Christian Zionism’s Powerful Role In The U.S./Israel Alliance

(The essentials in this information on the '08 USA Presidential election apply smoothly to the '12 election as of May, 2012) 

A noticeable emphasis on religious matters was uncorked in the primaries of the globally monitored ‘08 USA Presidential Campaigns. This was part of a Pandora’s Box of religious issues which almost caused Christian Zionism’s role in the U.S. Israel Alliance to get real media focus. Those developments fit the purpose of this web page (i.e., to expose evolutionism in all its guises) and thus deserve some elaboration as the same dynamics are evident in the2012 elections: 


Recall first the fact that in the early debates all candidates were asked if they believed in evolution.  Odd??  Not really. After all, belief that evolution is counted as a proven scientific explanation for the origin of the Universe, Earth, and Mankind has become the cornerstone of modern man’s “knowledge”.1   So, we have to be sure that all presidential candidates are on board on this one, don’t we?


Fast forward to Pres. Bush’s speech before the Knesset (5/14/08; Israel’s 60th birthday).  Going beyond vows made by past presidents, Bush II forcefully emphasized that the goals and policies of the USA and those of Zionist Israel are inseparable, and unchangeable. And--all but calling candidate Obama by name--he warned against any wavering on that commitment by any future president. 


Though this warning itself--given in a foreign country--was unprecedented in American politics, the heavy emphasis on the unique and ongoing U.S./Israeli alliance was standard stuff. It was just being sung an octave higher by Pres. Bush because of a perceived threat to that alliance in an Obama presidency.


Not surprisingly, this perception quickly caused the spotlight to shift to Democrat Obama (who was then pressured relentlessly to show proper fealty to Israel).  However, the spotlight unexpectedly landed also on Christian Zionist Mega Church Pastors John Hagee and Rod Parsley.  Both of these Evangelists had given their sought-after endorsements to John McCain, the Bush-endorsed Republican Candidate.


McCain--a fervent supporter of Israel--welcomed the equally fervent pro-Israel support of these Christian Zionist leaders in getting the votes of the so-called “Religious Right” Republicans. After all, that voting bloc had twice secured Bush’s election and had played major roles in winning Congressional seats for decades.


This cozy arrangement, however, suddenly proved to be politically radioactive. Media clips promptly emerged revealing Hagee’s anti-Catholic comments and strange assertions about Hitler, followed by Parsley’s heavy handed Islam bashing.  Seeing a trap opening, Sen. McCain unceremoniously threw both men under the bus.  So the question is: Did “something big” slip into the spiritual/political bloodstream of the media controllers that will not stay under the bus?  


What “something big” would that be?  What’s going on?!  Try these facts:


            Zionism: Though a majority of Jews are secular and most of the rest are splintered into literally scores of sects 2,  there is a hard core religious group which--in or out of power--continues to claim that Israel’s Temple must be re-built and its alleged “Biblical Boundaries” be extended into its surrounding neighbor’s territory. (These boundaries can include land from the Nile to the Euphrates, as some say, or, at least, all of Palestine and parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Arabia, and Egypt.). 3

            Christian Zionism: This religious doctrine says the same thing about the Temple and those borders (and a lot more) that the Zionist religionists say! This is the doctrine that is adhered to by basically all of the Trinity Broadcasting Network Evangelists, with Hagee4 and Parsley (and Falwell; etc.5) being just a few of the mostly Baptist and Pentecostal leaders who have great influence over c. 50 million in the USA alone. (Most non-Christian-Zionist Christians would probably agree that TBN’s  global outreach would be a potentially tremendous Christian asset if it weren’t for its Zionist Zealotry in bald violation of repeated New Testament Scriptures. More, it raises the serious question doesn’t it, of whether the great success of TBN has come to pass precisely because of its all-out teaching and support of Zionist Israel’s so-called Biblical Borders and Temple rebuilding plans?  In and of itself, would we not be talking about a very large can of worms here relevant to U.S. Foreign Policy??)


So, what is the deeper meaning and importance of this peculiar spiritual alliance between Pharisee Zionism and Christian Zionism which asserts that American Foreign Policy will always be on Zionist Israel’s side??  It is certain that no two religions could be further apart than Talmud/Kabbala-based Rabbinic Judaism with its “Zionist Dream”...and New Testament-based Christianity!  Also, no part of the U.S. Constitution will support the Temple and Religious Borders plans of a religion,  anti-Christ or not.  How has all this stayed under the media radar?!


Go figure: The Talmudists say that Jews are g’d’s only real people and all others are animals; that women are inferior to men; that sodomy and pedophilia are OK; that Jesus was a bastard born of a whore; that He is boiling in feces and semen in hell; that His New Testament is blank paper; that it is OK to cheat, rob, and kill Christians particularly (and other non-Jews generally; etc.).7 Also, the Kabbala says that a “big bang” 15 billion years ago “created” everything through an evolutionary process, with or without some guidance by the g’d or goddess or force of your choice, EXCEPT the God of Biblical Creation Who used no evolution at all.8


You do begin to see why belief in evolution along with U.S. fealty to Zionist Israel, 

constitute a religious litmus test for U.S. Presidential Candidates, do you not??


By way of contrast, Bible Christians say that all people are created equal; that God is no respecter of race or gender; that Jesus is the only begotten son of God through the virgin Mary; that anyone can become God the Father’s adopted child and Jesus’ half brother or sister... and equal heirs with Jesus eternally; that sexual perversion and cheating and robbing and murder are unacceptable; that all that exists was created in six literal days by the only God Who needed no evolution to do it. 9


So, surely, there remains no way to get around the transcendent importance of the  evolution issue.  All U.S. Presidential Candidates must be tested on the evolution issue so as to eliminate any potential atavistic return to the God of the Biblical Creation by any White House occupant.  Whoever is in that seat must also genuflect and guarantee protection of the admittedly Satan-led, anti-Christ Zionist Rabbinate.10 The final touches for global rule based upon the knowledge-controlling Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of evolutionism has just about finished its work.11


All of this very real but never newsworthy spiritual collusion between the U.S. Government and Israel--and involving all of the Mid-East and beyond)--has been and now is made possible by the support and teaching of Christian Zionists.  These folks certainly put Bush over the top in both 2000 and 2004, and McCain came fairly close in ‘08. Truth is, he got virtually all of those votes because of his Israel -first policy... even though--politically--he had to distance himself from Hagee, Parsely, et al.


So, a final fact about this global spiritual warfare is taking shape: We now know that every concept that makes up the textbook evolutionary explanation for the origin of all that exists is found in the Zohar/Kabbala of the Pharisee Religion.12 In short, the evolution-based Big Bang “creation scenario” is not “secular” science, as the whole world has been led to believe, but is just as religious as the “creation scenario” found in the Bible of the Christian Religion.  Both explanations are Religious.  Neither is “secular” science.13 Big Question for All: "Which religion will I follow”?!


Once these interconnected facts are spread globally, every living person will learn that they have been deceived by the Pharisee Religion masquerading as “theoretical science”.   All will learn that they have been tricked into believing that evolutionism is “secular” when we now know it is another religion with another “creation story” and another g’d (Satan)14 who cannot be the God of the Bible.


Mrs. Tzipi Livni was favored to become Israel’s new Prime Minister.  She said: In order for us to be a democratic and a Jewish state, in the long run, we’ll have to give away some of the land.  She has ...”accepted a two state solution for Israelis and Palestinians....”15 If she had been elected, and really tried and succeeded in bringing about a two state solution (as 63%--68%  Israelis polled want), that would have been a real blow to the Christian Zionist “Secret Rapture-Left Behind” Dispensationalist Eschatology as expressed in a mountain of books, CDs, movies, sermons, etc.  A peaceful solution in Israel is anathema to the Christian Zionists and to “Biblical border” Zionists also (for very different reasons!). So, of course, Netanyahu stole the election. Don’t forget: The Zionist State itself is the “messiah” codified in Kabbalists Maimonides & Nachmannides’ 12th & 13th century writings.16 This concept is resisted by many religious Jews and is totally rebuked in the New Testament of Jesus Christ.


This, and much more, is just a glimpse of where the spiritual warfare that is coming upon the world (disguised as politics, economics; etc.) is headed! 


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