The Bible As The Source Of All Truth Is Coming Back

As God's Prelude To The End Of This Old Earth. Get Ready!

December 2012 Bulletin 

Conspiracy exposures--primarily via the World Wide Web--have given birth to a host of "Truth Seekers/Tellers" on a wide variety of subjects. Like a bunch of rat terriers, tails wag'n, they have been busily and excitedly sniffing out hundreds of rat holes. Surely, many of these Seekers are nearly ready to grasp and expose Satan's False Science and False Religion Lies now holding his Empire of Babylon together!


The Biblical "God has known all His works since the beginning of the world" (Acts 15:18). He has known that there would be one indispensable and vulnerable keystone lie holding up all the rest of the lies. [1]  Satan could not have built his knowledge- controlling False Science AND False Religion Big Bang Paradigm of some 15 billion years of Evolutionism. without this one simple keystone lie/.  That lie has been successfully hidden and guarded in plain sight! until God's Plan calls for its Revelation. Now-4 ˝ centuries after Copernicus, the fruit of False Science and False Religion declare from every text book in the world that Satan's Big Bang Evolution IDOL RULES unmolested even by Bible Creationists! [2] [3] [4] [5]


Remember this counsel: "God has magnified His Word above all His name." (Ps 138)  Then read over three score times from that very Word that it is the sun that moves, not the earth. [6] Then recall that it was the Copernican Revolution that contradicted  the Bible's geocentrism which is expressed in more ways than those 67 Scriptures: Ex. [7] [8]  Then, of course, all observation confirms the Bible!. [9] No One has ever seen or felt or in any way proven that the earth is rotating at over 1000mph and orbiting what must be assumed to be a stationary sun at c. 67,000mph.


"Science" means "to know".  "Assumption" means "you don't know". If any further discussion is to continue on the matter, you and I must grant the" rotating earth" assumption. Then we must grant the stationary sun assumption; and then we must grant a permanently humped-over earth assumption to accommodate seasons; and then we must grant that the moon's observed direction be reversed, a new speed assigned, etc.,etc. The premise is an assumption and so is all that is built upon it!


There is no better example in all history of being Satan's master deception than the moving earth deception.  It is just a mathematical model with no basis in reality; a blatantly contra-scientific lie whose license to rule the world is ready to expire!


And have not you and I--that is we great science lovers and thinkers--been made "profane and babbling fools by this science falsely so-called" (I Tim. 6:20,21)?? Haven't you and I--we well-degreed intellectual and spiritual giants swallowed this Devil's bait just as completely (maybe even more completely?!) than illiterate peasants? And have we not dutifully memorized and passed along the Copernican Model and all its baggage right up to the Big Bang Evolution Idol to our children and the world? And, if Christian, have we not denied and abandoned in whole or part "Sun, stand thou still!" and all the rest of the Bible that shouts the earth is stationary?


But what about two generations of SPACE science?!  Surely that can't all be theory and fraud and lies!


Want t' bet?! NASA ('58) was handed a model of the universe and left to fill in the blanks. Using entirely false conclusions based on the Copernican Model which said our Sun was one of innumerable stars, and our planets with the earth included would--it was theorized--be a pattern replicated throughout the universe. All concept of the size of the universe, how to measure distance to the stars, etc., was based on trigonometric parallax which had rested totally on the Copernican Model since at least 1838. Numerous examples: [10 mid]


What a TOY to turn over to a science establishment soaked in anti-Bible Copernicanism for over 400 years and well-marinated in anti-Bible Darwinian Mythology for over a hundred years!  Heck, Kepler had written of evolved moon dwellers 200 years before Darwin. After Darwin the fantasies increased, and after NASA the all-out focus was on finding evolving extraterrestrial life forms. In the 90's NASA officially labeled its operations: "The Origins Program." They said their goal "was to find our cosmic roots."  No results so far after several hundred $billion in tax payer money.  Still--with all news media on board--preposterous new claims from NASA and related Agencies excite us daily. Recent examples: [11] [12] [13]


The most egregious examples of fraud are found in the actual construction of space telescopes and mirrorsEverything is computerized of course.  If you haven't read this one pager, please do so and I think the full measure of space tech fraud will sink in too far to shake off. [14] There are some real gems in "NASA's Hanky Panky" too: [15] And Redshift &  Infrared: [16] You think these two guarantee Big Bang space distances?  Think again.  Sophisticated absolute fraud from start to finish….


By way of contrast this is a good place to be reminded that the universe we see and photograph every time we look up from our stationary earth is the real one, the one all mankind believed; the simple straightforward Biblical Model,  It is a foundational Truth that Jesus and His followers (Rev. 17:14)  are going to re-establish by "overcoming" Satan's centuries of deceit and dismantling of the Biblical Creation Account and Absolute Truth Status of His Word. Then all who are incapable of loving Truth (II Thess. 2:10) will elect to follow Satan and "the Beast", believing they will win over God and Jesus (Rev. 13:2b,4).  The revelation and Fall of the Devil's Copernican Counterfeit  and all the False Science and False Religion that counterfeit has made possible, results also from God's Judgment on the Christian Churches [17] [18] during the Biblical Fall of Babylon (Rev.14:6,7,8; 18:4).. All this is the same two or three month time frame as that of "the war the Lamb wins" (Rev. 17:14),


Central to these great Truths that God though Jesus and His followers are about to open up in today's world during that loaded time frame is the Revelation of Satan's Special Forces Operatives.  It is these who have formulated and carried out every aspect of the Bible wrecking alternate Big Bang Evolution Origins Account of the universe and all that is in it. We understand virtually nothing until we understand the facts about Pharisaic Kabbalism's Satanic g'd and their invention and science -fiction construction of the Big Bang Universe.

How far does anyone think the Copernican Revolution claiming to be Scientific--which torpedoed Bible Credibility amidships--would have gotten if it had been known that the Copernican Heliocentricity Model and all that is built on it to this very hour--is an indispensable Religious non Scientific concept of the anti-Christ Religion of Pharisaic Kabbalism?? Doubtless not very far!! Thus this was a lying conspiratorial Cabal dependent upon secrecy then, and has remained so. 


Consider Kabbalist Rabbe HaKanna's 1st century estimate of the age of the universe (arrived at by using a 42 letter name for g'd) to be 15.3 billion years (same as today). Or note the 13th century's famous Kabbalist Raban Nachmonide's additional concepts of a "big bang", an expanding universe, relativity, and the rotating earth keystone, some 300 years before Copernicus. And then there is the Kabbalist "Divine Isaac Luria", a contemporary of Copernicus, who connected the dots for all those concepts which make up the Big Bang Universe once the Copernicus Model was launched.  Later on Kabbalist-friendly "scientists" Einstein, Bohr, Gamow, Penzias, Sagan" and a couple of gentiles elevated that "secular" (Hah!) Satan-driven Paradigm behind all "knowledge" to a place of near total World Control over any restoration of true Bible Doctrines.  And all this has been accomplished by a Christ hating Religion which has masqueraded as "theoretical science" and fooled the world.  "Science"my foot! Pure hate-filled Religion is more like it! [19]  [20]  [21]  [22]  [23]   


As promised, it is a fact that not only has the lying masquerade of Kabbalist Phariseeism subverted and very nearly destroyed True Science from the time of Copernicus' book in 1543 to right now, that same masquerade over that same period has very nearly destroyed the One True God's True Religion


Let's see how that works: God knew from the Creation that the time would come that all mankind would be living in a world that is dying from a thousand causes resulting from Satan having gained virtual control over true science and true religion. HE knew that greed and violence were on a short trajectory toward an ever wider application of death and destruction.  Even now a growing percentage of people are concluding that all the talk of a 90% population reduction could be very real.  After all, there is a general awakening to reality that the soil, the water, and the air have been irretrievably poisoned, that military capabilities are headed for uncontrollable mayhem.  The financial center can't hold. Half the births are from unwed mothers.  Panic is two or three lost pay checks.


As we can gather from "The Revelation" and other books in the New Testament of the Bible, God knew all this. He also knew exactly how He was going to bring it all to a close so He and Jesus and all who go to Heaven can get on with His eternal paradise on the New Earth.


He also knew that Satan's doctrine-twisting demon specialists (I Tim. 4:1) would have corrupted virtually every major doctrine in the New Testament [24], including the most powerful of the  "End Time" doctrines. Some of these are;  "Dispensationalism", aka "Pre-Trib Rapture Millennialism", sometimes "Christian Zionism".  These have a huge presence in churches, movies, books, DVD's, video games, sermons, songs.  Then there's TBN and other Network gospel TV. One can hear about an "imminent rapture" of "the church" and the frightening prospect of being "Left Behind". Trips to Israel are routine, and this "Israel First" population is an all out political power base for USA Republican politics.  Israeli Prime Ministers have admitted that their visits to these Christian leaders are frequently more important than seeing the President.


You probably know about all of this.  But the quick point to be made here is: This powerful "end time" doctrine is tailored from Zionist eschatological cloth. It is designed to keep the USA guaranteeing the Zionist path to the Maimonides' concept of world rule by the Jews from Jerusalem for a literal thousand year Millennium. That is not a Christian plan and Jesus is not in it. Period.  Zionists hate Jesus. Their "holy book" and their Rabbis have Him boiling in crap in hell. They hate Christians. They hate Christ's New Testament. They hate all non-Jews and consider them to be cattle. [25]  Loaded Bible fact: Jesus never returns to this earth.[26]  [27]


The devilishly misplaced and misused "pre trib Rapture" doctrine will be allocated to its proper time, i.e., the last day of this old earth's history. Indeed the whole world will learn the Truth about the falsification of that Doctrine and all the other false doctrines during "the war the Lamb wins time frame (Rev. 17:14).  This "war" is a 2-3 month long Truth Blitzkrieg when all of Satan's False Science lies and False Religion lies are made crystal clear to the whole world. This is the same time frame referred to as The Fall of Babylon, i.e., the Fall of Satan's entire edifice of deception called Babylon.  All Truth from God and all lies from Satan will be known by everyone globally. This forces the separation of the earth's populations to choose to worship Satan--or Jesus and the Father--while Satan's forces control the world government. [28]


God's last call to all people before decisions are made to join the Satan worshipers is "Come out of her [Babylon] MY people…lest you receive naught of her plagues." (Rev. 18:4)  Shortly after that, the 1st of the Seven Trumpet Plagues begins to fall on the Satan worshipers alone. This protection--not the "rapture" which can Scripturally occur only on the last day of this earth's history-- is the Christian's only "bonus" during the so-called "Tribulation" years.


So, exposing the Copernican lie will go directly to the heart of all Satanic anti-Bible and anti-Christ control in the world today because it is that lie which forces all others into the light and uncovers the long hidden cabal empowered by the Pharisee Religion's "holy books": Talmud/Zohar/Kabbala.  If you understand and like what you have seen here and elsewhere--and if you are certain that you want to be among those "called, chosen, and faithful" who follow Jesus in this war which brings Babylon down--go to Rev. 17:14 and submit your desire to Jesus in prayer.