How Necessary Changes on Both Sides Will Occur When Babylon Falls

    When the extraordinary number of sects and denominations within the half-dozen leading world religions are added to the "mainline" beliefs, a conclusion that there is no one true God and no one true Holy Book can be--and has been--reached by many an honest -hearted seeker after Truth.

    Out of all this confusion there has arisen one completely obvious and unarguable fact, namely: The Jews--though tiny in number compared to Islam and Christianity--and though fragmented as bad or worse than either of those religions (HERE), are not only in the Religious Olympics with the big boys, they are--by virtue of their Satanic empowerment (HERE) and long-held secret control of the evolution-instilling Theoretical Science Establishment--within reach of taking the Gold in all categories of those Olympics.

    Indeed, both the Bible-based and the Koran-based religions are effectively being eliminated from the competition by the Talmud/Kabbala-based religion. This remarkable achievement has been accomplished by gaining virtual control of the foundation of all "knowledge" by their success in making evolutionism the "mechanism" that explains the Origin of all that exists (HERE).

    This conclusion is documented throughout this web page and is indisputably accurate. Simply put: The acceptance of any religionís "creation scenario" becomes the cornerstone of that religion upon which all else is built. Specifically, the nature of the "deities" or the "godhead" of that religion will be seen to be formulated and established by its explanation of the Origin of all that exists, i.e., what we can call its "creation scenario".

    This unavoidable conclusion--once understood and admitted--should settle any lingering arguments about which religion is three lengths ahead and pulling away in this religious horse race (being held near the metaphorical Olympics).

    Todayís textbook "truths" about the Origin of all that exists (the "creation scenario") declare worldwide that a "Big Bang" 15 billion years ago "created" the sun, earth, moon, stars, you and me and the trees, through an evolutionary process.

If that is a true statement, mutter "yes" under thy breath....

Thank you.

    Now we notice that each essential component of this evolutionary foundation which makes up this "origins/creation scenario" (15 billion years; Heliocentricity; Relativity, Big Bang, Expanding Universe, Superstrings, Parallel Universes) is derived directly from the Kabbala of the Pharisees (HERE, pp.5,6 - HERE, pp. 3,4 - HERE,  HERE).  It is this "origins scenario" that underpins all of modern manís allegedly "secular knowledge" (HERE). It is this "origins scenario" that has knocked the props out from under both the Biblical and the Koranic "creation scenarios". It is this "origins scenario" that has enthroned "Theoretical Science" as the new gíd of truth to be idolized as the provider of an alternative "explanation" for the origin of all that exists without any belief in the Biblical or the Koranic Creator God.

    The fact that this new "creator", this "science idol", turns out to be merely the instrument used by another religion to establish its "origins scenario" is a world-changing fact that is just now getting ready to enter the media bloodstream.

    This well-kept secret has been known only to a small coterie of Talmud/Kabbala trained Rabbis and Rebbes for many centuries. It has now come out of the closet chiefly through the writings of the Kabbalist Physicist Gerald Schroederís books and his essay on the Net (HERE - HERE). Indeed, the sudden popularizing of the Mystic Kabbala (by Madonna et al: HERE) has helped create a curiosity about that religion that was bound to unveil the fact that its "origins scenario" just happens to be the textbook "science" of the Big Bang Paradigm...which just happens to have been established by real and synthetic Kabbalist "scientists" such as Einstein, Friedmann, Freundlich, Bethe, Bohr, Gamow, Penzias, Sagan, and a couple of Gentiles in the last hundred years (HERE).

    When it is understood that the Kabbalists Marx and Freud openly embraced the evolutionary foundation supplied by Darwin et al--and made that foundation the central "gospel" of Communism and Psychology a generation before Einstein-- one has to be blind in both eyes not to see how the dots have been connected all the way to the mythic, factless, totally fraudulent Big Bang Paradigm.

    That Paradigm is the culmination of over 2500 years of diabolic, secret intrigue to achieve what was hatched out of the astrological sorcery during the 70 year Babylonian Captivity of the Jews (HERE, p.2), and has been brought to fruition in the last generation, i.e., the present Kabbalist coup. That coup has etched in textbook concrete all over the world those billions of years required to "factualize" the evolution mythology and keep the Origins subject out of reach of all true science.

    As night follows day, this usurpation of the Origins Foundation of all Knowledge has steadily been replacing the Creator "Godhead" of the Bible and the Koran with either Atheism (HERE) or the non-personal, Christ-hating, pagan, useless gíd of the likes of the venerated Rabam Maimonides or Einstein or...even Jerry Rubin of "If it feels good, do it" fame.

    Since there is a very strong current of belief in evolution-friendly reincarnation operating within Kabbalism (HERE, p. 4), the meditative Eastern Religions of Hinduism and Buddhism and Taoism have offered no real resistance to the complete triumph of the evolution-based theoretical science establishment. Whether that will change very much as it becomes clear that theoretical science has just been a masquerade that has provided a front for the world-wide establishment of an evolution-based Religionís "Origins Scenario"--and the virtual destruction of both Biblical and Koranic credibility--will become known when Babylon Falls. It is probably safe to say that those in the power structures of those Eastern Religions will hate this Truth far more than the average lay person when the Truth is known.

    When one adds to all the above the hypnotic control of the potentially greatest asset to this "Creation Takeover" by the Pharisaic Kabbalists, i.e., the Zionist-trapped Fundamentalist Wing of Bible Christianity (HERE - HERE - HERE), one can see the Phariseeís horse pull ahead another full length coming into the final stretch.

    With that much said, it is time to turn specifically to the reasons why--though hundreds of millions of its believers past and present will ultimately go to heaven-- Koran-based Islam--along with Zionist-controlled Judaism and Christian Zionists, and all other religions--will be exposed as Satanic Deceptions in the Biblically prophesied conclusion of Godís Spiritual Sweepstakes...called in the Bible, The Fall of Babylon (Babylon = "confusion").

    Having made a modest but sincere effort to understand the powerful religion of Islam (HERE - HERE), I finally found what seems to me to be the ideal book for that purpose for Christians and other non-Muslims. The book is: Unveiling Islam, by Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner and Dr. Emir Fethi Caner (Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI 49501, 2002, 251 pp.)

    Since the Caner brothers are former Muslims who have become Christians, their book and their extensive witness for Christianity are, of course, all anathema in the Moslem world.

    Since, also, the Canerís TV and print-media endorsements seem to be exclusively from sources locked into Christian Zionism, I must admit I expected to find a strong Zionist bias that would warp their treatment of Islam. I didnít find much of that.

    So, while I learned a lot about Islam from the Caners, and found next to nothing to criticize, I canít begin to quote all the things I would like that would take fifty pages or so. Rather, I will simply recommend the book as a very reliable information-packed source of information about the Koran and Islam... information, I am happy to report, that has the virtue of reflecting a sincere and loving Christian attitude.

    In light of those limitations, what I am going to do (prayerfully, of course) is to highlight some false anti-Christian teachings that have provided the perfect straw men that made Islam succeed in the first place. When the true Bible teachings are known, the path is cleared for Moslems who can receive a love of the Truth to become the Caners and millions of other former Moslems have done whenever they understood that the Gospel of Jesus is not corrupt--as they are taught--but that it is the plan of a loving Father God offering eternal life equally to Jew and Gentile, to men and women, to all of us, no matter how great sinners and lost sheep we may be.

    One such false straw man that is very significant and was used by Muhammad as a spiritual pry bar that helped open the door to the acceptance of the Koran (and continued to help cause the dramatic spread of Islam in its first hundred years or so after it was launched in 622 AD) was a certain teaching of its chief Christian opposition. That opposition was, exclusively, of course, Roman Catholicism. Mohammedís reaction to his Catholic Christian contemporaries--as the Caners point out (pp.219,219)--was that they "...not only worshipped Christ, but gave adoration to Mary..." (Surah 5:116)...."And behold! Allah will say: ĎO Jesus the son of Mary! Did you say to men, Take me and my mother for two gods beside Allah?í He will say: ĎGlory to you! Never could I say what I have no right [to say]. Had I said such a thing you would have indeed known ití."

    From this can be seen the fact that a great catalyst in the launching of Islam over six centuries after Christianity began was not an attack on a teaching found in the Bible. No, no. Rather, it was an attack on a commandment made by men that became institutionalized in the Catholic religious organization in spite of that teaching being in clear opposition to what the Bible teaches on the subject. The importance of this distinction can hardly be overstated.

    Both sincere Moslems and Christians will agree that Satan is the ultimate adversary and cause behind all false religions and all false religious teachings. More, they will agree that the final word on what is from Satan and what is from God rests--in this case--on whether it is the uncorrupted Bible or the uncorrupted Koran that is from God.

    Is there any way to move toward a final answer to this hugely important question, a question which boils down to an assertion that a very great part of Islamís strength lies in its rejection of false Christian Church teachings which were not Biblical when Muhammad rejected them and, of course, are still not Biblical??

    I think there is a way to move toward that answer. See what you think....

    The worship of Mary (Mariolatry) is not the only major contra-Biblical doctrine that the Roman Catholic Church had ritualized and institutionalized by the time Muhammed set out to conquer the Christian World with his new religion of Islam, but it was a convenient doctrinal straw man that was central to Islamís success nonetheless. After all, Islam also accepted Jesus as the virgin born son of Mary and a prophet--but not the Son--of Allah.

    Consider: By accepting Jesus as being born of a virgin and being a prophet of Allah--but rejecting him as the Son of God--the Koran, and hence Islam, commits assault and battery on an important point of logic:

    a) Who but God could  have created a child in the womb of a virgin girl, namely, Mary?!

    b) Who would that child be if not the offspring--in this case, the Son--of its creator??  (HELLO!!) In the Koran, Allah denies emphatically several times that he has a son. (The explanation is given that Allah created the child Jesus like he created Adam. This makes no sense because there is no claim that Adam was born of woman as the Koran says Jesus was. As with apples and oranges, the comparisons here are fundamentally dissimilar and any attempt to make them the same is not only illogical, but downright ingenious, and hence deceptive and from Satan rather than God. This is sharp-pointed evidence that the god said to have been responsible for this comparison (Allah) is himself false and dishonest and could find no better way to get out of the self-inflicted conundrum of accepting Jesus as a Prophet of Allah born of a virgin. Islam has a real problem here.)

    c) Moreover, this pivotal teaching that Jesus was a prophet of Allah but emphatically not his son, adds up to this: It makes a prophet of God a liar! Why? This Jesus who is virgin born in the Koran is the same Jesus who is virgin born in the Bible. Yet, according to the Koran, the claims by Jesus in the Bible that he is indeed the son of God are lies. How then can this same virgin born Jesus be a prophet of Allah (God), and not be his son, as Jesus repeatedly said he was in the Bible...without being a liar? Does Allah have liars for prophets?

    If so, then why trust Muhammad or any other prophets in the Koran??

    Or is this just saying that it is the Bible that is lying and not Jesus or Allah?

    If that is the argument, then choosing to follow the Koran over the Bible is not a rational choice. Look: The entire credibility of the Koran and Islam rests on all-out commitment to believing in Muhammad--an illiterate man who had fits and revelations from Satan and believed that he was demon possessed. He had 11 wives (one 9 years old) and claimed to have been married to Mary the mother of Jesus and Mosesí sister Miriam and Pharoahís wife on his flight into the seven heavens. Muhammad was a superstitious man who recommended drinking camel urine for good health, and putting the right shoe on first and taking the left shoe off first. He also advocated dipping a housefly that might have gotten into oneís drink because one wing was diseased and the other held the cure (p.109). This is the man who went into the desert and came out with the Koran given to him by the archangel Gabriel.

    How credible is such a man when he is put alongside six hundred years of support for the New Testament claims of Jesusí Sonship from Jesus Himself, His Apostles, hundreds of contemporary witnesses and thousands of copiers of that sacred text before Muhammad ever brought out his alleged message from on high that was tailored to confuse and destroy Christianity?

    Further, such belief and commitment ignores the obvious, namely, a substantial part of the Bible was just lifted, edited and re-phrased, and put in the Koran. For example, Muhammad or somebody just changed Abrahamís son of promise from being Isaac to Ishmael, and then asserted that the parts of the New Testament Gospel that wouldnít fit with that change had been corrupted and the Koran was telling it like it is. Confusing, yes; but not very persuasive when you think about it.

    The Bible makes the point that Satan, not God, is the author of confusion (I Cor. 14:33).  Draw your own conclusions..

    d) The whole relegation of females to the level of chattel without souls on earth, and to Playboy Bunnies in Allahís version of paradise, is a real eye-opener as to the Koranís--and hence, Islamís--view of God. This view is in sharp contrast to the Bible view wherein there "is no male nor female" social distinction in Godís eternal plan, a plan where both genders are counted as His Children and made "joint heirs" with Jesus (Gal. 3:28,29). The Koran teaches that females are possessions and that their primary assignment in marriage and in Allahís paradise is to service men sexually, not only speaks volumes about the gíd of this tome but reveals a very suspicious kinship with the view of females found in that other antithesis of the Bible, i.e., the Talmud (HERE, p.6).

    e) Always in the Koran, Allah--who does not even ascribe souls to females--is also a bellicose God clamoring for holy war (Jihad) against all who oppose him. This, of course, is again in the sharpest contrast to the Biblical Jesus, the Prince of Peace, Who came to reveal the heart of His Father in a New Covenant with the whole world. (The Christian Crusades were, to be sure, an example of Christian Jihad. But again, that was a failed church-led operation which defied the Biblical way of conquest through love and Truth. Besides: No such unBiblical Christian Jihad occurred for half a millennia after the Koranic Jihad unleashed a bloodbath of conquest in its century-long debut. In short, the chief fact here is this: The Christian Crusades Jihad argument that Moslems employ to take the edge off of warlike proclivities ordained by Muhammad speaking for Allah in the Koran is a false argument. It is false because it uses an example (The Crusades) that is diametrically contrary to the Biblical teaching of conquest through love and truth and not by war. The Popes who fostered the Crusades were men with their own agenda, not the Bibleís. The Moslem leaders who fostered their centuryís of Jihad were true to their holy book. Which holy book is really "holy"; and which God is really "holy"?)

    f) Finally, Allah is to be feared and worshipped obediently, frequently, and ritually with little or no personal interaction from his dutiful subjects given or required. In sharp contrast to Allah, the Biblical Father God invites those who love and worship Him to call Him "Daddy" (Abba) and be joint heirs with His only begotten Son for eternity in a sin-free environment where they will build their own houses and raise their own food (Is. 65:21), live in immortal flesh and blood bodies (Is. 66:23), have children (Is. 11:6,8; 65:23;66:21), visit their town house mansions in the New Jerusalem lovingly built by their half-brother Jesus (John 14:2,3), partake of the wonders there and worship Father and Son Who choose to dwell with them (Rev. 21:3;22:1; etc.).

    When these plain Bible Truths snuff out the plethora of man-made doctrinal distortions in the Churches of Christendom during the coming Fall of Babylon, there wonít be much hesitation on the part of tens of millions of truth-loving Moslems in seeing which religion is from a God they want to follow and serve and worship eternally.


    There was another major contra-Biblical doctrine besides Mariolatry that the Roman Church was institutionalizing by the time Muhammad set out to conquer the Catholisized world with his new religion of Islam. This doctrine was also broached at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D, reinforced at the Council of Constantinople in 381 A.D., stiffened in France and Spain in the 5th and 6th centuries before Muhammad emerged from the desert with the Koran in 622 A.D.

    This other Bible-twister came to be called The Trinity Doctrine. This distortion of the Biblical truth about the Christian Godhead was ready-made for a Satanic angel of light to bollix up and turn into a model of confusion which was designed to produce a doctrine that not even its strongest advocates can cause to make sense or stand up to determined Biblical exegesis to this day.

    But more to the point here, it made room for another religion besides Judaism to claim to be a champion for an iron-clad monotheist dogma which would permit no begotten Son of God in the Godhead picture.  Such a new religion could become a formidable enemy of the Roman Churchís developing Trinity doctrine and hence all Christianity at that time and yet today. It could simultaneously be a covert ally of Talmudic Phariseeism in its undying war with Biblical Christianity--without ever dealing with what the Bible really teaches about the Godhead question.

    This was, in short, a Satanic strategy that could be carried out without actually confronting the true Biblical teaching about the Godhead. Also, Judaism could be a silent ally of Muhammadanism in its century of conquest of Christian real estate because of the adamant monotheistic stand taken by both religions.

    The true teaching about the Biblical Godhead would have nullified such collusion however, because that true teaching retains an unshakable monotheistic emphasis (HERE - HERE). It does so, however, in a way that provides for Jesus to be not only the begotten Son of God but also, for a specified time--i.e., from His obedience on the cross until ALL power and authority is returned to the Father ( I Cor. 15:24...)--to be made God over everything (Matt. 28:18) by the only power that could delegate such authority, namely the all-powerful monotheistic Godhead of the Bible: Jehovah God, the Father Himself.

    This new religion of Islam--with its starkly monotheistic godhead and simultaneous honoring of Jesus as one of Allahís prophets--was designed to be (and has been!) a doubly potent deception in Satanís arsenal. With it he could schmooze and soften the overly harsh hatred of Jesus embodied in Pharisaic Monotheism (HERE, pp. 7,8) while at the same time accomplish his goal of preventing Jesus from being the actual begotten Son of God. This Son of God teaching, is, of course, an even greater sticking point of Phariseeism because, after all, that teaching means that their religious leaders had killed the Son of God just as Jesus said they would, having killed every other Prophet that God had sent to them (Luke 13:33.34; also; HERE).

    By way of contrast, the Biblical Truth about the Godhead would have given Islam no such platform to be the great adversary and stumbling block to Christianity that it has been for over fourteen centuries and continues to be to this hour.... This is all just as Satan intended and God has allowed, of course (I. Tim. 4:1b; Acts 15:18) by permitting the Catholic church to corrupt the Biblical Godhead teaching into the unintelligible Trinity Doctrine that remains today, and in virtually all Protestant Churches also. (The Unitarian Protestant faction--in an attempt to remove this stumbling block to Biblical Truth has only succeeded in erecting another stumbling block which also misses the Scriptural requirements and has millions barking up the wrong tree over the Godhead question.)

    So, the proverbial bottom line here is that the Biblical Truth about the Godhead would have deprived Islam of its doctrinal backbone all these centuries, namely, a "purist" type monotheism. In Islam Unveiled the Drs. Caner write of when..."Muhammad and his best friend Abu Bakr eluded the assassins and arrived safely in Medina on September 24, 622. Here, the new band of believers in Allah was well received in an area that had a strong tradition of Jewish monotheism. The prophet quickly acclimated himself to the cultural customs of Judaism...." (pp. 46,47) About six years later, Muhammad "marries Sufia, a Jewish woman." (p.53)

    Indeed, when all the dots are connected on this matter it is difficult not to see how it has been the Talmud/Kabbalah Pharisees who have gained the most from Mohammadís return from the desert with a new Bible-crippling religion in tow. (That method of entrance of a "holy book" into the world tends to bring to mind the golden plates that Joseph Smith envisioned and got from the hills of New York, namely, The Book of Mormon, thus birthing another Bible-wrecking religious schism). But God also allowed the early Christian Church to be corrupted by these contra-Biblical doctrines so that HE--the sovereign monotheistic GOD--could present the Truth of the matter when HE brings Babylon down in a way that can and will bring many millions of Moslems (and ultimately, Jews) into the Biblically purified, final Christian Church.

    Finally, on that note, it can be said that the Biblical Truth about the Godhead is something that God in His infinite wisdom, fairness, mercy, and love will supernaturally impose upon the Christian Churches first (HERE), and then upon the whole world, Islam included (Rev. 17:14).  During that "war" all of Satanís deceptions upholding his empire of Babylon--not the least of which is centered on this Trinity confusion--will be exposed so that everyone will know what is Truth from the God of Truth, and what are lies from the gíd of lies. Then, on the basis of that sure knowledge, everyone can choose whom they will follow through the coming Trumpet Plagues, and the "little season" which ends on the last day of this earthís history.

    So, what, then, is the Biblical Truth about the Christian Godhead and the Trinity doctrine that can defuse the monotheism stumblingblock at the heart of not only Islam, but Orthodox Judaism as well??

    Is it possible that this true Godhead can include the Biblical Jesus as Godís Son in a way that satisfies all Scripture on the subject and, at the same time, give Truth-loving Moslems (and Jews!) the assurance that Jesus always deferred to Jehovah God as the ONE WHO IS "GREATER THAN I" (John 14:28?

    Is it not possible that the total authority that Jesus was given (Matt. 28:18) --because of His obedience (Phil. 2:8,9;Heb.5:8; Mark 14:36)--will be returned to the Father when the plan for this earth is finished so that "God may be "all in all" (I Cor.15:28)?

    Then, is it not possible that--as those Scriptures plainly show--Father God will eternally be the Supreme Ruler --i.e., the Monotheist God of the Bible?

    Then, again, is it not possible that all who honor Jehovah God as omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient and incapable of lying (Titus 1:2) will see and accept that Father God has instituted a simple, typically father-like Plan whereby He hands over to His obedient and only begotten Son His own authority and His own Title and His Permission to carry out part of that Plan...and then turn it all back over to Him when that part of the Plan is completed...just as Scripture plainly teaches?? This Plan is not confusing. It is simple and easy to understand. And it is Biblical right down the line.

    So we see once more that the Trinity Doctrine that was being increasingly promoted by the only Christian Church that Muhammad faced was yet another doctrinal decoy advancing Satanís agenda, and was not really an attack on the Bibleís true teaching on the subject at all. If this false doctrine--along with Mariolatry--had not been important to the Catholic Church monopoly of Christianity in Mohammadís day, there would have been no real appeal in the "Monotheistic Purity" platform for Islam. There would have been no compelling reason to accept a virgin born Jesus and simultaneously (and illogically!) deny Him Sonship. There would have been no excuse for following a sexist, jihadist tyrannical godhead when Heaven is open to everyone under the sovereign Biblical Godís Plan through Christ.

    And, of course, all of these same conditions apply in todayís turbulent world! That is why "Babylon/confusion", i.e., Satanís Empire built on these and other anti-Bible doctrines furthered by subverted Church organizations (I Tim. 4:1; II Cor. 11:13-15) must...and will...Fall "one hour" after a World Government is seated. And that is why Godís Judgment must and will begin in the Christian Churches (I Pet. 4:17,18; HERE). All that has been Biblical throughout church history, God will salvage. All else will be exposed so that Christians first--and then the rest of the world--will know what the true Bible teachings are, and what our Father God who spread those teachings through His Son Jesus is really like. Only then--as Godís Truth is forced on the world (Rev. 17:14) and Babylon is falling-- can each person decide whether to get on Godís side or Satanís (Rev. 18:4).

    The Scriptural details for erasing the confusion on this major doctrinal snare involving the Trinity have been worked out and can be tested (again: HERE & HERE).

    All of Godís people are living in Satanís spiritual Babylon today; that is to say, they are all ensnared in his web of deceit about what is true and what is false. The Fall of Babylon is a brief period ("one hour, one day"; Rev. 18:8,10,17,19; i.e. c. 2-3 months). During this coming time frame God is going to reveal His Truths in such a way so as to separate people who side with Them and with Him and Jesus...from those who prefer to follow the father of lies (John. 8:44) and align themselves with the World Government Satan will have just established (Rev. 13:2b, 4). "Come out of her [Babylon] MY PEOPLE..." will be the call God issues to the whole world "one hour" after the Biblically prophesied Global Government is seated (Rev. 18:4;17:12,13).

    So, itís all as close as the seating of that long-sought, anti-Christ Global Government which has now become the mantra in speeches by world leaders everywhere. That World Government which was foretold in the Bible over 1900 years ago is now preparing to come on stage. Whether Christian or Moslem or anything else, if we listen carefully we can hear that corpulent diva spraying her tonsils in the wings and getting ready to sing the final aria in Godís End Time Drama (HERE).


    Although the subject of Heaven is Godís ultimate motivator, the Christian Churches--from even before Mohammadís time until today--have totally failed to exploit this motivation in the very specific way the Bible prescribes that it is to be done.

    Instead, if one hears any Bible on the subject, it is I Corinthians 2:9:

"But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,

neither have entered into the heart of man

the things which God hath prepared

for them that love Him."

    BUT!--Check the very next verse (v.10):

"But God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit:

for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God."

    No matter what one wants those two verses to say, what they do say is that God has revealed those things that He has prepared for those who love Him, things which we havenít seen or heard, and He has done so by His Holy Spirit.

    That message from God to His people was given through the Apostle Paul in fulfillment of the promise Jesus made to His disciples:

"...But when the Comforter is come,

Whom I will send to you from the Father,

even the Spirit of truth,

which proceedeth from the Father;

He shall testify of Me...(John 15:26)

...when He, the Spirit of truth, is come,

He will guide you into all truth...(Jn. 16:13)

    So, Biblically, the promised Holy Spirit to be sent by the Father was--amongst a number of other miraculous gifts to believers (I Cor. 12:7-11; & HERE)--specifically sent to reveal to all Christians what their natural eyes and ears could not see and hear about what God had prepared for those who love Him. No one has seen or heard or even thought about Godís promised New Earth with its farms and children and its New Jerusalem with its great dimensions and splendiferous walls and town-house mansions that Jesus said He was preparing for His own (Is. 65:17,18; 66:22; 11:6,8; Rev. 21:1,10-22; 22:1-5; John 14:3; etc.).

    But what is not seen nor heard can be both seen and heard through the Holy Spiritís written descriptions in the Bible! (HERE) How simple is that?!

    The Holy Spirit of Truth Whom Father God gave to Jesus without measure (John 3:34) and Who "proceeds only from the Father" (John 15:26)--has authored the Bible through chosen men (I Tim. 3:16,17) but has no such role in the Koran of Islam. As the few passages cited above will attest, this author of the Bible--the Holy Spirit of Father God--has already put all sorts of descriptions of what Heaven on the New Earth will be like. Churches have allowed this greatest of all Godís motivators to be diluted, warped, fantasized, and even prohibited, and has opted for the lies put upon them by Satanís doctrine twisting specialists...which God warned about numerous times (I Tim. 4:1b; II Cor. 11:13-15; I John 4:1; II Pet. 2:1; Rom. 16:17,18; etc.).

    If Christians will take God at His promise, they can see things in the Bible that the Holy Spirit has put there that will show them that there will be marriage*, children, houses, food, government, worship, ineffable beauty and peace, and much, much more on the heavenly, eternal New Earth.

    All of this understanding is totally missing in the Koran, but is open to "whosoever will" love Jehovah God and accept what His Word says about His only begotten--and infinitely obedient--Son, Jesus the Christ.

(*Preachers who deny there will be marriage and families in heaven have consistently left out the key words proceeding "there will be no marrying nor giving in marriage" passages they stress endlessly (Matt.22:30; Mark 12:24). Because of this blind and unnecessary omission they have badly messed up peopleís minds about heaven and have short circuited the power this motivator can have in the Church...and will have when Babylon Falls and the confusion about heaven is cleared up! This whole subject about what heaven will be like--with the appropriate scriptural certification-- is covered in a 110 page book entitled: Heaven: Godís Love Story which can be ordered HERE.)

    As far as Islam is concerned, let it be underscored again: No such eternal provisions from a God of love is found in the Koran. The very concept of a God Who wants those who love Him and His Truths to dwell with Him as His Adopted Children forever...and with His Obedient Son as beloved half-brothers and sisters full of joy and peace and abhorrence of all not only foreign to Mohammadanism, it is anathema to it! "God IS love" the Bible says (I John 4:8). Indeed: "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son...(Jn. 3:16); and that Son obediently shed His blood for the sins of the world...and also to prevent the scores of prophesies in the Old Testament from being falsified which would have made His Father a liar and the whole Bible untrustworthy.

    All this will be made clear when Babylon Falls. Scores, perhaps hundreds of millions of honest-hearted Moslems will opt for Godís Biblical Heavenly Plan and gladly elevate the Jesus they were taught was only a prophet, to the status of the obedient Son of Father God that He is given in the Bible. When they understand Godís Plan for Jesus to come as a baby and grow to adulthood and "be tempted in all points like we are..." (Heb. 4:15) , they will see how Father God wants the world to know--through Jesusí life--what kind of Father that HE, Jehovah God, really is Himself.

    They will learn that the Biblical God of perfect fairness and mercy and love has made provision for centuries of misguided Moslems to go to Heaven who have died as truth seeking servants under the only religion they knew.

    These multiplied millions will be the "good" that are resurrected separately (John 5:28,29) from the faithful Christian dead (I Thess4:13-18). These millions upon millions--along with millions of honest-hearted truth-seeking servants in other religions and no religion--will be counted as "born again" according to I Jn. 2:29; Acts 10:35; John 15:22; III John v.11; etc. Their names will be among the names on the Holy Spiritís book of the Saved on Judgment Day (Rev.20:12.13). This great multitude will be saved and redeemed by Jesus on the spot and "presented faultless with exceeding joy" by Jesus (Jude 24) to His and their Father, Jehovah God, Who is once again "all in all" (I Cor. 15:24), i.e., the monotheistic God of the Universe wherein Jesus will sit at His right hand on the same throne in that Heavenly New Jerusalem (Rev. 22:1).

    Moslems and Christians alike are invited once again to take a deep breath, swallow hard, and take a careful look at these messages (HERE - HERE - HERE) which go along with this essay. Those messages will be a big help in making the choices that must be made very shortly after the Biblically prophesied (and Koran-ignored!) Global Government is installed....

Remember what  Jesus said:

Let not your heart be troubled;

you believe in God,

believe also in me.

John 14:1