Creationist's End Time Doctrine is Blocking Exposure of the Evolution Lie


Quote:: “It may not be obvious why a creation ministry deals with end time prophesy, and we don’t make this a cornerstone of our work, but the issue of Biblical integrity pervades everything we do....”1These are recent words of the President of the Institute for Creation Research, Dr. John Morris, son of the co-founder of ICR, Dr. Henry Morris who died on February 25, 2006.


Tim LaHaye, the famous Christian novelist and co-author of the “end time” mega best seller Left Behind Series was the other co-founder of ICR in 1970.2  Though listed as fiction, the Left Behind Series presents the alleged pre-trib rapture as a Biblical prophesy “that pervades everything we do [to combat evolutionism] at ICR".


Fine. Believe whatever you want.  But if there are facts which prove that this and other aspects of an “end time prophesy” that “pervades everything we do” at ICR are not Biblical facts at all, then what?!  Worse, if this demonstrably contra-Biblical aspect of “end time prophesy” (the pre-trib rapture doctrine) is blocking a known way to expose the evolution lie and is thereby preventing the establishment of the Biblical (and scientific) six day Creation Account, then ICR is securing evolution’s triumph rather than its demise!


Shall the great respect that I, personally, and millions of other Creationists, have for the work at ICR (and other Creationist ministries with the same doctrines) continue to cause us to be led by a doomed strategy for combating Bible-killing evolutionism? That strategy’s  failure is assured because the source of its error-filled end time doctrine is from the same fountain as the evolutionism they seek to combat!3  NO, we can’t continue down that path.  This is why:


First of all, let’s take a quick look at the alleged “Bible integrity” of the pre-trib rapture millennialist end time teaching which is mingled with their Creationist’s work.  Any one of the tens of millions in the USA (and very possibly hundreds of millions around the world tuned into TBN end time commentators) can now KNOW, the “rapture” of I Thess. 4:13-18 will not rescue Christians from the coming tribulation as they are promised 24/7 from media and pulpit.  The 65 million Left Behind books--plus the movie and video game versions--not only misrepresent the Bible to scores of millions, they help herd them into a trap from which they are about to learn too late that the rapture comes years later.


Those who believe in that pre-trib rescue need to re-check their Bibles (KJV on this). They will see unmistakably plain references which teach that this earth (along with its heavens) is a temporary creation that will be utterly destroyed, will “flee away”, never to be seen again, etc.  And, just as clearly, they will see that this earth will be replaced by an entirely New Earth with New Heavens and a New Jerusalem.


First among those solid Biblical facts that have been altered is the change of the all-important Biblical word “NEW” to “renew”.  This distortion--in bold defiance of repeated Scriptures--has made possible the pre-trib rapture deception.  Anyone--anyone at all--who insists upon Biblical Truth about the rapture and millennial subjects, will see in this four page link what changing NEW into “renew” has done.4


Then, once it is realized that a NEW earth instead of a “renewed” earth changes the entire Biblical message about the time and purpose of the “rapture”, another great understanding is seen to be attached to that one.  In fact, they are inseparable. Note:


The NEW earth, NEW heavens, and NEW Jerusalem speak of that final, eternal paradise promised repeatedly in the Scriptures, i.e., the paradisiacal heaven where both Father God and the Lord Jesus reign.  (There is no “secret rapture” followed by seven years of tribulation on earth and a return of Jesus to rule for a thousand years from a Jerusalem which Jesus left “desolate”, and which the Bible calls the “Beast’s” headquarters and “Sodom” and “Egypt”.5)


In short, that same NEW EARTH link contains Scriptures which also prove that the thousand years of Rev.20 cannot be literal.  The Holy Spirit through Peter warned against calling a thousand years literal, didn’t he?6  This means that the great pre-trib rapture deception is joined at the hip with the literal 1000 year Millennial teaching, and that the NEW earth Scriptures expose both teachings as deceptions.



But what of Jesus’ return?? Surely there is no denying that the Bible teaches that!! 


The Bible emphatically teaches the return of Jesus!  Yes, amen, hallelujah, and a stentorian PTL!  But read these other six pages with all the Biblical references to Christ’s return and you will know that nowhere is it taught in the New Testament that Jesus actually sets foot on terra firma earth after His ascension. Nowhere!7 


You will further know why the false rapture and false teaching about Christ ruling from Jerusalem are going down together.  It is because it is clear that in the rapture Jesus never comes to earth.  Because that is so plain that it can not be distorted, the rapture event had to be made separate from the alleged return to Jerusalem.


So, as Bible Creationists, is it not time to agree with the FACT that the Bible teaches a NEW (not a “renewed) earth?  More, is it not time to agree with the FACT that the Bible never teaches that Jesus would set foot on this old earth again after his ascension.?


When those two Biblical facts are known, we can turn to hammering one more of the several nails available into the casket of the ruling “end time” doctrine of ICR et al.  That doctrine is protecting the real source of evolutionism from being understood and exposed by everyone who hates deception and desires God’s Truth, whoever they are, and whatever the cost.


This third nail in evolution’s coffin concerns a theory which is indispensable to the millennial teaching.  This theory says that God’s plan was for Jesus to become King 2000 years ago, but, because the Jews didn’t accept Him as King and caused His crucifixion, God changed His Plan and postponed that event till a time still future when Jesus would come to Jerusalem and be King for a literal thousand years. 


Obviously, this “Postponement Theory”--sometimes called the “Great Parenthesis Theory”--is indispensable for the whole pre-trib rapture millennial end time scenario.   Aside from the illogic and desperate theorizing, this doctrine bulldozes out of the way many relevant Scriptures which teach that Jesus was “given all power over heaven and earth” and was made King before He left the cemetery after His resurrection.8 These are Scriptures which call the Postponement Theory what it is, viz., a Bible-killing deception which was pre-ordained to be revealed as such.9  


Now, let’s go back to the quote at the beginning and see why no triumph over evolutionism is possible if the end time beliefs of ICR et al are counted as Biblically sound truth.  Consider: What if that end time theory is not Scriptural, as the foregoing attests and anyone can confirm??  If it’s not Scriptural it is not going to happen the way they teach it.  So, what then IS Scriptural and why aren’t Creationists following God’s Word, as they claim?  Why can’t they let It point His way to expose and destroy Bible-killing evolutionism and all of the Devil’s lies that are riding on that deception?  That is what Creationists say they exist to do, isn’t it?


Let’s find the answer.  First this indisputable Fact: All Creationists and all Evolutionists agree on one thing, namely: There can be no evolution theory of the universe, earth, and mankind without acceptance of billions of years.  How did we get those billions of years?  Why does the Creationist’s approach to that question fail, leaving the Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of evolution  in control of “science” and approaching total victory over evolution-free Biblical Creation (and the God of that Creation)??


There are seven reasons why they fail, the seventh of which bears on the mingling of a false end time doctrine with acceptance of anti-Bible Copernican heliocentricity:


1) The Creationist leadership refuses to accept a truth so widely understood and settled as an historical fact that it is found in every encyclopedia and in shelves of books on the history of science, etc.  That truth is this: The Copernican Revolution torpedoed the Bible’s credibility. Bam! Then, steadily, it brought about the acceptance of an ever-expanding universe which is now codified in the Big Bang Paradigm with its 15 billion light year thick universe and 15 billion years of evolution.  The Creationist leadership denies the Big Bang, but supports, and will not touch, the wholly vulnerable Copernican Model,  without which there can be no Big Bang Paradigm AND NO BILLIONS OF YEARS!


2) The ICR leadership (et al) has also steadfastly refused to acknowledge the indisputable fact that the Copernican Revolution--with its conquest of the physical sciences--literally paved the way for the Darwinian Revolution which then conquered the biological sciences.  Upon those two global events, history again agrees. The evolutionary basis for Marxian Social “Science”, Freud’s Behavioral “Science”, Pedagogical “Science”, and Mathematical “Science” was then established. Einstein’s relativity--on through Bohr, Gamow, Penzias, and finally Sagan’s “Origins Program” at NASA to “find our Cosmic Roots”--all of this has morphed into the Hoyle/Wickramasinghe Panspermia Revolution. The Creationist leadership is still focused on fighting Darwinian evolutionism which has been all-but-replaced by the Panspermian Big Bang evolutionism for over two decades! 10


3) Neither Creationists--nor anyone else--need fear looking foolish if they attack and expose the Copernican Model and all the extraterrestrial evolutionism that is built upon that Bible-denying lie.  The reason there need be no fear of the initial ridicule that will come is this: The moving earth model is vulnerable, being built exclusively upon assumptions which are denied by all known (i.e., observable, repeatable) science. 11


4) Not only is the moving earth fantasy (like the Darwinian and Panspermian fantasies) held together by assumption piled upon assumption, it is also readily demonstrated that this “assumption technique” holds true for every concept that has been built upon the Copernican Model, i.e., relativity, expanding universe, big bang, billions of years of  terrestrial  and extra-terrestrial evolution.12 The way this colossal deception has been erected is through the use of theoretical science to elevate assumption-based paradigms to the level of “factual science”. This has been done through the invented language of arcane mathematics, unapproachable and beyond challenge by mere mortals.13 This literal smoke and mirror game has been put in place through pure, unadulterated, see-it-for-yourself fraud with a capital “F”! (Discover what has been done with telescopes, cameras, redshift and infrared manipulations, computer-generated virtual reality simulations, etc. to make the Big Bang Paradigm into textbook level “science”.14)


5) Claiming unswerving dedication to “Bible integrity”, most Creationists--and virtually the whole Evangelical Wing of Christendom--have willfully violated and distorted multiple plain Scriptures whereby the Holy Spirit declared in writing that it is the sun and not the earth that moves.15 The willful distortion of Bible teaching on this Creation Issue was all that Satan required to get his foot in the door and erect the Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of evolution.  Moreover he has done so in a way that has trapped ICR (et al) leaders into supporting his twisting of Scripture while they continue posing as the world’s Creationist hardliners and defenders of the “Bible’s integrity”.   


6) Now comes the BIG enchilada.  If there were no other reason than this one, it would be more than enough for Creationists (and all truth lovers) to stop their stonewalling against Biblical and Scientific Geocentrism (stationary earth at the center of a “small” universe). This is the reason: Evolutionism is an alternative “creation scenario” of a particular anti-Bible, anti-Christ religion”.  All of the concepts which make up this religion’s “creation scenario” are found in Rabbinic writings in the Zohar/Kabbala dating at least from the 1st century.16 In other words, the Big Bang Paradigm--which is the ultimate source of the billions of years required for evolution “theory” to exist--is now proven and known not to be “secular” science (as the world has been led to believe).  Rather, it is the “creation scenario” of the Pharisee Religion just as much as the Biblical “creation scenario” (which involves no evolution) belongs to the Christian Religion.17 Once confirmed, the options for all people are limited to two, viz., 1) The evolution based “creation scenario” of the Pharisee Religion’s Zohar/Kabbala (with or without any g/d except the Biblical God; 2) The non- evolutionary “creation scenario” of the Christian Religion’s Bible and its God.


7) This fact about the Pharisee Religion being the mother of the Big Bang Evolution Paradigm impacts every aspect of modern man’s “knowledge”,18  but it impacts hard line Christian Evangelical Churches and the Creationists in those churches first and foremost.19  It is these churches that have handcuffed their end time doctrine to a Christian Zionist zealotry for all things pertaining to Zionist Israel. This attachment so infuses and controls the bulk of Christian Evangelism that its leaders consider it a deadly sin to attack anything Jewish, routinely citing Genesis 12:3 and Psalm 122:6 to keep their congregations from “continuing in the Word”, which continuance promises that they will “Know the truth and the truth will set them free”.20


Thus, as things now stand, whatever is perceived as critical of anything Jewish is simply hands-off to these churches.  “Christians United For Israel” (CUFI) is the most active and the most powerful “Christian” lobby in Washington.  It has controlled--and is now going all-out to expand its control--of U.S. Foreign Policy in the volatile Mid-East. U.S. Senator Lieberman--following Rev. John Hagee’s remarks calling for a pre-emptive strike by the U.S. on Iran--compared the CUFI leader to “Moses”, saying: “ Moses, he has become the leader of a mighty multitude in pursuit of and in defense of Israel.”!21 Why?  Because CUFI’s Dispensationist  Zionist end time beliefs are inextricably mingled with fealty toward Zionist Israel. It is a given that these “Christian Zionist” CUFIites will resist all attempts to demonstrate Biblically and Factually that they are simply wrong, and that they have been duped into doing the Devil’s work and not God’s work in the world relevant to end time prophesy and the Jews.  When the Bible speaks of “the very elect being deceived”, the Israel-first CUFIites along with their supportive global TBN media voice certainly qualify. (Unfortunately, their refusal to follow the non-moving earth Scriptures has laid them open to accepting the “science falsely so called” universe of the Christ-hating Pharisee Religion, and has compromised the greater good they could be doing.)


Nevertheless, come what may, the great trap into which the Christian Zionists and other Dispensationalists et al have fallen (vis a vis both secular Zionist Israel and the Pharisee Rabbinate) will be revealed.  We shall see who wants out of the trap when the truth about their great error is known and all are free to continue embracing the error, or reject it.


Since all Israel-first Christians maintain heatedly and indefatigably that their position is Biblical, it is urgent that we see why that position is not Biblical. When  the New Testament of Jesus Christ is counted as the last Word on both the end time prophesies and on the place of the Jews in God’s plan for mankind, the truth is quickly revealed.  Accordingly, let us then look at the Bible’s answers to three of the most pertinent questions:


1) Does the New Covenant of Jesus Christ teach that the “chosen people” of the Old Covenant remain the “chosen people” under the New Covenant? 

2) Are today’s Jews the seed of Abraham?  

3) Do the Ten Commandments and the Old Law apply to New Covenant Christians?


1) Are Jews still the “chosen people” in the New Covenant?:

1) “For there is no respect of persons with God.” Rom. 2:11.

2) “There is neither Jew nor nor free..male nor female..Gal.3:28

3) “Christ has broken down the middle wall of partition between us”Eph.2:14

4) “...there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision...”Col.3:11

5) “..the Jews: who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets..” I Thess.2:15

6) “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ. He is an antichrist.” I Jn.2:22

7) “...but ye...killed the Prince of Life, whom God hath raised from the dead.” Acts 3:14,15

(The Jewish Talmud calls: the New Covenant “blank paper”, Jesus a bastard, Mary a whore, all but Jews animals, Jews real smart-others real dumb, etc. See Talmud.22 Given that the Talmud/Kabbala based Pharisee Religion is sworn enemy of everything Christian,

 one may wonder why any Christians would be zealous supporters of anti-Christ Zionism.) 


2) Are Today’s Jews the Seed of Abraham?

1) “If ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”Gal.3:29

2) “..which say they are Jews. and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.”Rev.2:9

3) “...them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not....”Re. 3:9

4) “Ye are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do...”John 8:44

5) “Now to Abraham and his seed...which is Christ...were the promises made.Gal.3:16

6) “For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.” Gal.3:26

7) “ Isaac shall thy seed be called...also the son of the thy seed.” Gen. 21:12,13


3) Are the Old Law & the 10 Commandments For Christians?

1) “..tables of stone...ministration of death...done away...abolished...” II Cor.3:3-18

2) “...Mt. Sinai Covenant leads to bondage...cast out the bondwoman...”Gal.4:21-31

3) “Jesus: On these TWO commandments...hang ALL the law....”Matthew 22:37-50

4) “Jesus:Keep MY Commandments as I kept MY FATHER’S Commandments”Jn.15:10

5) “...brethren, you are dead to the law...delivered from the law...” Rom. 7:4-6

6) “...if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain....” Gal. 3:21

7) “...Jesus made a guarantee of a BETTER covenant...after the law.” Heb.7:22,28

(Read 50 more verses proving the Old Law and the 10 Commandments are not for Christians.)23


One either accepts or rejects these New Testament teachings.  They all plainly and repeatedly equalize the Jews with everybody else, and just as plainly and repeatedly abolish the role of the OT Law and the 10 Commandments.  Shall those who reject those teachings continue to control the “Christian Media’s” end time doctrine, and even shape American Foreign Policy to suit Zionist Israel, Christian Zionists, and a Christ-hating Talmud/Kabbala Rabbinate?  God said over 1900 years ago that His Judgment must begin at the “house of God”, and now we know why that is so.24


In short, the Creationist leadership has not only ignored all these Biblical, scientific, and religious facts, they--as the anti-evolution professionals--don’t even try to reach the churches and TBN with those facts.. Why?  How can this be??  Simple: They all have the same dominant spiritual agenda, namely, blindly following an Israel-first, Christian Zionist, Dispensationalist end time doctrine which violates Christ’s New Testament Scriptures that “abolish”25 the Old Testament position of the Jews. 


Millions of Christians (myself included) applaud the Crouches’ success in establishing global TV where many excellent Bible messages are made available 24/7. That, in itself, can be viewed as a clear work of GodBut. if there is a virtual prohibition at TBN against preaching the Bible messages and historical facts as revealed in the information above, then there is no choice left but to expose their errors, and to do so very soon.  If this is not done, hundreds of millions are going to turn on these leaders when the tribulation comes and they are neither prepared nor raptured.


It should be understood that the Creationist Leadership has been politely urged by professional scientists et al over the last 10-15 years to see for themselves that Bible-bashing Copernicanism is contra-Biblical, unscientific, fraud-laden, and vulnerable. They have been shown that there is every reason to be exposing heliocentricity, not  upholding it. Those polite efforts have been routinely dismissed or ignored. 


Now, however, that the long-secret Kabbalist writings are admitted to be the Satan-empowered teaching of all things anti-Christ--including holding up the reigning Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm--26 the Creationist obligation to the Bible’s God and Christ’s Church is irrevocably altered.  Once this and the Biblical facts above--and the Biblical non-moving earth fact which destroys Big Bang evolutionism--are all understood, one’s choice of religious affiliations is reduced to Phariseeism or Christianity.  Similarly, one’s choice of g’ds/God is reduced to the Pharisee Kabbalist g’d who used 15 billion years of evolution to create everything, or the Christian God Who required only six 24 hour days and no evolution whatsoever to create everything. The Christian’s God invites all who can receive a love of the truth27 to join Him as joint heirs in the eternal New Jerusalem soon to be ready for occupancy.28  Thus:  

 The excuses Christian Creationists have used to avoid standing up for numerous

and abundantly plain non-moving earth Scriptures--and the true science which supports

those Scriptures--are no longer valid excuses.  The fact that the Pharisee’s evolutionary

Big Bang Model has come out of the closet with its anti-Bible “creation scenario” leaves

no more wiggle room for Christian Churches...and especially for the Creationists in them.

Finally, those Creationists who are trapped in the false pre-trib rapture millennialist 

teaching can be set  free from all that by studying the Scriptures linked below.

They can then turn their desire to serve God in Spirit and Truth by simply

 standing up for the Word of God which clearly and repeatedly teaches

 that it is the sun that moves and not the Earth. HERE - HERE - HERE


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