He that answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame unto him. Proverbs. 18:13


Teachings which claim to be Biblical, but are not, cause millions of people to be confused about whether they can trust it or not.  Surprisingly, many of those false doctrines are built on changing just one Biblical word or its meaning.  Here are 12 examples. See what great deceptions have been hatched by just changing a word!


Example #1 - The word “SUN”

Joshua said: “SUN, stand thou still ...and the SUN stood still...” (Joshua 10:12,13). This plain teaching tells everyone that the Biblical God says it is the sun and not the earth that moves.  Nevertheless, all churches have changed that meaning in both verses to: “Earth stand still...and the Earth stood still”.  Scores of other sun moving Scriptures (HERE - HERE)--are ignored or pooh-poohed.  To this very hour there is no proof from “science falsely so called” to justify this pivotal change (HERE - HERE). Neither is there one verse of Scripture which says that the Earth rotates and orbits the sun!  Nevertheless, the churches--even the Creationists (HERE - HERE)--continue to stonewall against attacking and exposing this indispensable, yet vulnerable guarantor of the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm’s success!


Example #2 - The word “NEW”

The Bible emphatically and repeatedly teaches that God promises a NEW earth and NEW heavens that will replace (not “renew”) this Old earth and Old heavens.  Anyone who will take ten minutes and read these clear Bible promises will know what changing the meaning of this one word can do to two key Biblical doctrines: (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; Matthew 24:35; Luke 21:33; II Peter 3:10-13; Revelation 20:11; 21:1).  When one sees the effect of changing or reversing the meaning of this one God-breathed adjective, one also sees how Satan has been able to create a false “end time scenario” which virtually controls Christian eschatology today (HERE).  (God warns: “Don’t change my words!! Deut. 4: 2; Matt. 24:35; Rev. 22:18,19).  HE meant it!!


Example #3 - The word “RETURN” [when speaking of Christ]


Many times the Bible teaches that Christ would return after His ascension.  But nowhere in the Bible does it teach that--after His ascension--he would ever set foot on this old earth again.  This conclusion is unavoidable in the Scriptures.  Failure to stick to what the Word says on this crucial understanding has paved the way for huge distortions of the Bible’s true “end time” teachings.  Those false teachings now control and trap tens of millions of Christians (HERE) who have embraced the Millennium teaching which declares that Christ’s return will be on the ground in Jerusalem. This teaching is not Scriptural. You can know why: (HERE)


Example #4 - The words “COMING KING”

There is no Scripture which teaches that Jesus is coming to be king and rule over this old earth There is clear Scripture which says that He received “all power over heaven and earth” from the Father minutes after Mary Magdalene talked to Him in the cemetery just after His resurrection, and that  He has been King ever since.  You will not have to read far into this link to know what the Bible really says on this doctrinally loaded matter. (HERE)


Example #5 - The words “DAY AND NIGHT”

It is almost unbelievable what damage has been done to a Biblical understanding of Heaven--God’s greatest motivator--by not only the cardboard counterfeit millennium teaching, but by quenching the Holy Spirit’s descriptions of the New Jerusalem (on the NEW Earth). Songs, sermons, and books have foolishly hung the supernaturally magnificent NEW Jerusalem on nothing out in space somewhere because they do not believe that it is on a New Earth.  Then, equally foolishly, they wrongly interpret “there will be no night there”.  They do this by denying plain Scriptures which show that there is both day and night on the huge New Earth and that it is only inside the huge New Jerusalem pyramid (375 miles tall) that no other light than that which emanates from Jesus is required for illumination. (HERE - HERE).


Example #6 - The word “MILLENNIUM”

It will have become clear from Examples one through five that there is to be no return of Christ for a “millennial” reign on this old earth which is to pass away never to be seen again.  In spite of the plain Biblical warning not to do so, the “thousand year” references in Rev. 20 have been made into a literal thousand year doctrine.  This doctrine is united with and is indispensable to the false teachings about the Rapture and Christ’s Return.  God--in II Peter 3:8--warned the “brethren” not to “be ignorant” by taking any “thousand year” references literally. Ignoring  this explicit warning from God has opened the door for a combination of “end time” errors that now blind all Evangelical Christians.  Read about the real source of the “millennial” doctrine (HERE p.1). Check also the many Scriptures which declare that the “thousand year” references of Rev. 20 must be “figuratively” interpreted for the simple reason that the events connected with those references all occur during the 7th Trumpet time frame which can only last about 2-3 months. (HERE).


Example #7 - The word “EVERLASTING”

In both OT Hebrew and NT Greek this word can mean “perpetual” & “eternal”;  OR it can mean: “a long time”- “a peremptory terminus” - “an age”- “a Messianic period” - “a duration”.... So, obviously, applying the wrong one of these meanings to the subject which “everlasting” is modifying can make or break major doctrines! For example, the description everlasting covenant appears numerous times in the Old Covenant God made with the Hebrew tribes before Jesus came. This use of “everlasting” cannot mean “perpetual or eternal” since the New Covenant is for “whosoever will”. (Also: see Gal 3:7,8,16-18,24-29, etc., etc.)  Likewise, there is an end to the OT “everlasting priesthood” in the New Covenant. In the NT “everlasting punishment (e.g., Matt:25:46),, and  “everlasting fire” (e.g., Matt. 18:8) are used to certify an eternal torture chamber hell doctrine when Is. 66:24 et al say no way is this punishment “everlasting.  See Scriptural proof of no consciousness in hell (HERE). 


Example #8 - The word “FOREVER”

The situation with the word “forever” is the same as with the word “everlasting”.  They are listed as synonyms in the Concordance. Note these examples: HERE.


Example #9 - The word “TORMENT or TORMENTED”

Rev. 20:10: “And the Devil...was cast into the lake of fire...and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”  It clear from the “for ever” and “everlasting” options, (and from Is.14:16!), that the Devil is eternally lifeless.  Also, the first connotation of the word “tormented” shows how this doctrine has been twisted until it mocks the Bible’s merciful God. Note that “torture” is not the preferred connotation: “1. “a testing by the touchstone, by which gold and other metals are tested”; 2. torture. (Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, p.96.). All details HERE.


Example #10 - The words “TILL INIQUITY WAS FOUND IN THEE”

Referring to Satan (Ezekiel 28:15), these words have been used to construct a false (and now dominant) understanding of the Biblical Satan that God wants His People to get rid of. It says: Satan was good (heavenly choir director, some say).  But then, because of pride, he rebelled and went bad. Jesus contradicts this understanding head on: “You are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father you will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth [why?], because there is no truth in him.... (John 8:44; I Jn. 3:8). Understand the true Biblical Satan: HERE.


Example #11 - The word “DAY”

In all of the shipload of books, sermons, teachings, etc., about Armageddon, has anyone encountered a description of this “battle” that lasted only one day and involved no clash of armies on the ground?? Maybe you have; I haven’t. Yet, this is what the Bible pointedly teaches.  Check out these five pages on the subject: HERE.


Example #12 - The word “GENERATION”

This word (Matt. 24:34) is the load-bearing argument for the Preterit View of eschatology (HERE). The Greek does not limit the meaning to 30-40 years as the Preterits assume. Rather, it can mean “a race of men”-“a perverse race”-“the Jewish race”-“stock, race”...which all fit the  context perfectly, requiring no 70 AD theory for fulfillment. In the other verses upon which the Preterit View is built (Mt.16:28; Mk.9:1;Luke 9:27) Mark 9:1 adds two facts not in Mt. and Luke: 1)  Jesus is talking to “the people” as well as His disciples (Mark 8:34); 2) Mark uses the more definitive “till they shall have seen” instead of “till they see”. Thus, since seeing the “kingdom of God come“ was to be only months away (Ex.#4), “some” in that crowd would not even (taste”:i.e., experience) death until they had seen that kingdom come.


There are many more such examples.  Watch out for them!