Members of Congress, FYI: The CUFI Lobby is an Unconstitutional Trojan Horse

July 10-21, 2008

"Christians United For Israel" is a misleading label for a little understood, but powerful lobby.  Many of its present members were instrumental in getting the United States to pre-emptively and illegally make war on Iraq in '03.  The accurate anagram is not CUFI, but CZUFI, i.e., "Christian Zionists United For Israel".

CZUFI opposes a two-state solution with the Palestinians.  It supports Israel's expansion to its so-called "Biblical Borders".  It has aligned itself with the Zionists in Israel on these matters et al. Polls in Israel on these pivotal issues recently showed 63- 68% want a two-state solution.  Mrs. Livni--favored to become Israel's Prime Minister--says: "In order for us to be a democratic and a Jewish state, in the long run, we'll have to give away some of the land." (TIME: 6/16/08, p.44)  She "...has accepted a two state solution for Israelis and Palestinians...." (ibid.)

Despite this hefty opposition in Israel itself (and amongst many American Jews and millions of non-Zionist Christians), CUFI, under Pastor Hagee's leadership, will be lobbying your office in D.C. the 21st. He is galvanizing a movement of c.50 million (his #) of "Christian Zionist" partisans to pressure Congress into imposing CUFI's demands on Iran (one country which resists the "Biblical Borders" goal).  That this pressure has the same potential--and even design--for pre-emptive war against Iran as it had in Iraq, few would deny.

Laying aside other reasons to resist and expose CUFI, consider just this one: All lobbying efforts to control American Foreign Policy (and resources of the U.S. Treasury and Military) in ways that help certify and advance the goals of known religious doctrines are patently unconstitutional efforts.

All branches of the U.S. Government must factor into their relations with the mid-East (and beyond) the certainty that there is one indispensable component of Christian Zionist "end time" doctrine that drives all its efforts to control U.S. policy vis a vis Israel.  That one component is to promote the expansion of Israel's boundaries to include at least all of Palestine, and parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Arabia, and Egypt.  Some go further, including land from the Nile to the Euphrates.

That central fact of the Christian Zionist's "end time" teaching envisions increasingly violent resistance to this planned Israeli expansionism (with U.S. compliance).  Just before a broad-based war (which includes Russia!) is ignited, Christ returns to rescue ("rapture") dead and living Christians to meet Him in the clouds. Great tribulation follows, culminating in Armageddon and the return of Jesus to Jerusalem to rule.

Numerous Biblical inaccuracies aside, CZUFI's attempt to direct the Foreign Policy and resources of the USA to advance this (or any other) religious agenda is manifestly opposed by the Constitution's "Establishment Clause" which, as you know, forbids the Government's involvement in giving tax-based support to any religion's agenda.  

The Fair Education Foundation, Inc.