Evolution: Itís Time To Play Hardball....

A complete denial of Dr. Campís recent three-part attempt in this paper to uphold evolutionism as science can be accessed by either going to www.fixedearth.com and following the links in the April 2005 Bulletin... Or, you can type these URL addresses into your web browser or search engine and hit "Enter":




Those who do not have Internet access but would like to read the responses may want to use a library computer or ask some family member or friend who does have access to show you the responses... or copy them for you.

Be assured that these are not frivolous, emotional responses to Dr. Camp.. Rather, they represent a summary of historical and scientifically documented factual reasons why theoretical evolutionism is religion, not science. Furthermore, they show why the courts must address that reality in all future rulings when subject matter related to the origin of the universe, the earth, and mankind is taught with taxpayerís money.

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