Don’t You Love It When...?


Don’t you love it when incredibly important Truths suddenly jell in your mind?  If you do, weigh these facts and see where you come out:


Secular Science”--by its very definition--rules out the miraculous when it attempts to explain all we see in the universe, on earth, and in mankind.  True.1


This means, for example, that “secular science” must supply a non-miraculous explanation for every single claim in the six “evening and morning” creation days found in the Genesis Account in the Bible.  True.2


If “secular science” does do that--and persuade people to accept its explanation--it follows inexorably that “secular science” must repudiate and dismiss the hundreds of other Bible miracles, including all of those that pertain to Jesus. True.3


It then follows that “secular science” itself cannot have any identification with any belief system which incorporates any aspect of miraculous dependency.  “Secular” and “Miraculous” are antithetical and irreconcilable. They can’t be mixed.  True.4


Thus, since “secular science” eschews all religions having a miraculous component, ipso facto no religion can co-exist with “secular science” for the simple reason that all religions have miraculous components. True.5


For example, the Pharisee Sect of Judaism is a religion which has teachers, sanctuaries, holy books, etc. All of its synagogues and Rabbinate exist to promote various interpretations of a miracle making g’d for Jews everywhere ...whether they attend synagogue or are actively “religious” or not.  True.6


As with all religions, Phariseeism (the dominant Sect of Judaism) has its own “creation scenario”. The content of this indispensable cornerstone of all religions has been a well kept secret by the Pharisees for many centuries.   By the 1990’s, however, a few books and Internet sources began to reveal the concepts that make up the “creation scenario” of the Pharisee Religion.  Those now documented concepts turn out to be vastly different from--and destructive to--the Biblical Creation Account.  True.7 


Now, no longer hidden, the full significance of this specific Religion's “creation scenario” is straining to burst onto the world stage. What mankind believes is “secular” science is poised to be revealed to a world deceived by the Pharisee Religion’s “creation scenario”. That scenario has successfully masqueraded as “secular science”, and has kept hidden from the world its deep and indisputable religious origins.  True.8


That revelation is a giant Truth Bomb. The detonator on that bomb is this one demonstrable fact:   The world’s embrace of “secular science” evolutionism is an embrace of the Pharisee Religion’s “creation scenario” based on the Zohar/Kabbala and a rejection of the Christian Religion’s “creation scenario” based on the Bible.  Both “creation scenarios” belong to specific religions, and neither is secular. True.9


Two critical differences separate the “creation accounts” of these two religions with their miraculous contents.  First: The Biblical Creation Account--confirmed throughout the Old and New Testaments--was completed in six literal “evening and morning” days with no evolution involved at all, whereas the Kabbala Creation Account is wholly dependent upon billions of years of evolution. Second: The God of the Biblical Account is the God who will have no other g’d before Him, the God of an Old Covenant and Jesus’ New Covenant and an eternal New Earth. The g’d of the Kabbala Account is admitted to be Satan or part-Satan  and he says you can have no g’d or any g’d you want--except the  Biblical One.  True.10


None of the evolution-based terrestrial and extraterrestrial “science” is secular”. All of it is the implacable enemy of the Biblical “creation account” and true science.  The motivating factor behind this evolution-based anti-Christ’s “creation account” is the destruction of the Bible’s credibility and the trustworthiness of God the Father’s eternal Plan through Jesus and His New Covenant.  Those schemes will be undone, according to detailed Bible prophesies.  Satan--a created entity with no truth in him--has his plug pulled and becomes a mummy-like object of eternal abhorrence along with the carcasses of all other transgressors.  True.11


Once the symbiotic connection between the Pharisee Religion’s evolution-based “creation account” and today’s Big Bang Cosmology is understood, the claim of each essential concept of evolution-based “science” to be “secular” will be forever destroyed. Those concepts are: 15 billion years of evolutionism; heliocentricity; relativism; a big bang; expanding universe (superstrings & parallel universes are getting onboard too). True.12


Moreover, the “science” that has made all this deception possible is not only Religious instead of “secular”, it is also demonstrably an assumption-based, fraud-laden Virtual Reality Video Game without the first fact to support its crazy claims. The research has been done and the evidence is available to erase all doubts. True.13


But, wait, wait!, someone says....  Revealing such an unspeakably huge deception would destroy almost five centuries of “scientific progress” beginning with the Copernican Revolution!  Since then the whole world has almost gotten rid of the Biblical God and His Creation Model! Everything called “knowledge of Origins” is now monopolized by the Pharisee g’d with his 15 billion year old evolved universe, 4.6 billion year old evolved earth, and 3800 million years of alleged evolutionary morphing of comet spewed bacterium into people.  This is a case where Truths like these must be suppressed!  They would expose and destroy Satan’s "angel of light" MO and thus his Empire of Babylon virtually overnight! True.14


So, as awareness of what has happened in the name of “science” bursts loose, attempts at suppression will surely increase. Nevertheless, the same God whose miracle-filled, evolution-free Bible is certified from A to Z by these Truths is the same God Who took care to spell out over 1900 years ago how all this will be resolved, to wit: 


The Bible is clear: A Satan-empowered global government will form, and its Satanic essence will be exposed quickly and supernaturally.  Those who hate the truths that come forth will side with government-led overt Satan-worship and blasphemy. Satan’s human leaders are killed 3 ½ years later (at the end of the 7th Trumpet Plague). Satan takes the helm personally for a “little season” (3+ years) to deceive those who got on God’s side (but were not raptured as that deceptive false teaching promises). On the last day of this earth’s history the dead and alive Christians are raptured and the general resurrection of the “good” and the “bad” occurs. Satan and his remaining followers are reduced to eternally abhorred lifeless objects, and the old  earth is destroyed totally forever to make way for the eternal New Earth with its New Jerusalem an New Heavens.  True.15


The evidence that is claimed for the “evolved” Pharisee cosmos rests entirely on one unproven, vulnerable assumption. That assumption is the Copernican Keystone of the entire theoretical model now known to the world as the Big Bang Paradigm.   True.16


This observation-denying keystone is nothing more than a mathematical model of the earth rotating on an “axis” and orbiting the sun.  Launched in 1543, the model  ignited what came to be known as the Copernican Revolution.  Totally factless from Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Sagan, et al to this very day, this model conquered the physical sciences and paved the way for the Darwinian Revolution’s conquest of the Biological Sciences. Evolution-based Marxism and Freudianism metastasized into the Social and Behavioral “Sciences”.  Pedagogy and the Arts bowed to the new, nihilist evolution Idol. Ultimately, Sagan et al put the finishing touches on the Kabbalic Big Bang Model with a computer manufactured Virtual Reality universe 15 billion years old and swarming with comic-book evolved aliens. True.17


This knowledge-shaping Big Bang deception is an anti-Bible, anti-Christ Religious Conspiracy that is ripe for exposure.  There is nothing “secular” about any of it. There is nothing scientific about any of it. It is all about an alternative “creation scenario” of a Religion wholly dedicated to destroying the Bible's credibility from the creation account through the New Testament of Jesus Christ. It is based 100% on assumptions built upon other assumptions.  True scientific facts confirm the Bible’s repeated teaching that it is the sun that moves and not the earth. All else is lies. The world will know the truth and its God...and the lie and its g’d.  People world-wide will align with the God/g’d they choose to worship. True.18


Remember: However powerful and untouchable this greatest of all deceptions may appear, it rests on a factless, vulnerable mathematical model of a moving earth. HERE


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