March 2011 Bulletin

Twelve Angry Men


The setting in the 1957 movie entitled "Twelve Angry Men" was in a jury room from start to finish.   Eleven men had voted "guilty" on a verdict in a murder case. One man (Henry Fonda) explained that he had "a reasonable doubt" and wanted the Jury to re-examine the evidence and the witnesses' testimonies in the case.  After an hour or so of dramatic commentaries from the socially mixed eleven jurors, they all ultimately came around 180 degrees and found the alleged murderer "not guilty".


In that plot, one man--representing 1/12th (c.8.33%) of the jury room population--politely but firmly insisted that the evidence was weak, and there was "reason to doubt" their hasty conclusions. Justice prevailed and a man's life was saved.


To illustrate another application of this lesson in justice, let's expand that jury room population to include all of the many millions of adults in the world who could meet the criteria for being on a Jury.  Let's say that 11/12ths --or 91.67%--of this Global Jury is convinced that the evidence behind the Copernican Revolution of 1543 has been corroborated over the centuries and stands today as unchallengeable fact.


This Global Jury understands that this is a unique murder trial with Global Significance. Note Copernicus' prayer (under his portrait in Poland): "I do not ask for the grace granted to Paul, neither do I demand the forgiveness of Peter, but I do incessantly pray for the forgiveness which thou on the wood of the cross has granted to the murderer." [1-p.39]


So, this Global Jury understands that the murder victim in this case is the God of the Bible!  HIS very Life depends on its Truthfulness of His Word which states over 60 times that it is the sun that moves, not the earth. [2]  Starting with the Copernican Revolution (which all history agrees paved the way for the Darwinian Revolution [3]-[4]), the Philosopher Nietzsche in the 1880's announced God's murder and identified His murderer, saying: "God is dead. We have killed him with our science."


So, as with the movie, let's say that the same 1/12th --or 8.33%--of that Global Population has--like Henry Fonda--"reasonable doubts" as to whether the evidence really proves the Copernican case or not.  Like Fonda, they understand why the 91.67% believe as they do. Still, they insist that the evidence must be re-examined. WHY?...  Because the murder victim is Jehovah God and--by extension--His Son, Jesus Christ! This is a double murder which affects billions living and dead!


Here is what re-examining the fictitious claims of the Copernican Model will reveal: a) Every feature of the Model is an observation-denying assumption demanded by a previous assumption [5] b) Deny the rotating earth, and the whole model collapses. [6:Series I, Part II] c) Collapse the Model and you remove the keystone without which the ruling Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm also collapses.[7]-[8] d) The fact free Big Bang Universe is derived entirely from the Pharisee Religion.[9]-[10]-[11] , i.e., the Satan-worshiping [12] would-be murderer of the Biblical God and Jesus Christ.

Jesus summed up the connection between murder and lies this way: "The Devil was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him." (John 8:44)