The Rapidly Approaching Culmination of the Biblical Godís Plan From A to Z

    Atheists might as well face it and joyfully throw in the towel. I did. Millions have. It is just foolish in the extreme to deny the complexity, precision, function, and beauty that is evident in the designs throughout the heavens, on the earth, and in all life forms. False science--with its claims that an explosion of some kind of infinitesimal "cosmic egg" created the sun, moon, the stars, the earth, and all plants and animals, and you and me...over billions of years--is an incredibly cheeky but intrinsically stupid lie with which we are all indoctrinated day and night from pre-kindergarten to our last breath. (20 pages on all this HERE.)

    Once anyone mentally slaps themselves awake out of this incredible fog of deception about the origin of oneís self and every other thing that exists, the inescapable conclusion that the miraculous design evident everywhere demands a Supernatural Designer becomes a hard fact and Big Bangism and Evolutionism go down the toilet of crazy ideas with a loud whoosh.

    So--unless we are brain dead and/or bloated with false pride--we admit the inevitable, i.e., there has to be a designer with a capital "D" behind all this, and we might as well call this Designer GOD.

    OK, then what? What logically follows when this concession to inescapable reality is accepted intellectually?? Yes, intellectually. This is not a matter of faith in something unknown. Not at all. That conclusion is summed up perfectly here:

For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen,

being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead;

so that they [we] are without excuse.

(Rom. 1:20)

    So...what follows intellectually depends upon whether a person can or cannot receive this (or any other) disruptive Truth when that Truth becomes certain knowledge which oneís mind cannot reasonably deny. Since the most fundamental and elemental--and therefore the most foundational--Truth there is has to do with the Origin of all that exists, and since all the ineffable design everywhere demands a Designer God, the ball is in our court, so to speak.

    On this issue--whether we like it or not--we now know--that is to say--we now have certain, irrefutable, and inescapable knowledge that some ineffably smart and powerful entity Designed all that exists. Along with that, we are now faced with the inescapable knowledge that all that exists has not come into being by zillions of accidents over billions of years as most of the world has been persuaded to believe by a Theoretical Science Establishment.

    Then we learn that this theory-based establishment has surreptitiously and premeditatedly been bringing to pass an unreal Virtual Reality "creation scenario" (HERE) which is set forth in and entirely derived from the Christ-hating, Bible destroying religion of Kabbalism (begin: HERE).

    We, in short--no matter who we are when these long-suppressed Truths impact us--have come face to face with the very foundation of Truth upon which all our other beliefs are built. We have come face to face with the reality of an all-knowing, all-powerful God who has revealed Himself in the miraculous design and function of all that exists--certifying it all in His Word, the Bible--and we "are without excuse" when this fact sinks in.

    How, then, does this unavoidable encounter with this awesome God affect us when we know that He is real and that no fantasized pseudo-scientific Video Game about the Cosmos (erected by a handful of Rabbis and carried to fruition by a theoretical science establishment) is going to make HIM go away? What are some of the life-shaping implications for our own part in this ineffable Design? How do we feel...what do we do... when we get it solidly into our intellectual knowledge bank...that the foundational cornerstone of all knowledge is that there is an intellectually inescapable Originator/Creator of all that exists, that we call GOD, and that there is no sane way intellectually to escape that conclusion?! (HERE - HERE )??

    Of all the answers that could be attempted, these two shake out prominently: a) We will be positively driven to know more about this God of Creation, why He has done what He has done, and if "I" am included in His reasons for creating everything...and what those reasons are, or; b) Since we can not intellectually deny Him completely, we choose to muzzle and marginalize Him and relegate Him to a role of being some kind of impersonal clockwinder gíd who has no plan for our lives and no interest in what we do.

    Those most prominent options are precisely what everyone faces when the Designer God of all that exists replaces the mythology of naturalistic and nihilistic evolutionism. Either this is a Designer God Who has a Plan which includes every person ever conceived...or this is a designer g-d who takes no personal interest in mankind or any of the rest of his creation and has just sort of wound it all up and gone to lunch and is watching Law and Order re-runs for the rest of eternity.

    As long as these two basic options are abstractions supported by a hodge-podge of "religions" on the one hand, and, on the other, by the "science" controlling anti-Bible religion of Pharisaic Talmud/Kabbalism, the majorityís choice between these options would be completely predictable, wouldnít it? I mean, obviously, the worldís philosophical momentum for either getting rid of the Designer God altogether or re-admitting Him in some sort of paganist lineup of "gods" is in the home stretch as the 21st century gets its feet wet.

    But--intellectually speaking--if we have both oars in the water--the continuation of this momentum to either get rid of God, or ascribe to Him a clockwinder role, or reduce Him to one of several "gods" in a pagan lineup (HERE - HERE) is the height of futility. Such efforts are just as logically impossible exercises as denying the Designer God of all Creation in the first place.

    So letís frame the matter another way:

    First, we separate these two basic concepts of God: a) A g-d who has no personal interaction with mankind and no plan for him. b) A God Who desires to interact with mankind and has an eternal paradisiacal plan for those who meet certain modest conditions which have been put in writing in a two-part contract...or agreement...or Covenant, in which God is the Party of the First Part and each of us who is willing is the Party of the Second Part.

    Immediately, we recognize that the impersonal g-d of letter "a" is on a roll everywhere in the world today. Virtually all media and all academia supports the g-d of letter "a". Large and often dominant "denominations" within the major religions also follow this "religious humanism" concept...frequently with some Eastern reincarnation idea thrown into the mix.

    While some flavor of this "religious humanism" is the "in thing", i.e., the dominant belief system world-wide--the most curious and best kept secret about this phenomena--is this: This belief system is nothing more nor less than the religion of Talmud/Kabbala-based Judaism, i.e, modern day Phariseeism. If you doubt it, read what Jewish writers themselves have to say on the subject HERE, p. 6,7; HERE,  p. 2; HERE).

    Once that religious source of the nearly-triumphant impersonal gíd of letter "a" gets over into the "Real Fact" compartment of our minds, the role of theoretical science in establishing an evolutionary paradigm for the universe, the Earth, and mankind will become quite clear. That role--as emphasized throughout this Web Page--has been to bring about the Relativistic Big Bang Expanding Universe "Origins Scenario" of Kabbalist "sages" from centuries past (HaKanna, Nachmanides, Luria). When the Zionist Concept (of Rabam Maimonides, 12th century) is connected with Zionist/Kabbalist "scientists" Einstein, Penzias, Sagan et al, and NASAís "Origins Program" initiators, Sagan & Goldin, etc., etc., even the possibility of "coincidence" in all this is seen to be non-existent.

    Indeed, it becomes inescapably clear that the fusion of Kabbalist/Talmudist agendas with occult scientism has been the deceptive combination used to establish an alternate "Big Bang Evolutionary Creation Scenario" as the basis of modern manís "knowledge" (HERE). This "scenario"-rooted in the Big Bang Paradigm of Kabbalist Rabbis from at least the 1st, 12th, 13th, 16th , and 20th centuries: HERE - HERE - HERE)--is a religious concept through and through. It has nothing to do with True Science whatsoever. It is an anti-science operation wholly dependent on making fraudulent claims while using real technological advances (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE, etc.).

    Behind all this deception, the Christ-hating, supernaturally guided strategy of Phariseeism has relentlessly pursued its goal of destroying New Testament Christianity by destroying  the credibility of the Biblical Creation Account and the credibility of the rest of the Bible which depends upon its Creation Account being true..

    Satanís plan was simple: Without a credible Bible, a Virgin Born, resurrected Jesus bringing Father Godís loving eternal plan for mankind without respect of persons would flounder and ultimately vanish. And, if an ostensibly secular explanation for the Origin of all that exists could somehow replace the Biblical explanation, the credibility of the entire Bible would be irreparably broken and miracle-dependent Bible Christianity would die.

    In other words, the means to achieve the Satanic goal of destroying Christianity had to be something that was capable of destroying trust in the Bibleís account of the Creation of all that exists (HERE, p. 3). Such a feat would simultaneously destroy trust in the God of that Creation and render His whole Eternal Plan as set forth in The New Covenant of the Bible equally untrustworthy because its God had been "proven" false by an allegedly altruistic, wholly secular, "science establishment".

    So, the success of this plan lay with being able to establish an alternative "creation scenario", one which would not need the Biblical God but one that would be attributed to the interaction of "natural forces" acting without God altogether. Or, if one just insists on being "religious", some kind of gíd or gíds would be OK. The only belief that would be forever verboten would be a belief in the creator God of the Bible with an Eternal plan for salvation through Jesus. That One Belief and that One Plan would be anathema; the gíd of evolutionary "science" has ruled that Belief and that Plan out.

    The success of this mission to destroy the Bible as the embodiment of Godís Eternal Plan through His Son Jesus, has rested on convincing the world that the "Origins Scenario" with which it was to be indoctrinated was a totally secular model that was based strictly on manís ingenuity for giving it credibility. Success would depend upon fine-tuning this conviction that there was no religion and no god required to explain the origin of all that exists. People would be free to add in a gíd or gíds if they wanted long as the Biblical God and His Plan were ruled out.

    Satanís finalizing of this long gestating plan for destroying Christianity by destroying the credibility of the Bibleís Creation Account and replacing it with a Rabbinic/pseudo-scientific account is laid out plainly. All that is necessary to understand the world-controlling status of the insane Big Bang Origins Paradigm --now set for its final lunge to victory over the Bible--is to read and intellectually digest these three indisputable facts:

    1) All modern textbook "science" rests on an Evolutionary Paradigm which accepts a Relativistic, Big Bang, Expanding Universe that is 15 billion years old and 15 billion light years thick. This Evolutionary Paradigm says that the Earth is a 4.6 billion year old cosmic accident, that all plant and animal life and mankind itself evolved from comet-spewed bacteria until Darwinist mechanisms kicked in 3800 million years ago (HERE).

    2) All the concepts that make up this textbook evolutionary "science" paradigm (i.e., 15 billion years; Heliocentricity; Relativity, Big Bang, Expanding Universe) which now underpin all of modern manís "knowledge" (HERE) have their own specific ORIGIN. Each of those contra-Biblical, evolutionary explanations for the age, size, and Origin of the universe is found in the Zohar Kabbala, the mystic Holy Book of the religion of Pharisaic Judaism (HERE - HERE - HERE, p.5 - HERE).

    3) A reality-killing Virtual Reality mentality (HERE), and the fraudulent use of technology to give that mentality a scientific patina (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE), has relentlessly and successfully--and largely unwittingly!--promoted the Kabbalic Universe of modern day Phariseeism through rigorous indoctrination via compliant academic and media establishments. As the 21st century moves along, it is already commonplace for historians to refer to our time as the "post Christian era".

    The good news, however, is that--while the cat is not very far out of the bag relevant to people understanding these facts about the anti-Bible/anti-Christian agenda of Kabbalist Kosmology--it is out of the bag nevertheless! At the appropriate hour the God of Creation will exponentially expand that information which confirms the Pharisaic agenda and its methods. HE will then reveal and cause to succeed the one single Truth that He foreknew would be all that was necessary to bring Satanís Empire (Babylon) down. That One Truth is the oft-repeated--but totally abandoned!--Bible teaching that the Earth is the stationary and immovable center of a "small" universe with the sun and stars going around daily just as we see them go (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE, pp.10,11 )

    If anyone has the slightest doubt that exposing the mathematical model of Copernicus as merely an assumption-based lie (HERE) is all that is needed to bring about the swift destruction of every aspect of Satanís plans for his Babylonish empire, then let that person devote about two minutes to each of these questions:

    Question #1: Given the fact that the Copernican Revolution paved the way for the triumph of evolutionism in all areas of knowledge (HERE - HERE - HERE), and that todayís Big Bang Paradigm--with its alleged billions of light year distances and billions of years of evolutionism--is the capstone of that triumph, what do you think would be the effect upon all false science of exposing that Copernican Keystone of evolutionary cosmology and biology as a contra-scientific myth?

    Question #2) Given the fact that the essentials of todayís evolution-sustaining Big Bang Paradigm (15 billion years, Heliocentricity; Relativity, Big Bang, Expanding Universe) constitute a "creation account" found in the Mystic Kabbala (HERE - HERE - HERE)--and that this ancient Cabal has supplied a preponderance of the "scientists/religionists" from Einstein through Sagan to Schroeder today who have established those essentials of Big Bang evolutionism--along with Kabbalist Nachmanides who secretly revived pagan heliocentricity 300 years before Copernicus...given all that, what do you think will happen not only to the theoretical science establishment but to the Pharisees themselves when these revelations are made plain throughout the world?

    Question #3): Given the fact that the Christian Bible explicitly teaches a non moving Earth with the sun, moon, and stars going around daily (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE, etc), and the fact that there is no Christian Church which hasnít caved in and embraced Copernicanism whole-hog (including the Creationist leadership!; HERE - HERE, etc)....what do you think will happen in those churches when Copernicanism is exposed and the Bible Doctrine of a non-moving Earth at the center of the universe is known to be the Truth of the matter after all?

    Question #4): Given that the Koran of Islam also teaches a non-moving Earth (HERE) but has also capitulated to the Kabbalic Big Bang Paradigm disguised as theoretical science, what do you think will happen to that religion of 1.3 billion when the Copernican Keystone falls?

    Question #5):What will be the impact on the other world religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism; etc.), all of which, of course, embrace Copernicanism, and most of which embrace evolutionism and reincarnation? (HERE)

    Question #6): What will be the impact upon Academia--from pre-school to post-Doctoral studies--when their alleged secular science evolutionary basis is exposed as merely the factless mysticism of the religion of Talmud/Kabbalism with which they have been indoctrinated and which is passed on worldwide 24/7 as "education" in scientific truth?

    Question #7): What will be the impact upon the largely university "educated" media elites who have merrily furthered this Brobingnagian Deception about evolutionism in lockstep with academia?

    One could go on, couldnít one? What about the Pharmaceutical ("sorcery" Rev.9:21)-controlled Health Care Industry? What about the Arts: Music, Literature, Painting...? What about cultures everywhere sinking into a world of porn-fueled lust...driven at bottom by anti-Christ, Talmud-based "morals" (HERE, pp. 4-8)? Etcetera, etcetera....

    You get the picture, I trust.

    But itís just unthinkable that all this could be exposed and thwarted, isnít it?! Nevertheless, the Biblical God who put it in writing over 1900 years ago said that: a) A Satan-empowered Global Government in humanist disguise would be seated (Rev. 17:12,13;13:2b,4,7); b) That this Governmentís agenda will be to war against Bible Christianity (Rev. 17:14); c) That Jesus and His true followers will "overcome" in that war (Rev. 17:14); d) That God will cause the Governmentís coalition to fight against each other and reveal their Satanic proclivities (Rev. 17:15-17); e) That once exposed, Satanís followers will ban together (Rev. 18:2); f) That open blasphemy of God and worship of Satan and his human surrogate will characterize the Government henceforth (Rev. 13:3-6); g) That Godís people who come out of Babylon during its Fall (Rev. 18:4) will be protected from the plagues but will be present throughout the entire reign of the Beast, and the "little season" until the rapture on the last day of this earthís history (Rev. 13:7; 14:9; 16:15); h) That the last day will witness the Rapture followed by the resurrection of the rest of the dead, both the "good and the bad" (I Thess. 4:13-18; John 5:28,29); i) That the White Throne Judgment of those "good and bad" will determine who goes to heaven (with those Raptured) and who does not (Rev.20:11,12); j) That the New Earth with its New Jerusalem comes to the center of the New Heavens, and eternal joy and peace will begin.... (Have a Bible Study from these Scripture-loaded short books on those subjects: HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE.)

The Plan Of The God Of The Bible Can Not Be Thwarted

By What Man Does Or Does Not Do

    "Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world," we are assured (Acts 15:18; Heb. 4:3; Matt. 25:34; I Pet. 1:20; etc.). It does not make the slightest difference that Satan today (as the "gíd of this world: II Cor. 4:4) has virtual control of the political, social, economic, and religious levers of power globally (and will maintain that control until the 7th Trumpet time frame: Rev.11:15). It does not make the slightest difference that he is within a hop, skip, and a jump of putting God totally out of the Creation Business and destroying Bible credibility from Adam through Jesus to Heaven. Not the slightest....

    Indeed, all of this is precisely as it had to be so that the inexhaustible lessons about the nature and effects of evil could be and will be available for study eternally on the Satanless New insure that all of Godís Children will be brought to that place where they abhor evil, even as He does (Is.66:24). Thus will man, who was created in Godís image physically in the beginning (Gen. 1:26; 5:1; Jn. 14:9), come to truly be in His image spiritually as these lessons are joyfully and gratefully received and then inculcated in the promised sin-free offspring (Is. 11:6,8; 65:23) throughout eternity.

    When Babylon Falls there will be no one anywhere who can escape a face-to- face confrontation with the two contenders for their allegiance, viz. God and Satan. The same is true regarding an inescapable confrontation over which Religion and which Holy Book will be known to belong to God and which "holy books" are Satanís clever alternatives designed to keep Bible Truths from much of the world.

    Godís weapons against His created and foredoomed antithesis (Satan), who "has no truth in him" (John 8:44: HERE) are the Truths that everybody in the world will have to deal with when Babylon Falls. The "war" of Rev. 17:14 which Jesus wins is a veritable "Truth Blitzkrieg"--a global "Truth Tsunami"--which will leave no anti-Bible lie standing. The kingpin of those Truths is the repeated Biblical assertion that the Earth is the center of a "small" and temporary universe where the sun, moon, and stars go around daily just as we see them go (HERE - HERE - HERE).

So, unthinkable or not, get ready for it. "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my Word will never pass away" (Matt. 24:35), God has promised.

***HE always keeps His promises***