January 2011 Bulletin

Satan's Waterloo: The Fall of Babylon


Babylon is Satan's Empire built entirely on deception. Deception causes confusion. "Babylon" means "confusion". "God is not the author of confusion." Hence, when the Bible teaches about Babylon's Fall "one hour" after a Global Government is established, it is teaching that all deceptions which characterize and uphold Satan's Babylon are Revealed in that time frame. (I Cor. 14:33;Rev. 17:12, 14-18; 14:6.7.8; 18:2,4).


Nothing like this Global Event has ever happened before.  The whole world is going to witness: a) Two categories of Satan's lies being supernaturally exposed; b) God's Truths come forth in a way that everyone on Earth will know which is which.


Those two categories of lies which have given Satan virtual control over mankind's knowledge today are: a) False Science. b) False Religion. Both categories have many parts. It seems humanly impossible that all those parts could be Revealed Globally in the "one hour" time frame (Rev. 17-12-18:2-3 months) the Bible allots for Babylon's Fall.


Yet, the God of the Bible--"Who has known all His works from the beginning of the world" (Acts 15:18)--has isolated and nursed one single Truth that is capable of bringing down ALL False Science and ALL False Religion in that short time frame.


That one single Truth--i.e., the very KEYSTONE of both God's True Science and of the Bible's Absolute Truthfulness--is something that has been observed every day and night throughout all history. That single Truth is the East to West movement of the sun, the moon, and the stars.  This East to West movement is confirmed by all non-theoretical science, and in over 60 Bible passages. [1] - [2: audio S.I, Pt II] - [3]


Still--based upon a mathematical model built entirely on assumptions [4]-[5: pp.1-2]--Satan has methodically erected his Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of evolutionism. This contra -scientific and contra-Biblical mountain of Virtual Reality Deceptions [6] is now in the world's textbooks as the "secular science" explanation for the Origin of all that exists. [7]


So, not only has the whole non-Christian World been thoroughly deceived by Satan's Copernican-dependent False Science, so has the whole Christian World…even its self-described Bible-only Fundamentalists!! [8] Babylon's promised Fall will change all that very quickly! There will be no way that any church can continue to ignore or alter God's promised exposure and destruction of the Bible-denying Copernican Lie. This keystone of Satan's Big Bang Evolution Lie must fall first. [9]


The Bible is clear: God's Judgment begins in the Churches. [10] HE has guaranteed the exposure of Satan's Evolution Idol [11] which was made possible by the Copernican Lie and remains dependent upon it. Thus, God's Revelation of the Copernican Lie will be Satan's Waterloo. That one lie is the Biblical catalyst that can force the identification and separation of ALL of Satan's lies from God's Truths. From Babylon's Fall to the last day of this old Earth's history [12] events will unfold as written over 1900 years ago. [13]  It all begins with a "one hour" advent of the seating of a Satan-empowered Global Government (Rev. 17:12-18; 13:2b).  [14]