"Darwin And The Church In England:

Are We [in the USA] Next?"

This is the title of the front page article in last monthís leading Creationist publication.* It tells of the radical decline in church attendance in England which began with the onset of Darwinism and has reached a point today where only 3% of Britishers now attend church.

The article ends with this lament:

"We have yet to discover effective ways to stop the wholesale

deterioration in reliance on Godís Word which would reverse

this process [church morbidity in England]. Can we encourage

or initiate such a movement? Why not join us on the ICR tour

to England this fall and help search for a solution...." *

*(Acts & Facts, vol. 34, no. 6, June 2005, p.1)

It is a sad truth that in spite of their excellent work in destroying the arguments of Darwinian evolutionists, the Creationist Leadership must admit that they "have yet to discover effective ways to stop the wholesale deterioration in reliance on Godís Word..." and that Englandís moribund churches present a picture that "...will be repeated in the United States unless something changes to reverse the trend...."

In response to the question: "Can we [The Institute for Creation Research] encourage or initiate a movement that would reverse this trend?"....The answer is a loud YES!

All that is required of ICR to reverse this trend is to apply the same level of Scriptural and Scientific discipline to exposing vulnerable Copernicanism that has been successfully applied to the exposure of vulnerable Darwinism.

A non-moving earth is, after all, a creationist issue. The earth was certainly stationary when created, and there is nothing whatever in Scripture that remotely suggests that it suddenly went from zero to 67,000 MPH on the fourth day when the sun was created. Indeed, Biblically, it is a grammatical and semantic fact that the sun, not the earth, was set in motion around the earth on the day it was created (HERE). More, the sunís motion--not the earthís--is certified by scores of other Scriptures (HERE).

Contrariwise, there is no Scripture whatsoever which teaches either a rotating or an orbiting earth. Therefore, altering plain geocentric teaching from God--especially in light of certain proof that the Copernican Model is the indispensable foundation of the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm--would surely be something that a Creationist would not want to be found guilty of when "the books" are opened (Rev. 20:12)!

What it comes down to is this: Embracing Scriptural Geocentrism and the science that abundantly supports it is the only way to expose and destroy the evolutionist lie. It is the only strategy that will blow away the billions of years claimed by--and indispensable to--the evolutionists.

There are three interconnected reasons--and a fourth separate one--why this is so:

1) Copernicanism paved the way for Darwinism (and now Panspermiaism: HERE). The two are symbiotically connected. To continue denying this connection is more than fatuous, it is deadly to all efforts to defeat evolutionism (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).

2) The Copernican Model establishes a 186,000,000 million mile orbital diameter as a baseline for parallax measurements instead of an 8,000 mile baseline based on a stationary earth. This assumption alone stretched distances to stars 23,250 times after 1838 (HERE,pp.5,6). That factor--along with more recent, demonstrable, computer-generated virtual reality fraud in the measurement of star distances (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE)--provides the heartbeat of the current 15 billion year old universe and the basis for all terrestrial and extraterrestrial evolution lies.

3) Copernicanism is 100% assumption based (HERE). It continues to rule in spite of the stark defiance of ALL observable and photographic evidence which declares daily revolutions of the stars around a stationary earth (HERE)-. Copernicanism is demonstrably the foundational concept underlying a universe billions of light years thick and billions of years old, the twin concepts necessary to maintain evolutionary mythology and destroy Bible credibility (HERE - HERE).

4) This separate reason (about which ICR seems unaware) is powerful enough in and of itself to absolutely derail all evolutionist claims to be secular science...and thus powerful enough to Constitutionally bar the teaching of evolution in tax supported schools in the USA (HERE - HERE).

The facts that back up the fourth reason are these:

The entire Evolutionary Paradigm is now known to be the concept-for- concept fulfillment of the "creation scenario" of the Pharisee Religionís Rabbinical writings in the mystical Kabbala over at least two millennia. Those writings incorporate Heliocentricity (pre-dating Copernicus by 300 years), Relativism, a Big Bang, billions of years, and an Expanding Universe).

Together, this Paradigm supplies the basis for a 15 billion year old universe, a 4.6 billion year old earth, and a 3,800.000 million year time frame allotted in the textbooks for spontaneously generated one-celled life to evolve into human beings.

The huge FACT that this recently revealed information makes plain both to the world, and the "houses of God" where Godís Judgment begins (HERE), is this: Evolution is not secular science at all. Rather--to repeat: Evolution is merely an anti-Bible alternative "creation scenario" from the writings of Rabbinic sages in the mystic Kabbala of the anti-Christ Pharisee religion. This revelation--which is utterly devastating to the entire evolutionary concept--has only come to light in the past 15 to 20 years over the Internet and in books (e.g., HERE - HERE). A seven part series on the Kabbala which documents these revelations begins: (HERE). A very recent three part series summarizes the whole matter and demonstrates why evolutionism is not secular science but is a religious creation scenario. That fact automatically puts evolutionism in violation of the Establishment Clause of the U.S Constitution and thus forbids it being taught in tax supported schools (HERE HERE).

The power of that fact alone cannot be overstated!

Forced upon courts in the USA, it is sufficient

in and of itself to destroy and eliminate the

credibility of evolutionism in all of its ramifications....

These links and dozens of others within them provide all the Scriptural and Scientific answers that ICR needs to stop evolutionís steady march toward victory over the Bible and a doctrinally purified Church.

Perhaps some who are taking the ICR tour to England this fall in search of "a solution" will take copies of these links which point to the one and only solution for exposing and defeating evolutionism...the one solution that honors Godís Word and satisfies all known science. It is certain that God is looking for Creationist leaders and students to raise this issue, and that He will honor and give the victory to those who will dare to stand up for His Bible and a Science-based geocentric universe.

So, First: Get into your spirit the Scriptures which teach that it is the sun and not the earth that moves (again: HERE - HERE - HERE). For Creationist Christians, the Biblical doctrine of a non-moving earth must be treated like all other inescapably specific Bible doctrines, i.e., we dare not ignore, or worse: twist and alter-and even reverse--their meanings so as to make the words say the opposite of what is specific and clear as, in this case, to conform to the dictates of a Bible-destroying model of the universe designed by scientists who are overwhelmingly evolutionists.

This keystone geocentric Truth is the Word kept in store by God for this time when the gíd of evolutionism is in his final stages of destroying the Bibleís credibility as the infallible Word of Truth from the infallible God of Truth. Rest assured: That Word will not come back to the Biblical God void (Is. 55:11)! Godís Geocentric Word must be honored and vigorously championed by all who claim the title of Bible Creationist. "Sun stand thou still...And the sun stood still..." (Joshua 10:12,13). You can know this--and dozens of moving sun Scriptures--is the Truth of the matter. Donít dare let anyone persuade you to ignore that Truth or to change it!

After it is settled in your spirit that the Bible irrevocably teaches that it is the sun and not the earth that moves, then you will see that the scientific support for Biblical Geocentrism is readily available (e.g., HERE - HERE - HERE). Then you will see how computer-generated fraud is upholding Big Bangism and its billions of years of evolutionism (e.g., HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).

Then, beyond all that, you will see and understand that God has saved the revelation of the ultimate terminator, the very Achilles Heel of all evolutionist lies until these days when those lies threaten the last vestiges of the Bibleís and the Churchesí credibility, and hence the very survival of Bible-based Christianity.

That Achilles Heel is the aforementioned Truth which has recently come out of the closet after centuries of the most secret machinations. This--the greatest of all Cabals--has been carefully fit together by Talmudist/Kabbalist Rabbis to replace the Bible Godís Creation Account in Genesis of six literal "evening and morning" days with the 15 billion year old evolution model now in absolute control of academia and the media.

This whole Evolution Paradigm--which ICR and other creationists realize is killing Bible credibility and hence Bible Christianity--has been revealed to be--by Kabbalists themselves!--the "creation scenario" of the Pharisee Religion. This Evolutionary "origins scenario" is derived from the occult Kabbala and has deceived the world by masquerading as secular theoretical science. That "science falsely so called" (I Tim. 6:20,21) is based totally on observation-denying and utterly factless assumptions... just the same as the Darwinian lies that Creationists have laid bare.

Up until the recent revelation of the Pharisee/Kabbala authorship of the 15 billion year old evolved universe--and its dependence upon Copernican pseudo-science--hit the Net and the bookstores, there were some excuses and reasons why ICR and other Creationists have been hesitant, reluctant--and even adamant (HERE)--about steering clear of joining any attack on Copernicanism (HERE).

The time is now past for giving these reasons any weight.

My hope is that the Creationists at ICR and elsewhere will prayerfully re-visit this issue--especially the non-moving earth message in the plain geocentric Scriptures. May they seek and receive all of Godís mercy and the strength that they are going to need to bite this bullet, and then may they determine to galvanize their members and their churches in leading the final charge to fulfill their ministryís stated purpose of destroying evolutionism.

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Author: The Truth About Evolution (HERE), The Earth Is Not Moving (HERE), et al