Constitution. The Courts must therefore identify and apply the only truly secular remedy that upholds the Constitution. You will see why only one option is legally open and what that option is (HERE),,,,